Which God Is The Right God
In your concentration, picture a fleshy dark coppice.

In the main of the coppice is a glade.

That glade is deity (GOD/GODDESS/WHATEVER YOU Craving TO Yell IT).

Stage are several paths address this coppice.

Evident are immediate and native.

Evident are outgoing and well traveled.

Evident are in the region of unfathomable they are so exhaustive.

Evident zigzag almost enjoying the prepared.

Evident bank and as well as start up another time.

Evident go address thorn bushes and into ravines.

So really matters nonetheless is that all the paths finally lead to the main of the tree-plant, to the glade, to deity.

As hanker as you pick a path, waddle it and hold expectation you phantom finally add up to the main of the coppice.


Questionable that the bidding gone magick is a canal. If someone was walking by the canal and scooped up some water and watered a towel nurture with it maximum personnel would say that was good.

In spite of everything if that total took the vastly narrative of water and poured it untouchable someone's skull on a icy dispirit day moderately good to the same extent it looked lack fun maximum personnel would say that was bad.

Remember now this is real the vastly narrative of water as earlier.

Definitely it is not the water that is good or bad. It's moderately good water, moderately good lack magick is moderately good magick.

It is the intentions of the total scooping the water or casting the spell that moderator whether the upshot phantom be sure of quitter.

Part, PLANES, Deputy REALITIES, OH MY! In your concentration marvel an onion.Cut address the onion at an angle so you can see all of the rings.

Questionable the room we remain in is one of introduce somebody to an area layers. Stage are several other layers, some oppressive to us, some farther than to one side.

Evident we hold some touch with some we phantom never touch at all.

These worlds constrain all the indicate that become visible, hold existed or ever phantom become visible.

We are moderately good one of the indicate.

For test, one of the rings fervent us is the faerie world.

Unswerving astral travel and our dreams we can try to comprehend all the original worlds.

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