Celebrating Changs Birthday
Our founder, Rev. Dr. E. with Chang'o on the 11th saint's day of his ordination as a priest

On November 4th our church celebrated our founder's (Rev. Dr. E.) eleventh saint's day of his ordination as a priest of Chang'o. This nation is routinely called an "Ocha bicentenary" as it marks the daylight of a person's life as a priest in Santeria and the birthdate of his or her pike orisha. In this include, it was Chango's bicentenary in our church. (It's upper to keep details that this is not the exact as a "saint's day" that some group give prominence to where an orisha is well-regarded on the festival day of the Catholic saint with whom it is syncretized. While some godfamilies point of view this practice, we do not attachment to that practice in our church.)

As part of this celebration, we set up a traditional throne complete of draped fabrics to indicate the throne Rev. Dr. E. lived under for the seven days of his initiation. All of the orishas he acknowledged at his ordination were located under the throne's sun shelter and decked out with pa~nos (altar cloths) and mazos (beaded shrine streamer). A straight of fruits are located under the throne as gifts, and are along with long-winded to any touring company who came to pay their good wishes to Chang'o on his bicentenary.

A priest's ocha bicentenary is a time for the godfamily to come together and spotlessness the priest's saint's day as well as pay standing to the orishas with wedge, fellowship and fun.