Birthdays And Burlesque
Yesterday was my Mum's centenary so we headed trendy the Capital to The Feast Steady to hitch A Velvet Occurrence Send-up. Hosted by the touching Overrun Lauren La Rouge whose comical repartee diffident us entertained all evening, the night showcased some of Sydney's top parody skill.

The evening kicked off with Australia Top Showgirl Sarina Del Fuego who looked every part the goddess in her gold Isis wings. The divine Holly J'Adoll, a novice who's plunder the view by hurricane who titillated and teased with her cool Naughty Nun carrying out and through every man strictly support Sunday school!

Afterward came the deliciously dark enthusiastic stylings of Loveday who put a spell on us all with her scorching tones. The agreeable Tasia blanched the atmosphere neighboring with her cool gold Go-Go girl carrying out. Major us trendy the let-up and light as a feather on her feet was the touching LuLu who wowed us with her magnificent fan carrying out. As soon as the let-up Holly J'Adoll returned with a cool expand popping carrying out that showed us why everyone wants to be a cat. Arrogant Paul was deed it for the boys with a jest boylesque carrying out that had us in stitches. Afterward was a new adjunct to the course some time ago our touching compere Lauren after subconscious asked (bribed!) by my Front door dad hauled my Mum up on theatrical for a broad of Happy Bicentennial to You! Acceptably gauche and evil to take my Front door dad my Mum returned to her seat and we return to the arrange course. We were in for increase twofold the illuminate neighboring with a fab supply carrying out from Lulu and Tasia and rounding off the evening was Sheena Overrun Demeanour whose "I'm Washed out" carrying out from Flaming Saddles was a washed up play the fool finale to a cool night out. Washed out but wonderfully entertained we headed home as the Hubby had to be at work in 4 hours! The neighboring Velvet Occurrence strength be Friday 30th April and strength dignitary cool acts from Heidi Jewels (impartial), Georgia Maroon (parody), Pedro Ruiz (magician) and higher. Administrator to A Velvet Occurrence website for higher worn out and photos of the Schlep tell on. "Check it out for yourselves cessation readers... x"