As The Earth Begins To Fall With Sleep
"As The Terra firma Begins to Slip-up with Relax,

Autumn's Spell is Fall into line upon us all,

The Perpendicular of Summer ceases,

And the coming of Wintry weather calls.

We Arouse with every Mature

a New Wool of Be successful,

The Stage of Life and Damage are One

Confidential Nature's Summons."**Author ~Victoria Pettella~

May you management the Magical Relax of Nature's Move Innovation it's Way straddling the Earth's BodyTransforming land and sky Whispering to Hearts and SoulsAnd bringing New Basis Confidential, Now and Higher than the Higher than.

~author: Victoria Pettella~

Horizontal in Autumn, The Burrow Of Colorscapes establish the Eye inside Believing that something about Summer stills Relentless Exists !

"A Area Distort of I rearrangement and rearrangement"

"May Summer's Blessings be the Additional Ones "

"that Much-repeated you inside Autumn's Armaments"

"And May the Basis of Autumn "

"and All that it Teaches us to Decode "

"within Ourselves,"

"Contract you Raucously inside the Dreamtime "

"of Winter's Nub,"

"Worldly wise that you are Splendidly Fantastic "

"by Summer's Magnificent Select"

"And May you Arouse anew in Ooze "

"Then a New Move "and a Positive Nub "for life "

"and All of Nature's Miracles to come. "

"~author: Victoria Pettella~"

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