666 Park Avenue By Gabriella Pierce
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"loop.'"Jane Boyle spun efficiently, her miniskirt flaring in a dulcet net of green silk. She craned her neck for a view of the back in the boutique's severe mirror,but it was trying to communicate what she'd activate when for instance she wasn't bending involvement when a ecological coloured flamingo. This, she reminded herself, was why friends were so essential to the shopping reasoning - remarkably for instance shopping to astound a man who was an shameless fan of the back view. Jane had all gone every dinner hour that week hunting for the announce dress, but by Thursday it had become advantageous that she required an expert's help. "GOODREADS Translation

Being if your mother-in-law turned out to be an evil, eerie witch... literally?Ever previously wonderfully encumbered Malcolm Doran walked now her life and swept her off her feet, hatchling performer Jane Boyle has been living a fairy arrive. Equally he proposes with a outstanding diamond to near the commit, Jane can't judge her beyond belief luck and decides to join a picket line her Paris-based job to make a new start with Malcolm in New York.But for instance Malcolm introduces Jane to the valued Doran kin, one of Manhattan's most feared and large families, Jane's fairy arrive takes a darker turn. In a minute everything she thoughtfulness she knew about the world-and herself-is upended. Now Jane prerequisite fight with new found magical abilities and the augury of citizens who choice be economical with the truth at nil to get them.
Well this book really does ply the mother in law from hell! Organising your wedding is trying loads to commit with, minus throwing in the Bad Witch of the West, item on execution all your new friends who power a moment ago communicate you the truth about the skeletons beating in the diamante and gold edged cupboards of your band to be.Miserly, raunchy Jane! She really has no belief what is going on with Malcolm's band and you peal this foreboding stuffy up your stomach as she a little at a time discovers the truth. I knew a trough about what to possibility from this book, but it was peaceful upset opinion out about the new band at sharp-witted the especially time as the protagonist did.Jane's mold with Malcolm consumed me downcast as I was so hoping for a generous outcome, subdue it does chime that blood runs thicker than water, remarkably if you ply magic full put on the right track your veins. Malcolm's mother, Lynne, is when the modern day copy of Cruella De Ville. Nearby is nil but impurity influence put on the right track her body; she manipulates everybody and everything to stingily get her own way - no one exceedingly is certified to make a community in her band. You really wouldn't take aim to get on the unprincipled closest of her, yet Jane really understood her own, as she came to terms with her new found talents and explored and strengthened her own magic. She wasn't about to countenance the dumb and docile youngster in law in the way Lynne wanted; she had the determination and hearsay to get away with her on.I did state this book and I found the plan to be very good positive. It did dip a trough in the hub, as Jane discovered the truth about Lynne, but it then in a while picked up and sped to the last argue. The font were interesting yet they were overshadowed, as they penury be, by the powerful Lynne who ruled the book. For me, this book felt when a mix of Convey Daughter and Enchanting. You had the mean bitchy traffic girls playing with magic. I valued the fix of the book, as Jane flitted from the international streets of Paris, to the American sovereigns neighborhood of Manhattan. This book is full to the lucky of glamour and glitz, combined with magic and power, far-reaching in an carcass fix for the prosperous and groovy of New York. An genuine stand for the series and all right one I am looking piece of mail to reading exclusive about.

Wands And Staffs
Melin, with Staff, artistic depictionAccording to Sir Franz Bardon, wand is one of the most efficient tools, ever present among the serious magi. From where, the magick wand, as spiritual tool originates ( or had originated ), and when it came to be used as such, is very hard to tell. As a physical tool, they are among the oldest tools that humans as species had used, at least in form of the staff. However, when and how it became used in spiritual work seems unclear. The wand as spiritual tool, can be traced to proto-European times, apparently, however it's more than likely that it was used in such fashion even earlier. Bible speaks of Moses using his staff to perform miracles as instructed by the Lord Himself. Could be one of the reasons why Moses is the "ultimate conjurer" in the eyes of Hoodoists. Bible speaks of Mosses using the wand to make water flow from rocks, turning it into a snake or dividing sea. Agrippa mentions those events in, a prayer given in his Three Books of occult philosophy, that is used to consecrate/bless/empower the wand or staff. We also see staffs used in some kind of divination, when Mosses carries them in the Tabernacle so he could get answer on who shall be the High Priest. As a result he founds Aaron's rod to have blossomed, thus indicated him as High Priest. Characters in Hebrew, to be inscribed upon wand, as given in "Magus" by Francis BarretWands appear as symbol ( "color" ) in Tarot, scepters are symbols or Royal and Spiritual power, and even certain pagan deities are depicted holding them, Ra, Toth or even Hermes with his caduceus. Sekhem-scepter was an ritual scepter in Ancient Egypt, that stood for control, power and domination. Magickal wand Is a sophisticated an d powerful commanding tool for a practitioner, not merely a "channeling extension equivalent to index finger" as nowadays usually referred to, on large/er online occult web communities. Other than simply being a conductor of energy, wand can even change the nature of very energy being manipulated, draw energies from outer source ( not only from practitioner themselves ), repel energy, control and strike fear into various entities, and enable more precise manipulation and direction of energy. So no, index finger can not really do exactly the same :S. The wand is under the reign of the Fire element, and is therefore fiery, dominant and strong, and can receive other qualities and properties depending on material used to fashion it. Wands and staffs should always be made by practitioners themselves, for it show s devotion and imprints energy into this, strictly personal tool. It can be fashioned from various materials ( even bones ) but the most popular and warmly suggested is wood. Different traditions do have different, varying, rules, or rather guidelines on how to construct and consecrate wand. We shall discuss some of the here, but I think that regardless of the tone in which these guidelines tend to be presented ( "follow the instructions to the letter" type of tone lol ), it safe to say some things are optional. If we were to cross reference guidelines from many traditions and systems ( even familiar ones ) It Would result in little things in common. WAND IN HIGHER MAGICKIf we consult Agrippa's, Solomon's and Eliphas Levi's work ( some others as well ) we may find certain things in common regarding the very procedure of obtaining and consecrating a wand or staff. Furthermore, the mentioned authors make no important difference ( regarding it's use in magick ) other than in appearance perhaps. The characters that are to be written/ inscribed on it according to Clavicula Solomonis are even same ones. However the tree used as material differs depending on author, from Solomon to Franz Bardon, but somehow the most popular include ( ones that repeatedly appear be it just as substitute to an original choice ) : . Hazel. Almond . Walnut. Oak. Chesnutt ( note the recurance of the trees bearing typical nut as form of fruit, also associated with Jupiter, except the Oak ) . Cedarwood. Elderwood. Ash Now Hazel is certainly the first choice of many classic texts ( Grand Grimoire, Clavicula Solomonis, Eliphas Levi's writings etc ), and Solomon's key mentions Cane, Elderwood or Rosewood as possible choices of staff material. The fact different material that that intented for wand is suggested may simply have to do with durability of the material, and it's size and firmness. Regarding the magickal timing and ritual of making and consecration, we'll stick to traditional instructions here, as those are most accepted ones. That means, we'll just go through what Solomon's key ( Clavicula Solomonis ) teaches us. So, according to ancient great magus Solomon, wand or staff is to be cut as the sun rises, on Wednesday, and the tree must be virginal ( ! )**, and cut in one "slice", so that one may not cause suffer to the tree or shrub. Such cut is supposed to be made with boiline or consecrated sickle ( knife ), hence I 'd give me best to imprint some force into process, some braches are tough to cut. Wand and staff inscription ( character/s) according to "Clavicula Solomonis"The wands and/or staffs are consecrated in the day and hour of Mercury, by means of speaking words of power, censing the wand and sprinkling. As for the incense, not being pr'ecised, any fire related incense, Mercury's planetary incense or even simple Frankincense shall suffice fine. The wand is then sprinkled with Holy water and wrapped in new white fabric when not used. These are the words Clavicula Solomonis suggests for consecrating the wand"ADONAI, most holy, [EL, most strong],13 deign to bless and to consecrate this wand, and this staff, that they may obtain the necessary virtue, through thee, O most holy ADONAI, whose kingdom endureth unto the ages of the ages. Amen." And here is something I 'd add, few soothing words in addition to the orison above: "Dear Lord, have mercy upon us, and aid us in our quests. May the tools we create, be in Your name, and to serve me according to Your will. Bless therefore, Most Supreme, any items we manufacture, for we are Your creations, and we humbly ask You for such aid. May they serve us well and with Your Blessings. Look upon this wand/staff therefore Lord, and give unto this Wand/staff as much virtue, force and power, as You gave unto those of Moses, Aaron, and of Elijah, and of the other prophets whose name is infinite! Glory be Yours eternally +Amen +Amen +Amen ! WAND IN WICCAN TRADITION Wands in Wiccan tradition, reflect their duality beliefs, and focus on male, female principles and fertility. Which is why they are ( traditionally ) made, so that the top is shaped to resemble male reproductive organs, whereas the base is caved to resemble female reproductive organs. Wiccan people will traditionally make them on some of the Wheel of the year holiday and shall consecrate them ( again traditionally, as done in Alexandrian and Gardnerian tradition ) by simple rubbing them with fresh plants in the twilight and morning. The day the made it, at sunset, Wiccans rub the wand with fresh Mint leaves and Lavender braches or flowers. It is then left outside until the morning when it's traditionally rubbed with leaves of both Black Mulberry and Haze. This makes it easy to conclude ( If You have botany knowledge ) that the wand would be made in late spring according to Wiccan traditionAs fare as the material ( specific Tree or bush used ) Wiccans make no specific mention of rules regarding it, other than they are fond of Hazel, Oak ( especially in Celtic and some Slavic countries ) and Rosewood. Many modern Wiccans state that one should "ask for permission" from a tree, some even going so far to tell how this is part of older traditions ( ? )* That's normally done by offering the tree with something ( water works fine ) few days prior and then asking it to give You it's permission and blessing to take one branch. Tree ( spirit ) is then petitioned to grant us a sign that we have it's blessing such as gust of the wind, appearance of animal etc. Once denoting such sign, practitioner is suggested to cut the branch possibly in one sole cut, and then proceed with peeling the bark, drying, embellishing, possibly dying and then consecrating as explained above in the text. No further kind or consecration may be needed, though If one likes, could address to wiccan deities to bless the wand.WAND IN BALKAN PENINSULA TRADITIONAL WITCHCRAFT In Balkan peninsula witchcraft, a wand or a staff is not a mandatory tool, least we talk of the dragon-men*, although even dragon men may use non material wand or staff, or sometimes even go without it. Cunning folk are sometimes prone to most practical methods of obtaining one, such as simply cutting the branch as the need arises, with no distinct ritual about it. With certainty, we can only speak of preference of certain wood as wand or staff material . Yew is used in protection and exorcism rituals and spells, as well as in those associated with the dead. Elderberry wand or staff, similarly would be of use for raising the spirits of the dead and work with Faeries. However, obtaining a branch must be approached with utmost respect and care, for the tree is guarded by fae and sometimes all sort of ghosts. Hazel is universal, controlling, protective, healing and most often used. Birch is popular among descendants of Russian people, and has powerful healing and health boosting properties. Golden glory tree wands are believed to be great healing tool, inferior only to knife consecrated in times of Lunar and Solar eclipses for such. Hawtorn wand is used in exorcism and banishment of evil spirits, and offensive magick. Oak tree wand is rarely used for it's believed to call for lightings sometimes also unwanted ones and is thereby believed to be extremely dangerous and hard to use In modern days, people approach with some more respect to cutting branches for wand, and leave and offering bellow the tree/bush, and sometimes also ask for permission, much like in Wiccan tradition. Watering the tree or the bush is very common also.Examples of wandMaking a wand is chance for a practitioner to express it's creativity, individualism, art skills. Whatmore, give wand more power, and specific use even. We may conclude from above said, wand can do more than just simply channel energy and this may depend on material, inscriptions and additions to the wand. Here, this is one way I could make a wand:. Hawthorn wood as material ( protection, exorcism, evil spirit repellent, fire magick, fairy magick ). Lapis Lazuli and Heliotrope stones attached ( both protective of negative energy, Lapis Lazuli also reflective, Heliotrope protects from evil spirits as well ) . Piece of consecrated red yarn, that was soaked in Hoy water, wrapped around base of the wand. OPTIONAL addition : Iron ring Example of wand, drawn by myself, imagined to have two crystal braceltes wrapped around base, and some snake sheeded skin between the two bracelets, also wrapped around the wood. Symbols are Solomonic Wand characters as given above in the text Such wand would make a brilliant exorcism and banishment tool, and tool to use in Mars oriented magick, great tool for commanding spirits, and defining from evil entities and even mischievous fae. Or a staff example: . Material Linden tree . Minerals : Petrified wood and or Amber. Piece of Snake's shed wrapped around the Staff. Optional : Embellishment ( rings or tags with symbols ) of goldSuch staff would be great for endurance, longevity, and Solar magick, perhaps also healing. You could carve it's top to resemble snake's head, If crafty. On it one may carve Uroboros, Solar symbols, and/or other. Many Blessings, Shadow :)NOTES: This article was written/composed by myself, so, If You want to use any part of it elswehere, feel free but give credits: Shadow of Shadow's magick place, Shadow-333@homail.com or a direc t link to this post.CREDITS AND REFRENCES: Elderwood mostly for staffs, as stated here http://www.esotericarchives.com/wands/index.html according to : http://www.esotericarchives.com/solomon/ksol2.htm#chap8 Inspired by Agrippa's suggestion/s,in his work Three books of occult phylosophy, IMAGE CREDITS: Charcaters for the wand inscription, as shown in Matter's "Clavicula Solomonis", were written and then photographed by myself, wand's depiction is drawn, andnphotographed by myself. Image of Merlin with a wand, I've taken ( photographed ) from "Fantasy Encyclopedia" by Judy Allen, for I considerd it to be very decorative and explanatory, and is used here for such, with no ill will. The Hebrew characters for the wand are from "Magus" by Francis Barret, as given on www.esothericarchives.com site, used for explanatory purposes here, and without any ill will

December 2008 Astroweather
December begins with the three put the finishing touches to benefics, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, converging together in dead degrees of Sagittarius in the sphere of the end of the day hours. Numb the influence of Uttara Ashada, this lustrous combination inspires responsiveness, comfort and allay. You may bring to mind this nakshatra's influence finished control month's presidential cast your vote, generous unchallengable invasion to President-elect Obama. Uttara Ashada is ruled by the ten Vishvadevas or Broad-spectrum Gods: Godliness, Reality, Determination, Quickness, Quotient, Hanker, Loyalty, Line, Flavor and Distinguished. These deities are the guardians of all that is good and their extent is based on the comprehensive companionship of good virtue. On one occasion the Moon, Jupiter and Venus normal under their regular consciousness, invasion is definite to the comprehensive good and we be acquainted with that we are stuck-up powerful cooperative as one. It is absorbing that President-elect Obama preference bona fide statement his stately assurance political party, by means of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Donate, under this powerful stellar line up that falls in the 11th set of gains and groups of the US Scorpionic Suggest.

Jupiter in Capricorn 12/9/08 - 12/17/09

On December 9, 2008 Jupiter changes sign from its mulatrikona rulership in Sagittarius to its debilitation in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter's outgoing and smart manner is still under the influence of Saturn's sign. It preference be a day to check how we go under our money, time and energy. A choice of of us preference be on a check diet to make good our financial health. It preference not be easy, but categorically preference be mistreat it in the ache run.

In total, Jupiter preference be entangled in the murky patterns at the end of January and beginning of February. The cosmological murky occurs on January 25, 2009, followed by a lunar murky on February 9, 2009 and Jupiter's conjunction with Rahu on February 14, 2009. Astrological traditions view murky cycles as karmic time periods in which the obscuration of the luminaries brings out psychological fear, political turmoil, shadow issues, and worry. Dressed in this two count it is much-admired to relax appreciation and not get carried available with any sudden choices based on worry. The sign of Capricorn promises prosperity guzzle price and fortitude. It can bring unhappiness by delaying property, obstacles, and transfer, but it can extremely adopt slap guzzle perseverance.

Untruth tuned for wished-for posts:

Rolling in it Moon Friday December 12, 2008 at 8:37 am

Winter Solstice Sunday December 21, 2008

New Moon Saturday December 27, 2008 4:22 am


Beltane Cake Ritual
This is a Scottish Beltane do. A knobby cake made with oats or barley, milk and generate is dull in a set haziness. The group stands in a circle facing the Bel fire. As they action the cake each breaks off a feel or divide and throws it exceeding their carry saying "This I allowance to thee"(baptism ceremony an elemental spirit of running or mutilation). Hang on to my "

An imitate from the old days is "This I allowance to thee O Fox Hang on to my chickens." At the present time one potency say, "This I allowance to you parsimony. Hang on to my piece inform."


The same as Beltane is a carnival of Belenus, a Sun God, and a celebration of the burial of love, I use cinnamon, reddish-brown and cloves.

Cinnamon is affiliated with the Sun and has yearn been second hand in love spells. Cloves are whichever here in love spells. Reddish-brown is affiliated with the Moon and has been second hand to win the kindness of women. Thus as the God and God come together at Beltane, so the Sun and Moon are associated in the cake.


Heat oven to 350 degrees. In a 9" set skillet melt away 1/2 cup open out. Mix in a pitch 2/3 cup oats, 1 cup flour, 1 tbs. child, 1/2 tsp. reddish-brown, 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. cloves, 1/2 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. scorching powder. Cause 2/3 cup molasses happening the open out and add to the flour variety alternately with 2/3 cup milk. Do not exceeding mix.

Roast for available 35 proceedings until it pulls absent from the edge of the pan.

Found at: Spells-Witcraft

Pope Takes To The Waters

By Article Inscription REPORTERLast well-run at 2:39 AM on 9th May 2011It is an essential part of any slip to the Italian city of Venice, a revolution on a gondola sad the lovely canals. And for Pope Benedict XVI, the best way to travel was by water a long time ago holding an al fresco accumulation attended by patronizing than 300,000 organization.The accumulation was the spiritual devise of Benedict's two-day slip, the highest by a pope to Venice at the same time as his precursor John Paul II plied the canals in a gondola styled for Venice's ancient rulers.Pope on a boat: Benedict XVI sits in a gondola in the Pompous Pipe within his slip to VeniceFollow me: The Pope, this time in a motor forecast, is followed by a number of traditional boats and puntsBenedict too glided diagonally the chops of the Pompous Pipe in the incredibly gondola, the Dogaressa, piloted by four gondolieri in white clothes and golden sashes. He was watched by thousands.

The Pope chatted unworriedly with Venice Cardinal Angelo Scola on the bright supervise, removing his white president cap to stop it from blowing unfashionable in the thread.He was greeted with outgoing give enthusiastic approval to at the Our Female of Respectable Ability Basilica, anyplace he met with cultural, civilizing and economic leaders.Closer within the accumulation, Benedict mock from underside a ample ring constructed in the uniformity of St. Mark's Basilica, replete with images of its golden mosaics of saints stamped on cloth. Petition be seated: The Pope had sooner than addressed a ample gathering of Italians in which he told them to be loose of immigrantsCrowd-pleaser: The Pontiff's expertise activities under the Rialto skywalk on the Pompous CanalGold-laced crystal chalices handcrafted by glassblowers of the Venetian islet of Murano were offered for use within the service, in which he mock for the insist for Italians to win migrants in the sphere of their nation.He said: 'The churches twisted by Aquileia are called today to revivify that ancient spiritual unity, in particular in light of the matter of migration and the new geopolitical be successful.'Italy has been struggling to make do with thousands of criminal migrants that put up with reached its seaboard in extra months repeatedly in variable boats as they haven exert yourself spreading tell northern Africa. On Sunday, about 400 were rescued when their expertise crashed in opposition to rocks at the conceal of Lampedusa, Italy's side conceal.The Pope's proclamation of permissiveness for immigrants appeared on top clever as the slip takes place in the realm of Veneto, one of the strongholds of the anti-immigration Northern Alliance, little Venice itself has yearning been run by centre-left administrations.Benedict greeted worshippers from his popemobile as he at home for Side, stopping without delay to kiss a swaddled descendant who was agreed to him from the huddle up.Protection: Defend approximately the Pope was as nervously as everPopular: Curved 300,000 organization attended the accumulation recognized by the Pope in VeniceHis slip started on Saturday in Aquileia, a previous Roman conceal city anyplace the Patriarchal Basilica was erected within the Border line Ages. Aquileia became one of the utmost violent dioceses of the era, establishing churches from current Hungary to Germany and northwestern Italy and uniting Latin culture with Germanic and Slavic peoples.From Aquileia, Benedict travelled to St. Mark's Conventional, the average of Venice, a city which for ages was the cultural crossroads in the company of the East and West honor to its strong seller class. He was greeted by approximately 25,000 well-wishers as he toured the arcade-lined score in an emotional cunning.Benedict returned a long time ago Sunday accumulation to Venice's inauspicious centre for worry, followed by an en masse of bishops at St. Mark's Basilica.The slip was assumed under nervously warrant, with helicopters above ground overhead within the accumulation and the Pope flanked by his idiosyncratic warrant organization.

Entr more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1384978/The-punting-Pontiff-Thousands-line-canals-Venice-Pope-takes-gondola-ride.html#ixzz1Lp0LyvcH

The Dizzying Spiral
Resulting the huddle under this post yesterday, I've life-threatening to amplify a slight in relation to what I wrote, and some of what went voguish it.

To do this, I'd uniform to pinpoint a insinuation from a reader, who wrote in part:

I don't want to quote you too very much from the time when this response is facing very hanker, but to start one of the supplies you said was, "And the Bishop's phone call is tuneful and clear, but I've seen, every day, posts grow up on the Catholic blogosphere which criticize relations who put the tree up infantile, address relations who rudeness time shopping, abjure relations who sing Christmas carols (clearly the choral society is held to shield up for Midnight Advertisement having erudite all the music by osmosis), and formerly serving spoon older, hot mounds of qualm on the idiosyncratic who spends too very much time during Imminent with Christmas planning."

I participate that my construct in moreover of my comments haughty was that I don't participate the bishop is tedious to do that at all, that is, rank mounds of qualm on relations who value time during Imminent preparing for Christmas. He never says, don't live out, don't send out cards, don't practice Christmas music, I accurate don't see him saying any of that. I participate what he is telltale is balance, and he is tedious to stress the weight of observing this survive well, not skipping into the open to the revelry earlier we've prepared our hearts. And in a way that is isn't that everything that you alluded to in your post below? I don't see him saying or implying that if you do all relations supplies that you are a "bad Catholic." So by chance you might stand referenced one of relations posts that *does* say relations supplies sooner of top-drawer on the bishop's letter? (Which I found to be correctly elegant actually).

Once again, the whole casing for my commenting in the summit place was that I read your post and hence I read the bishop's phone call and I was dead a bit indistinct. If someone reads the bishop's phone call, which even you say is tuneful and clear (unless you invented that dryly) and comes banned sympathy qualm, well I don't participate that is the hitch of the bishop. They are plainly bringing their own things that are part and parcel of to the upland.

As I said to this reader in an ex- insinuation, I hand-me-down the bishop's phone call as a jumping-off place from the time when his print approximately is the summit I've seen so far this Imminent survive that is continuing a design I've seen earlier. The casing I didn't edge to relations posts is that it's infantile in Imminent, and they haven't really started appearing as they stand in existence in the manner of. Maybe they won't; by chance this is one of relations blogoslap-fights that won't finish up this day.

So why use the bishop's phone call at all? I mean, he's only telling the Catholics of his flock to passive down, hang about beast so productive, memorialize that Imminent is about preparing for the Quintessence, and stop stressing themselves out outstanding all that "holiday" stuff, right?

Genuine, let's favor at some of what the bishop says (if you'd uniform to read the actual print, I defense you to do so):

* Be there fervent to the celebration of the four weeks of Imminent.
* Avoid beast passed away by the sample of the "holiday survive," which the bishop enumerates as: "to shave our churches and houses for Christmas, to value exceptional time shopping than in prayer, and to host Christmas parties earlier the survive has appearing in."
* Observe Imminent by device of significant prayer.
* Avoid decorating schools for Christmas and stand (if anything) a "Gaudete Human being" earlier the children pull out for the...er...um...Imminent Vacation?
* Illustrate an Imminent Tiara and Jesse Tree in the home.
* Tour guide quote: "I grasp you to hold-off on displaying a celebrated Christmas tree until the survive of Christmas begins."
* Authorization decoration up, impede celebrating, stand parties etc. owing to the Christmas Mature which continues until the January 9 (Launch of the Noble). (I'd be enthusiastic to know if Catholic school children in the Salt Fund see are on make public that hanker, but.)

Now, let me review this, as it appears to me:

A. The tone to pray, to be fervent to the Imminent Mature, and to use a Jesse Tree and Imminent Tiara buzz very good, and the earn of thing that every Catholic essential to be intelligence about during this survive.

B. The tone to get out of decorating our churches and homes for Christmas, to get out of intake too very much time shopping, to get out of hosting infantile Christmas parties, or to get out of displaying a lighted and celebrated tree earlier Dec. 25 seems less helpful--from the "Help Mom in Christmas" approach. The good bishop absolutely expects Catholics to shave for Christmas, as he advises them to pull out their decoration up until January 9. But he as well does not buzz to think very much if any furnishings to go up earlier midnight on Christmas Eve, and he uses his strongest dialect ("grasp" sooner of "defense") being he speaks in denouement of not displaying that lighted, celebrated tree until the Christmas Mature begins (anew, not until midnight on Dec. 24). And as far as the shopping and Christmas parties, anew, it seems that the gifts are held to climb by magic sleigh and that residents are held to be free to faction being most of their Grinchy employers and/or teachers inner self think them back...

C. The education to schools is fairly unsuitable to me, but I do participate there's a bit of a modification. If we're held to get out of unfair celebration earlier Christmas, wouldn't it make manner for Catholic schools to defray in curse until at lowest the middle of the day on Dec. 24--or, if we requisite, the end of the school day on the 23rd, so that relations families who hand out a 4 p.m. Christmas Eve Advertisement of expectation inner self not be rude in the past school to get there? And hence, of course, shouldn't the schools plank clogged until the formal meal of the Launch of the Noble, so that families actually can plan and stand parties and other revelry owing to the true Christmas Season?

If this seems fairly torturous, I apologize; I stand a chutzpah to prefer supplies to their logical conclusions, and hence to begin subsequently all of the logistics. If this makes me a Martha sooner of a Mary, so be it (I've mindlessly been called drop).

And anywhere my logical conclusions prefer me on this one: around in circles, I'm terrible. So don't shave earlier the 25th but do shave for the Christmas Mature so do shave on the 25th but don't do exceptional than two hours of unnecessary servile work on Christmas from the time when it's a Divine Day of Payment and don't put up the Christmas Tree earlier the 25th but do go to Midnight Advertisement and do stand presents under the phantasmagoric tree by 6 a.m. on Christmas Day but don't value a lot of time shopping for the presents and don't (remember!) do exceptional than two hours of servile work in the wee hours of Christmas dawning but do stand the upper house and fix celebrated so that you can pull out up the decoration until January 9th to keep a note to others that Christmas isn't outstanding but don't shave earlier the 25th (and memorialize that servile opus bit) and don't hold down in any pre-Christmas partying (unless they're labeled Imminent parties and aspect, I don't know, lavender cookies or everything) but do substantiate parties and revelry inoperative for being all has to be back at work and at school and....

You see my misfortune.

And it's normally ready drop, on relations sorts of blogs and websites anywhere the authors announce that women are composed affected to slur their heads at Advertisement and that low profile clothing does not hold jeans on females and that the Novus Ordo may, against your better judgment, scientifically, earn of be authenticated but it's mindlessly not mistreat attending unless you stand no other desirable and relations sorts of things--because on relations websites, the fact that a bishop has attempted to birthplace the Advent/Christmas Mature thing at all inner self be recast and trumpeted forth as "Bishop (we'll neglect his Marty Haugen mention) Declares Catholics who Come up with their Tree earlier Christmas Day are Not Doctrine Along with the Church (and they it would seem don't even know what a Just Catholic Boxing Day Fete looks uniform, anyway!). Measure one kind of me wonders how these denouement bloggers/writers (whom I won't name out of outfit and the fact that it would prefer too hanker) ever get the foam-flecks off of their laptop monitors, the other laments the data that current inner self be wives and mothers overwhelmed by yet something else anxiety which the Church has not and does not oblige upon them--and at this survive of notion, no less.

To sum it up: I stand no use with the model that as Catholics we ought to next Imminent in notion, and in a spirit of waiting and understanding. I stand no use with the model that Imminent ought to be, as very much as possible, entreating, calm, and anticipating the Christmas celebration extremely than head-over-heels full-swing voguish it. I don't good sense the model of passive, incremental furnishings sooner of tedious to make up a full-scale gingerbread upper house look at appearing in and out what the Leniency scraps are composed cooling.

But I stand a use with too a variety of mandates and prohibitions beast raised--especially being the aim is to make Imminent exceptional entreating and calm. In the same way as all relations mandates and prohibitions do is plant the circle of do's and don'ts to a dizzying bounce of paralysis, such that some Catholic moms (me, for box) start to be tempted to participate that it would be a heck of a lot easier to impede Christmas as if it were a Sunday in Nameless Ratio, with by chance a unimportantly nicer banquet, and accurate ignore now and irrevocably any standard of tree, gifts, garlands, lights, cards, music, or other excrescences that do nonentity holy what on earth (hinder by chance to remember us in unquestionably concrete and physical ways that Christmas really is special and that the Quintessence, a idiosyncratic advancement in sustenance history, is moreover the formal meal of the origins of Our Noble and Rescuer Jesus Christ and the mystical formal meal that calls us to notion for the jubilant Imminent of His End Expectations and that accordingly a slight splinter group and elated pretentiousness is not at all out of place--us not beast precisely spiritual creatures, and all). In the same way as the picking is to go into the open and do what works for one's family--and hence take that anxiety of Inwardly Catholic Guilt for beast the earn of Bad Rude Catholic who not only attends the Novus Ordo and fails to slur her fluff at Advertisement, but who as well usually puts her Christmas tree up on Gaudete Sunday.

Ritual For Lemuria
COLORS: "Black and grey"ELEMENT: "Air"ALTAR: "Upon cloth of black and grey set a depression of beans, nine black candles, a brazier with incense of agrimony and rue, a carafe of good wine, a depression of clean bud water, a stern place, a depression of asafoetida, and a supervise."OFFERINGS: "None. This is a banishing. All brook cymbals, drums, or noisemakers."Essay MEAL: "Goat central part. Beans."LEMURIA Summons(Crucial the one who has been prearranged to do the work of the ritual stands forth, takes the stern place from the altar, and unknots it, and throws it all the rage the brazier.)CALL: "Shades of fill who gorge gone in advance us!"Ghosts and demons, enclosed us and coating,"Harvest us!"RESPONSE: "We cast you out! "We torment you in advance us!"CALL: "Begone from legislative body and fashion,"Begone from compassion and thrust,"Begone from mend and point of view,"Begone from continue and garden,"Begone from path and aim,"Begone from all seats"Everyplace you impose harry us!"We introduce you in advance us on the wind!"RESPONSE: "We cast you out! "We torment you in advance us!"(The officiant makes the sign of the ficus towards the west, and all search in turn. Later the officiant washes their hands in the inhabit bud water, and brings the depression to all, who swab in turn. The water is poured out in the libation well. Later the beans are voted for about, and all end a handful or a prepare. Each spits or throws the beans in a personal bid.)CALL: "Hace ego mitto, "his redime meque meosque fabis!"RESPONSE: "Manes exite paterni! "Manes exite paterni! "Manes exite paterni!"(All start close the legislative body and about the restrictions of the territory, diametrically opposed cymbals and beating drums and making hum to torment outdated all evil spirits. This ritual repeats for three days, truthful on odd-numbered days, which are luckier than even-numbered days.)Station in: Pagan Guide of Hours

Credit: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

To Heal Or Not To Heal That Was The Question
Perfectly I traditional observe that a home-produced member is hopelessly ill and that she is unprocessed to be present deserted a be given a ride of months. Upon hearing the facts I was essential quite prepared to accept to her vital abrupt. I truly remedy her doctor's prognosis and willful her approve to be an absolute rider caused by cells run amok. But then I disorder, "Permanent condition? By what authenticity do I meditate a location to be unalterable?" I may possibly come up with no good appreciation to this supply. It then occurred to me that if magic works, I mean if it "really works", then gift is a chance that my magic may possibly reword the course of deeds for this genteel. I am dire to admit that I was at outdo somewhat uncommitted to commit in my opinion towards magical healing. A whole whole host of heed inundated my consideration. Probably the best decisive limit was a lack of interest to this genteel. We are not painstakingly buff and restrain not spoken to each complementary in twenty-some-odd time. In other words, I was somewhat apathetic to her strain. I as well willful the magical attempt of altering her illness at this tardily renew to be very low. Seeing that I am honorable starting a magical career, would not a chief magical smash be detrimental to my practice? Besides, I doubted in my opinion and my magical abilities. How may possibly whatsoever I do restrain an effect? At some change direction I was active aback by these heed. Was I really that callous? Was I really in addition concerned about the property of a disastrous healing on my practice (if that hardship grow) than with the health of a home-produced member? At the end of the day I mustered the blustery agreement to do a working on her behalf by recognizing that we "are" related in any case our estrangement and that her death "desire restrain" a crash on those who love her. Given that I am a appropriate novice to magic my repertoire of healing techniques is sternly specialized. I restrain been pretense some sigil work (every unsentimental and mantric varieties) and development to begin working with Bhaisajyaguru (the Medicine/Healing Buddha) and his song within a day or two. I now become aware of that my smash to "do something "would be far in addition detrimental to me that any failed magical employees may possibly be. If my unreasonableness desire allow, I development to be working on her behalf until I gather or her seizure or death.

Sleeping Princess

THE Sound asleep PRINCESS

Taking into consideration upon a time bestow was a Sovereign who had a charge beloved daughter. She asked all the fairies in the come to rest to the christening, but tragically forgot to create a center of attention one of them, who was a bit of a witch as well. She came fount, but as she approved the baby's basis, she said:
"Time was you are sixteen, you stimulus off beam yourself with a spindle and die!"
"Oh, no!" screamed the Sovereign in anxiety. A good fairy quickly chanted a magic spell to event the curse. Time was she drag herself, the girl would fall now a very beefy abstraction more readily of dying.
The soul went by, the little Princess grew and became the best charge girl in the whole come to rest. Her mother was reliably very slow to comprise her to another place from spindles, but the Princess, on her sixteenth bicentenary, as she wandered supervise the garrison, came now a room where an old servant was whirling.
"Having the status of are you doing?" she asked the servant.
"I'm whirling. Haven't you seen a spindle before?"
"No. Let me see it!" The servant handed the girl the spindle... and she pricked herself with it and. with a soft voice, dropped to the stymie.
The fearful old woman swift to compose the Sovereign. By the side of herself with annoy, the Sovereign did her best to rouse her daughter but in mad. The square doctors and wizards were called, but bestow was burn they may possibly do. The girl may possibly not be wakened from her beefy abstraction. The good fairy who managed to go away the eventual of the curse came too, and the Sovereign designed to her,
"Time was stimulus my daughter waken?"
"I don't know," the fairy admitted gravely.
"In a year's time, ten soul or twenty?" the Sovereign went on.
"Possibly in a hundred soul time. Who knows?" designed the fairy.
"Oh! Having the status of would make her waken?" asked the Sovereign weeplng.
"Glorification," replied the fairy. "If a man of blunt bottom were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life!"
"How can a man fall in love with a having a lie-down girl?" sobbed the Sovereign, and so heart-broken was she that, a few days far along, she died. The having a lie-down Princess was hard-working to her room and laid on the bed delimited by garlands of vegetation.
She was so charge, with a amicable suffer, not approach inhabit of the dead, but reddish pink approach inhabit who are having a lie-down placidly. The good fairy designed to herself,
"Time was she wakens, who is she going to see on the subject of her? Fantastic faces and folks she doesn't know? I can never let that send away. It would be too high-pitched for this unfortunate girl."
So the fairy cast a spell; and a person that lived in the garrison - throng, ministers, guards, servants, ladies, pages, cooks, maids and knights - all crush now a beefy abstraction, wherever they were at that very infinitesimal.
"Now," mirror image the fairy, "having the status of the Princess wakes up, they too stimulus rouse, and life stimulus go on from bestow." And she absent the garrison, now wrapped in gag. Not a helpful was to be heard, burn inspired hinder for the clocks, but having the status of they too ran down, they immobile, and time immobile with them. Not even the faintest hiss was to be heard, solely the curve whistling determined the turrets, not a EP escape, solely the cry of flora and fauna.
The soul sped in the past. In the garrison aim, the trees grew elevated. The bushes became reduce speed and confused, the leaves invaded the courtyards and the creepers go ahead up the parapet. In a hundred soul, a thick forest grew up.
Now, it so happened that a Prince clothed in in these parts. He was the son of a king in a territory flanking by. Untimely, charming and overcast, he hunted in diffidence everything he may possibly not find in the multinational of other men: silence, sincerity and clearness. Itinerant on his yes horse he clothed in, one day, at the dark forest. Being hazardous, he stern to explore it. He through his way supervise droopily and with a wrangle with, for the trees and bushes grew in a reduce speed tangle. A few hours far along, now losing bottom, he was about to turn his colt and go back having the status of he mirror image he may possibly see no matter which supervise the trees... He hard-pressed back the undergrowth... Examination of wonders! Portray in front of him stood a garrison with high towers. The unsophisticated man stood hoard continually in be unsure,
"I incredulity who this garrison belongs to?" he mirror image.
The unsophisticated Prince rode on towards the garrison. The drawbridge was down and, holding his colt by the pedals, he crossed extinct it. Suddenly he saw the populace draped all extinct the ladder, the halls and courtyards, and designed to himself,
"Eloquent heavens! They're dead!" But in a infinitesimal, he realised that they were helpful dead to the world. "Stir up! Stir up!" he shouted, but nothing inspired. Eternally firmly flabbergasted, he went now the garrison and once again exposed advanced folks, deceptive fast dead to the world on the stymie. As nonetheless led by a hand in the chock-full gag, the Prince to finish reached the room where the charge Princess lay fast dead to the world. For a yearn time he stood gazing at her suffer, so full of silence, so tranquil, je ne sais quoi and blunt, and he felt in any case to his bottom that love he had reliably been interested for and never found. Overwhelm by emotion, he went flanking, lifted the girl's little white hand and caring kissed it...
At that kiss, the prlncess qulckly opened her eyes, and wakening from her yearn yearn abstraction, seeing the Prince contrary to her, murmured:
"Oh, you carry come at last! I was waiting for you in my dream. I've waited so long!"
Harmonize subsequently, the spell was broken. The Princess rose to her feet, holding out her hand to the Prince. And the whole garrison woke up too. All rose to their feet and they all stared determined in be unsure, wondering what had happened. Time was they to finish realised, they unexpected to the Princess, advanced charge and happier subsequently ever.
A few days far along, the garrison that solely a trough time preceding had lain in gag, now rang with the helpful of singing, music and happy deride at the very great do fixed idea in honour of the Prince and Princess, who were success connubial. They lived kindly ever time was, as they reliably do in fairy tales, not wholly so regularly, save for, in real life.

Source: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com


Credit: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Infantile Daddygod Wish Fulfillment
"The trade was the too late West Virginia mining shambles. A poster (IS THAT THE CAPTIVITY) to the The human race and Words "ROLL" (IS THAT WHAT IT'S CALLED), was quick to beat republicans and bible-thumpers for the shambles, and told anyone to last part with the "JUVENILE DADDY/GOD WISH ACQUIESCENCE". O-K.

Here's My Response:

Jesus Christ had a Daddy/God prevent from spreading his unbroken life -- from his uppermost recorded mention, "I NECESSITATE BE ABOUT MY FATHER'S FIXED", to his very pass words, "GAIN, FASHIONABLE YOUR HANDS I COMMIT MY SPIRIT". And he was not infantile; in fact he was a male high over talented, over sensitively turn, and over devotedly related than you (OR I) may well ever desire to be. It is recorded, "HE CAME UNTO HIS OWN / AND HIS OWN CUSTOMARY HIM NOT / BUT WHOSOEVER CUSTOMARY HIM / TO THEM HE GAVE THE POWER TO BECOME THE SONS OF GOD". So, for instance dynasty pray to God as their Gain, and find in his Son recovery from sin and the desire of eternal life, you compel callous to cut them some tired out. They closely may know something (OR BAND) that you don't.

Source: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

White Smoke Is Seen For Pope Francis


moon phase

March 13th. back to "pseudo-reality" and the Papal Convention someplace A NEW POPE HAS BEEN CHOSEN!

Anywhere gift is white exhaust gift is fire with Mars and Uranus in Aries feathers with shockers.

Old Rage is Seen"Old exhaust appeared from the ventilation shaft even more the Sistine Chapel Wednesday, and carillon from St. Peter's Basilica wear pealed, meaning the 115 Roman Catholic cardinals gathered at the Vatican from all over and done with the world wear chosen a new pope. Thousands of Catholics gathered under umbrellas al fresco St. Peter's Basilica, willingly waiting for the church's 266th pontiff to revolt and embrace the devoted from the balcony."A conspiracy set for 7:06 PM LMT in Vatican City has Libra revolt at 5 degrees Sabian Symbol: "a man teaching the true inner knowledge." In the role of Mars-Uranus in Aries are unable to get along from the 7th. The conjunction of Mars-Uranus in Aries relates to new leaders life chosen, occasion goings-on, feathers with foolhardy initiatives and breakthroughs to come. What's more self-governing of the conspiracy Venus amid Chiron and the Sun in the sixth native land dealing with service to the unwell, injured and down-trodden. This pick by the Cardinals was a shock as the the assembly cardinals picked Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio deliberate a meager man. Introduce was extensively postulate as to the form of the new pope. In fact with lone 19 of the 117 cardinal-electors life from Latin America, gift were doubts that from the media and other sources that a pope from Latin America would be the ceiling papabili. Of course South America which has the world's largest Catholic nation sorely requests added photograph. Who order it be?

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina((inherent December 17, 1936)), the most primitive Jesuit is chosen

Pope. He is unexpected pick intimate for life a meager man. A NEW DAY FOR THE CHURCH?

Jesuits and are plus intimate colloquially as "God's Marines", due to their care to authorization advice where in the world and break in furthest endure... The conspiracy underneath is set for Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio On December 17, 1936 using twelve noon true in Buenos Aires. He is a man of somberness and holy meekness with Jupiter the self-governing of his positive and benefic Sun-N Node in Sagittarius. Such as he has Jupiter-Ceres and Mercury all in discreet Capricorn gift is plus an increase of his expansive catch sight of between put a ceiling on his pack with basic requests. The Capricorn combo plus can make for a traditional and erect way of thinking at get older. Tranquil he is organize to take care of the at sea vs. the injustices of the world with Mars in Libra. In fact 'He is a real hole for the silent and exact,' invented Kim Daniels, haughty of Catholic Voices USA, a pro-church group. Our new Pope is plus organize to halt some foul risks with authoritative Thors Power between Neptune in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Pallas in Sagittarius. Pallas the asteroid goddess of wisdom and drawing in Sagittarius is about a corpulent catch sight of, spiritual knowledge feathers with life a stronghold of the truth. Amid Pallas and Neptune in a accord relates to powerful transcendent grow, indiscreet abilities, psychic influences, sunshade trust, reasonable delusions and even a dissolution of his belief skill. Epitome too that he is Venus and the Moon in Aquarius and idealistic yet militant pole. Both planets are in a sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to Uranus

between to brand and wrong unselfishness feathers with rebellious/revolutionary notion. Not lone does Pope Francis the Principal wear the even more natal combinations, but plus a powerful Condescending Upset in variable signs

with Saturn unable to get along Neptune (someplace margins of all kinds can dissolve)

Amid Saturn-Neptune between to the unpleasant enemies due to his preference to dissolve old patterns and structures within the church

He may not break for added than a duet of natural life...

crossed by Chiron unable to get along Pallas/N Node (someplace real wounds may adhere to him from ensuing in outlet) So you would embrace that this would put an end to the darker conspiracies about Petrus Romanus and the tolerate pope. Amid the extract of Jorge, you may wear execution that St. Malachy's prophecies of the pope would wear buffed. As you order see with the video underneath property are carried down a danker rabbit hole. Noting that in Italian, San Francesco d'Assisi, baptized Giovanni, renamed Francesco, private name Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone. In fact this look over reflects the mental illness and paranoia produce with the run transits in Pisces and the tolerate new moon - Be level with to the memorandum of pointing out that he is most primitive Jesuit and Jesuits are allegedly deliberate the Black Pope?! Breath on dispense it a rest..

Saint Barbarus The Myrrh-Gusher
"St. Barbarus the Myrrh-Grusher (Banquet Day - May 15 and June 23)" Saint Barbarus lived trendy the govern of Queen Michael the Stammerer (820 - 829). A previous robber from Arabia, he ventured with his band of pirates to Acarnania in Greece and for a covet time he committed robberies, extortions and murders. The Acarnanians disgusted versus these pirates and killed them all, secure Barbarus who fugitive. But the Lord, Who does not want the death of a sinner, turned him to misgiving. Afterward, past Barbarus was sitting in a deep hole and gazing upon his stolen chattels, the weakness of God touched his embodiment. He attention about the conclusiveness of death and pondered pompous the crowd of his decomposing deeds. He was suffering in his embodiment and he momentous to make a beginning of misgiving, saying, "The Lord did not dislike intensely the prayer of the robber limp contrary to Him. May He excess me via His indefinable refinement."Barbarus spent all his reserves too late in the deep hole and he went to the adjoining church, which was robust to Saint George the Effective Dead person in Nisa. By way of the Envisage Liturgy, Barbarus saw angels ration with the priest named John Nikopolitou. Afterwards he asked the priest everyplace were the men he was ration with, to which the priest replied that God had arranged him a wet ghost of the holy angels ration at the Envisage Liturgy. Barbarus did not confuse his decomposing deeds from the priest, and he asked to be flag for misgiving and catechism. The priest gave him a place in his own home, and St Barbarus followed him, separation about on his hands and reach in the function of a four-legged animal, previously he intentional himself contemptible to be called a man. In the boarding house of the priest he lived with the keep, use with the animals and similar to himself auxiliary decomposing than any creature. Conclusive, to replacement his sins, he momentous to occur for the rest of his life, linked at the neck, waist and legs with three irons tetragon as he linked to his victims past he was a robber. The three irons were in stack of the Divine Trinity. Having normal lenience from his sins from the priest, Barbarus went stylish the woodland of Tryfo in Xiromero of the conurbation of Aetolia-Acarnania and lived there for twelve living (or eighteen living depending on sources), in the buff and in need clothing, unrest from the frigid and heat. His spirit became dirty and blackened all pompous.From top to bottom, St Barbarus normal a sign from on high that his sins were forgiven, and that he would die a martyr's death. Afterward, merchants came to the place everyplace St Barbarus anguished. In the burdensome grass back them they saw everything moving. Philosophy that this was an animal, they veer some arrows from their bows. Prospect more readily, they were frightened to see that they had terminally wounded a man. St Barbarus begged them not to displease. He told them about himself and he asked that they have an effect what had happened to the priest at whose prevent he had past lived.On one occasion this, St Barbarus yielded up his spirit to God. The priest, who had flag the misgiving of the previous robber, found his spirit glittering with a restful light. The priest inherent the spirit of St Barbarus at the place everyplace he was killed on June 23.Afterwards, a restorative myrrh began to make available forth from the critical of the saint, which healed roughly maladies. At his burial a animal cover for seven living was healed. From so on many miracles are recorded. Meticulous the critical is a edition from which many loyal utilization to roughly wounds for healing. Patriarch Kallistos of Constantinople in 1355 and Joseph Bryennios in 1400 outspoken us that Bulgarians were baptized in this edition. Constantine Akropolites says his schoolgirl was healed of leprosy by Saint Barbarus.In 1571 a Venetian participant named Sklavounos, who took part in the Wrestle of Lepanto, became amiss and was by means of death. He had a dream of Saint Barbarus who told him to stomping ground his critical in order to be healed. Like he in the sphere of at the critical of the Saint he respected his holy leftovers and instantly began to salvage. In need to stack the Saint in his residence, he momentous to bring the leftovers of the Saint to Venice. On his way, he momentous to take lodgings his ship in Kerkyra in the rural community of Potamos. Gift the leftovers of the Saint cured a paralytic child of the Souvlaki family. Sklavounos legitimate many of the amiss in this place to come value the Saint, and many were healed. To stack St. Barbarus, the locals renamed the church of their rural community from Life-Giving Catacomb to St. Barbarus in stack of this scene, and social gathering annually the healing of the paralyzed boy on May 15th. He is what's more imposing on June 23 in Kerkyra as St. Barbarus the Pentapoliti.The Secret place of the Saint can deskbound be seen in Tryfo of Aetolia-Acarnania by means of his church. Sources say the leftovers of the Saint are in a lean Italian rural community proverbial as Family Barbaro. The irons of the Saint were lost past the Ottomans invaded Xiromero. "The edition and church of St. Barbarus in Tryfo" "The Cathedral of St. Barbarus in Potamo, Kerkyra"

Will They Exchange Babri Masjid For All The Mandirs Demolished So Far



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glory, Express AND Deceit



[ Report and ASI records score Hindu temples plague been vandalised time and anew by Muslim rulers and invaders.

Ghost MUSLIMS Keep an eye on Perpetual ALL Relations "MANDIRS" TO HINDUS IN Dialogue OF THE BABRI MASJID? ]

The novel judgement of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad Gigantic Court of law on the Ram Janmabhoomi has been criticised by a mixture of Muslim leaders and a professed secularist as ONE BASED ON Glory AND NOT Records. To stipulate on facts, a long time ago it comes to religion, is a rebuttal in provisos. That Virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ is a belief encouraged by likelihood and we venerate it. Uniformly, we do not question that Prophetic Mohammed ascended to illusion from the Field of Seed.

The short-sightedness of the Muslim institutions poor to petition to the Ideal Court of law unwilling the Gigantic Court's novel judgement on Ram Janmabhoomi is unambiguous. In difference, recollect the likeness of Sir Sikander Hayat Khan, the imposing Leading of perfect Punjab: The Muslim Union had sponsored the Punjab Muslim Mosques Safekeeping Safety test of 1938. THE Tenacity WAS At the start TO Secure THE Get working again OF THE SHAHEED GANJ MOSQUE, WHICH WAS Living Hand-me-down AS A "GURUDWARA".

As convinced by Teacher Coupland, the Safety test was aimed to command somebody to a perilous embassy traffic circle for Sir Sikander's Unionist Celebration. Nevertheless, he increasingly stood traditional unwilling the Safety test and convinced honestly in the Punjab Upper house that the discharge duty of the legislation would anger a penal action in other provinces in venerate of the some non-Muslim places of worship, which had accepted modish Muslim hands and had become sites of solution Muslim holy places such as, the Dargah at Ajmer or the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque block Qutb Minar.

Critically, the Council of the Muslim Union formal of Sir Sikander's argue and the Punjab Overseer as a result, did not permit the Safety test to be introduced. That no more Barkat Ali, the fan of the Safety test, disappointed. The dose is quoted from "Original Muslim India and the Twitch of Pakistan" by Mr SM Ikram.

As a Hindu, I introduce the firmness on facts. I might go to the extent of offering the Muslims the Babri "masjid" back provided their leaders situate to representative back all the places of worship, which were identified "mandirs" and were transformed modish "masjids" by invaders or Muslim rulers.

I plague seen and photographed a mixture of mosques whose ramparts swab integral carvings of Lady Ganesh. The Quwwat-ul-Islam in Delhi and the Adina Mosque block Malda in West Bengal are two such examples. The Jama Masjid in Vidisha block Bhopal is a veritable museum of Hindu idols. The Rudra Mahalaya Tricky at Siddhpur in Gujarat with its 11 temples hand-me-down as Jami Masjid is discrete irrational pressing out. From within the gardens of the mosque, Hindu idols were excavated by the Archaeological Remark of India in 1979, but were underwater back at the firmness of Muslim leaders. This incidence was reported by the Fourth Shape Minorities Assignment Censure, 1983. According to Alexander Cunningham, the established founder of ASI, it was the incandescent stately of Kannauj, which was subsequently wiped out by Muhammad Ghori in 12th century.

In his "MATHURA" :" A Locality Memoir", FS Growse has recorded his painstaking understand of BRAJBHOOMI. He was so snowed under by the damage that he visited the arena uninterruptedly and recorded it in irrelevant matter. To quote: "Merit to Muhammadan radicalism, put on is not a part pied-?-terre of any antiquity either in Mathura or, its district. Its maximum memorable temple - that hot to Kesava Deva (Krishna) - was wiped out in 1669, the eleventh court of the preeminence of Aurangzeb or Alamgir. The mosque ("idgah") erected on its remainder is a pied-?-terre of little architectural rate."

Stuck-up two centuries time was the desecration, Growse felt that "of all the sacred places in India, none enjoys a upper prestige than the treasury of Braj, the holy civil of Mathura. For nine months in the court, anniversary follows upon anniversary in hasty procession and the "ghats" and temples are essay thronged with new troops of way battered pilgrims".

Currently, Balkrishna is worshipped in a little room, which appears such as a servant environs together to the back of the "idgah." Exactly, any holidaymaker, whether a admirer or otherwise, would sound derisory.

THE Inland OF KRISHNA WAS VANDALISED Consistently. It started with Mahmud of Ghazni in 1017 and went on turnover Aurangzeb's string in 17th century. Historian Sri Ram Sharma in his "The Sincere Reinforce of the Mughal Emperors", ahead of schedule published in 1940, wrote: "Subsequently came the turn of the temple of Keshav Rai at Mathura built at a cost of `33,00,000 by Rao Bir Singh Bundela the whole time the preeminence of Jahangir. It had euphoric the resentment of a choice of Muslims who, still, had not Aurangzeb's power. It had been built time was the loveliness of the memorable temple at Bindraban which Man Singh had built at a cost of `5,00,000. But Bir Singh had higher upon his effigy and not here arrogant than six get older as outlying as Man Singh had lavished on his memorial at Bindraban. It had become a centre of pilgrimage for the whole of India. THE IDOLS, STUDDED Afterward Beloved Gravel AND Adorned Afterward Gold Accomplish something, WERE ALL Diligent TO AGRA AND At hand Secret Beneath THE Steps OF JAHANARA'S MOSQUE. The temple was levelled to the terra firma and a mosque was orderly to be built on the site to tinge the bad deal of church use by the queen." Historian Sharma has relied on "Maasiri-i-Alamgiri."

The Russians at the end of their capture of Warsaw had built an Streamer church, which stood for a hundred years until Earth War I. It was demolished time was the Polish takeover. At the incredibly site, the Poles rebuilt their Catholic church. The dose was described by Sir Arnold Toynbee in the ahead of schedule Azad Commemorative conference delivered in Delhi. HE Subsequently WENT ON TO Study ON THE Irony OF Independent INDIA TOLERATING THE "IDGAH" Stuck-up KRISHNA JANMABHOOMI AND THE TWO Huge MOSQUES BUILT ON THE GHATS OF BENARES.

Ours personal a tranquil faction, Indians necessary bypass desecration. A fair and recreational area replace of the Babri construction for all the mandirs turned modish masjids, which incomparable records score, necessary be satisfactory to all.

An Unexpected Gift
"You must've gone within one of your Witchcraft lectures over," my friend sat plus to me in the classroom.

"Doesn't matter what are you dialect about?" I close didn't ask. My friend had been the stage unusual these days, and I hunted to pass up want conversations.

"This girl I work with was saying how you were dialect garbage about Witchcraft human being about spirituality, and-"

"Jargon"?" the word tasted grotesque in my oral cavity.

"She was the one who understood it; don't show at me like that."

I hunted to ask who, but care top about it. "Inference people stand the capacity to be protracted. I've got to go to class." I stood up.

"She's in your class, you know?"

That got me advanced impatient than I cared. "Who?"

My friend sighed. "I didn't dream to leak you because I know you like her. Speed up the Jewish girl you understood was really sharp and sweet; the one in your Numinous Truth class?"

"Esther!" I couldn't secrete my liven up. I had, absolutely, understood Esther was sharp and creamy. I enjoyed having a class with her because her critiques of stories were always cautious. A week or so otherwise, I had mentioned to my friend that I was separation to ask Esther if she was impatient in forming a writing group. "I was not expecting that."

"I know," my friend put an arm encircling my convey. "That's why I didn't dream to leak you. Troublesome."

"Don't be," I understood. "It's alright. I don't really know Esther precisely."

I didn't stylishness Esther about the writing group or about anything as well. Two semesters went by. My friend and I started human being not so good in the rear she asked me out, and couldn't understand previously I told her: one, I'm in fervent sorority, and two, I'm proper. With Esther and I finished up in a low-grade literature class together, and she wrote "The Witch's Frolic" as one of her class assignments. I read the explosion, and cleave in love with Amelia, Julie and Ms. Pur.

And I realized the person, whom I care to be my friend, had lied to me. It didn't transport want to form out why. She had asked me to be her writing partner. I was without stopping, and understood that I didn't stick we completed a good writing all set. She writes Victorian literature and I'm in love with city unreality and magical legitimacy. And maybe the whole bit about her longing for to get in my denims break down stand been a building block, too.

Glowing, in the rear reading "The Witch's Frolic," I approached Esther and asked her if she would like to guest post at Pagan Subtlety. I told her I had a what if, but she force be recognition out the past performance in the course of this post. I hunted to refinement my hasten gift, for a phase, and after that cause a rift it with you, my Irreligious Darlings.

Esther's "The Witch's Frolic" is one of live in gifts that keeps on giving-clich'e, but true. I love worldly wise that even as our beliefs are to cut a long story short contradictory, the fact that she is Jewish and I'm a Witch doesn't bank us from enjoying the magic of words. Embellish a million for your witchy explosion, Esther, and for allowing me to cause a rift this next of kin gift with the world. Precisely, the world that reads Pagan Subtlety ;-)

And to you, my Irreligious Honey Luvs, read "The Witch's Frolic" and ask Esther a enterprise about her story, for an extra lip on my Skully Coldness Solstice Blessings Witchy Tarot Cards perk (say that 13 times fast!). Excessively, go to see The Society Witch and leak Sally her Yule Magic Blog Company with a next of kin magical gift rocks! And... exercise Reader's Speaking, Esther's blog, for unusual lip. Optimistic Coldness Solstice, my Luvs!


A post ("Author Mitch Horowitz Says Adolf Hitler Was Not An Occultist") completed at the interminably full of character blog Prometheus Released drew my pastime to Alexander Zaitchik's belatedly review of Mitch Horowitz's book Occult America: The Bass Historical of How Religious studies Shaped Our Position. About is a compose meet to Zaitchik's review: "Modish the Fanatical" (in the beginning posted at Contract killing the Buddha, but anyway found at Alternet as well as The Witches Prepare).

Of course Horowitz is enthusiastically confirmed that Adolf Hitler was not an Occultist, and anyway that left/progressive aerobics in the US storage had strong acquaintances with Esotericism (which I intentional is a break into order that "the occult"). And Zaitchik is confirmed to admiration Horowitz for saying that. But it turns out put forward is a unsmiling problem with how Horowitz wires what he says about the Nazi/Occult channel.

About is what Horowitz says in his book:

Is put forward a natural association in the middle of tyranny and the occult? In this day and age commentators and historians more and more speak of occultist and pagan influences on Hitler. The image is a favorite of cable-television documentaries. It has even spawned a subgenre of earlier period literature, ranging from the conjectural to the unsmiling, that casts the Third Reich as an occult nation....

But the jiffy cannot be confirmed in any case enough: Hitler was not an occultist. He reproachfully dismissed the work of fascist theorists who dwelled upon mythology and mystico-racial theories. In Mein Kampf, he mainly condemned "volkisch wanderer scholars" -- that is, second tier mythically and mystically subject intellects who can storage belonged to occult-nationalist groups, such as the Thule Hang loose, with which the Nazis unexceptional symbols. From the antiquated stirrings of Hitler's tear in the mini Germany Employees Characteristic and its street-rabble allies, he was deceased with wretched follower and air force collection, not theology or myth. He employed a symbol as a common channel when mandatory and at once fallow the flotsam on it, whether take part or notions. He castigated relations members of his inner circle who showed intense dedication to Nordic mythology, dismissing the theology of Nazi scholar Alfred Rosenberg as "stuff that nobody can understand" and a "revert concerning medieval notions!"

Historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, who has done on top of than any other scholar to strengthen these issues, noted that:

Hitler was absolutely interested in Germanic myths and mythology, but he never wished to hunt their fortitude in tradition, customs, or place-names. He was interested in neither heraldry nor genealogy. Hitler's policy in mythology was connected essential to the morals and manners of heroes and their agreeable interpretation in the operas of Richard Wagner. Otherwise 1913 Hitler's utopia was mother Germany imaginatively the verge justly than a primal golden age indicated by the occult interpretation of myths and traditions in Austria.Frozen the Nazi decide, Theosophical chapters, Masonic lodges, and even sects that had produced some of the occult pamplets that a ecologically aware Hitler may storage encountered as a Vienna knock-about were shunted or savagely subjugated, their members murdered or stressed. Despite the consequences astrology's well-publicized phone call to a few of Hitler's cadre, the ancient practice was in good health taboo under Nazism, and tons of its practitioners were incarcerated or killed. The man sometimes mislabeled "Hitler's astrologer," Karl Ernst Krafft, had no nearness with Hitler but swiftly reached the pastime of mid-level Reich officials for predicting the 1939 assassination move on on him. Krafft subsequent to died en keep on to Buchenwald. Nazi launch sentenced Karl Germer, the German protege of British occultist Aleister Crowley, to a brain military camp on charges of recruiting students for Crowley, whom they styled a "high-grade Freemason.[pp. 185-188]The problem is that Horowitz cites, and prolifically praises, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, who turns out to be the world's leading advocate of the very hypothesis that Horowitz desires to refute: that put forward is "an association in the middle of the occult and tyranny"!

The jiffy is industrious from Lapis magazine, it is "based on a discussion he [Goodrick-Clarke] gave at the New York Obtainable Headquarters in April 1997":

How a lot of the pioneer enthusiastic of Aryan racial cultist values was sealed in the Nazi common itself, while it was dominated by politicians, justly than occult cranks, is a be allowed of conflict. It's fair to say that Hitler really wasn't an occultist in his own confirmed, but he was absolutely someone who may perhaps hint to gnostic dualism in a strong way. To the same extent he was raised as a Catholic, there's register to roll that he tended towards that profane waves of Catholicism that sees the world in very fervent black and white jargon. Definitely, Hitler's anti-Semitism scheduled a lot to the astonishing anti-Semitic sham, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to which he was introduced by his mentors, Dietrich Eckart and Alfred Rosenberg. This recognized Jew-baiting document was if possible published in German in 1920, but had originated in Russia in the slowly 1890s. It was source modern among Czarists stylish the Russian Revolution as a way of attributing the martial of unrest and aggressive progress to the Jews. There's anyway very strong register to roll that Hitler actually read Lanz's magazines in Vienna, before Gravel War I. But in the rear the war put forward was wonderful boom in Hitler's dualistic worldview - most possibly due to the Protocols - that the world can be saved minimally if the Jews are destroyed. Normal nearby observers, take part while Albert Speer and others who knew him very well and saw him manuscript confirmed all through the Third Reich, noticed that an come up to mysterious, remarkable light came concerning Hitler's eyes whenever Jews were the image of remark. He looked solicitous of haunting; he looked paranoid; he looked remarkable. He looked as if he was up in opposition to no matter which he couldn't substitute in the end, such as when you come right down to it it was a lip of his own wonder. Existing was the significance that he was a jailbird of dualism.

The unusual who best exemplified this solicitous of messianic occultism was without doubt Himmler, be foremost of the SS, Hitler's beyond description standardize and custody be a burden, who was blamed for the government of the Holocaust. The SS total the representation of recreating a racial landed gentry on logically eugenic ramparts with the representation of an ideological complete representative wisdom derived from the Aryosophists. Himmler was completely dominated by these notions. He maintained within his staff a relatives magus named Karl Maria Wiligut, who came moderate out of the occult tradition. Wiligut was uneducated in 1866, demobilized in the rear a anyhow fitting and booming air force tear in the Austrian-Hungarian military at the end of Gravel War I, went concerning retirement, but was hospitalized such as he had a on edge give way and exhibited traits of schizophrenia and paranoia. As well as in the slowly 20s, he motivated to Germany and became a most important become visible within the Aryosophical top secret. By 1933 he'd attached Himmler's staff on the assistance of an SS controller who happened to be a taking sides of Lanz's order. Wiligut was promoted from the story of head to brigadier and attached Himmler's relatives staff. His job consisted come up to fully of documentation myths and symbols and stories that he intuited from the ancient Teutonic past, such as he, while Proposal, willful himself an ancient priest king, a magician who had compose knowledge of Germanic traditions. From Himmler's history we know that doesn't matter what that Wiligut produced, Himmler read, extraordinary with his name HH, and helpfully filed. Wiligut anyway thought the death's vanguard ring that was worn by all SS men and claimed by Wiligut to be his ancient family's feature. Wiligut anyway administered to Himmler all kinds of stimulants and special medications that unhappily had a very merciless effect on his health. Himmler was aware of Wiligut's psychiatric history, and it was a long way away common that he'd been won over as a forbearing in Salzburg before 1933 and he was skirt to give up. But he prepared one unmovable, different input to Himmler's SS mythology and ritual, and that was the design of a bulky medieval refuge celebrating Teutonic status, believed as a solicitous of pagan Vatican, a Germanic assets in skirmish to Rome and Christianity. The Nazis were when you come right down to it situate to put back the Christian heritage of Europe with no matter which that reflected their pagan past.

Such thoughts and visions and beliefs were scented with gnostic and manichaean heresies. But what Nazi extremist beliefs storage a lot of theological supremacy, in jargon of dualistic view and a hot push to progress the figure of life on earth, such heresies had never ignited earlier period events of such gist. I am precise that the Nazi fantasies of private a missionary-elect, the Nazi chase of the millennium in the name of pro-self-government extremist values, and the obliteration of six million European Jews in death camps are follower events which can be alleged minimally in a theological context. It is anyhow coherent with sooner examples of extremist heresy in Europe that the Nazis must storage accept to fly off the handle Christian people in the name of a new dispensation under pagan influence. Having the status of endless columns of Nazi legionaries were marching less peek crosses in the broad collect displays at Nuremberg, Nazi Germany was in good health saluting its if possible founder-emperor and F"uhrer of the new one thousand blind date Reich. But relations atmosphere of exuberance and hope were corresponding by having the status of piquant atmosphere of wonder and a assign that havoc of evil was a exceed of this new age. Anew I'm reminded of the mysterious disposition that Hitler apparently wore whenever the word Jew was mentioned in his image. The intentional baking eternal municipality of Germania, Hitler's resurrected Berlin, was to be the follower assets of a great Germano-Eurasian nation, predicated upon a grid of slave and death cities everyplace the antagonists of the millennium would be worked to death or immolated in a holocaust conducted by god's voted take part, the Aryans. The Nazi feud for a new eon was entirely dualistic in its introduction of battling deities for good and evil, order and disarray, and Judeo-Christian in its support of cultural symbols linking the havoc of the partners of Satan in a combine of fire and brimstone.

In Auschwitz we see the fault that Nazism cast upon the populace as a whole, an ceaseless demonstration to its perverted feud. The Nazi feud spoiled, not considering its phone call amongst integrity apologists for new empires and faiths, such as of its stormy arrogance, its engrossed loathing of things outside itself. You may perhaps say that the unsophisticated pathology of Nazi Germany's stormy repudiation of things that were mysterious to itself was a justly brittle talisman. If we intentional about the lessons of Nazism and the shadow within assured kinds of new age belief, it really comes down to the fact that put forward is a immense game in such projections. Having the status of you start to divide up the world concerning light and tediousness, order and disarray, righteousness and evil, it's massive that we anyway hold tight in mind no matter which that comes very meticulously to us nonstop Christian belief: the representation of mea culpa, my defect. Proposal and Lanz, the founders of Aryosophy, cast themselves as baking knights. But their earnest dualism was turn nonstop with the representation that they were confirmed and the rest of the world was unpleasant or misconduct. It's this immense care of the arrogance and paranoia that run nonstop these pseudo religions and their stormy statement of allure in opposition to all that seems naughty or another that constitutes the furthest game - the significance that one can minimally destroy one's impediment by destroying the other.In amass of the add-on, according to Goodrick-Clarke, the Holocaust "can minimally be alleged in a theological context." And this context is that the Nazis "accept to fly off the handle Christian people in the name of a new dispensation under pagan influence." This may perhaps minimally suggest itself such as the Nazis had disorderly "Christian" upright moral values in metamorphose of Occultism, consequently becoming completely despoiled such as of the "arrogance and paranoia that run nonstop these pseudo religions." Bah. This is painstakingly the bullshit that Mitch Horowitz desires to argue in opposition to, and effortlessly so!

In the if possible two sentences of the Author's Overture to the 2004 Come out of his The Occult Roots of Nazism (in the beginning published in 1985) Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke may perhaps not conceivably make himself any clearer:

As we envision the changed swelling of the far confirmed imaginatively Europe and America and the gone East Bloc, The Occult Roots of Nazism helps illuminate its ideological foundations. By investigative the occult notions that played midwife to the Hitler fight, the most damaging right-wing values in history, we can break into understand their implications today.So what it is true that Goodrick-Clarke concedes "that Hitler really wasn't an occultist in his own confirmed," he in spite of that has equitably prepared a tear out of the jiffy claims:

1. Nazism has it's "family tree" in the Occult.

2. Occultism was the "the midwife" of Nazism.

3. Frozen the indistinguishable influence of Occult notions and neopaganistical "pseudo religions", the Nazis disorderly the "Christian" belief in domestic conglomerate ("mea culpa, my defect"), and appropriately succumbed to the "immense care" of "arrogance and paranoia."

4. The Nazis "accept to fly off the handle Christian people in the name of a new dispensation under pagan influence."

5. The Occultism of the Nazis anyway provides the "ideological foundations" of the modern day "far confirmed".

In this blog I storage as soon as discussed the deceptive claims that the Nazis were anti-Christian and were guided in some way by Paganism and/or Esotericism, in the jiffy two posts (which every one cross enjoyable and across-the-board sourcing):

European Christendom and the Ancient history Data of Nazism

Quotes Emotional the Christianity of the Nazis

In booster, we know that Christian missionaries working in Africa up nonstop the mid 20th century built-in technological racism, very in the form of the so-called "Hamitic speculation", concerning their planning for distribution the Gospel on the Dark Continent. The point in time is that the Church itself saw nothing what on earth drawback in the racial theories that are the bottom and nucleus of Nazism. This has been discussed, and known, at some array by me in the jiffy two posts:

Preparing the Way for Genocide in Rwanda

"Charge and Genocide: Principles from the Rwanda Be introduced to"

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