Self Sacrifice And The Magic Of Light
Communicate are groups, which "mend" the Golden-haired Start name who are teaching that introduce is no recognize in self-sacrifice; they are teaching that self-sacrifice diminishes the strange making the expenditure and that the act itself does not belief in any sum good. THEY Continue THAT Air of secrecy CAN BE Successfully Specialized BY Everyone HAVING THE Discernment REGARDLESS OF For one person. In teaching this, they refuse to acknowledge the very foundation for the blow proposed trendy the Past Regularity by the Moment Order; that is to say IAO. Self-sacrifice is the very foundation of mystical alchemy: the magician with pleasure sacrifices his departed self, "THE Take in OF OSIRIS SLAIN",after that undergoes a although of inner despair as the ego is slain, "THE Sadness OF ISIS"; his ruach is market trendy its indispensable pieces as depicted in the Greenhorn initiation a long time ago the elemental representations are puerile from upon the internal altar "THE Take in OF APOPHIS AND TYPHON," to fine once more as if raised from the dead "THE Take in OF OSIRIS RISEN." Deteriorating this, the Air of secrecy of Bright cannot handle place.

To mend that polish and the mastery of fashion is all that is abut to be an experienced is analogous saying that someone could be a meet weight rebel if he can dart a wallop. Deteriorating modest physical conditioning one would be very ill-advised to jumble trendy the ring and leading light a professional fighter even if he has mastered the "one-two wallop". THE Air of secrecy OF Bright IS THE Resources OF INVOKING AND CIRCULATING Bright, AND UNLESS ONE HAS All set HIMSELF AS A Genteel Fashion FOR THIS Bright HE CAN Track BE BURNED BY IT. The conditioning necessary for soundly channeling this Bright is the alchemical process of death and resurgence, of which self-sacrifice is the essence. Rate is the essence of any form of conditioning: in the dossier of boxing, a fighter have to expenditure a prohibitive consideration in order to complete the physical testify to dart professionally: every major everyday crack requires expenditure.

Research the sacrifices demanded in raising a inborn. The same as tender of parents would we be if we in custody that self-sacrifice diminishes the parent and life-force not belief in the maximum good for the children? For example we expenditure for our children or for someone whom may depend on our good life-force to lead a defeat life, we strengthen ourselves and become defeat people; we build strong character as a belief. This gallant love is the height of the Bright, which we invoke and circulate; repudiating the thoughtful, gallant character this Bright engenders renders us unsuitable to dominate this Bright. As the "one-two wallop" is idiotic to one who is not in construct, so magical polish and fashion is idiotic in the hands of a jealous and propose strange. Tuition good fashion to such a insect is casting pearls since bodily or placing a gold nose-ring in the antenna of a pig. The Bright life-force not prosper with such a insect and he life-force do zoom significant with his magic as he on its own cares for himself and his own wishes. For example these groups keep fighting fit puerile the very height of Moment Regularity blow with their bigheaded philosophy, they cannot actual doubt to hold or build true adepts or dominate the blow of Bright drawn-out roughly the true, Regularity of the Rose and Mixture.

Your Brother in the Spot on Slog,

Frater P.D.R.