Conscious Life Expo La Feb 11 14
The 2011 Animate Conception EXPO comes to Los Angeles this weekend on its almanac pilgrimage tabled the imperial. This is the record splendid of the growing carry on of convention-style bazaars focusing on self-development. The growing transaction in commercializing spirituality out does itself with this festival: arduous UFO substantiation is existing (Disclousure Project's Steven Greer, Goal Mission's Richard Hoagland, Coast to Coast's George Noory), David Wilcock (Edgar Cayce reborn) expounds the big picture, Dannion Brinkley (originator of "Secrets of the Insipid") meeting about something like death experiences and geo-political visions of the future. Fortitude Management sounds and Shambhala meditation healing vibrational tonic transmits the blessings of the Income Buddha Maitreya to increase and heal the Fortitude by establishing self-realization of our divine Buddha Nature: the Cathedral of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha presents these sacred tools and meditations for healing. In attendance attitude what's more be enchanted healings by Braco. Xavier Quijas Yxayotl attitude be in the healing sounds of the Mayans. Swami Kriyananda attitude salary innovative diagonal on Paramhansa Yogananda. And Jordan Maxwell, who is vigorous in the Zeitgeist drive, attitude vacate the attitude of Lucifer the "Bearer of Insipid." Revelations Connections host and mythologist William Henry attitude research paper symbols and art together to ascension. Hank Wesselman attitude pass on the comeback of the shaman. A Zecharia Sitchin respect, Nikola Tesla workshop, sacred sexuality, 2012, new physics with Gary Zukav, clairvoyant and storyteller extraordinaire Caroline Casey, psychic gypsy Dr. James Trap, former CIA investigation licensed Dr. Fred Sound, "Annunaki" (celestial gods) means of access with Tricia McCannon, Feng Shui with Irene Chung, ad nauseum. MORE>> * Ghostly SEX Once upon a time THE Downcast Project Past DJS, TRIBAL-DUBSTEP MUSIC, AND BOOZY FLOOZY Variety show