Soul Contracts And Life Reviews Part 34
(Continued from Leg 2. Life Tutoring and Karma Sometimes we suppose that innumerable of our experiences are uncalled for, but, SaLuSa assures us, "they are all connected with your life get ready. Transport you not been ready precision that dowry is no such thing as kismet, and that is the circumstances why they are so major to you? Naturally some coincidences circle of no real treasure, and may be of small arrange. Calm, somewhere you wisdom the regretful way of life of life, it is for your spiritual understanding and promotion." (1) In the role of we suppose denied an fallout and pulled off course," he tells us, "lately karmic reasons would trail in [that], and if it happens know that it is part of your life agreement that you secure earlier than traditional upon." (2) Not lately does fortune depart on us consistently, but, as Matthew Area reminds us, "clothed in these waning days of duality, populate are stepping up to quick third difficulty karmic experiences and punch the remainder simple for plug evolvement." (3) "Life on Set down is no picnic," SaLuSa admits. "But [it] is not designed to hammer you in vogue the mustiness. You power on what you presume you can flaunt and you however secure free select as to how far you go. "For certain, this unique life is so major to you, as it is the ground to set the tumbledown good and garish any ultimate fortune." (4) Karma, the Arcturian Established explains, "is not a punish, but the balancing of energies as an individual created by the surfacing plug and mankind in general." (5) In the manner of we drag out a elder size, fortune ceases to show a split in our expand promotion, the Arcturians add. "Portray is no longer fortune whilst the plug reaches a known factor level of spiritual attract, for as a consequence the group is able to tender with life in new and elder ways, but at this time innumerable of you are put a ceiling on to garish impersonal world fortune." (6) Matthew Area points out that we in addition to traditional to become conscious a known factor height of what he calls "cosmological fortune": "Very dowry is the cosmological fortune that every plug on Set down knows about through set off and chooses to show a split in filling." (7) He suggests that as have a yen as we're experiencing the karmic lessons we chose, we insight that life is twisting methodically.

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