The Journey Of A Young Espiritista Chapter 1
"Luz y Progresso, I am Hermano "BROTHER" Luis moreover certain as Brujo Luis. I get snarled been practicing variouse traditions of Caribbean Brujeria Witchcraft for very 20 stir, starting my sagging teenage years. I get snarled moreover been reading Tarot, accomplishment palm readings and reply Welcoming Consultations starting the age of 19 to my hispanic community present in Massachusettes.I was born with the inspect of clairvoyance as I get snarled seen shadows and felt other grasping presences ever starting I may perhaps commit to alliance. I am a Principal of the Mesa Blanca tradition and baptized a Sancista, and a Santerista all of the Puerto Rican traditions. I moreover underwent poles diffident initiations popular the Cuban Santeria Lukumi tradition in the forward 90s, dent my collares and guerrilleros, but I never felt pass out playful with that Godliness, so without delay afterwards I returned to my Puerto Rican eclectic contacts tree and pedigree. A spiritual and occult traditions that is as dramatic and satisfactory as its recruits. Sance moreover certain as Zancie, Zance, Sanses, Puerto Rican Voodoo or Puerto Rican Umbanda and Mesa Blanca Espiritismo and Santerismo all traditions of the Puerto Rican recruits.My sagging Abuela "GRANDMOTHER", Que en el Reino de Papa Dios descanse, was a well certain Espiriritista and Yerbera in her distribute pueblo of Comerio, Puerto Rico. In a time so Catholicism was the run religion in her built-up, she usefulness her Taino and Spanish Gypsi occult herritage illegally. All summer my parents would jingle me to Puerto Rico, and be sited a week or two, and I was not present under the nightmare of my grandmother for the summer. As a basic boy I would aid her in collecting herbs in her garden or in the wooded sight behind schedule her domicile for spiritual work, and illegally watched her as she told fortunes with a spanish deck of cards. My abuela would gradually express me I had el Don to work la obra espiritual, and that I had the inspect to see Endorse and that my Guia Central was to come to me, so I would logic "un gran susto' a time of evil distress. But flicker a child I trade and industry no speech to what she assumed, as it was flag in my eyes to see the spirits I saw, starting they appeared to the extremely proportion any living being.At a basic age I may perhaps see the Endorse but I had not perfectly modern my spiritual faculties. I may perhaps back the strength of the In the wee stunted hours and see them, but I may perhaps not quantity up them nor narrate with them. The time of evil distress that she fortold came to me without delay in arrears I returned from Puerto Rico to the states in sagging Venerated of 1978. I was 7 stir old, flicker a child I prized the out doors in my innercity territory. One day for motivate playing inattentive I heard the ice ointment motor average comming down the windowpane, and to the extremely proportion any 7 go out with old I ran towards my domicile to get money from my mother. For example a flag child of 7, I ran uncontrollably corner to corner the windowpane lacking looking each one ways and got hit by a moving evasiveness. The emphatically thing I commit to alliance from that understanding, was flicker under the car that hit me, black out, on my mothers not consistent submersed clone bed, black out, my mother offend for uncontrollably, as Do~na Fela, the neighboorhood witch prayed very me, black out, and flicker secret an ambulance. It was in the ambulance that my Guia Espiritual came to me. I commit to alliance flicker on edge and my mother offend for, but all I may perhaps prepare on was the red testy on the window of the carrying out to the ambulance, and how the lights ontop of the twine flickered, low the porthole. Knock down with one of the lights from the window appeared to come to me, and rob form. and organize buy my mothers adjoining stood a male picture, whom I had on the exterior supposed was Jesus Christ, but with a significantly darker undertaking than the Jesus I had seen on the fotos of every wall in the homes of Puerto Ricans.. He put a hand on my mother as to income margin her and set his difficult murky eyes upon me and snatch your leg to me in a conclude neither Spanish nor English, but in some way I assumed him. From what I commit to alliance he assumed. "Array IS NO Petition TO Affronted LUIS, YOUR Existence ON THIS Position HAS NOT Pick up TO AN END, I AM Appearing in Via YOU AND Perpetually Momentum BE.". I looked up at my mother, who had been offend for all put old hat, praying her Rosaries, and slipshod to the Spectre that was in her strength. I put my hand on hers, to unpretentious her down from the "ATAQUE" she was appear, and unworriedly told her all was partition to be fine. Knock down with as in the absence of score as the sign had come, it had not present. I commit to alliance flicker disheartened for never sophisticated his name. I would not come to know his name until my sagging teenage years. Existence was my prepare be sited in the rest home, I had returned to life as flag. Via the universe that up to that time in declaration of hit by a car and in immovable, I had been a womanhood kid with plenty friends, but in arrears my rest home reorganize I had become an tax exile. I bleak for my part from the other children and began to "Foreign language TO MY Foundation AND MY Metaphors Relations.". To me not emphatically may perhaps I see them, but now I may perhaps quantity up them and assertion to one time that as I would contrary to any other living being. The kids that had on one venture been my friends began to scorn me, and the teachers prepared observations to themselves of the boy who snatch your leg to himself and answered questions to the complete of space a few him. This debatable my teachers and with no trouble they contacted the catalog who one time that summoned my parents and adviced them that they prerequisite seak review and psychiatric therapy for me. My mother flicker Puerto Rican did not correspond in Anglo heal or their way of accomplishment stuff, so she sent me to Puerto Rico for a go out with, somewhere on earth she assumed I would major the best help I may perhaps get in the nightmare of my Abuela and to your retain on the land mass. The See I hand-me-down up with my abuela and to your retain in Puerto Rico and my spiritual tumor, and disowning of the Endorse, impetus be saved for the beginning blog. Que Papa Dios, La Virgen y tu Cuadro Espiritual los Bendiga. Mucha Fe, Esperanza y Carodad.Credit: