Lugh Master Of Skills
Lugh (grand LOO) was known to the Celts as a god of craftsmanship and capacity -- in fact, he was known as the Many-Skilled God, being he was good at so numerous different accouterments. In one buzz, Lugh arrives at Tara, and is denied charm. He enumerates all the bass accouterments he can do, and each time the mound says, "Remorseful, we've earlier than got someone in this who can do that." Irrefutably Lugh asks, "Ah, but do you unite persona in this who can do them ALL?"

Carry out the stop this day to accessory your own skills and abilities, and make an hand over to Lugh to determination him, the god of craftsmanship.


Otherwise you begin, stance a idiosyncratic below par. When are your strong points? One and all has a knack -- some unite numerous, some unite one that they're really good at. Are you a poet or writer? Do you sing? How about stitching, woodworking, or beading? Can you tap dance? Do you cook? How about painting? Determine about all the accouterments you can do -- and all of the accouterments you'd the same to learn to do, and the accouterments you'd the same to get decode at. Following you sit down and flight of the imagination about it, you may well be surprised to employ how proficient you really are.

Beautify your altar with items germane to your capacity or knack. If your capacity relates to whatever thing corporal, the same stitching or jewelry-making, put some of your craft supplies on the altar. If it's an adroitness to DO, relatively than Coach, such as dancing or singing part, put some symbol of your adroitness on your altar. Do you unite a firm favorite tackle you wear after you dance? A only expose lyric that you know you're add to with? Add as numerous items as you the same to your altar.

You'll need a candle to signify Lugh, the god. Any elect to choose color is good, being he came up with the indication of a strand anniversary to determination his foster mother, Tailtiu. Go ashore the candle on your altar in the nucleus. Finger free to add some stalks of strand if you the same -- you can combine this rite with one in memory the elect to choose, if you usher.

Hot from the oven the candle, and stance a importance to flight of the imagination about all the accouterments you are good at. When are they? Are you proud of your accomplishments? Now's your unpredictability to contain a unimportant, and stance some principle in what you've sage to do.

Concern YOUR OWN TALENTS IN THE Scrutiny Chant. SAY:


Eloquent Lugh, the many-skilled god,

he who is a benefactor of the arts,

a master of trades, and a velvety lyricist.

Currently I determination you, for I am beneficial as well.

I am skillful with a plunger,

strong of put into words,

and dye beauty with my spruce up strokes.*

*Obviously, you would supplement your principle in your own skills in this.

Now, description what you wish to upgrade upon. Is your tennis-playing out of whack? Do you inform on offensive at bungee jumping, yodeling, or drawing?


Lugh, many-skilled one,

I ask you to shimmer upon me.

Correlate your gifts with me,

and make me strong in capacity.

At this time, you requisite make an hand over of some promote to. The ancients ready contributions in e-mail for the blessings of their gods -- entirely innocently, imploring a god was a shared act, a method of e-mail. Your hand over can a corporal one: strand, fruit, wine, or even a underlying of your skillwork -- conjure up dedicating a expose or talent to Lugh. It can exceedingly be an hand over of time or persistence. Anything it is, it requisite come from the end.


I thank you, impressive Lugh, for audio my words tonight.

I thank you for blessing me with the skills I unite.

I make this hand over of currency and wine* to you

as a paltry computer chip of determination.

*Or whatever in addition you may be hand over.

Carry out a few elder moments and consider on your own abilities. Do you unite tribute in your skills, or do you dodge compliments from others? Are you unstable about your abilities, or do you inform on a fantastic of principle after you sew/dance/sing/hulahoop? Weigh up on your hand over to Lugh for a few moments, and after you are grown, end the ritual.

TIPS: If you are the theater this rite as part of a group, occupation or coven place, go with brute force in a circle and unite each revelry stance their turn to testify their principle in their work, and to make their contributions to Lugh.