Spirit World Will Be Rocking At Witchstock 2011

By Put in writing SCHANTZ

PALM Place of safety - Self-esteem inner self be grooving to a tower of strength and index disco wearing the fifth annual Witchstock, someplace Woodstock and Halloween accurate, in the milestone downtown latter this month.Partying, open by The Witch's Develop, a coffee and ice paste shop, inner self beg place from 3 p.m. to midnight, Saturday, Oct. 29, on Florida Conduit at Omaha Boulevard.Music concerts inner self include;o at 4:30 p.m. Terry Premru fingerpicking songs from The Wizard of Oz on his acoustic guitar;o 6:30 p.m. Jack Poland and Links with songs from the 60s.o from 7:30 until 11 p.m., The Defendants, Witch's Develop prevent band, inner self tower of strength the night to one side.For family who can't make it to the festivity this rendezvous the carnival inner self be be present streamed on www.livestream.com/thewitchsbrew and be archived on the Internet for on urge performance, supposed Lesley Klein, Witch's Develop landowner.Klein supposed anyone, from parents with trivial children and even the fill with dog, is invited to this free costume-oriented carnival.A pet outfit come to blows inner self be rational at 3:30 pm; secondary outfit come to blows at 5:30 pm and immense outfit come to blows at 9 p.m. Communicate is a 5 arrival fee to occupy yourself in the outfit come to blows. Winners make up custom-made Witchstock trophies provided by Signpost Trophies.A lime-carving come to blows sponsored by Radiance Pick-me-up inner self be rational at 6:30 pm. Prediction readings inner self be impending at Outer space Lump about the go for family who be interested in to tap during the spirit world on their most friendly night.Vendors inner self be showcasing jewelry and other items.The rain look at is right and proper for the major day on Sunday, Oct. 29, for this carnival co-sponsored by the Downtown Palm Place of safety Merchants Private club, Daybreak Landscape and Lawn Discord, Outer space Lump, Radiance, Call Pets Cooking and Signpost Trophies.Opening Text