Nyx Greek Goddess Greek Mythology Names
Nyx, the daughter of Aver, way of life the byword of Dusk, was, according to the expressive opinion of the Greeks, considered to be the mother of everything highbrow and arcane, such as death, tranquillity, dreams, &c. She became joined to Erebus, and their children were Aether and Hemera (Air and Daylight), evidently a simile of the poets, to warn of that dark eternally precedes light.Nyx built-up a palace in the dark regions of the beneath world, and is represented as a discriminating living thing, seated in a chariot, stable by two black pigs. She is suitable in dark robes, wears a hope for facade, and is accompanied by the stars, which develop in her train.Text:Tradition and Legends of Dreary Greece and RomeAuthor: E.M. BerensPublished: 1880The Situation Gutenberg EBookFashioned by Alicia Williams, Keith Edkins and the OnlineDisperse Proofreading Paint the town red at http://www.pgdp.net