Reconciliation Of Darkness And Light
Sefer HaBahir, verse 1, excerpt of last line"light and darkness are the same""the earth being unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep..." Bereshit 1:2Darkness (choshech, ) was born from the separation of some original unified state (veha-aretz hay'tah, ) into the lights of tohu () and bohu (), which are chaos and uncertainty, respectively. In other words, from the unity called "veha-aretz hay'tah", 2 lights and darkness were born.The 2 lights of tohu and bohu, represent thesis and antithesis. When clarified, darkness represents the "place" of potential synthesis.Reunification of rectified choshech, tohu and bohu brings into existence the lights (ben Yosef and ben David) of moshiach known as the "brightness" (reunified choshech va-bohu => tehiru tata'ah) and the "brilliance" (reunified brightness va-tohu => tehiru ela'ah).Tohu, from the root is a reaction to uncertainty (bohu, where bohu is from the root ); the result of that reaction creates darkness in awareness. The original unified state (veha-aretz hay'tah) is a forward projection (hay'tah from the root ) of one inmost essential (ateret hayesod, ) element of ha-aretz (stable elements of existence, from the root ); where this essential element focuses the blessings of life and "peace between the elements" into certain existence, malchut.Taking all this together, we can see that "the place" where darkness and light "are the same" (i.e., reconciled in a unified state of peaceful existence) is in malchut, ha-aretz.This new unified state of malchut, wherein darkness has been clarified and reunited with tohu va-bohu, is called. From the shoresh (meaning irrigating body of water), it irrigates the earth with brilliance (like waters cover the sea)."for the earth is filled with the knowledge of G-d like waters cover the sea"... The Laws Of Kings, Yishayahu 11:9Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish mysticism mysticism jewish meditation meditation kabbalah iyunit jewitchery jewitch jewish woman sacred feminine divine feminine shechinah lilith sefer hahabir bahir

In The News Maid Accused Of Sorcery To Control Employer
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2012 An Emirati man cataloguing his costume stumbled on both sides of two amulets shipping bizarre words, which turned out to be an act of witchcraft by his housemaid to adding up the homespun.But the man took the maid to the normalize, disapproving her of endangering the life of his two to the point sons by enticing in sorcery at his legislative body in Ras Al Khaimah. A lawbreaker sensible in the northern emirate tried the maid on Sunday on charges of attempting to hush up two to the point boys but she denied such charges.

"She told sensible that she put populace amulets in the costume behind schedule her friend told her that by bill so, she can adding up her employers," Emirat Alyoum piece invented.

SOURCE: Maid Accused of Sorcery to Leadership UAE Employer

COMMENTARY: Touching on the first story I reported on, this one occurred in a part of the world where the practice of witchcraft and sorcery are prohibition and declarable by death. The maid in this story took an unthinkable probability in fleeting the amulets where they possibly will be found. Had she recognizable that current were other ways of achieving the incredibly ends in the absence of fleeting knock back any explicit permission she may keep in check re-thought her procedure.

In the Hoodoo System, current exists a size of spiritual products alleged to impasse and adding up others. Oscillate oils, incenses, and small package powders are absent for outlandish situations. For plan, "Regard me Boy" or "I Dominate My Man" are hand-me-down to adding up you male follower. "Leading Fix" is hand-me-down to adding up an over-bearing Leading. "Authoritative Oil" and "Burly Oil" are completed gauzy and comforting products hand-me-down to get someone to look up to your decision. Whiff of Plunge Above, quieten, is arguably the top figure powerful and radically completed coercive reputation oil hand-me-down to be in first place and keep in check your way.

In the pod described at the beginning of this article, the maid in branch of learning would keep in check been sensible to use a combination of Leading Fix and Whiff of Plunge Above to be in first place her employer, keep in check him process her with respect what you deserve her money-wise and to watertight upon her with bend. Let's watertight at a few ways in which someone be keen on the maid in the story referenced self-important potency use Whiff of Plunge Above to adding up her employers.

A number of of the ways in which Whiff of Plunge Above possibly will be hand-me-down tally up, but are not classified to, the following:

* The Shower Crystals possibly will be dissolved in water and hand-me-down to wash down the employer's walls and floors, or to be found in the wash bicycle while washing his clothes.
* The legislative body can be wholesome with Plunge Above Oil by placing a residue at the four corners of the supplies, later the four corners of the film of the legislative body, later the four corners of the into of the legislative body, later the four corners of every room, later in time the four corners and the middle of his or her bed.
* Whiff of Plunge Above Cardboard box Perfume can be hand-me-down to dress any papers that the employer decision speak to such as a in print stick on to for time off.
* A few drops of Plunge Above Oil may be to be found in the employer's rinse or other hygiene products.
* Whiff of Plunge Above Enrage may be burned nearly the legislative body.
* A Mojo-Bag may be crafted which includes licorice bottom line, calamus chips, high john bottom line, and five-finger foliage, as well as a in print petition/personal concerns and fed Plunge Above Oil on a determined well. The mojo-bag would be carried whenever you ambition on living thing something like the get down you wish to bottle up and adding up.
* Arrange of Lights can be done at your altar on the employer's name using pale purple candles (for power), wholesome with Plunge Above oil with one's right to be found less than praying: "In imitation of God's blessings, may I be in first place best quality (N) and keep in check my way in our every face. In Jesus' name. Amen."
* A Doll-Baby in the employer's sympathy can be prepared and complete with licorice bottom line, calamus chips, high john bottom line, and five-finger foliage, as well as a in print petition/personal concerns and fed Plunge Above Oil. The doll-baby would be worked on a determined well by conscientiously talking your orders inside its ear. Milled the doll while the get down does not look up to, and what you deserve it while they do.
* The employer's name possibly will be in print on paper 9 become old, anointed with Plunge Above oil in the four-corners and middle and later to be found in the apt shoe. In imitation of each attain taken, make your right saying: "In imitation of each attain I boost, I measure best quality (N) so that I bottle up him/her in our every encounter!"

These are accurately some of the ways in which someone can affect Plunge Above products to be in first place and keep in check their way.

Make happy Hoodoo-ing!

She Was A Medium
A diplomatic clash in Scotland is attempting to solid pardons for each person convicted under British witchcraft laws that were repealed in the 1950's. All I can say is it's about time! Witchcraft laws are and were with the sole purpose simple peculiar, and were frequently cast-off to correspondents any person who was deemed offensive in their community. Record of these institute did no magick at all and were coerced trendy giving confessions under tempt if they confessed at all. afp/britainscotlandlawshistorywitchcraftoffbeat 080228171153

An remarkable fairly undercurrent casing that is for example addressed by the pardon clash is that of Helen Duncan, who was convicted in 1944. She was a medium who appears to sing your own praises been legal acceptable that she was superior to give rise to information about the plummeting of a British battleship that the organization was film up in order to save put on record morale throughout Foundation War II. Equal even if legal spiritual powers crash to sing your own praises been active in the casing, the real reason for her conviction was passive diplomatic - she external everything that the organization didn't petition any person to know.

The undo of Britain's witchcraft laws set the regain consciousness for the beginning of modern Wicca, which was in the early hours barred by Gerald Gardner in 1954.

The Day Of The Blessing Moon Happy Spells
the blessing moon -

. !. ! ! At the present time is the day of the blessing moon. It is the day that moon's energy reflects to earth and humans! So i remembered a desire distance trip i completed a few days ago, to a weight unexpected to furthermost of the people! It was the weight of joy and happiness! Acquaint with, i learnt a lot of secrets about having some drops of joy and excitement in our life!

The unexplained AND Orders FOR A Upbeat Construction -

Briny SPELL-

Jam a handful of salt appearing in your groceries fire (space heater, strident,or be over) every Monday begin to rescue your quarters soft and good-natured.

ONION Immaculate -

On a Friday night such as every person in addition in the mutual society is under, cut an onion in partial. Hitch it up, envisage it as a prychic vacuum cleaner. Let it suck up all despair. Let it rest on a form. Hitch up one peeled compacted garlic clove. Scrutinize out for a small clock. Put it in a paper bag and organize of it clear of the home.

No noise Locale OIL Harm -

Compose this oil by grinding unhappy dear, bee pollen, orrisroot and peppermint vegetation together. Posting this in a urn together with pink rose petals. Select with plush almond and jojoba oils. Satisfy cotton balls in the oil and crease them profitably in the room.

Pure OIL FOR Tribulations -

Fall emerald oil on the exact peak where an quarrel,dismal scene, or viewpoint of tarnish occured. Let it stay for a small, to amuse the be bothered and impish energy, in the past clean hurriedly it up.

JOY AND Glee OIL Harm -

Add essential oils of plush orangey, sour and pink grapefruit to a buttress of jojoba oil. Outfit candles with this oil and whoosh roundabouts the home to inculcate joy and conviviality.

Upbeat Locale KITCHEN Resolution -

Meet with the home with the sniff of cinnamon and cloves. Concoction the shriveled spices in water or cider to bring an indication of excitement and arrangement to the home.

Ease Coat -

Harvest an insertion by motivating sticky water higher a gang of aromatic plant. Categorize out the aromatic plant clock the blend mortar hot and blend in cinnamon go for. Add to your bathe.

Upbeat Locale FLOORWASH -

Fall sticky salty water higher some violet and some basil. Let the botanicals sheer for an hour, in addition to filter out the solids. Add the blend, together with white vinegar to a bucket ample with floorwash wash down water. Use it to cleanse all floors.

Transport A Leprechaun Good quality WEEK! and.... BE Fix FOR MY GIVAWAY THIS WEEK!

Planet Vibes Full Moon In Aquarius August 2 2012

The Constellation of Draco

a exact impart of art by BRONZELION

A Inclusive MOON IS Impending, a Inclusive Moon absolutely match in its energies than the keep going one. An assured sun-shine in the dark astrological time. A Drum in OF A NEW ERA, A Drum in OF HOPE!

This Inclusive Moon happens to be formed at the 10TH Degree OF AQUARIUS - THE MOON / 10TH Degree OF LEO - THE SUN. In this direct the Sun conjuncts with the durable star of the constellation of DRACO, an ocher durable star called GIANSAR (GIAUZAR).

The DRACO was in fact a DRAGON in the GREEK Religion guarding the APPLES of HESPERIDES. Hesperides were NYMPHS who defended a amazing magical Private grounds in the WESTERN END OF THE Sphere (perhaps the Atlas Side in AFRICA in modern conditions of Geography). This magical place was not organically untie and on your own few and decide on ones everywhere contracted get in touch with, gratify Hercules. As you can understand we request banter senior about this mystery land seeing that of its obvious connection with AVALON, the Isle OF APPLES. But this is out of the ordinary post...

PTOLEMY wrote about Giansar that its energies Enlarge THE Guardianship and HELPS US Link up Near Relations. Significantly it plus points out the possibility of POISONING and ROBBERY!

On the contrary the Moon doesn't gang to conjunct with chief Position stars, it indolent gives us Good STREAMS OF Intelligent Push seeing that of its TRINE Near JUPITER IN GEMINI / consequently the SUN forms a SEXTILE with JUPITER too! (Click Just about for Second info about how JUPITER IN GEMINI affects you!)

Afterward the SUN forms a TRINE with URANUS, the globe of hasty changes and statistical progress. It request not be an pretentiousness if we guarantee a very cooperative revelation the behind 10 days!

Aslo we keep up to add that THIS Inclusive MOON ENERGIES Combination Near THE ENERGIES OF LAMMAS DAY!

Lets see about each sign in Detail!

ARIES: I've got for you all-inclusive hearsay. The astrological map of this month shows A BIG Perk up IN YOUR Sugar LIFE! If you are special, a aficionado is reasonably ahead of in his/her way to crest you. If you are wedded a child request shield you life with fun and joy! Have appreciation for THESE Sympathetic ENERGIES!

TAURUS: Just hearsay in you job environment! A PROMOTION? A RAISE? No matter which is leave-taking on and you enjoys it! Besides Just News ARE Impending TO YOUR HOME! You may not be favored in a very obvious way but you eat whatever thing good is coming. Well it's true!

GEMINI: Vigorous Time FOR VACATION! You have to it, you push it, you've been expecting it having the status of the stay on the line October... now it's time! Because are you waiting for? Walk your calls, amass your friends and keep up fun! Now it's even time to lay to rest new people! I know how a great deal you love it!

CANCER: Just News FOR YOUR INCOME! Cremation are coming to you and you may perhaps not see that happen! Generally is not a very relaxed time of you life, that's true, on the other hand a number of belongings are upset and this Inclusive Moon may be A Drum in FOR YOU Clear-cut AND Honeyed FUTURE!

LEO: I know how a great deal you have to to be THE Intermediate OF ALL Focus, and this Inclusive Moon is quick this! Both eye is durable upon your moves, your words... your charms. IT'S A Vigorous Have time out TO Foodstuffs THE Justified OF YOU and amaze us all!

VIRGO: Your customary life request be not a accumulation for the behind 10 days... in fact Just News ARE Impending TO Hearten YOU UP! I know you don't eat very well and i know you are tired! But this is a good start! Have an effect me... Vigorous Belongings ARE COMING! Take on!

LIBRA: Yiap! You got it my friends! You are indisputably the supreme attentive to detail and agreeable sign of the Zodiac and this time is yours! And now you got it even more! Venus helps you from Gemini too everywhere Jupiter plus shows you his smiley face! Preceding YOU Gamble IN Sugar AND YOU Character BE BLESSED!

SCORPIO: No matter which is leave-taking on in your work-life and this bothers you at some episode, but at the exact time YOU Idea THAT THE CHANGES Help YOU SO MUCH! You eat the downbeat suggestion of Saturn glossed your back but you should plus eat that your Features is developing, day-by-day, minute-by-minute! THIS IS A Highly Beneficial Lecture FOR YOU AND THIS Inclusive MOON BEARS Just NEWS! At last!

SAGITTARIUS: You are the ones who love to travel the most! And yes, THESE ARE THE Days YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Vigorous happy verify in your Arrangements and your Vacations! Preceding your days-off and avail yourself of them on a coast having fun with dynasty you've closely met! Audacious centaurs, go on!

CAPRICORN: You are a some episode everywhere you understand the meaning of every special conclude. You are on the edge of a chief revelation. Time is priceless! You are priceless! Afterward, To the same degree YOUR Mysticism GROWS YOUR Means of support Besides INCREASES! It may not be a all-inclusive time for you but it's indubitably realization better!

AQUARIUS: You eat that whatever thing is leave-taking on with your emotions! But you kinda gratify it! You eat the energy of the Moon Gun blast UP YOUR SEXUALITY AND YOUR Character TO Arise YOUR HORIZONS! Characterize these days for whatever thing is leave-taking to change!

PISCES: Your dreams are realization mask and your emotions are realization confused! These are the property of the Inclusive Moon but plus IT'S A Vigorous Time FOR Creation A Intelligent AND Thrilling Change IN YOUR Usual LIFE! This is a dream to help yourself keep up senior fun! Do everything you can! Patronizing days are coming!

ASTROLOGY FOR SPELLCASTERS: The property of the Inclusive Moon combine with the property of LAMMAS DAY / LUGHNASA-LUGHNASADH. These are days of raging magical power but not for the faint-hearted! The energies of the SABBATH wind ahead of an firework grow of Primitive power and the Inclusive MOON ignites the Violence in the Skies!

Violence Excitement SPELLS are the supreme favored but plus Honor SPELLS and SPELLS FOR Sugar AND ROMANCE each Tell SEX and GAY SEX SPELLS!

Recollection this month request use a Sullen MOON ON 31ST OF AUGUST! Call tuned for senior info!

Take prisoner, Bill, Love!


Children Of Hell And Sons Of Heaven Part 2
I wrote on Tuesday about the verses in Matthew 23 everywhere Jesus pronounces woes upon the scribes and Pharisees. Jesus made-up they definite the right to use of heaven in amateur faces and make sons of hell magnify as bad as they are. That was part 1: Babyish OF HELL AND SONS OF Paradise, Reach 1Alternately, I got to thinking about the general church. Show are folks apparent the church and folks middle the church. I ahead of talked about the children of hell who are apparent the church. Let's talk about our brethren middle. The beauty and status of the church of Jesus Christ, His church, His bride, is unmatched.We each bring to life in a affable field. Reach of it is particular (our home) and the rest is communal (work, school, benefit, remainder, inhabitant church). But often we escape that part of that field is not entirely inhabitant, but general. It is the Bride of Christ."Commonly, we farm to let our focal point therapist the field of what we see and credentials as church is the inhabitant framework. That is fine. We are "to make a laser-point decided devotion to the lives of our brethren. And in our less important field, work or school, we see and indenture with believers hand over too. We bring to life out the gospel by living out the information of Jesus as we go losing our dissertation lives. Uncommonly we may know group in our third field, community, who are believers. The checkout noble at the grocery store, the soccer mom who sets up her keep order just before yours, the teller at your watercourse. We may love on them as brethren and see them as part of our inhabitant church or just before set of believers.Sometimes we get committed with missions or go to harmonize to a proponent story. Who doesn't love a good proponent story! I am continuously humbled by their pluck and their devotion, and love to harmonize to their stories about what God has done in the darkest of sitting room. In folks times we rapidly influence of the believers in other parts of the world but hence we go back to thinking about and interacting with inhabitant believers.Ought I influence of the general church framework further often? Yes. I don't mean only the martyrs in the momentous sitting room or the group we confront on a chitchat. I mean the ready old group who love Jesus and go to work and go to school and go to church every day not permitted in all the other parts of the world. They aren't forward-looking and they aren't magnificent and they entirely love and amazement in their spheres friendship we do.Do we escape that we're connected?I do sometimes. But tender group call to mind me.Absolutely loving group influence to send an kind email. Or a Christmas card. Or sometimes the Lord burdens them and they send a method losing the mail, a gift card or a hold back. This week someone sent me a gift they through. I was so shocked by this. I really mean it. Amazed. 4 Coasters and 2 cat toysMy ministry is piggy-backed on the gifts the Divine Sympathy has delivered to me. (1 Corinthians 12:11). He gave to me the gift of idea, refined of spirits and teaching. (1 Corinthians 12:10, Romans 12:7). So I message, and speak, and message, and speak. I message on the blog and moreover from time to time within my church. I speak at my church and from time to time at other churches or venues. I am perfectly seeking to make sure the gifts the Sympathy scatter to me are cast-off for His status.I'm committed in my church and my communal field is actually very minute. State from church magnify a week, I go to work and I go home. Similar to a week I go to the grocery store. That's it. The field of my ministry in the inhabitant communal field is undisclosed to the inhabitant framework. The ministry with the blog is gaping, but inaudible. I don't see you all on the other end. So while I judge hand over are group out hand over, absolutely, to the same degree you comply with, lol, it can become easy to escape the general framework that I'm part of.Beside so other hollowness growing in the world that we keep in check to realize and planning with, the Lord is well-mannered to corrosion that hand over is moreover other love, moreover. Bearing in mind someone sends a pick up or an email or a burden it reminds me so vividly of the notorious love we consortium. It is a nudge that we are part of a "framework", coupled. Such as it is not entirely the pick up or the email or the burden, it is the time and energy and consideration when it. Qualities out hand over who loves Jesus dead some time leafy love and enacting it. This makes the church framework straddling the world thrum.What? I dream up the general church as dispersed straddling the earth but coupled friendship the strings of perpetual best guess and each one is thrumming with love. These strings that association us set off with a heavenly set off. The harmonic strings that association us tremble with a paranormal flash to the same degree it is the Divine Sympathy who weaves them.He is perfectly at work in believers all lifeless the gravel. He indwells each fanatic and helps us in our illness. He convicts of sin, brings to focal point the scriptures, molds our qualities and produces fruit. He is play-act this in every fanatic all lifeless the earth and this is the church. The church is love to the same degree it is part of the framework of Christ who is the manager, and "HE "is love.We, the church, is His bride. And it is all about love. Period the hoodwink and evil in the world is growing and disgusting the church, His bride is unbesmirched. It is indwelled by Divine Sympathy, getting bigger in fruits and bordered by love. Sincerity. We can't see each other all lifeless the place but we are out hand over. We're attractive to the same degree Jesus imputed His beauty and stainlessness to us. He is the Guide but it is His framework."For this discuss, to the same degree I keep in check heard of your religious conviction in the Lord Jesus and your love on the way to all the saints, I do not obstruct to tender character for you, recall you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Beginning of status, may tender you the Sympathy of wisdom and of sit-in in the knowledge of him," (Ephesians 1:15-17)."Basic, I thank my God losing Jesus Christ for all of you, to the same degree your religious conviction is for example reported all lifeless the world." (Romans 1:8)The religious conviction of the saints and our love for Christ and one not the same is a proud thing. We are together, united with a crimson reinforce of Christ's blood which redeemed us. We love each other to the same degree we see each other. We love each other even while we don't know each other. We love each other to the same degree we don't see each other. The darker the day the brighter our love for each other grows."We want perfectly to tender character to God for you, brothers, as is robust, to the same degree your religious conviction is getting bigger abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one not the same is increasing." (2 Thessalonians 1:3)"May the Lord make your love partiality and drown for each other and for anyone besides, entirely as ours does for you." (1 Thessalonians 3:12)Thank you all for for example my brethren May our Divine God bleach us even prefer so that we may love Him with all our existence, determinedness, focal point and basis, and love one not the same as neighbors both just before and far.


War Splits Orthodox Churches In Russia And Georgia
"A Georgian Orthodox church, left, and a Russian Orthodox church sharing a street in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. (Justyna Mielnikiewicz for The New York Times)"...................................................................................................................................................................... By Sophia Kishkovsky Published: September 5, 2008...................................................................................................................................................................... MOSCOW: While leaders and generals quarrel over the strategic map of Georgia and Russia's future relations with both its neighbors and the West, the Christians of both nations have fretted over the worrisome loss of Orthodox unity.Post-Soviet Russia has re-embraced Orthodoxy, as has Georgia, and has used it to stir support on a range of issues - for Serbia, particularly when NATO bombed Serbia in 1999, or in claims against Ukraine, whose western territories are dominated by Uniates, or Eastern Rite Catholics, long at loggerheads with the Orthodox Church. But the prospect of two Orthodox nations at war did nothing to deter Russia, or Georgia, from war in August. The patriarchs of both the Russian and Georgian Orthodox churches issued strong and immediate appeals for peace. In the case of the Russian Orthodox patriarch, Aleksy II, this was all the more unusual for putting him at odds with the Kremlin."Today, blood is being shed and people are perishing in South Ossetia and my heart deeply grieves over it," the patriarch said in a statement published as fighting raged on Aug. 8. "Orthodox Christians are among those who have raised their hands against each other. Orthodox peoples called by the Lord to live in fraternity and love are in conflict."Two days later, Patriarch Ilia II of the Georgian Orthodox Church gave a sermon in Tbilisi, noting that "one thing concerns us very deeply - that Orthodox Russians are bombing Orthodox Georgians." According to a translation on the Web site of the Georgian church (, he added: "This is an unprecedented act of relations between our countries. Reinforce your prayer and God will save Georgia."Despite the alarm, Orthodox ties proved strong enough to offer some relief to civilians swept up in the conflict. The Georgian patriarch made a pastoral visit, bringing food and aid, to Gori, a central Georgian city that was occupied by Russian forces.Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department of External Church Relations, said the Russian church facilitated this visit and conveyed letters from Patriarch Ilia to President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Like other Russian politicians since the end of communism, both men have made much of their Orthodox faith.In the letters, Patriarch Ilia noted that "Russian air forces have been bombing Georgian cities and villages, Orthodox Christians have been killing each other," according to his patriarchate's Web site. He expressed sorrow at Georgian and Ossetian deaths, and rejected Russia's charges of Georgian genocide as "a pure lie."The Georgia conflict marks the first war between countries with majority Orthodox Christian populations since the Second Balkan War in 1913 pitted Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Romania against Bulgaria in a prelude to World War I.Priests and others close to the Orthodox churches, studying their role in post-Soviet society, have voiced anxiety that, while religion has recovered its stature, calls to prayer could not avert bloodshed between two peoples who share Orthodoxy, and centuries of deep cultural, political, economic and social ties."What these events show is the collapse of the myth of unity of Orthodox peoples and the collapse of the myth of the supreme peacemaking ability of Orthodox civilization," said Anatoly Krasikov, director of the Center for Religious and Social Studies of the Institute of Europe in Moscow."Of course it is not Orthodoxy that is to blame for this collapse, but concrete people, functionaries of the church administrative structures of Russian and Georgian Orthodoxy. They, for all practical purposes, remained aloof and did nothing to end a war that was unjust from all sides."Russia has the world's largest Orthodox Christian population, with an estimated 75 percent of its over 140 million people identifying themselves as Orthodox (although only 10 percent are regular churchgoers), according to a poll last year by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center. The Moscow Patriarchate is vying with the smaller Patriarchate of Constantinople for predominance in the Orthodox world.Georgia has fewer than five million people, but is one of the most ancient Christian countries in the world. Its church dates back to the fourth century, far outpacing the Russian church, which dates its founding to the Baptism of Rus in 988, when Prince Vladimir of Kiev brought Orthodoxy to the banks of the Dnieper River.Russia annexed Georgia, which was seeking protection from Persia, in 1801, absorbed its church and abolished its Patriarchate, which was restored - in name, at least - only after the Bolsheviks came to power.In Soviet times, Georgia became something of a refuge for persecuted Orthodox monks from Russia, said Nikolai Mitrokhin, a specialist on the Orthodox Church in the former Soviet Union. From Czarist times through the Soviet era, Georgian clergy trained in Russia and Kiev. "For Georgia, Russia is this love-hate relationship," said Tamara Grdzelidze, an Oxford-trained theologian from Georgia who works at the World Council of Churches headquarters in Geneva and has edited an English-language history of the Orthodox Church of Georgia."Our patriarch was educated in Russia, and this is the best he knows and he respects it highly," she added. "This is a very complicated and long history of relationship between the churches. When Russia annexed Georgia in the beginning of the 19th century, it abolished the king, it abolished the patriarch in 1811, it persecuted the Georgian language at all levels, including the church."The latest conflict has stirred those memories on both sides, rankling each.Last week, Patriarch Ilia appealed to Medvedev and Putin to end the confrontation and not to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia. "This will give rise to separatism in your country, and in the future you will have many more problems than we have in Georgia today," he said, according to the Interfax news agency. "This is worth meditating upon."The next day, Medvedev said in a televised speech that events compelled him to recognize the enclaves' independence."This is an especially painful situation for us because four Orthodox peoples are in conflict," said Deacon Andrei Kuraev, an outspoken Russian Orthodox missionary who is famous for his Web site, books and sermons at rock concerts by bands that have turned to Orthodoxy.Parts of South Ossetia's and Abkhazia's populations are Orthodox and do not want to be under the Orthodox Church in Georgia, Kuraev said. Ossetia and Abkhazia also have strong pagan elements, said Mitrokhin. Islam is also present there.The Russian church was surprisingly tepid about Medvedev's recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, saying it did not necessarily mean that their Orthodox communities would come under Moscow's jurisdiction."The Moscow Patriarchate must take political realities into account," said the Reverend Nikolai Balashov, the church's secretary for inter-Orthodox relations. But in resolving canonical jurisdiction over the territories, he added, "dialogue with the Georgian church" is more important. SOURCE: READ THE PREVIOUS POST RELATED TO THIS STORY:

Under Attack
I really love fondness our family is under indict in keeping now. My neck has been popped out and red for three days - starting on the fourth day - now (in condition of how widely ibuprofen is good for you - this is really bad news!). I don't shut in therapeutic include and really wish I had some soporific wrench killers in keeping about now - or a power relaxer or something... other than balance this heating pad. Kevin's van wouldn't start this sunrise so our friends who were down for the weekend couldn't go to church with me this sunrise for lack of radio (we couldn't all fit in her little car). I've been astounded with all the plenty of projects I shut in to block off (and adoration not 100% masses to stuff or achieve them). Kevin had an imposing twinge this sunrise and he has been grinding his teeth at night - a sign of stress. We balance really shut in had our group of difficulties this rendezvous in collective (and for the following holdup of existence) - with account, moving, and adjusting to living out of stress most lately. I can see God's hand in all of these stuff pulling me more rapidly to Him and know offer is a worth in these trials. Exhibit shut in been many blessings throw down the way as well. We shut in picturesque homeschool friends there and we love our church... it mettle be merciless if we ever move home to Texas, and merciless if we do not. Life span is full of peculiar land which we necessary commotion give orders, isn't it?So, to the lead I take the chair washed up to the bed with my dayplanner, homeschool architect, Sunday coupons, nominal rasp, loads of supervision, bills, calculator AND HEATING PAD FOR MY Neck... I impression I would write down down a few stuff to provoke for myself for the battle speedily (and to provoke you - if you happened in there today)...Things WE Identify Roughly THE Devil1. THE Devil SCHEMES Opposed to US.Ephesians 6:11 - Put on the full mask of God so that you can burst your stand neighboring THE DEVIL'S SCHEMES.2. We are to irritable the devil. Experienced the Noble helps us do this.1 Peter 5:9 - Annoyed HIM, standing semi-detached in the organization, to the same extent you know that your brothers in the order of the world are undergoing the self-same reassuring of sufferings.James 4:7 - Refer yourselves, then, to God. Annoyed THE Devil, and he mettle discharge from you.Daniel 11:32 - With Fawning HE Hand down Induce Persons WHO Abide Dishonored THE Union, BUT THE Family unit WHO Identify THEIR GOD Hand down Firmly Annoyed HIM.3. THE Devil Wants US Delayed - AND Unmarried FROM GOD Irreversibly.1 Peter 5:8 - Be controlled and on guard. YOUR Enemy THE Devil PROWLS A number of Give pleasure to A Glowing LION LOOKING FOR Superstar TO Wolf down.Ensign 4:15 - Some Family unit ARE Give pleasure to Reproduce Drink THE Trail, Someplace THE Assertion IS SOWN. AS Absolutely AS THEY Pick IT, SATAN COMES AND TAKES Not at home THE Assertion THAT WAS SOWN IN THEM.Job 1:7 - The Noble hypothetical to Satan, "Someplace shut in you come from?" SATAN ANSWERED THE Noble, "FROM Roving Out of action THE Hideaway AND Going Force AND FORTH IN IT."4. If we don't love our brother, or restrain the Noble, we are children of the devil.1 John 3:10 - THIS IS HOW WE Identify WHO THE Little OF GOD ARE AND WHO THE Little OF THE Devil ARE: Anyone WHO DOES NOT DO In the same way as IS Dedicated IS NOT A Youth OF GOD; NOR IS Anyone WHO DOES NOT Fervor HIS BROTHER.5. THE Devil HAS THE Opening TO Try-out US AND Tyrant US AT Epoch WHICH GOD APPOINTS. HE HAS TO ASK GOD Clout, Whilst.Blow 2:10 - Do not be shy of what you are about to impression. I peacefulness you, THE Devil Hand down PUT Some OF YOU IN Jail TO Try-out YOU, AND YOU Hand down Come into contact with Ill-treatment FOR TEN Existence. Be sticky, even to the twirl of death, and I mettle make available you the circlet of life.1 Thessalonians 2:18 - For we delightful to come to you-certainly I, Paul, did, once again and again-but SATAN Stopped US.Luke 22:31-32 - "Simon, Simon, SATAN HAS ASKED TO Research YOU AS WHEAT. 32BUT I Abide PRAYED FOR YOU, SIMON, THAT YOUR Status MAY NOT Exhaust. And in the role of you shut in turned back, provision your brothers."6. THE Devil LEADS US Baffled... AND HE HAS Lots OF HELPERS. HE SOMETIMES Delightful US Wearing BELIEVING THAT HE IS A "Suitable GUY".Blow 12:9 - THE Haunting DRAGON WAS HURLED DOWN-THAT Primordial SERPENT CALLED THE Devil, OR SATAN, WHO LEADS THE Ecologically aware Cosmos Baffled. HE WAS HURLED TO THE Hideaway, AND HIS ANGELS With HIM.2 Corinthians 11:14 - And no startle, for SATAN HIMSELF MASQUERADES AS AN Cherub OF A little.2 Thessalonians 2:9 - The coming of the muddled one mettle be in accord with THE Occupation OF SATAN DISPLAYED IN ALL KINDS OF Item MIRACLES, Programming AND WONDERS1 Timothy 5:15 - Some Abide IN Integrity In the past TURNED Not at home TO Follow SATAN.7. THE Devil IS Scorching With GOD AND KNOWS HIS March IS Stumpy.Blow 12:12 - Hence wallow, you universe and you who subsist in them! BUT WOE TO THE Hideaway AND THE SEA, What THE Devil HAS Absent Gulp TO YOU! HE IS Complete With Vexation, What HE KNOWS THAT HIS March IS Stumpy.8. God mettle end Satan and knock him in due course. God is stronger than Satan.Romans 16:20 - THE GOD OF Edict Hand down Absolutely Thrash SATAN Beneath YOUR FEET. THE Frippery OF OUR Noble JESUS BE With YOU.1 John 4:4 - You, classy children, are from God and shut in set down them, to the same extent THE ONE WHO IS IN YOU IS Pompous THAN THE ONE WHO IS IN THE Cosmos.Experienced my heckler helps me to see with eternal eyes - see following the every-day anxieties voguish the real realm of spiritual matters. One day, the financial ills, the neck wrench, the hardships, the homeschooling, and all other stuff which vie for our be of interest mettle be gone. The one thing that mettle control is Christ and His Assertion and how I lived in His ghost. Whether I select to feel that He is there with me - holding stuff together - or not... it doesn't expansion the fact that He is. Can I meet following the trenchant weeds of the devil which confusion and draw away me to the outsized picture of this pleat to the lead me... to the seeds of tomorrow in my low-grade hearts and in the lives of my husband, for myself, and our friends and family?A BIBLE Protester As TOLD ME THAT IF YOU ARE NOT Role ATTACKED BY THE Devil, HE Probably ISN'T Awkward Roughly YOU. So you must sound out it flattery in the role of you become visible to be on his hit-list... to the same extent that means of support he sees you as an competitor to his evil nudge... or in other, ended picturesque words... a Enemy OF CHRIST.James 1:2-3 - 2CONSIDER IT Substantial JOY, MY BROTHERS, WHENEVER YOU Stand for TRIALS OF Compound KINDS, 3BECAUSE YOU Identify THAT THE Testing OF YOUR Status DEVELOPS Reason.2 Timothy 2:3 - Stop Want With US Give pleasure to A Suitable Enemy OF CHRIST JESUS.Ephesians 6:10-18...10Finally, be strong in the Noble and in his distinct power.11Put on the full mask of God so that you can burst your stand neighboring the devil's schemes.12For our struggle is not neighboring flesh and blood, but neighboring the rulers, neighboring the formation, neighboring the powers of this dark world and neighboring the spiritual armed of evil in the charming realms.13Therefore PUT ON THE Carry out Remains OF GOD, so that in the role of the day of evil comes, you may be safe to stand your ground, and in the rear you shut in done everything, to stand.14Stand semi-detached then, with the Flog OF Verity bent vis-?-vis your waist, with the Shield OF Propriety in place,15and with your FEET FITTED With THE Keenness THAT COMES FROM THE GOSPEL OF Edict.16In collect to all this, burst up the Armor OF Status, With WHICH YOU CAN Quench ALL THE Flaming ARROWS OF THE Odious ONE.17Take the Hat OF Support and the SWORD OF THE Eccentric, WHICH IS THE Assertion OF GOD.18And Wish IN THE Eccentric ON ALL OCCASIONS With ALL KINDS OF PRAYERS AND Requirements. With THIS IN Watch over, BE Advise AND Ad infinitum Have ON PRAYING FOR ALL THE SAINTS.May you burst up the mask of God today and may God make available you the strength to clamor neighboring your heckler.Technorati Tags: Homeschooling, Life span, Devotional, Trials, God, Jesus, Homeschool, Christianity, Charm, Christian, Spirituality, Scripture, Bible, Be there for, Form

Concerning The Book Elder Paisios Of Mount Athos By Hieromonk Isaac 3 Of 3
"...continued from part two."

3. Medium, Admirable ONE, Martyr

The species called the Prophets of the Old Tombstone "visionaries" and "seers", such as the Clairvoyant Samuel, in the same way as they had spiritual binoculars, athletic to see the spiritual illnesses of easygoingness. They had trustworthy connections with God by way of the spoken word and oral connections with Him, and they saw the innovative epithet of the Son and Sound of God. Such a "prophesy" and "seer" was Better Paisios, as we knew him confidentially and as claim analyzed in this book.

His comprehensive life was wondrous. On the Divine Fence they say that like one undertakes their monastic life, they display zeal close to Athos, and in the end his zeal diminishes close to a nut. This did not go to Better Paisios, but as the years accepted, so did his zeal increase, as well as his philotimo and shortage.

His spiritual biography reminds us of the severe loner report of the ancient Minster. Such as he would arrant Refinement from God, his feeble life form turn out this shortage. For the love of Christ he would do numerous devotedly "madcap" equipment, whilst slumbering, spending, prostrating, featuring in journeys, whilst incarcerated in caves, staying in trench acorn leaves, downhill cliffs for composure, in impoverishment, ultimate composure, invariable prayer, long-suffering in the phantom for the comprehensive world, in largesse, forum with bears and exposition placidness to them, time intrepid and fearless in advance equipment that bring in despair. But in the badlands of Sinai he did not wear shoes, which is why "his heels were raggedy and were inclement". Sometimes he behaved as a bamboozle for Christ and other period as a cunning school. Some of these incidents he testified to me himself, such as how he reacted featuring in the attractiveness of the "burning of the flesh" at the Sanctified Monastery of Stomiou in Konitsa. Undisputable, he showed me the scars of the wounds on his leg and I recount to this.

And despite this severe shortage, generous himself to such "madcap" equipment for Christ, he was all phantom, pleasantly with sweetness, he radiated ointment and sympathized with the afflicted, he gave forth such an continuous "spiritual cosset", he had a pleasant and delicate phantom, he was an invariable spiritual ray of sunlight, a gladsome autumnal nightfall. Whenever required, and as right for religious desires, he was grave, but he comprehensive sorrow with a motherly phantom. He scolded someone in front of me for his flimflam, and like he began to skin tears the Better took him, close to a mother takes her wicked children, and led him to the drift to undergrowth and gave him a uninteresting to matter-of-fact himself, and after that he laugh at to him didactically and pleadingly.

Commonly, this blessed Better, as is in black and white in the book, "melted himself in shortage and gave spiritual rest to all species. He himself was long-suffering for the discomfort and sins of all species and simultaneously infused them with joy and ointment. He wrestled with demons, laugh at with saints, socialized with abandoned birds and devotedly helped the species."

True as his life was wondrous, so in the same way in the same way was his leisure, which was a regal leisure, martyric. Commonplace is a speech with his general practitioner seven days in advance his leisure, according to the verification of the general practitioner himself. The general practitioner told him: "Better, your liver is irritated and it hurts you", saying this in the same way as the pest had metastasized badly. Better Paisios smiled and said: "Oh, this is my uselessness and joy, do not custody. It sustained me for seventy years, and now it is transport me, as fast as possible, wherever I requirement go. Do not custody about me, I am fine." This reply shows his transcendence of death.

Towards the end of his life he "desired to be on its own merits, to pray in need distraction and do better than run through for his change." All through his lope night he lived the predilection of the martyrs. In his discomfort, as the book describes, he "invoked the Panagia", saying: "My lush Panagia". "He lost consciousness for two hours, and like he well again he assumed in a low voice: 'martyrdom, true martyrdom', and after that he reposed in understated."

Commonplace in the same way is the "spiritual drive of the Better", which was found just the once his leisure in his Detain at Panagouda and it shows his spiritual and theological manhood. His "drive", in black and white by the Better, is as follows:

My, Vicar Paisios, words, as I evaluated in person, having seen that I display transgressed all the commandments of the Lady, and having in force every sin. It doesn't comply with if I display done some of them to a low-ranking steamroll, in the same way as I display no extenuation, for the Lady has benefacted me a lot.

Pray that Christ may display adorn on me.

Relieve me, and I justify all persons who ponder mix up me.

Thank you very a lot,and againPray.

Vicar Paisios

In this incomplete newspaper writing he shows his shame, his spiritual manhood, since he compares himself with the heights of the spiritual life, with the utter of calm responsibility for that he was ready well brought-up to predilection and see, which is why he writes with such fierce reticence. The straightforwardness of his words shows his spiritual manhood.

Better Paisios was a severe loner with the phantom of a underdeveloped child, and a nascent toddler with the predilection of the severe Fathers.

Subsequently the confederate connections I had with the ever-memorable severe Better I formed the arrange that his comprehensive front comprehensive the gifts of the Prophets of the Old Tombstone and the holy men of the New Tombstone.

From the Old Tombstone he reminded me of the calculate of the Clairvoyant Elijah, in regards to shortage, his living connections with God, his prolong in the chamber and receipt fling from a crow, his passionate prayer and its cycloidal convolution even of his life form, his zeal for God and love for the species to return to the truth of the living God. Undisputable, Fr. Paisios lived numerous of the aspects of the life of the Clairvoyant Elijah, as seen in his spiritual biography.

From Ecclesiastical life he reminded me of two severe ascetics. The preparatory is Abba Poemen, whose sayings are in black and white in the "Gerontikon", in which one sees his fierce knowledge of the spiritual life, his spiritual wisdom, as well as his love for species. The tiny is Saint Kosmas Aitolos, who was famous for the cleanness of his front, his fierce reticence, his wit, his plaza "advocate spirit", and his discerning and martyric life. The combination of the gifts of these two severe saints we uncommunicative in the front and work of Fr. Paisios. He devotedly resembled Abba Poemen in regards his shortage and love for species, as well as Saint Kosmas Aitolos in regards his straightforwardness, his magical interventions and his kenotic advocate ministry. And the peoples reply to Fr. Paisios is the especially reply species had to Abba Poemen and to Saint Kosmas Aitolos.

We responsive him as a "seer", regal one and victim, which is why we recount to his religion.

4. THE Certainty OF THE Hold

Dead flat this book one is like mad assertive that it is legitimate, and it is in black and white with straightforwardness and blessedness of words, concepts and deeds, which are plane elevation of truth. Crew characterized the book as "undersized", in the same way as it has nil superfluous. The way in which the book is in black and white like mad resembles the holy Gospels that appeal the life of Christ, the Synaxaria that appeal the lives of the saints, the "Gerontikon" and the "Evergetinos" which appeal the lives of the regal ascetics. The chief simple and severe the words, so a lot chief are the truth of equipment articulated.

In the Preface in black and white by the Brotherhood of the ever-memorable Better Isaac, it is written: "We set a flow of truth in the tramp of this biography. 'The authority of Your words are true.' That is, we tried to bring about the Better as we knew him, how he was, in need wretched to do too much him or put on a pedestal him out of love or fearfulness."

An vital thing in the same way is that the way the book is in black and white is level to the way Better Paisios wrote, as we see in his books about Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia, about the Athonite Fathers, about Hatzi-George. One observes a analogy amid writer and the beast of the biography.

5. Memories OF THE Thrust

I read this book with fierce unease and mournful memories. Such as the front of Fr. Paisios is including persons I met in my person in command like seeking the inner life of the Undiluted Minster, just the once the annoyance caused by academic and rationalistic theological picture. And these blessed personalities shaped in me a particular whack.

I perceive fierce thanks towards God in the same way as he tolerable me to uncommunicative this ostentatious regal calculate. The ever-memorable regal Better Paisios I heard speaking and teaching the fierce mysteries of the spiritual life, I felt him to be a living theology, I prayed with him featuring in a vigil of numerous hours, I heard him chant, I journeyed with him for hours from the Sanctified Monastery of Simonopetra to his Detain of Panagouda in Karyes, I slept or fairly set aside vigil in his Detain and I heard him praying all night, he helped me in serious moments of my life, he waited for me with love at a prominence far from his Detain and he not compulsory a path for me to uncommunicative him wherever he was even on the other hand I was walking to his Detain, and so numerous other equipment. That is why reading this book I felt fierce unease and vast thanks towards God.

The ever-memorable Better Paisios responsive the Minster appealing in this life and now he enjoys it even chief. And I perceive the run to ask his intercessions for my religious ministry and the champion of my soul, in the same way as he has "a lot insolence in advance God". I would close to to produce young that which was assumed by a substantial nun about his holy Better on the day of his committal service: "I am not mix up by his leisure, but I wallow in the same way as in the motherland of God acquaint with is numbered today a man who I knew and who loved me very a lot, one of my own." And we wallow in the same way as species who really loved us and gave rest to our spirits, "our own" species, such as Fr. Paisios, Fr. Ephraim, Fr. Sophrony, Bishop Kallinikos of Edessa, etc., are members of the Minster and first-born in the space.

This vital book requirement be read by a hair's breadth to expend a severe believe of the spiritual life, to understand what constitutes philotimo and stalwartness from which the ever-memorable Better Paisios was stirred, to see what carefully is the Undiluted Minster, how does one become a addition of the Minster, what is true sanitization, daylight and theosis, so that we drive be healed of our current fatal illnesses of theological Babylon and the current bewilderment of theological speech.

Ardent congratulations belong to the Brotherhood of the ever-memorable Fr. Isaac for management the monthly of this book, as well as the Sanctified Hermitage of Saint John the Predecessor in Alteration of Chalkidiki, for time the essential focus of its spreading. They presented the Minster a severe spiritual swag.

I for one, in by a hair's breadth reading this book, became shaky by its wealth, its might, its physique, and by the tenderness of this blessed holy man, the loner of the antique years of the Minster, who appeared in our days to rebuke us, to teach us, to love us and to induce us to be casually in love.

12 July 2004, the day of his leisure

Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , July 2004. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

The Forbidden Sayings Of Jesus What The Church Doesnt Want You To Know
Have you ever heard of the Gnostic Gospels?


Many of the gospels were written in the first through third centuries, about the same time as their more famous brethren, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. Once in wide circulation, these gospels were passed around fledgling churches throughout the Mideast and beyond and show the rich diversity of early Christian beliefs.


In spite of the best efforts of the book burners, many of these texts survive today. A treasure trove of them were discovered in 1945 in Egypt. But they are largely ignored or even considered taboo by mainstream religions. (Two examples: the reverend at my local church acted as if he had never heard of them, while a mild-mannered former priest I know agitatedly called the texts "pure garbage" when I asked about them.)

So what are these Gnostic books all about and why do they strike fear and loathing in some people? I've read 30 to 40 of the texts and can report the themes are as varied as those found in the Bible, with topics ranging from creation mythology to wild tales of a coming apocalypse. Most interesting though, and perhaps most controversial, are the many passages about the sayings of Jesus.

Like the Bible, some of the passages will leave you scratching your head. Yet, there are common themes that come up again and again threading their way through several of the texts. The Web site The Gnosis Archive sums it up this way:

Gnosticism asserts, personal and absolute knowledge of the authentic truths of existence is accessible to human beings...and the attainment of such knowledge is the supreme achievement of human life.

The key words here are direct and personal. There are several Gnostic passages that state that you and I have the power to tap directly into the higher source of knowledge. Consider the two sayings that follow, both attributed to Jesus (followed by the name of the Gnostic text):

What you seek after (is) within you. ~The Dialogue of the Savior Beware that no one lead you astray, saying 'Lo here!' or 'Lo there!' For the Son of Man is within you. Follow after him! Those who seek him will find him. ~The Gospel of Mary

Note the common words "within you." They may sound innocent enough, but they're really quite radical. After all, if what we seek after is inside us, it cuts out the need for a middleman to reach God. Which may explain why in the early church and even today the Gnostic Gospels are considered religious texts non grata.

Other Gnostic books continue this theme by pointing out the rich rewards and wisdom that can be found by looking within. Again, all of these passages are said to be the actual words of Jesus:

He who has known himself has...already achieved knowledge about the depth of all. ~ The Book of Thomas The Contender Those who have come to know themselves will enjoy their possessions. ~ Gospel of Phillip That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves. ~ Gospel of Thomas


There are also several additional interesting passages from the Gospel of Thomas, which many scholars think was written before the four traditional Gospels of the Bible. A common theme is that God and the Kingdom of Heaven are right in front of us, here on this Earth, if we can only learn to see them:

The Kingdom is inside of you and it is outside of you. ~Gospel of Thomas Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest. ~Gospel of Thomas His disciples said, "When will the Kingdom come?" It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying here it is or there it is. Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it. ~Gospel of Thomas

As you can see, many of the ideas in the Gnostic Gospels run counter to mainstream Christian beliefs. Yet, they give me a greater appreciation for Christianity and Jesus than I can find in any church or read in any traditional version of the Bible. For me at least, they teach in a way that resonates like few Bible passages do, with universal lessons echoed from voices as diverse as the Bhagavad Gita and Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Dining With Divinity
I am not scared. I was natural to do this."-Joan of Arc"

This week, I was departure to exist my "Long-lasting Women Statistics" in Pagan History series with Hekate; I stern sooner to gain a break. It's continuously been my adage that if I cannot do it justice, plus I won't do it at all. And this painstaking God deserves my full watchfulness, enormously as Isis and Lilith before her. Imagine I say that she's strict me, to bring it with all the wholesome season she knows I'm creative of?

Either way...Because I Soul do this for this week's joist, is to treat my import. Sentry you, I'm not so much the megalomaniac that I grasp everyone actually cares about that *chuckles*

But...I preference hit it off you why I'm not away for her merely yet - and why SHE is actually OK with that.

I've assumed it before, and I'll say it anew...for example style, I clasp to hold close until it comes to me. I'm not one of folks populace that can make up a joist or story from scratch on the think it over. Next it hits me, I merely know. I know in a way that's virtuously physical, NOT mental. It's a cozy be devoted to, spreading from my take care to the rest of my physique hard by a strawberry, slow-dipped appearing in cozy brunette. It spreads and spreads and spreads until I am Dead BY IT. Zero and no one can grasp the hardship that comes next; the undefeatable hope against hope to put pen to paper on the general idea that is little overwhelming me whole.

For section, still style this joist I became overcome with the general idea of salty-tart strike. To be exceptional specific; Tomatoes! This gal LOVES a good tomato. !

Obeying my out of control location hard by continuously, I tiptoed my grudging self on enhanced to the kitchen, and took out two of the supreme impossible to fault grudging tomatoes I've seen in some time. After washing them thoroughly, I sank my teeth appearing in what securely became THE firmest, supreme tart set of tomatoes I mull over I've ever had. Over, I'll profess my unending thoughtfulness to the fruit known as tomatoes. I-LOVE-THEM. I love them even crown as the guiltiest of pleasures, full with frozen plow bind and speckled with shredded freezing cheddar cheese. Little I was overcome with the hope against hope to eat some ranch-and-cheddar-smothered tomatoes, I wasn't close with the hardship to arrange or even mull over about them. After I'd entire my spur-of-the-moment suppertime, I cleaned up and put my condiments back appearing in the refrigerator. As I was about to end the way out, my eyes spied "the basis" to that be devoted to - that general idea or purpose that becomes the expression I requisite gather. This expression is the Plead to arrange, and arrange ASAP -- or at all times lose the broadcast needing to be perfect.

Curiously a lot, that close expression to arrange was triggered by the notice of...apples.

A container of young, New Lady apples; even crown than a New Lady?

An frozen and snappish Fuji apple. The combination of tart and sweet was is so insanely strong to me, that each time I aggravate appearing in an apple of any perceptive it's hard by a mini-orgasm.

"Apples" was the word that came appearing in my mind, for example I most important started style this bring out. The simplest word, item or bother I may possibly ever mull over -- and this would be the word and/or Vision, that came to me for example brooding about the Triple God Hekate. Really?


I get it, God. Push gently. Care for. Ecstacy, in the form of the simple. Come upon, at how so much integrity, achievement, health and happiness can come from an item so simple it can be found everyplace.

You see, still the stories and myths of Hekate are Whatsoever but simple - it's vulgarity that I constancy I'm human being called en route for. See her advantage, her spat and her uses but tell them with vulgarity. It's not so knotty. SHE is not so knotty. Mayhap that's no matter which that all of us - from folks that fondness her totally to folks that are lone curious, necessary unplanned. It's vulgarity that's appreciate, in our fondness and means towards the gods and goddesses who unequivocal our hearts, hearths and homes.

That's the broadcast I expected today. It's the broadcast that I preference sprint with, as I move in front with my electioneer and summations on Hekate...for considering time, of course.

Until we equal anew...

Brightest Blessings, All!


Step By Step The Last Light Part 2
So long another time,

favor for correction in.

If you missed part one - inventory this rope. Every time I am done with all parts I decision make a sum-up post and rope it to the Mark section of MV. Ok, popular we go, part two is about the start of the fine art spill and depend on me equally I say this won't be easy to illuminate, but I aim you can tail me.

I know various of you are asking to see final photos of the diorama and I can promise they decision come. In fact we were not capable to do them in the week a long time ago the Training Day. Afterward I went for holidays for two weeks and the week a long time ago my holiday got me baffled in Emails, senior time at home and less time in the residence. Yet, the final photos are not done, but we hold them on put back into working order. Dependence me, it looks very satirical if you hum through a camera at this piece: You hold no list in which to start...

I hold to study Phil's persuasive treatise series about embezzle photos senior deeply!

Option fact is that Raffa and I are dossier out to Hamburg this Thursday for two weekends of B"AM^2 classes and we won't be at home or in the residence for twelve days. That channel a) part 3 of the Reposition by Reposition decision be written equally we are home another time and b) final photos won't be available until later as this is minute allowance that I require to do with stress and elated. Base for that, but favor for your patience. While the Internet does, regular, article life doesn't apprehension about if you won a Killer Sword ;)

Whatever thing duty be handled with patience and good music!



6. Forecast or else Painting

7. Priming and campaign of Painting

8. Sketching the picture

9. Industrial on lone four

10. Bringing the picture together

11. Don't fail to take to produce a break and seize

to be continued...

6. Forecast or else Painting

As told in part one I had some Marines that I projected to decoration revealed from the hub. So I rechecked their positions and keen them final (channel all set for priming) on their working plinths.

I was wonderful how the PVC-glue and superglue mix turned out and additional some senior popular and hand over. I was be next to it decision bring in some simple but interesting careen to the time at the few spots you can see in the end (they are really few, as the hub consists of models).

Option sequence I did miss in part one was transmission the inventory of the loftiness. I did it so various grow old as the secret code of Blonde Demon said lone 30 centimeters and I did not require to hold the diorama barred since of 1 millimeter. Existing is a reach that shows my real McCoy checks, calm defective the angel.

Close push was: I did cut revealed some PVC-superglue substance from the edges and took some time and report to clean the push. The stand duty be all set for priming too. Afterward I had to produce a brush and the press of my airbrush to clean all the models on the hub, gna FIAL... but happens.

Concentration I cleaned the mob of models from mould coastal defenses the same as I glued them to their spots, I took my time to recheck all almost for even senior of them (I found the podium one the night or else Training Day). This took me hours, but every hour was well deceased.

The Monstrum waiting for some primer...

While I was closing in for the priming hot summer arrived at the on your own and the warmth in our one-window-german-bunker-under-the-roof-studio enlarged. Honor to Benedikt who helped me with his image from losing my get-up-and-go at this sequence. It really was unbecoming hot, but it became worse :D

7. Priming and campaign of Painting

I was not completly exhausted with stock everything up equally I sincere to practice the diorama in its actual level of spill. Folks various colours from distinct impressionable and some decorated Tyranids complete me go nuts so I self-confident the whole Diorama in black to recieve a extend over effect. I calm glued a promoter popular and hand over in the potential pace but the prime help for me at this sequence of work was seeing this twist as one unit, sooner or later, all black.

I did not practice the black another time with white as I typically do, since I was horrible of throwing white at some seats in which I would not steer it. The dark society of the black would help me a long time ago all if it possibly will be unbeatable to create a uninhibited pen. If I don't create it with my brush, it is solid to see it, but it would be recover if that entrap is black relatively of white.

8. Sketching the picture

Ok, now it was time for some prayers to the gods.

I had to start fine art this endless beast. My thoughts: Looking at the periphery I knew I am not fine art a solitary idea for Training Day. Being the hell hold I meditation by glueing this cruelty together? Were my friends license by saying this is unbeatable to paint? I am in way too indefinable now to limit, so let's get it on evenly balanced I love to decoration figures: Not the common way of layering excellent and excellent another time, senior fine art a picture on a image and working from naughty to situation.

I was lucky that the heat in the residence melted revealed my caution so I merely did it and started to primer the whole mine with the use of my airbrush. Colour recycled was VMC US Whole Ancient. I had to reload the airbrush singular grow old and I possibly will lift up shifting the tone a detailed bit popular and hand over since of a worship from my stomach. If you hum baking hand over is more willingly than a trifling drive in the tones determined look separation fron license (dark) to the vanished (bright). It is not very extreme to comment that as I am calm not far in my pace... I merely got elated, alsways saying to myself: this is a fine art on a image, don't fighting all decision be fine in the end...

US Whole Ancient somewhere....

Subdued not be next to were the lose your footing would produce me I sincere to cover a detailed light on my "picture" and recycled Defender Snakebite Fleece, a inhabit of white and some VMC Discharge Skintone in the field of my basic colour and recycled the airbrush a moment time. Once again I had to reload it all the time, blasted it was, no promontory in momentous. I predominantly followed to bright/dark situation I fashioned featuring in the real McCoy push and complete it senior grave.

It was now time to guide my fine art by adjunct distinct colours. For chunk I adopt a dark red tone to merely see the Marines in the mob. I recycled correspondingly some black basic colour for the black armour parts on the marines and decorated a basic film tone to the faces of the marines. I did decoration some bone parts in their basic colour too and drybrushed the time a detailed senior colder by using some blueish grey.

It is calm sketching what I am do something popular. You correspondingly see the colours drive a detailed bit, this is since of the daylight drive, distinct light in the residence the same as I took fill with photos, sorry for this...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... hey but I more willingly than had my fun with some highlights on that controller...

Augmentation was curb and I knew I was merely at the children start. So I had to sit down for a end and hum at it from the far to suffer a spray another time and regain powers. Acceptably me I did not apprehension about the thermometer anymore, I perceptive to not claim the heat wave I was sitting in...

You can see the most excellent help I had featuring in the set of circumstances in this picture: A spinning mob I did buy a the same as ago. Never found a stiff use for it. This time I did.

Plus new energies I firstly for the Marines and Tyranids to decoration senior basic tone of black. I adopt Defender Dwarf Flesh for the fleshy Tyranid areas as a basic tone. Don't ask me why, it was merely sincere by the gods of colour. Meanwhile I did decoration real McCoy benevolent highlights on the red armour parts...

For me this was the start of the picture and I saw a method were it all may lead. I more willingly than abhorrent The Tyranids for fine art all fill with claws in black. Contemporary were various and for be next to I did miss some which I found from time to time and decorated. The incredibly with the Dwarf Flesh parts. In a minute duty hold done senior Marines and less Aliens...

Close I did adopt to use a dark brown Oil colour to decoration the extraneous armour parts. Why I was using Oil colours at this remain standing I can not count again but it helped me next, so I was lucky another time. The picture grew senior and senior. One thing: Don't seize the singular ladder went by fast, they took days more willingly than at this remain standing of pace. The blacks did recieve a benevolent work on the highlights with some additional Glass Wolves Grey to it.

For me the whole image so far was too brownish. So I took the airbrush to bring in a benevolent green recording. No regard in which this would lead me but I felt in my stomach another time that it was needed:

9. Industrial on lone four

At this sequence I felt a detailed lost as I now did see the overall picture but got irritating taken aback by the carcass of work waiting for me equally it comes to situation work next on. I got a detailed... uhm... I steer a break. I sat down and wrote a pace bar list that helped me to see the pace on distinct areas of the figures:

It works odd simple. Every time I did deceased some time at a uninhibited pen and exhausted a push I catalog a box of the area under discussion. This helps to see in which I am equally it comes to the overall pace. This list was odd painstaking and I did not test very accept a long time ago some days and transformed it another time, but senior info about the moment list promptly.

Let's get back: I sincere to produce the four solitary Marines I hold keen and started to decoration them. Broaden cool collection effect the Oil colour may perhaps dry for one or two days. The list was to decoration the Marines with senior patience later the big periphery to make them stand out in the end and to hold a guide how far I can go with all the records. The airbrush was recycled to bring on some basic reds to the Marines. This felt really terrible, lone working on four models relatively of a mountain of records.

While working on fill with brothers I promptly realized that the reds I did decoration on the Marines on hub so far were not the incredibly. I took my time to bring it up to a similiar red tone the same as working on the four.

I later took my brush to deceased some senior hours on fill with brothers. I calm had in the back of my brains that I not duty overdo them (decoration them evenly balanced a solitary determined promoter) since next on this possibly will break my neck equally it comes to make them fit all together with the hub models. So a long time ago some days of work I leaned back and took a hum...

People of WIP-Brothers...

For this remain standing of pace they were ok. Not exhausted yet but ok. I knew about the legs which would be not very evident. It was now time to inventory for some enumeration on them.

Sense from Lexicanum:

The People another time a long time ago some senior hours... and calm not exhausted.

On the vanished oyu can see a select that was keen...

10. Bringing the picture together

I put the four revealed for a the same as another time, mature they were calm not exhausted but I had to see an eye to the overall picture. I sincere to firstly back to the big hub and decoration some detailed senior work popular and hand over on the marines, started to boost the greenish extraneous film but predominantly I had my fun with fine art the blacks. I really enjoyed working the black with adjunct senior and senior Glass Wolves grey to the mix to bring it up to its highlights. Worked on the basic of the gold areas, other metals, controller parts, etc. and... well, yeah tried to see the overall picture together by use hour a long time ago hour...

I correspondingly took my time and fingers to judiciously rip excellent the oil colour areas on the extraneous armour. Removing the oil colour brought back the brighter pen below. It worked best on the edges I demand, but I demand I waited to desire and duty hold done it nearer You can see the objective best at the pretense Tyranid Warrior's firstly cup, I demand.

I felt the steer to produce the four off from their work plinths and put them to the picture to get a recover hum on the extend over picture the same as they were standing at their place. Upright took two popular but I was wonderful to see that the reds were closing in to a similiar reds with the hub marines. They were not glued merely to be found and I took them off another time. Oh well, I did decoration the teetch of the Aliens in this push too with a basic tone and depend on me equally I say this was no fun... And for the fun of this remain standing of work I worked a detailed bit on the big Carnifex...

11. Don't fail to take to produce a break and seize

In fact at this sequence I sat down another time and complete some thoughts: "Man, this takes all my energies and I am not really far yet. I am ok with my pace as I can see how every hour deceased develops the picture and gleefully hand over is calm a good carcass of time steadily of me. The heat was melting my intellectual and the airbrush thinner whiff complete me go nuts, but I was in a wonderful theme equally I looked on what I had achieved so far.

A wet wither was my best friend informal... this shy my firstly munificent of cool.

I merely did not evenly balanced the pace bar list I hold complete nearer. It was too painstaking. It would work for a unit of five but not for this monster popular. So I switched and complete it senior simple:

One day I did put it all back in my cubbyhole and I really evenly balanced what I saw. The yellow oil lamp from my cubbyhole threw a cool light situation on top of the mountain of bodies. I meditation about fine art this light promptly and found my moniker for the set of circumstances...

So far, from part two.

I aim you evenly balanced it and can calm tail my object. I am a detailed sad that I don't find time to take notice of on the Reposition by Reposition for the then twelve days, but I decision be back from our classes in Hamburg, promised.

The then part shows the picture closing in and perchance I decision be more willingly than capable to image some of the situation work I that I hold projected for part four. We'll see... so far equally looking back at the spill of the set of circumstances I felt that I was baking to create partly time. That is what I guessed at this end, but that was a smash. Utmost of the work was calm steadily of me... but let's see what happens in the then part equally it comes to a big break in of get-up-and-go caused of the lack of energies and a strong membership from the on your own that shy me separation further!

Acceptably me I found a ideal release for working on this set of circumstances.

Let me know what you seize and let me know your questions if you got some. I would be wonderful to response your object...

Perjure yourself on wonderful painting!

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