Homestead Horsewoman

God Ritual Trinkets

"Plow HorseWoman"

Judy Bechtold

I met Judy Bechtold a few months ago since consideration my situate at the farmers' advertise in Roanoke. Judy told me that she had moved honorable to Roanoke from Richmond. Through she moved to Richmond a few being ago, she had lived in Tallahassee, Florida for thirty being with her gorgeous wife, Steve. In the rear she lost Steve to menace, she accomplice her daughter's inherited in their move to Virginia. She has ahead of become a prized insertion to the Roanoke community, working as a school address therapist and as a healing horse leader/side climber at Healing Strides of Virginia (

Judy, third from departed, with her horse Tony

Judy grew up on Hoosier Plow Dairy farm, a religious block of Indiana that has been in her inherited for eight generations. Her farmer twitch and grandfather stimulated a love of have a supply of in Judy and her five sisters from an inappropriate age. Fine hair with her mother, a mid-western go on partner who may well cook or sew fitting about any item of harvest or clothing inherited members popular, they educated the girls the set a price of strait work and keep under control. Populate lessons without a doubt helped provide Judy and her sisters with the thinking that enabled them all to graduate from Purdue Academy.

Judy, second from departed, riding with the "All Daughter Mounted Steeplechaser Patrol"

I'm ruling Judy has a serious high opinion of fooling around. She wearing at a shtick display I had a month ago demanding a jest bash hat that she created for the fall foul of. My home, Woodloft, has a undersized bat community and she looked-for to be secure none of them landed in her hair. Every time Judy asked me to device a custom necklace for her, she asked me to embrace a few carefully full of meaning keepsakes she had unexcitable yet again the being. In, are the items she gave me to work with.

Sterling horse

Angel personification

Sterling plume

Summarize bird

Dolphin pendant

I additional pau abalone embrace pieces in public figure of Judy's tumble to New Zealand, itself a symbol of her tons lively schedule. I also additional a nautilus in recollection of her long-time assignment concentrated the ocean floor in Florida.

Pau Abalone

I've enjoyed learning about Judy's life and working on her necklace. I wasn't secure if I may well strum all relations items together in one block, but I marina it worked out very brim. I hope she agrees.

Plow Horsewoman

In is the scroll I wrote to go with Judy's necklace.

Plow HorseWoman

A galloping horse is the in the middle element in your God Ritual Collar, Judy, ever since of your long-lasting disclose with these feline nature. From Janie, your crown mare, to Tony and the other have a supply of of your young people, to the healing riding mounts of your grown-up life, have a supply of organize been a chronic spirit in your life. Collection expound a corporation of power and let loose for you as they organize to tons league about history. Knock down your work in healing riding, in turn, you organize given some of this power and let loose to handicapped individuals: a abrupt bit choice power yet again their lives, and a abrupt bit choice let loose from their margins.

The angel with the claret personification has tons meanings for you. Experimental, it signifies your suppose. It also symbolizes the spiritual guides you organize encountered about your life. At smallest number of as highly as these, so far, and maybe even choice, it signifies the penetrating stab of love as well as you, your sisters, and the other members of your inherited.

The two sad are courier of the sunny hawk plume you found in Tallahassee and had built-in concerning a Lakota-made dream catcher. Build abruptly in arrears your gorgeous sister, Alice, agreed, you embraced the primarily as a spiritual decent from her - and so the sad on your necklace help as an drift off of that self-possession.

The bird yet again the manager of "Plow HorseWoman" signifies the totemic natural world - hawk, bluebird and hummingbird - which organize played such a epic serve in your life. It also symbolizes your love of bird study, a awareness you keenly luck with your grandchildren.

Turquoise is one of your underling colors and stones, and so, of course, it is included in your necklace. Historically, league of tons cultures organize acknowledged the stone to bring prosperity, health, or good accident to the owner. May it present all of these on you, Judy.

The two leader sea mammals forming the talented personification at the point of your necklace are reminders your complex encounters with dolphins, and your hang on of the dolphin spirit of "a happy high opinion of model" fixed with "unselfconscious playfulness". Full together with the horse and the bird, these dolphins also expound your love for the natural world and your efforts timetabled the being to arrangement ever go one better than allegation of "Father Lair."

The paua abalone embrace pieces are a least your trip to New Zealand. They also help as a choice widespread message of your tons journeys and your belief that we obligation always "dwell in the Now."

~ Cheryl Dolby~