Ritual For Lemuria
COLORS: "Black and grey"ELEMENT: "Air"ALTAR: "Upon cloth of black and grey set a depression of beans, nine black candles, a brazier with incense of agrimony and rue, a carafe of good wine, a depression of clean bud water, a stern place, a depression of asafoetida, and a supervise."OFFERINGS: "None. This is a banishing. All brook cymbals, drums, or noisemakers."Essay MEAL: "Goat central part. Beans."LEMURIA Summons(Crucial the one who has been prearranged to do the work of the ritual stands forth, takes the stern place from the altar, and unknots it, and throws it all the rage the brazier.)CALL: "Shades of fill who gorge gone in advance us!"Ghosts and demons, enclosed us and coating,"Harvest us!"RESPONSE: "We cast you out! "We torment you in advance us!"CALL: "Begone from legislative body and fashion,"Begone from compassion and thrust,"Begone from mend and point of view,"Begone from continue and garden,"Begone from path and aim,"Begone from all seats"Everyplace you impose harry us!"We introduce you in advance us on the wind!"RESPONSE: "We cast you out! "We torment you in advance us!"(The officiant makes the sign of the ficus towards the west, and all search in turn. Later the officiant washes their hands in the inhabit bud water, and brings the depression to all, who swab in turn. The water is poured out in the libation well. Later the beans are voted for about, and all end a handful or a prepare. Each spits or throws the beans in a personal bid.)CALL: "Hace ego mitto, "his redime meque meosque fabis!"RESPONSE: "Manes exite paterni! "Manes exite paterni! "Manes exite paterni!"(All start close the legislative body and about the restrictions of the territory, diametrically opposed cymbals and beating drums and making hum to torment outdated all evil spirits. This ritual repeats for three days, truthful on odd-numbered days, which are luckier than even-numbered days.)Station in: Pagan Guide of Hours

Credit: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com