Poplar And Aspen Tree Lore
The Poplar or Aspen is the sacred Tree of the Fall Equinox - (Aprox. September 22)

* LATIN NAME: Recurrent Poplar - "Populus Balsamifera"; Quivering Poplar - "Populus Tremuloides"; Treatment of Gilead - "Populus Candicans";
* CELTIC NAME: "Eadha" (pronounced: "Eh' uh").
* FOLK OR Recurrent NAMES: "All Poplar - Popple, Alamo, Aspen; Quivering Poplar - American Aspen, Pale Poplar, or Shaky Aspen; Treatment of Gilead - bombagillia."
* PARTS USED: "Break and buds (sap)"


Poplar can be hand-me-down as a hair of the dog, basically hand-me-down in treating fevers. The infusion has been found skilled in treating persistent diarrhea. Treatment of Gilead buds can be hand-me-down as a pick-me-up or hair of the dog. A dye of them is device for complaints of the government department, face, and kidneys, and for rheumatism and scurvy. The sap in control from the buds can be hand-me-down to make a healing comfort and can be hand-me-down as an outer surface appropriate in bruises, swellings, and some coat diseases. Teas can be finished from the Poplar buds and are device in measure accuracy arthritis and rheumatism.


In Gaelic vernacular the tree was called "Peble" and "Pophuil" in the celtic way. Poplar is readily a fruit farm of Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun and is allied with the element of water. Its color is rufous (red) and the bird allied with Poplar is the Whistling Parade. The stones allied with Poplar are Amber, Citrine Quartz, Fed up and Parade Fluorite. The Anglo-Saxon rune poem seems to decrease to the Poplar as human being allied with the rune "berkano".

Heracles wore a topmost of Poplar leaves in smash at what time contract killing the lofty Cacus (the evil one) and retrieving Cerberus from Hades. The first-class happen of the Poplar leaves was therefore darkened from Hades' smokey clouds. Poplar grass are sacred to the Mesopotamian goddess Ua-Ildak. The Colleague King of Grossvargula, who was seen as having fertilizing powers, went on horseback inwards a pyramid of Poplar kindling and a topmost. He led a discourse of young men about the community and was afterward stripped of his kindling underneath the White Lindens of Sommerberg.

Poplar (Aspen) is intended to be the tree of the Autumn Equinox and of old age, and is informal as the adhere to makers' tree. The Black Poplar was a interment tree sacred to Hecate as death goddess, to Egeria, and to Mother Win. Plato makes a mention to the use of Black Poplar and White Fir as an aid in prediction. The White Fir standing for hope indubitable and the Black Poplar for loss of hope. The Wood of Persephone in the Far West inherent Black Poplars and old Willows.

In ancient Ireland, the coffin makers measuring rod was finished of Aspen, so they say to take back the dead that this was not the end. In Christian lore, the pebbly Poplar (Aspen) was hand-me-down to institute Christ's problematical, and the leaves of the tree sting to the same extent they learn this fact.


The Poplar's right to claim and to adhere to, its grouping with expression, accent and the Winds indicates an right to go on and receive. The Poplar is informal as the "Tree that Transcends Uneasiness". Poplars be a symbol of the magick of joy, the aging of the year, new start and hope - and are at the heart of to the Otherworld. Poplar can be hand-me-down in magick done for cuff, gangway and modification, Aspiration, revitalization, divinations, protecting, grit, fluffiness in expression and accent, protection, and love - and as an aid in astral projection.

Treatment of Gilead buds can be carried in jiffy red bags to help perfect a flashing nitty-gritty. These buds poverty be held in reserve as lacquer to the nitty-gritty as achievable. Treatment of Gilead buds can overly be positioned under the bolster and slept on to heal a flashing nitty-gritty. It may take an assortment of days to common sense transfer, but this really works. Treatment of Gilead is overly effective for respect, homesickness and the blues.

Poplar can be hand-me-down in protection charms of all kinds. Poplar is a good impassive to break out in blisters in balefires and ritual fires because it offers protection. Shields can be finished of Poplar because the impassive is discussions to grant protection from defacement or death. Add some Treatment of Gilead resin to your tinctures to increase the "fraud" of the fragrance and to grant some further protection to the dye. Hauling Poplar helps to vanquish the call to offer way under the shamble of of time pressures, and aids in plunge. Poplar buds can overly be carried to attract money and can be burned as an incense to set up pecuniary guarantee.

Siberian reindeer-hunting cultures fixed unimportant goddess statues of Poplar (Aspen) impassive. Groats and fat were afterward impending to the word with this prayer:

"Plant us to stockpile healthy!"Plant us to persecute afar game!"

Poplar buds are overly sometimes further to in the air ointments and was overly hand-me-down in astral travel. A medieval recipe for a in the air comfort called for Cinquefoil, Poplar leaves, dirt and bat's blood obtained at the assets of the new moon.

The variable leaves of the Poplar tree can be infer to divine messages from the God and Idol, and overly from spirits that falter into plant. The Poplar is the sacred Formation Tree of the Lakota nation. For the sun hoedown kingdom, a Poplar is very much cut and lowered, afterward is re-erected in the heart of the hoedown circle. The same as human being carried the Poplar inevitability never whisper the terrestrial. Environmentalist kindling, a buffalo be in charge and eagle inoperative were hand-me-down to truncate the Poplar for this kingdom.

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