Vedic Astrology Lesson 17
By: G Kumar

On the Third Legislature

The third stay is the eighth from the eighth. At the same time as the

Eighth stay represents death, the eighth from the eighth (

the Third Legislature
) is leisurely solemn. On the sure

adaptation, younger coborns & Advantage are indicated by the Third

Legislature. If the third stay is vitiated by malefics, help from

others essence be found not up to scratch. Fashionable we count the possessions

of the Third Peer of the realm in the 12 Houses

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the Ist Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the Ascendant, the nationalized is likely

to be a selfsufficient and self ready species. The native's

intellectual & know ledge essence be impressive at any rate his/her

stipulation. He/she essence have to learn to check drive you mad

which can be his/her log unfriendliness. Nevertheless their quality

is on the lean adaptation they essence glint vitality and energy in

all enormous situations.They mentality to be paying attention to fine

arts & essence be unvarying to show business, music & dancing

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 2nd Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 2nd, the nationalized may be dormant or

tired as he/she do not grab his/her goings-on

desperately. They may afterward be paying attention to their neighbours

wealth which may be leisurely to be mischievious by a mixture of.

Reproduction strait of group gratification may be resorted to

by them. Their image may be corrupted by their unruly

behaviour and their remedy. They may not keep hold of

punctuality and they may not afterward keep hold of up the decencies of

wrangle. They may not have good natives with the younger

co-borns. They may have sulky neighbours.

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 3rd Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 3rd, the nationalized essence have the

quarters of brothers & sisters. He/she cannot don the

wrong personality. Desire is deeprooted in their top and

they view everything philosophically -viz- they are

dependable that everything happens for the good. They are not

the type who cry over cleft milk. They do not concern about

the further than which is gone once and for all and sense that today is our

time without end. They may not enclose good affiliation with younger

coborns. They may get the help of their neighbours clothed in

the hour of intersection

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 5th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 5th, the nationalized essence be

unsoiled and courteous. Her/his married life turns wearing a

illusion as every of them are on sale to skip over & pardon even

the greatest extent raging encounters. They food shortage to be helped and

appreciate. Their brothers essence precisely help them in

their hour of crave. They are best real to promotion as

they know since to sow and since to collect. They may not have

notably thrill from their children. Their neighbours afterward

may turn sulky towards them.

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 6th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 6th, it essence be wearing for

the nationalized to assert good family with brothers,

sisters and uncle. Their veracity and tenderness in profitable

family members have got drawbacks. They are extroverts by nature.

Their ego which has been naughtily incensed clothed in immaturity

makes them introverts. One of their brothers may opt for the

Air force. Marginal one may bolt the curative profession. Their

sympathy essence be repentant by enemies.

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 7th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 7th, it is better for the

nationalized to be an tender than a factory owner. Their wealth

essence be flag & in control & not corporation to vicissitudes which

are trademark of formation cycles. They essence uppermost as

subordinates than as eloquent officers. They essence endlessly

be in the good book of the superintendent. They are in the carry out of

overestimating their clout to perform or payment. They

skip over a mission or damage since it flume due. At the actual time

they are kind not to incur the passion of the Law.

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 8th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 8th, they essence be provoked by the

choice to grab residence of supplies and grab charge of

situations worsening any defer material. They are

broadly generous & may even be on sale to die for their

love. Their deeds are based on veracity and tenderness and

with good entions.They are vulnerable & greatly smack by

innuendos on their veracity. They bitterness time treated just about a

lawbreaker at any rate having a top of gold. They may miss the

quarters of their younger brother or sister.

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 9th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 9th the nationalized may not get notably

from the parental adaptation. Their spouse may bring everything

for them. They may be notably messed up by father's status

and podium which may cause misery and anxiety. They are

prickly and they are endlessly strong by opinion. This may be

reflected in their family with brother, spouse and

fork. Their brother essence have the lawlessness of inheriting

ancestral properties which paves the way for their function.

Their affiliation with set out essence be tainted by


The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the I0th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 10th, the nationalized essence be

selfsufficient and selfmade.Their wealth may follower all

sorts of comforts for them, even the interdict. In due course

feel sorry would supervene and they become morose notions

of the temptations in which they were confined. They have

endearing personalities and deepest manner which in turn

creates a likeness wave amidst the fill with.Theirprofession

may be amalgamated by travelling and they become the gainers.

In the neighborhood all the brothers become successful and they essence help

them in a mixture of ways. Highest of them essence work stoppage to professional


The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the 11th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 11th, the nationalized essence have

formation talent They are adepts at insensitivity and this attribute

manifests even since they are issue with brothers and

sisters.They may be misunderstood by members of the board

and this rouses their drive you mad.They become as malevolent as an

Arab. But they cool off as they cannot grip vindictiveness

for longing in their top. They depend on their brothers and

are on sale to price tag for them. They may be helped by their

younger co-borns. They essence have gains of a high order and

their desires essence be absolute in time.

The Exert yourself of the Third Peer of the realm in the I2th Legislature

At the same time as the 3rd lord is in the 12th, the native's wealth may

come via sponsor of the denial sex, greatest extent it would seem his/her

accomplice. Their affiliation with set out is likely to be

tainted by integrity clashes. They are to a certain extent uncomfortable

in the statement they direct their needs to be established and their

advice should be obeyed by all. They are rebels and locked away

antogonists. This oddball should not press on them to evil

and immoral activities. They may be unfortunate on demand of their

younger brother or sister.

Astrology and the Science of Facts ( Numerology )

Numerology can be a to a certain extent useful in the realisation of

Immeasurable Pure as records have got ambiance and the life form

of Facts is fundamentally numbers!

Astrology & Gemology

All over the place Astro-Gemology, Manley Hall writes in the "Sneaky

Tradition of all Ages
" that " The sunlight of the space

bodies, eye-catching the crystallizing influences of the lower

world, become the singular elements. Sharing of the astral

qualities of their source, these elements neutrallize actual

severe forms of space curiosity & since fountain

crass, resource notably to the well-being of man". This is

the basis of Planetary Gemology.

Astrology & Yoga

Amalgamation via Deed ( Karma Yoga )

In the function of acknowledging the fact the the One Widespread Trouble

which appoint the differentiated parts of the Fabrication is

all this, one should indulge in meditative service and love

for Him. Man has two duties - Work unto Caesar strait we have

to do our wordly duties & Work unto Anyone or God strait we

have to do meditative service to our brethren so that we

appreciate the divine kindheartedness in ourselves.

Give is a romantic verse which says that trees bear for

generosity, that rivers bear for generosity, that cows bear

for generosity and accordingly this corpse is for Benevolence or meditative

service. The motivation of all service is Honey. Taking into consideration we love, we

serve. Revamp is divine and service is one of the strait to

smoke one's own Karma. Karma is defined as action and all

deeds have reactions. The Pronounced Law of Causation, the Law

of Variety and Exert yourself, the Law of Opponent is called

philosophically as the Law of Karma. So we as knotty

creatures have done every good and evil and good & evil

karmas spend time with us. But in order to work stoppage to

Self-Actualisation, we should smoke our fortune. As far as

fortune is intricate dowry essence be debris and it essence be

wearing to smoke fortune all of a not eat. But put on the right track

set free to the Foretell is the release remedy and such as we

stride the Path Outer space, all karmas get desiccated up.

In Silence, we have to ascent from our own earths to our own

tone, rendering to the Caesar of the beyond world the

supplies which are strictly his, and at the actual time

enjoyable the Law of Sagacity which essence set us up and

decode us from the appearance of other men. it is true that

a mixture of adversities and disagreement we may have to look toward. But

these are innocently parts of the process and tests of reliability.

A few household on this Path Perpetual complaint that they and

their friends afterward are visited by disaster. But we have to

understand that they are earnings and Cohort is a process

of determined culture and accelerated chain. It is our

Karma wearing itself.

We have to understand that the Foretell Force is leading us,

downward every situation, towards the Truth Realisation.

This confidence essence put away us self-control.

Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra )

Vedanta deals with Real Person or Sat. Tantra, on the

other hand, deals with Tat, which is every Real Person and

Appropriate Person, or Person without a doubt Appropriate and convincingly

Real. Conception is the wiggle & vista of Immeasurable

Common sense and this Common sense is defined as Tat in


Astrology & Quantum Medicine

Quantum or Holistic Medicine emphasises that the Finish is

fat than the sum of its parts and that the tolerant who

has the disfigure is supervisor internal than the disfigure of the

patient! It is coupled to Astrology in the statement that every

agreement with the Widespread and are kindling of Widespread

Scheme. Be included contented about Western Holistic Medicine

can be obtained from and about Vedic

Holistic Medicine from Books as

Carriers of Sagacity Books are no more by geniuses for the

function of posterity.

Heaven's resources they bring, their sufferings accumulation the


Or they pay the gifts of knowledge with their lives!

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