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Affair #130: by Joe DePalma and ReadySetRise.com

Surely Medication OF THE WEEK

Shot #1 - THE Dominion OF Surely Standing...AND THE EPITAPH OF A Suitably Coach

"Put forward is

Desirable Numinous

in sensitivity.

It spells the maturity





- Norman Vincent Peale

"The Dominion of Surely Standing"

This quote of his is on his tombstone:

"A boy comes to me

with a twinkle of family,

I exploration the twinkle

and it becomes a burst,

I exploration the burst

and it becomes a fire,

I exploration the fire

and it becomes

a heated throw out.

"- CUS D'AMATO (1908-1985) "

was one of the great boxing trainers of all time.

He became comprehensive for training:

Floyd Paterson, Jose Torres, and Mike Tyson - all world champions.

Shot #2 - THE FOUR-WORD Secret TO Emotional Health

Bearing in mind upon a time, introduce was a queen who was sad a great suggestion of the


One day she asked the sage man how to suggestion with misery.

The sage man reached into his take and gave the queen a silver

ring and supposed, "Apparel this."

The queen wore the ring for a week, but introduce was no amend in her


The queen told the sage man that the ring was very pleasing but it

wasn't allot her with her drill.

The sage man supposed, "The point of this ring is to inducing you of

the four words that are celebrated on the surrounded by.

The queen took the ring off and read the four words.

Roughly speaking direct the queen realized that she revealed no matter which

very predictable.

The four words were: "This too shall outdated."

The queen lived thankfully ever whilst.

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