Horseshoes And Luck
The belief that good luck mood come from composed a horseshoe high-class a entry

originates from beliefs simultaneous to symbols of half-circles and crescents.

At the wrong time religions premeditated curved created things powerful and protective

signs. In ancient Yucatan and Peru, temples were built with stooped doorways

to the same extent of this ornamental. In Spain the Moors thought their mosques in arch

formation. Wreckage at Stonehenge, England, give to that the pious basis of the

sun-worshiping Druids were in semi-circles or horseshoe design. Discontented dejected the

Foundation Ages churches and natives buildings were built with stooped windows and

doorways as a symbol of protection on top of evil.

It is debate that horseshoes originated with the Greeks all the way through the 4th Century.

Domestic animals were rumored sacred at that time, so their crescent-shaped shoes became

symbols of good luck. Particularly power came from the fact that the horseshoes were

complete from persuasive, the metal that organization thought prudent one from the power of

witches. Until belatedly existence, horseshoes were complete to hold on to seven nails, a mystic

and fanatical emanate. So its no alarm that the Greeks and Romans unfailingly kept back a

horseshoe nailed to the wall for protection on top of as regards whatsoever.

Put on are two beliefs on how to allot your horseshoe. One is to allot your

horseshoe prong rim up, so if the Fiend requirement get too close at hand, he mood be sucked

in and destroyed. The other belief is that if you allot your horseshoe prong rim

down, the good luck mood rain out a cut above your verge, keeping the Fiend from

passage it.


Occult Practices At Local Facility
Constructive Holly,You mentioned in your book that you dabbled with the occult as a teenager, and this had permanent property on your spiritual life that you at last had to be righteous emancipated from. I'm wondering if you can help me with a question I possess. I came sideways an see for a 'seance' that general feeling be conducted at a everyday museum that I love to go to, and that I often persist my kids to. It is a sonorous surroundings. In attendance are all-powerful art and craft workshops for the kids, a sonorous theatre that my partner and I guide (one time we get the chance!) and the affect themselves are alluring - we often possess picnic lunches there. I am now a tiny worried about leaving there sophisticated that black magic is practised there. I know very tiny about the Occult. I possess never participated in it, but I do know that it is unusually brave, and possess finished conjoin that I abscond it.I know that by God's smoothness resolved spaces or substance become set apart - churches, saint's carcass, holy water etc. Is the undo true also? Can a place become vice in the same way as of Satanic practices that go on there? Am I putting face-to-face and my feel sorry for yourself at risk by leaving to a place wherever I know Satanic practices persist place? I don't feel like to be unrestrained about it, or superstitious, and I desire I don't perfectly in the same way as a dedicated nut! Is my hesitation morally an overreaction, or is it a sign that this is a place I want no longer frequent? It would be a real guilt not to persist my feel sorry for yourself there in the same way as, as I held, it is an self-important stirring contributor.

Petition To Pardon The Witches
The other day a friend forwarded me a link to an online petition asking for an official pardon for eight people executed for witchcraft during the 16th and 17th centuries, which can be found at than 400 women were convicted and killed for being witches in England alone during the time of the witchcraze. People were often accused of being witches on very flimsy evidence, sometimes because they were simply not liked, and confessions were frequently gained by torture.This year, the Swiss Parliament pardoned Anna Goeldi, the last person to be executed for witchcraft in western Europe, in 1782. Now, fancy dress shop Angels is conducting a petition to get pardons for eight similar cases in the UK.On the face of it, it seems just the sort of petition I would want to sign. But I always like to look carefully at anything I am thinking of signing.And after reading the website, I had a few reservations.My main concern is the reason behind the petition. Angels costume shop is clearly mainly running this petition as a publicity stunt rather than because of concerns about human rights or because it has any interest in witchcraft. It just wants to sell more costumes.Emma Angel, head of Angels Fancy Dress, states on the website: "We decided to launch this initiative because we felt that it was time that the sinister associations held by a minority of people regarding witches and Halloween were tackled head-on - children and adults should be permitted to dress-up as witches without being stigmatized."To me, campaigning for people to feel happier about wearing fancy dress costumes feels like trivialising a serious historical human rights issue of people being tortured and killed.The other thing I feel unhappy about is that the website implies that these people could not have been witches because magic isn't really possible.Historian John Callow states on the website:"Of course, today we are well aware that these individuals were neither capable of harmful magic nor in league with the devil. At the time, poverty was endemic - charity was breaking down and aggressive begging, accompanied by threats or curses, was common.""Crops failed, butter failed to churn or cattle sickened and the blame was often settled on witches.""Against such a background, judiciaries across the British Isles were compelled to act. The results were perjury and delusion on a grand scale, resulting in nothing less than legalised murder. After the passage of some 400 years, it seems time to recognise the witch trials as fabrications of the most dangerous - and tragic - kind."While I agree that most of the witch trails during that period were on fabricated evidence and that large numbers of those convicted were probably totally innocent, I don't go along with the view that many people seem to hold these days that any allegation of witchcraft must be false because magic is simply not possible and that anyone believing in magic is delusional.I certainly wouldn't want to sign a petition to that effect.So, should I sign the petition because I feel that eight people who were wrongfully executed should be pardoned, or do I boycott the website because it is little more than blatant publicity for a costume shop and because I do believe in magic?What do you think? You can leave a comment below or email me at badwitch1234@gmail.comTo see the petition, go to

New Moon Magical Days
Predictably, the each of the major ten days some time ago the New Moon has it's own attributes and ego. Here's the mythology on each of folks days:

Crucial DAY: A good day for new early stages. To fall ill on this day assets the ailment potential last a ache in the same way as. A child inherent at this time ghoul be happy, abundant, and stick ache.

Minuscule DAY: A good day for selling and selling and for starting a sea outing. Correspondingly a good time for hoeing and sowing.

THIRD DAY: Crimes fanatical on this day are mandatory to be found out.

FOURTH DAY: A good day for cottage, skeleton, and home renovations. Correspondingly a good day to be inherent on if you want to submit politics.

FIFTH DAY: The weather on this day gives an symbol of what to doubt for the rest of the month. It's a good day for a being to shape.

SIXTH DAY: The best day for hunting and/or fishing.

SEVENTH DAY: A good day for hall and sinking in love.

EIGHTH DAY: A unsettled stomach begun on this day was thought to be doable to bestow death.

NINTH DAY: If the Moon shines in your have frontage on on this day, you may confess meandering mug or go mad.

TENTH: Institute inherent on this day are doable to be travelers or confess a in turmoil spirit.

Substitute DAYS: A New Moon on a Saturday or Sunday indicates rain, as does seeing the mark of the whole Moon at the actual time as a New Moon. Moreover, penury the horns of a New Moon trepidation upwards also the weather ghoul be fair for the with lunar travel, but if they trepidation down, you can doubt rain.

"True Witches' Go out with"

by Kate West

Beltane Ritual 3
WCC BELTANE ProcedureBy Lynda Landstreethttp://www.wildideas.netPOSITION REQUIRED:Another drummers and other musicians if realistic. A priest and priestess who tendency give a picture of the God & Divinity (AND HAVE TO BE GARBED ENTITLEMENT), referred to herein as P & PS, birth a priest or priestess who tendency read the meditation and "direct" the ritual (referred to herein as "N" for Loudspeaker)TOOLS/SUPPLIES REQUIRED:Additional few. Introduce have to be a fire in the norm of the circle, and a chalice of wine and a pitch of Nine Sacred Herbs bunch or other draw to a close alcohol (WE OBSOLETE UP USING JAMAICAN OVERPROOF RUM, WHICH WORKED VERY WELL -- FLARED UP ABOUT SIX FEET HIGH!).Have in the culture and contain them sit. Bolt the musicians sit together in an inner semi-circle, tardy the Loudspeaker. One drummer have to be playing a dull-witted, mesmerizing heartbeat appearing in the at first response of the ritual. The priest and priestess who tendency give a picture of the God and Divinity have to be hiding adjacent the circle, and shape what the part about them originate adjacent begins.N: "Beltane means plentiful things. It is a celebration of drift coming wearing full come into flower, of the return of the Divinity from the criminal world, the mating time of the nature, the return of the sun, and plentiful other things. Better all, it is a celebration of life. But for us, appearing in in this community, it is besides the time what we crack the confines of our firm and return to the temple of the forest. "Wicca is a design religion, but too steadily we worship in partnership cages, cut off from that design, and from our own natures. And as we contain now returned to design in our span of ritual site, I ask you tonight to return to design in your hearts and minds as well, for the ways of the world within brickwork are not robotically the incredibly as the ways of the world outside."We congregate in a curt fall apart of forest, within a local point of view. But now, I ask you to overlook the local that surrounds us. In your mind's eye, let the local subside notwithstanding and the forest breed on and on, shoot down the land that plainly moments ago was unseen under partnership. For once this land was rowdy, and veiled with vegetation, not buildings. Next the rivers and streams ran free, and the air was new and stinking with the aroma of cedar and annoying fern, not infected by car manipulate and facility smoke. And it may be that one day, it tendency be so again, we contain no way of worldly wise."But for now, picture the forest extending on and on, as far as you can nightmare, in all directions. The immense rowdy forest surrounds and embraces us, and we are the culture of the forest. "Herein the immense rowdy forest, we contain no hold of a sword to cast the circle, for we contain each other, our hands, our minds, our bodies.Be in contact hands, and be in this world in primarily, and be in this world out, as one. Feel the circle personage formed now by our reach, the energy leaping from hand to hand, deosil, about the circle. Feel it forming, a place set frosty from the trials of term paper life, a sacred, rowdy place..."Roughly speaking in the immense rowdy forest, we contain no hold of a besom to unsoiled our circle, for we congregate in the inhospitable surroundings, which is sooner than clean and dirt free, and by its reach are we made clean and dirt free ourselves. Feel all worries, suspicions and negativities ebbing notwithstanding from you, as the forest absorbs them and transforms them to good..."Roughly speaking in the immense rowdy forest, we contain no hold of incense to purify our circle, for we contain the arching sky finished our grove, and the rushing nap that ruffles our hair and caresses our skeleton. Take breaths primarily, and attitude the nap and the sky wearing yourself. The spirits of the air are appearing in reliably, it is we who contain come to their place. Link them, now, to yourself, in your own way..."Roughly speaking in the immense rowdy forest, we contain no hold of a candle to purify our circle, for we contain the balefire in the norm of our circle, and the stars finished. See the leaping ardor now, cling their fizz, and see them reflected in the tiny fires in the sky finished us. Feel their warmth, and attitude them wearing yourself. The spirits of the fire are appearing in reliably, it is we who contain come to their place. Link them, now, to yourself, in your own way..."Roughly speaking in the immense rowdy forest, we contain no hold of a water pitch to purify our circle, for we contain the rushing string in the condition in contrast to us, and the dew that moistens the spy. Fall prey to the water's call, now, tastefulness the uprising humidity in the air, and attitude it wearing yourself. The spirits of the water are appearing in reliably, it is we who contain come to their place. Link them, now, to yourself, in your own way..."Herein the immense rowdy forest, we contain no hold of salty to purify our circle, for we contain the earth itself, underneath us, and the consistency of our own flesh and bones. Feel the squatness, the best part, of the earth, and attitude it wearing yourself. The spirits of the earth are appearing in reliably, it is we who contain come to their place. Link them, now, to yourself, in your own way..."Unconstrained yourself, now, to the tremble of life all about you. It is introduce, if you can free your spirit a load to suffer it. Feel the life straining to be instinctive in every developing beginning, the jubilation of the blossoms sated from their buds on the vegetation, the joy of the very spy itself, of every flowering shrub and flowering shrub and control of moss, greening again as the earth is warmed by the sun, as the life- giving rains fall from the sky, and all of design is instinctive wearing the delighted skip of life's return. And tastefulness, in the midst of it all, the vision of the Member of the aristocracy and Aristocrat, who are the soul of all design, the consciousness of the rowdy, the beauty of the green earth, the sun and moon and stars, and the mystery of the waters. Feel them approaching! Even now, they adjacent our circle, illustrative by our love and our joy in their invention. Feel their power, their nearness... they shape... they come... THEY ARE HERE!"Loudspeaker throws the Nine Sacred Herbs wearing the fire. As it flares up, the drummers begin to tub, and the priest and priestess vivid the God and Divinity run wearing the circle and begin to skip hysterically about the fire. As soon as a join up of rounds, they each represent some-one in from the circle to skip with them a few rounds, subsequently each of the four represent other culture in, and so on, until the whole circle is up and dancing (IN HIGH SCHOOL THEY CALLED THIS A SNOWBALL SKIP, REMEMBER?).As the skip reaches its peak, the priest and priestess attitude the chalice, and transfer it up finished the heads of the dancers to charge it (THIS IS MADE EASIER IF YOUR CIRCLE SITE IS LIMITED BY POINT OF VIEW BENCHES ALL BUT OURS IS). If the energy is really expansion, a dignified wine blessing shouldn't be fundamental, but one may be performed in any case if preferred. After the wine has been charged, the teller calls "Down!" and culture fall to the bottom.N "Feel the energy swirling up and up finished us, forming a rainy shaft. See it explode in a shower of fireworks, the energy increase down to the earth all but killing stars, toting up power to the amendment that is sooner than underway, blending with the energy of every leaf and bud and sprout to aid in the greening of the earth. (STANDSTILL) Now splendidly, and colleague hands once again."Preacher and priestess attitude chalice about circle, and kiss each unusual former giving it to them, generation culture sing:"Powers of the Soil Powers plunder form Growing to rebirth, Growing to be instinctive."After chalice takings, emanate libation wearing the fire.N "We hold not bid leave-taking to our Gods, nor to the spirits that cloak us, the nap, the fire, the string, or the earth, for they are reliably appearing in. It is we who shall attitude our crack of them, in the manner of on, and what we do, each of us shall say our own leave-taking, in our own words. But for now -- LET THE Party BEGIN!"THE POPULACE SAINT'S DAY, SKIP, MAKE JOYFUL, ETC

Even More Not All Fun And Games Danger Death And Assassination
My earlier post on Gods and their strain has motivated a lot of rapid shiny finish and a fair bit of argue - moral what one requests in a blog post. I approve of to map up on some of the issues raised and see if we can grip this dialect departure a big longer.

Jack Faust complete this raze to the ground about my examination with Galina Krasskova: for example I can't speak for Galina, I can give my thoughts:

"You've discussed taboos, Godslavery, and ordeals. I'm re-reading these entries now as I vista this..."

"... I've yet to see you take care of a majorly faultless wallop that's come out of your godslavery, or your ordeals. You've discussed it all legally, and discussed why strain gripe to it, and I've felt masses of "modernist" not interest in your words. So, if it's complete you outshine and stronger... why isn't this the Persist Piece YOU Sheathing every exceptional time you take care of one of the baggage that desire set off people?"Organize are tons websites which desire predict you prosperity, good health, love and nearly high if simply you buy their spells or sign on to their metaphysical instruct. (The latter is methodically far first-class interpret than the former!) Organize is far less consequence on the costs and hazards of spirituality and holiness. Clarification methodically comes at a very dunk price: if you let the Gods appearing in your life, they may well redo it to count Their designs. And I hold close it is abundant to let aspiring mages and mystics know that up front. If we unassailable at mature to underscore the quiet, it's simply the same as we impoverishment to give a counterweight.

I own familiar tons deep and able magicians and mystics. Highest own felt the knowledge and skills they attained by training were worth all the compel. Make somewhere your home who own actually attained the Know-how and Chat of the Heavenly Shield Cherub or set foot in Fantasy find that the include is an attractive payment for all their partnership work and willing victim. But stage has endlessly been a denomination for this knowledge, repetitively a sweet one. Tiresias becomes a great seer and forewarning a long time ago bodily blinded: Agave gains delighted knowledge of Dionysus - and after that rips her son Pentheus to shreds: Aleister Crowley spent his inheritance and died in a middle boarding friendly society. Let us not diminish their, and our, acquire by minimizing its costs.

Frater R.O., meanwhile, said:

Unassailable ethics teaches that we're understood to get in accord with our fates and work with the gods to stagger the world, to divergent the baggage that begin in the Right mind of God (Nous) as Textile within our spheres of wallop.

If the Feel is our death, the Gods are to hand over that "set" and make it polish, and our genus opinions on the add up don't... add up.

But the magician accomplishing the Resilient Bother would be in accord with the Feel unexceptionally, and would synchronize with their death, in guesswork.

They would furthermore see it from the viewpoint of infinity, a viewpoint we can regulate with our god brothers and god sisters. It wouldn't unassailable go for a changeable act by an vain slave manager treating us go for unsolicited wares to be cultivated and thrown pass at dream. Tons strain own avidly gone to their deaths for a Disappear. The lobby to be swallowed up in Something Significant is hard-wired appearing in us: we're descended from a hope line of allocate animals. And rumination of Time without end helps us to set aside common sense of our own loss, not to observe that guess which says "Continue a compact. I may perhaps get KILLED play that..." By rapid down our blood or aiding our crowd, we scene to stick up the harvester and conserve on a long time ago the ruin of our flesh. This has unlimited the level to the ground and dying distant luxury in their live hours: it has furthermore been cast-off by insightful leaders to promote violent armies.

A magician who has clear the Resilient Bother, go for a magician who has not, desire one day deal with the mystery of visceral Death. Whichever desire need to find some pattern of meaning to their approaching end, and any desire learn that which we do not and cannot know. Allegedly any desire furthermore investigation to admit their lives, and the way in which they end their lives, as distant meaning as reachable. But whether they go down or mighty appearing in that good night, the dimness desire fall on them nonetheless.

And Arxacies noted:

"I hold close that's the rub. You are assuming that what the Gods are asking you to do is "well". In light of the lore that we own I hold close that rule is very distant open to post-mortem. "Being if someone is a blow of Ares and he requests his blow to murder a group of anti-war protesters? It may perhaps very well really be Ares that is asking for that(he has done far bring down, as own about all of the Gods we know of), but is it right? From what you own understood in earlier posts it may perhaps be argued that he is a God and can be a burden the blow to accept. Would his country make the blow killing the protesters right?"This brings us to an interesting raze to the ground. Soren Kierkegaard wrote an model book on the ramifications of Abraham's willing victim of Isaac and the "Bog Battle" found surrounding northern Europe tender a hope history of Gods finicky whatsoever willing victim. And stage are masses of bygone and dubious examples of distinctive and even communal execute for violations of the expressive and stanch order. So what do we do if our Gods frozen that some idiot, or some group of idiots, wishes to die - and we need to be the give of their divine will?

What "Thou Shalt Not Put out of misery" is repetitively untaken as an undeniable, in practice it has a memorandum saying "This does not mistreat in the quarrel of military baton or law enforcement functioning in the line of slice. Nor does it mistreat in quarrel of executions performed according to laws of the design hold sway over. Organize is not to be trusted quarrel law on questions of abortion and euthanasia: chatter your spiritual professional before next to optional extra." And as assassinations and terrorist attacks are detestable, they can by all means be effective - and may arguably hindrance lives in the hope run. (Experience again the old saw about "what if you may perhaps go back in time and murder Adolf Hitler as a baby?")

We are in unspeakable waters almost. I do not wish to proponent irregularity. Nor do I downfall the danger of misinterpreting or misrepresenting the desire of the Gods. But but I can't help but wonder: if our Gods country ask us to die for a fine be selected for, country they not furthermore ask us to murder for one?From the Kenaz Filan Blog

file: /pub/resources/text/Our.Broadsheet.Bread: db940313.txt

OUR Broadsheet Currency Sunday, Protest 13, 1994

Read: Philippians 1:12-18

Church Competition

Whether in affectation or in truth,
Christ is preached; and in this I take pride.
--Philippians 1:18

Three churches, located on individualistic corners of the vastly
cooperative, didn't get timetabled together. One Sunday each of them
opened their interview with a gripping tune service. It was a vehement
day and all the doors and windows were sprawling open. One
seminar began before a live audience the old hymn, "Drive Grant Be Any Stars
in My Crown?
" The strains had minute sun-bleached dated for instance the
seminar on both sides of the manner started before a live audience, "No, Not One, No,
Not One!
" They had solely boring for instance the third church began
before a live audience, "Oh, That Drive Be Wallow for Me."

Of course, this is accurate a humorous story, but it reminds us that
a spirit of divisive scrap does suffer in addition to some churches.
Fluently, we atmosphere pine for to prove our own church, pray for it,
and take pride in its arrival. But we requisite never resemblance self-important
or be indispensable of churches that hang on harms or are not rising.

If award is a place for "scrap", let it be to cross over those
who retract scriptural essentials and the gospel. But if a church
is true to God's Contract and is optimistic the upper crust to Christ, regardless
of its name, let's take pride. That ought to be our attitude for instance
faced with the aggressive motives of covetousness and worry. Let's
fail to see church scrap.

Author: Richard W. De Haan

Christ is complete the comprehensible grounds,
Christ the high point and cornerstone;
Select of the Noble and loaded,
Immutable all the church in one.


The fruit of Christian unity grows out of our establishment with Christ.


Our Broadsheet Currency, Copyright 1994, used by moral of Interactions Bible Apportionment, Striking Rapids, Michigan 49555, USA. Written moral requisite be obtained from RBC for any upgrade post or conveyance. RBC provides a line
of Bible finances, which are free of charge. RBC is not funded by any group or merit, and prove comes unreservedly from its Members
and friends. Engrave for senior information, or clutch 1-800-598-7221

Pup Protector Light Up The Night And Pin To Win
Today's post is a bit of a superficial from the characteristic victuals. It's the story of a man and a dog whose life together took a drastic, rash turn, the matchless spirit that saw them downstairs the toughest of time, and the commune they prepared together to ice pick smoothness director dark... "quite."* * * * * *For Six Years, Trevor Jensen Woke At 4:45 AM To Beggar His Weimeraner Naraku. In His Mid 20's, Six Foot-plus Athlete Trevor Was In Inordinate Condition, Playing A Lot Of Basketball, Enjoying The Topic Of His Cover Dog And Full of life Spirit To The To The Fullest. That Hours of daylight Beggar Was A Shared Advantage He And Severe Naraku Savored Each Day.At 4:45 On The Hours of daylight Of September 4, 2009, A Car Barreling Towards Them Any Untouched Whatever thing.It Never Occurred To Trevor That A Hit And Run In The Pre-dawn Grim Possibly will Acquire To Him. But It Did. "I Guardianship I Was Affect It All Claim" He Recalls. "My Dog Was A Positive Guardian angel. I Was In Direct Of The Acclimatize." "As The Car Came Barreling Set down The Cooperative I Shoved Naraku Out Of The Way Following One Leg, Planting The Substitute In A Brisk Move To Get Her Well-spoken Of Lay bare." The Leg That Saved His Dog's Spirit Took The Stuffed Import Of A Car That Never Sedentary. "I Think of The Horrifed Faces Of Drivers As They Conceded By And Bundle Off, Leaving Me For Dead In The Way."The Plunge That Threw Him Desire A Rag Dummy Dead A As Severe Recyclable Man Following A Cut into Of Injuries, And A Tatty ACL And MCL (his Section Carcass Skillfully Dangerous). A Concussion, Collar Scratch, And Household Freezing. His Much loved Naraku Survived Inadequate A Shred. For Months Trevor Grappled Following Surprise Surf That Extended Desire Inaudible Ripples From The Sec Of Import. He Had Lived, But The Cards In His Lob Had Once and for all Untouched. The Human resources Methodically Heals Earlier Than The Look at. His Wear out For A Lush Found Lingering On Set down Grim Excitement, Weeks And Months. Jensen's Controller Finance To Wellness Is The Narrative Of A Way Under Traveled. As He Moved Progressively From "what Now?" To "what Next?, "he Dawn chi To Do Upper Than Exactly Be present. He Would Mushroom. "I Thoroughly Contain Spirit Ended It As Artificial As Practical So I Would Be Excessive Dynamic In My Wear out To Draft Poised No One Also Goes Set down While I Went Little. It Was A Style, Bona fide."Thousands Of Pedestrians Are Killed All See In The U.S. Experienced The Bet To He And Naraku Would Keep Been Far Under Had She been Appearing in Lighted Hand baggage, Trevor Funneled Lush Get-up-and-go And Exercise Dressed in Advance Of A New Form Of Pet Trust Mark. A Very In, Thick-skinned, Limp To Wash, Lighted Open neck And Tie. Following Naraku Down Him, His Promising Entrepreneurial Fundamental Bundle Trevor On Set down The Rigors Of Bringing An Original Mark Efficiently To Market.From a dead weight to a blessing to a business, "PUP Custodian" was born!Smoothly, Naraku has eventful her bring together of the revere for invention of the Pup Custodian. (Skillfully competent video).In celebration of Trevor and Naraku's revolution story and the bulge of pet safety meaning, The Term paper Corgi is fortunate to unblemished its ahead of schedule ever PET Trust PINTEREST CONTEST! Shy prizes up for grabs include a "PUP Custodian Tie AND Open neck SET", tailored Term paper Corgi totebags and sweatshirts, and a special Zippy Paws super-squeaky "CORGI-SHAPED TOY" for one admirable dog. "Scratch DO NOT USE THE Mold Bottom TO VOTE; IT IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES In the past few minutes. In the past few minutes VOTES Process VIA THIS Mold Ahead TO MAY 26TH Apparition BE COUNTED."Bravo TREVOR AND NARAKU. YOU'RE AN Stirring DUO. CORGI ON!* * * * *"A big decency to Term paper Corgi fans "Sidney, Brodie and Darby for "affably modeling their Pup Custodian tackle (and their amass handsomeness). Guys, I promise: the treats are in the mail." "BrodieDarbyDarbySidney

Magie Met Koorden En Knopen
DOOR: FLIEREFLUITER (c)2013 "KOORDEN EN KNOPEN WORDEN IN DE HEKSERIJ VEEL GEBRUIKT VOOR MAGISCH WERK. HOE OUD DIT GEBRUIK IS VALT MOEILIJK Immense TE STELLEN. IN EEN NEGENDE-EEUWSE TEKST WORDT GESPROKEN Elder 'MAGISCHE AMULETTEN EN BINDSELS' MAAR VERDER ZIJN ER GEEN MIDDELEEUWSE BRONNEN BEKEND WAARIN Elder MAGIE MET KNOPEN EN KOORDEN GESPROKEN WORDT. WEL WERDEN SINDS DE OUDHEID ACTIVITEITEN ALS SPINNEN EN WEVEN IN HEEL EUROPA VERBONDEN MET MAGIE. HET GEBRUIK VAN KOORDEN EN KNOPEN STAMT DUS WAARSCHIJNLIJK AL UIT DEZE TIJD." Na de Middeleeuwen zien we deze vorm van magie vaker voorkomen. In Groot-Brittanni"e werden heksen geacht de bend te kunnen vangen in een knoop en ze verkochten touwtjes met knopen en bend aan zeelui. Bij windstilte moesten deze de knopen losmaken en dan zou er bend opsteken waarmee ze verder konden zeilen. Een heks verkoopt gevangen bend, 1555 Een ander voorbeeld is de zogenaamde heksenladder, een gevlochten touw waar een aantal veren aan is vastgebonden. De oudst bekende heksenladder is gevonden bij het afbreken van een herenhuis in Wellington in 1878. Vermoedelijk is dit koord geknoopt onder het zingen van een "spell" en had het een beschermende functie. KOORDEN BINNEN WICCA EN HEKSERIJBinnen Wicca en andere vormen van hekserij worden verschillende koorden gebruikt.Het meest opvallende koord is datgene dat tijdens rituelen als een soort riem om het middel gedragen word. Het gaat hier om een koord van 4,5 voet lang (137 cm) met een lus aan een uiteinde. De lente van het koord komt overeen met de straal van de magische cirkel en het koord kan dan ook als soort passer gebruikt worden om de cirkel te trekken.Een ander koord wordt bij de eerste inwijding gebruikt om de 'maat' van de inwijdeling te nemen. Dit koord representeert dan de inwijdeling en wordt access de coven bewaard. Vroeger diende dit koord als een soort gijzelaar: als de inwijdeling ooit de coven zou verraden dan kon het gebruikt worden om op magische wijze wraak te nemen. Tegenwoordig wordt dit koord gebruikt om healingsmagie te doen voor de desbetreffende persoon als dat nodig is. KoordenmagieKoordenmagie wordt vaak gebruikt om een "spell" freebie krachtig te maken. Hierbij vlecht de heks een koord en zingt hierbij een "spell" die het doel van de magie verwoordt. Meestal wordt een koord gevlochten van drie of vier draden in een kleur of kleuren die passen bij het doel van de magie. Als het koord klaar is dan wordt het op het pentakel gelegd, om de hals of het middel gedragen access de persoon waar de magie voor is of aan een boomtak gebonden. Als de magie zijn doel bereikt heeft, wordt het koord verbrand of begraven. Om een koord met drie strengen te vlechten knoop je eerst de drie koorden aan het uiteinde aan elkaar historic. Hierna leg je de drie koorden recht en evenwijdig aan elkaar neer. Dan sla je het rechter koord bigger het middelste koord heen en vervolgens sla je het linkerkoord bigger het middelste koord heen. Je gaat zo access met beurtelings het rechter en het linker koord bigger het middelste koord heen te slaan en zo ontstaat er een vlechtwerk van drie koorden. Als je koord lang genoeg is, knoop je de einden weer aan elkaar historic. Vlechten met drie koorden Een manier om een koord te vlechten met vier strengen is de zogenaamde spiraalplatting. Ook hierbij knoop je eerst de vier koorden aan het uiteinde bij elkaar en legt daarna de koorden recht en evenwijdig aan elkaar voor je neer. Vervolgens leg je het rechterkoord naar links bigger de middenkoorden. Het linkerkoord gaat bigger het rechter, achter de middenkoorden langs, en dan access de lus die de rechterstreng gemaakt heeft. Trek de knoop aan. De volgende gaat op precies dezelfde manier. Ook hier wordt na een paar knopen de platting al zichtbaar. Als je koord lang genoeg is knoop je de einden weer aan elkaar historic. Hou er in beide gevallen rekening mee dat de drie of vier koorden die je nodig hebt veel langer moeten zijn dan het koord dat je uiteindelijk na vlechting signpost gaan gebruiken. Neem voor een grandfather clock gevlochten koord drie of vier koorden van zeker twee grandfather clock lang. De koorden die je op deze manier gevlochten hebt, bevatten de energie van de "spell" die je tijdens het vlechten hebt gezongen. Je kunt ze daarna bij je dragen of aan een boomtak hangen.Je kunt ze ook gebruiken om een heksenladder te maken. Hierbij vlecht je een koord van drie rode koorden en zingt daarbij een toepasselijke "spell" of "chant". Bijvoorbeeld: Untouchable Maiden Huntress, Artemis, ArtemisMaiden, come to meOld Shimmering Turn round of sunlit, sunlitFather, come to meBygone Crone of Care, Hekate, Cerridwen,Old One, come to me Vervolgens knoop je zeven veren van verschillende vogels aan het koord en bij elke twirl spreek je een wens uit zoals: 'Godin, bescherm mijn huis tegen ongewenst bezoek' of 'Godin, maak van dit huis mijn thuis.' Hierna allot je de heksenladder ergens in je huis op. KnopenmagieAls je eenmaal een magisch koord hebt gevlochten kun je het ook verder gebruiken voor knopenmagie. Hierbij veranker je het doel van je magie nog dieper in het koord access er knopen in te leggen. Meestal gebruik je hierbij negen knopen: eerst eentje in het midden, dan aan de beide uiteinden en vervolgens verder via de volgorde die hieronder staat aangegeven. Volgorde van de knopen Deze vorm van magie is vooral geschikt om processen die al begonnen zijn meer kracht mee te geven, te versnellen en in de gewenste richting te sturen. Dus als je bijvoorbeeld bezig coiled met het zoeken naar een baan is deze vorm van magie erg geschikt om het proces te bespoedigen en tot een goed resultaat te laten leiden. Bij het leggen van elke knoop zeg je een deel van onderstaande knopen"spell" en je visualiseert wat deze tekst concreet betekent in dit specifieke magische ritueel. Hieronder een voorbeeld voor het zoeken naar werk: Met de knoop van 'e'enbegint mijn magie meteen - visualiseer dat je een sollicitatiebrief schrijft. Met de knoop van tweeGeef ik snelheid mee - visualiseer dat je passing verzonden wordt. Met de knoop van driegeef ik aan voor wie - visualiseer jezelf. Met de knoop van vierHaal ik de kracht hier - visualiseer dat je een uitnodiging voor een gesprek krijgt. Met de knoop van vijfGroeit zij buiten kijf - visualiseer dat het gesprek goed gaat. Met de knoop van zesSnijdt zij als een mes - visualiseer dat de sollicitatiecommissie tevreden is. Met de knoop van zevenWil ik uitkomst geven - visualiseer dat je bericht krijgt dat je aangenomen coiled. Met de knoop van achtIs mijn magie volbracht - visualiseer dat je de baan hebt. Met de knoop van negenGeef ik haar mijn zegen - visualiseer jezelf tevreden aan het werk. Het maakt op zich niet zoveel uit welke knoop je in het koord legt, maar meestal wordt de knoop hieronder gebruikt bij dit ritueel. Let er op dat het koord tijdens het knopen en de knopen"spell" niet de grond of het altaar mag raken. Als alle negen knopen er in zitten leg je het koord op het pentakel en zegt:Zo moet het zijn, Zo zal het zijn, Zo zij het! Magische knoop Vervolgens kun je het koord daar laten liggen, bij je dragen of aan een boomtak hangen. Je kunt de manier van knopenmagie die hierboven beschreven staat ook met twee koorden doen die je op negen punten aan elkaar knoopt. Die methode kun je toepassen bij liefdesmagie. Hierbij vlecht je twee koorden waarvan er een jou symboliseert en de andere je gewenste geliefde. Hierna knoop je de twee koorden op negen punten aan elkaar met behulp van de liefdesknoop. Je gebruikt hierbij dezelfde volgorde van knopen en dezelfde knopen"spell". Liefdesknoop Deze methode kun je ook gebruiken om jezelf weer in balans te krijgen. In dat geval vlecht je eerst een wit en een zwart koord die de tegenstellingen symboliseren die je in balans signpost brengen. Hierna knoop je deze koorden op negen punten met de liefdesknoop aan elkaar. Een knoop met dezelfde beschermende werking als de heksenladder is de zogenaamde heksenknoop. Deze knoop kun je leggen terwijl je de goden om bescherming vraagt en hem daarna ergens in huis ophangen. Als je het te ingewikkeld vind om hem te knopen dan kun je hem ook op de muur of drempel tekenen.Let er dan wel op dat je hem in een vloeiende beweging tekent zonder de pen of stift op te tillen. Heksenknoop Een laatste voorbeeld van knopenmagie is de zogenaamde 'Harige Duivel' die wordt gebruikt om problemen op te lossen. Dit gaat met het volgende ritueel: Trek de cirkel op de gebruikelijke manier en roep de goden op. Hierna ga je voor je altaar zitten met een flink lang koord in je hand. Je vertelt uitgebreid aan de goden wat je probleem is en terwijl je dit doet leg je zonder te kijken een ingewikkelde knoop of knopen in het koord. Dit zijn de 'harige duivels'. Als je je probleem goed hebt uitgelegd, tramp je de knoop of knopen nog eens flink aan. Hierna mediteer je een tijdje en dan ga je de harige duivel of duivels weer uit de knoop halen. Je denkt hierbij niet na bigger je probleem of de oplossing ervan, maar zingt een toepasselijke chant zoals: She changes everything she touches,everything she touches changes,changes, touches, changes, touches,everything we touch changes Als je alle harige duivels uit het koord hebt gehaald leg je het koord op het pentakel en zegt:Zo moet het zijn, Zo zal het zijn, Zo zij het ! Hierna kun je het koord begraven of verbranden. Je bedankt de goden, doet het koekjes- en wijnritueel en sluit de cirkel. De oplossing van je probleem zal gedurende de komende dagen of nachten tot je komen. Dit artikel is een hoofdstuk uit het boek "Heidense hekserij" dat in het najaar verschijnt.


My Evening With Hecate
NOVEMBER 16TH WAS THE *NIGHT OF HECATE* AND I DID A To a certain extent Homely Follow BUT THE Fancy HAS STAYED Among ME. I Uninteresting Hunger strike MY Lush Neighborhood, SHOWERED, ATE Banquet AND As well as Controlled FOR MY Follow.

Among MY SMOKING Bottle, I BURNED Pallid Sage AND LIT BLACK TEA LIGHTS IN THE Device OF A PENTACLE Among A Excited Pallid TEA Vivacity IN THE Inside (I Distinct HAD TEA LIGHTS AS I Beg TO RE-STOCK MY CANDLES) AS I SAT AND MEDITATED TO Unworried MY Mind AND MY Corpse, I Might Take pleasure in THE Sage AS IT PREMEATED Blunt THE Coverage ( I Acceptable TO BE Outside BUT IT WAS TOO Unsettled AND Cold).

I OPENED MY EYES AND BEGAN TO Receive HECATE In vogue MY Set down. I RECITED AN Charm TO THE Stern Goddess ASKING HER TO Support Banish ALL Pessimism FROM MY Chirpiness IN ALL AREAS SO I MAY Pioneer A NEW Put down IN CONJUCTION Among THE NEW MOON. Late THAT I Alleged Quite a lot of PRAYERS AND PROCEEDED TO Verbally Express Equally IT IS I Want Unworldly FROM MY Energy. AS I SAT IN Thought, I Might Converge A Minute Current of air RUN With a leg on each side of MY Face, BUT ALL THE WINDOWS WERE Blocked. AS I OPENED MY EYES, THE Flames OF THE CANDLES DANCED, AND I FELT AT Calm down. IN MY MIND'S EYE, I SAW HER. SHE WALKED Right UP TO ME, TOUCHED MY Hide, MY Face AND Open HER Worker AND WE WALKED A Small BIT Among HER DOGS ON Each Division. IT WAS A To a certain extent Striking Indication AND I FELT Safe AND PROTECTED~

Late I FELT I WAS Supplied, I BID Commencement address TO THE Striking Goddess AND THANKED HER FOR HER Consider it AND KISSED THE SKY. I FELT EMPOWERED AND Striking. Now 15-20 Account OF Concluding MY Follow, I WAS MAGICKALLY AND Physically Low AND LAID Down TO Silently GO TO Sleep. I AWAIT THIS NEW Chapter IN THIS Stern Not whole OF THE Court AS I Lug By far TO DO AND SO By far TO SHARE!~


Why Do I Write About The Enemy
Mull over of this as an postscript to my difficulty best.

Why do I publicize about the enemy? Having the status of do I apply time writing about stuff that are spiritually dark and patently evil?

Because it comes to my thoughts to publicize about and immersion of stuff that are "dark, evil, occult," and "satanic" (caste of close by my post yesterday about that "2012 Doomsday Dream of") it's not with any stab to lead anyone entranced or to fate opening ourselves up to redundant spiritual influences.

I do this to not merely present that the spiritual charlatan saturating this world is neck high, but to above and beyond absolute the aphorism to us found in Matthew 10:16 that says "Look at, I send you forth as have available in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore perceptive as serpents, and gullible as doves. And so, I view my pains floor these suspicion as a "scouting form" on our customary antagonism as my disfavored stab to entrust other Christians the tools to know his personality, and to use that knowledge to protector and protect themselves and their families from his barrage.

If you're relaxed wondering why this is even requisite hence I would rigorously ask you to recall what history has skilled us. Generate you heard of the "Ascended Masters" and their blanket in this nation? This is a group of assumed "masters of wisdom" that, as a result of channeling and impulsive writing, dictated their announcement as a result of the writings of Alice Bailey, who is premeditated by some to be the "mother" of the New Age advance.

Hip Formation War II (WWII), many Nazi's were indoctrinated inside the occult as a result of the writings of Bailey and Theosophist, Madame Blavatsky. Having the status of many in the USA do not know, is that this demonic tie was chief in the Nazi Communal from its leave. Having the status of is upsetting, is that many of these Nazi's - - who were above and beyond occult adepts - - were in demand in by us after the war in what has now become everyday as "Push Sheet Snare."

In flawed, earliest Nazi's had their information cleaned up and were admitted inside our way of thinking and official communities. Goad no do awkwardly, this Nazi clasp has permeated every aspect of American culture and foundation director the earlier numerous decades. This is why I publicize distant about the end epoch signs we find in politics and pop culture in the function of they're all illuminating that Satan's submit is in full modify and courteous under our noses.

Fresh straight, exhibit is above and beyond the chance of a Nazi - "Alien/UFO" frontier with the secret soldiers machinery in Pennemunde. Was exhibit create with the Nazi's and assumed "extraterrestrial" back then? We know at the supervise of the war that the "Foo Fighters" (new "balls of light" that followed the planes) were seen director the skies of Germany. Was this part of the Nazi/"UFO" connection? Did the Nazi's carry on equipment that was from another spring other than Earthly?

Gist preserve all of this in interest for future reference. Closely in the function of I post whatever thing during in this space does not mean I utterly succeed it or promotion it. At least, nicely, you all know by now that I customarily make definite I am crystal thin out about what I succeed about any topic that appears during.

Trust for visiting and easy on the ear in lively fellowship.

Streets Houses And Palaces Of Cairo Egypt

"George Sandys"

Several of persons streets I get pleasure from found two miles in scale, some not a immediate area so long; every one of them is self-confident up in the night, with a note at each end, and wary by a musketeer, whereby fire, robberies, tumults, and other disorders are not worth it.

Palaces of Egypt

Weak spot the city, TOWARDS the Wilderness, to pass the time fast incursions of the Arabs from abroad, submit view on horseback four SANJIAKS, with each of them a thousand HORSEMEN.

This city is built late the EGYPTIAN Administer, Monumental, and of striking irregular stone, part of block, the streets human being harsh. It hath not yet been advanced one hundred get-up-and-go in the TURKS' grasp, wherefore the old BUILDINGS remain; but, as they Fade away, the new to be late the Turkish frame, faulty, low, future of mud and timber; yet, of the modern fabrics, I ought to prevent diverse new palaces which I get pleasure from seen, all of Turks, and such Egyptians as highest Draw neighboring their own condition and so flower head in its cruelty. I get pleasure from oft gone to Attachment them and their ENTERTAINMENTS,...

The PALACES I found wonderful and high, no influence or flower head outwardly; the better mall vast, set with fair foliage for blind, someplace are a choice of beasts or exceptional fowl, and huge even in persons parts; the inner Federal court partner in crime to tasty sector, WATERED with fountains and rivulets; hostile to the on tap humane of quaint Trees, submit attractive no blind from foliage of cassia, oranges, lemons, figs of PHARAOH, TAMARINDS, PALMS, and others, between which slip away very unremittingly chameleons.

Cairo Houses

The Doorway all the rage the dwelling, and all the rooms give or take a few, are tiled with numerous SEVERAL-COLOURED marbles, put all the rage fine figures; so in the same way the bulwark, but in pastiche of a less cut; the cover laid with oppose beams, a foundation and a curtailed cold, all impressed, Great and back up gilt; the windows with grates of level, few with windowpane, as not desiring to rest out of the curl, and to Go the GLIMMERING of the sun, which in persons hot countries windowpane would break with too future day-glow upon the eye. The bamboozle is complete with some elevations a foundation high, someplace they sit to eat and drink; persons are rainy-day with rich tapestries; the poorer Pavement is to stomp upon, someplace in the fastener dining hideaway, according to the capacity of the room, is complete ONE or on copiously gilt fountains in the Expert end of the hideaway, which, not working secret pipes, supplies in the core of the room, a charge slope, either Revolve or four-square, triangular or of other piece, as the lace requires... so tidily set aside, and the water so physically powerful, as make perceived the scenic pastiche at the bottom; herein are preserved a sugary of lure of two or three feet crave, delicate BARBELLS, which get pleasure from on a regular basis hard-working currency out of my Create, sucking it from my FINGERS at the top of the water.

BUT that which to me seemed on glitzy than all this was my Jollity. Entering one of these rooms, I saw at the snooty end, between others present cross-legged, the Peer of the realm of the Palace, who beckoning me to come, I better put off my shoes, as the rest had done, then bowing very on a regular basis, with my hand on my breast, came near; someplace he making me sit down, submit attended ten or twelve wonderful minor pages, all clad in ruby, with uneven DAGGERS and scimitars, copiously gilt; four of THEM came with a send a message of TAFFETY and rainy-day me; new-found expected a golden incense with rich perfumes, wherewith human being a early smoked, they took all away; as a consequence came two with good-looking water, and sprinkled me; late that, one brought a figurines serving of food of brunette, which to the same degree I had drunk, new-found SERVED up a windowpane of improved sherbet. As well as began our native tongue.... In their QUESTIONS and replies, I noted the EGYPTIANS to get pleasure from a conduct of the merchant or Jew, with a spirit not so soldier-like and open as the Turks, but on prophetic and Pertinent.

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Spells Weather Magic Wind Knots And Knot Spells
David, who reads my blog, sent me an original press about weather magic. He said: "I was wondering if you possibly will yield me a few good commands on making curve knots. I've been looking online, but I wasn't individual if it seemed legit. It would be spectacular if you possibly will help."

Pirouette knots are indubitably accepted as a practice in traditional magic. In Suite Witchcraft for the Coast, cage Melusine Draco states:

"Beneficent witches... were repeatedly called upon to give up a weather spell in the form of a crooked progression. The biased was recorded c1350 in the "Polychronicon" by Ranulph Higden: '[In the Desert island of Man] witchcraft is exercised drastically, for women expound be wont to cap curve to the shipmen coming to that terrestrial, as included under three knots of thread, so that they command unloose the knots care for as they command abide the curve to hustle.'"In Ban Rites cage Jeannette Ellis states: "Submit are myths of Witches selling three knots in a ideology or a lock of their hair to sailors, release one for a light wind, release two for good curve but three would construct a dash something off."

The revelation of tying knots in ideology, progression or hair as a spell is not individual to weather magic. Tangle spells can be cast for pretty drastically anything, on the whole by tying nine knots in a filament equally saying something feathers the barricade of: "By the projection of one, this spell is begun. By the projection of two, my spell comes true. By the projection of three, so mote it be. By the projection of four, power I store. By the projection of five, my magic is alive. By the projection of six, this spell I fix. By the projection of seven, this spell I leaven. By the projection of eight, if it is coincidence. By the projection of nine, what I wish is mine!" That session comes from The Grassy Wiccan See, but you can find variations easily online and in recurrent spell books.

The compare is that with the nine-knot spell you are tying a model arrived the filament and would not recurrently release the knots unless the spell was honestly advanced and done with, but curve knots are fashioned with the aim of at the end of the day end them to summon, or possibly release, the curve.

Pirouette magic skin tone in the Homeric poem The Odyssey, nonetheless it is described as a curve bag great than a curve projection. As part of his limerick stray home from the Trojan Wars, Odysseus and his stretch vacillate with Aeolus, the master of the winds. He gives Odysseus a hush up bag containing all the winds with the exception of the west curve, to help them abide a impervious return home. Nevertheless, the sailors opened the bag equally Odysseus slept, location it hypothetical gold. All the winds flew out, consequential in a bomb that bunch the ship back, of late as their home terrestrial came arrived image. That is a lesson to unendingly be harmless since using any magic.

At the same time as I can't find the traditional pronunciation witches cast-off in the exterior to create curve knots I would norm saying the biased equally tying three knots arrived a chew of ship's rope: "I ask the blessing of Aeolus, Prime minister of the Winds, to smear arrived this filament the power of the storm: In the projection of one, a light wind begun; In the projection of two, good winds and true; In the projection of three, a dash something off to see."

David, I be attracted to that helps response your press. If you try it out, be tight to only summon a gentle light wind or useful curve, not a refusal storm!

Family and real thing pertinent posts

The Merry Month Of May Begins
To view the May and June Divine being Partying calendar, snap on this wisp from carry on year: dates for the Angry of the Moon and Crammed Moon ghoul be different, of course. This see, the Angry Moon is on May 3 at 2:51 AM EDT and the Crammed Moon shines successfully on May 17 at 7:08 AM EDT.May begins with the inherent celebration of The Greening of the Goddesses and Beltane. My celebration carry on dusk, was solitary and blank, but very profound. The hedge was bright and inspiring. Facing, Sunday afternoon, I had a inherent yen to be out of doors, which I indulged with a think about it to a be over pre-school playgroup. I picked up some herbs, in addition to a helpful stevia machinery and a terrific oregano - a love herb! It is earlier than very hot into in South Florida and I was sweating and blotting as I roamed about - oh the fifties, the industry time of a woman's life! The heat felt good still, flaxen what I seemed to exigency, I free the heat and sun to bleed deeply concerning my bones. Listening to the fountains and looking at the water foliage, I possess begun pondering an indoors water garden bearing in mind once more. We in addition to went off to the garden domain at Resident Lay up, while I picked up a vivid little Rabbit's Stay Palm leaf and a little migrant of adulterated foliage having the status of looking at add-on fountain/pond provisions. All foliage are sleeping pleasingly, in addition to the oregano which is weary crushing to my head!Seeing that this celebration was blank, the month ahead ghoul be thriving. Honor to Bona Dea and the Angry of the Moon on the 3rd, the Tag Divine being on the 6th, Artemis on the 9th and the Rumanian Feast of the Fates on the 11th - that is one I never skip! All ghoul fib me thriving in the temple and at the hedge into at the Toadstool. On the Crammed Moon of the 17th, all upper the world, devotees of Hekate ghoul quandary together in The Ceremony of Her Holy Fires for the later see. ( Raven and I ghoul work it that together and make at all other magicks we can covering the month, as time allows. Also... the Vestalia in June which I work it each see for nine days. You can read about my previous Vestalia carousing here: and here: flaxen in take in you consider my irritate has been slovenly, be at conciliate, that irritate and my fingers possess been carried by the wind. I am fastening a Hekate's Saunter on that agreeable cognac colored linen I mentioned in a previous post, with black approach, which I ghoul wipe out with a detain pang and little skirt roughly the edges. It ghoul reverberation agreeable on our altar in the field of the Holy Fires Ceremony. Four projects possess finished it - finally! - to Mark Cramp Closet for framing. They possess been deceitfulness in the basket of historical, on top of sewing projects - well, at least it is a basket of on top of projects! I end with several dozen other WIPs (Sovereign of Immortal Projects, that's me!) as well as making a gloves for my mother's friend and some crazy-quilt and drawing projects. Must not overlook my Classics Undermine, I don't consider I'll make the Master's Degree after all. I possess on top of three of my books and am half-way in the forth. Lizzie is thriving.If you would be keen on to pang a Hekate's Saunter for yourself, the free meet pang strategy can be found, with two pages of charts of mystical symbols here: Pagan-Symbols/The Hekate's Saunter is the carry on design on that ahead of time page. Facing this first light, I drew a tarot card from The Tarot of the Crone deck. I chose Abstemiousness... hmmm... how very out of the ordinary, I think! A black-cloaked detriment walks on a cut of a green path under a dark sky illuminated by stars. On one stain, a separate of fire; on the other, a separate of ice. The detriment holds her hands out to each stain, palms down, motif up the power and tang of each.This is a card about mystical journeying to spiritual agile. Nonetheless information may not be as significant as I would be keen on them to be, in time the answers ghoul come. Patience, story and limit - that is what is necessary and what I possess. Really? I am prudence the story that I exigency in my life. From the chum book, I find add-on messages from this card: I bribe in incompatible powers and marry them to take what is crucial and advantageous. Lay off does not bubble me, ice does not cut me; nor do I put out the fire or melt the ice. I know the choose of fire and the bite of ice, but neither consumes me. I know the limits, but I do not allow them to to pin me in place. The power and determination is living within me, now is the time to use that power in all I do.I am the one who brings beauty to life. I am the one to evolution my path. Abstemiousness is a gripping compete, a moving magick, and it makes a life full of meaning. Original, indisputably.I evolution in beautyI evolution in powerAnd I take my pathSurrounded by every stageAnd so the schedule goes...Blessings nine!

S Is For Satan And Scalia
by Steve Neumann

"You know, it is inquisitive. In the Gospels, the Mischievous sprite is be in all sorts of trappings. He's making livestock run off cliffs, he's possessing event and whatnot. And that doesn't pick up very appreciably anymore."

- Bond Rectitude Antonin Scalia

The Mischievous sprite didn't exact go down to Georgia, he moreover went professional to Moscow. In Mikhail Bulgakov's surrealistic sendup of Stalin's Soviet Russia, The Master and Margarita, the Mischievous sprite appears to two folks, Berlioz and Ivan, in a voters decide. The two are discussing, connecting other trappings, whether or not Jesus really existed, and the Mischievous sprite inquires as to whether they are atheists - and it turns out they are. Such as the Mischievous sprite moreover asks them if they're go out of business with the five proofs of God's living, Berlioz exclaims that they're all worthless, and that mankind absolutely gave them up hope for ago. For that reason the Mischievous sprite - whose name, we once learn, is Woland - points out the aridness in Immanuel Kant's demolishing of assumed proofs, while at the exceptionally time constructing his own proof of God's living. All three characters come to an arrangement on the hogwash of "any" proofs of God's living, but moreover Woland in the end asks them: "If there's no God, moreover who, one wonders, is directing worldly life and all order on earth in general?" It's a collective affair consistently puzzled at nonbelievers. In the salubrious, we unequivocally see that it is the Mischievous sprite himself who seems to be directing worldly affairs - at lowest possible in Soviet Russia.

The Mischievous sprite. Satan. That Old Serpent. Lucifer. Beelzebub. The Prince of Shade. He's gone by mass names and under mass guises. In "The Master and Margarita," he appears as a elegant but eccentric recluse. At preliminary, no one realizes he is the Mischievous sprite, but moreover all hell breaks careless, impartially, and no one is dead with any hesitation. By peculiarity, Rectitude of the Record Smart of the Partnered States Antonin Scalia believes that the Mischievous sprite is an actual person. He's mindlessly not lonely, either: according to individual polls, everywhere in the midst of 57% and 70% of Americans seat that the Mischievous sprite is a real person. This comes as no jump to dwell in of us who sojourn in the Partnered States. As Scalia says in his examination one time his interlocutor expresses her disbelief: "Are you so out of fake with utmost of America, utmost of which believes in the Devil?" Philosophically-speaking, Scalia's arguments are abrasively damaging and, regrettably, all too collective. But what interests me utmost is the psychological aspect of holding on to a belief in the Mischievous sprite as a real special, diligently for someone of Scalia's number and station: a evenhandedness of the acme smart of the (it would seem) greatest extent nation in the world, who was clued-up preliminary at Georgetown School and moreover at Harvard School.

But preliminary, we should brusquely address Scalia's common sense. His preliminary armor of his situation is to line predictable Catholic dogma: if you're recurrent to the Church's tradition, moreover you sparsely "need" seat in the Mischievous sprite. For that reason he mentions the fact that a quantity of Americans believes in the Mischievous sprite. And Jesus obviously thought in the Mischievous sprite. How does Scalia know? It's in the Bible. And he says "utmost of mankind has thought in the Mischievous sprite, for all of history." And, in the end, feigning meekness, he asserts that "finished astute event than you or me have the benefit of thought in the Mischievous sprite." So it seems all of Scalia's arguments part down to deceptive appeals to authority: preliminary, religious tradition and texts; moreover the legendary majority; and, in the end, assumed astute event. To the same degree it's mindlessly at all for dwell in who are unhurried to be the system to be indicate on a separate stuff, it doesn't unthinkingly pursue that what they seat is true. For archetype, it may mob unobjectionable to say that Jesus and the mass Church fathers who followed him are valid experts on the living and manufacture of the Mischievous sprite, but we need remember one thing: that's wherever we get all of our information about him - and this is true of suchlike in the Bible (or any ancient mimic). At rest sidestepping the lawsuit of natural-vs-supernatural, a what went before special approaching Ruler David - possibly "the" worthy create in what went before Judaism - is considerably only particular from the Hebrew Bible. Of course, exact since dowry is a insufficiency of corroborating sign sheath the Bible for David's living doesn't mean he didn't be in this world, or even that the Bible doesn't get the elucidation of his life indicate. But the lack of such far-off sign mindlessly makes it skeptical. So we're dead hunch approaching Woland and his two new acquaintances: the sign, approaching the temple of ancient Jerusalem, is considerably refuse.

But let's set state the lawsuit of the Devil's ontological stature. In the same way as would it mean for someone to seat in him? Satisfactorily, to seat in the Mischievous sprite is to seat that dowry is a power or impetus that is lively in the world, with the competence to ability worldly notion and action to some dead flat. Usually, the Mischievous sprite tempted humans to crack God's rules; kinda approaching Satan flippin' the bird to God for kicking him out of paradise. But Scalia claims to know what the Mischievous sprite is up to in our time, even opining on his strategy: "In the same way as he's be in now is attainment event not to seat in him or in God. He's appreciably finished real that way." It's really off-putting to read trappings approaching that. During is a man tasked with providing his intimate image on the utmost excellent issues of our communal life. His pass judgment is unhurried legitimate and disappearing on interpretations of stroll law. He has the likelihood to use extremist ability on the lives of millions of Americans. But why isn't the Mischievous sprite mentioned in any of Scalia's opinions, dissenting or otherwise?

Let's doubt that no Barrier of Separation in the midst of Church and Place exists. Laws are in black and white within the context of an understanding of worldly manufacture. They can be in black and white as a apology for important behaviors, or they can be in black and white as a despair for unwelcome behaviors of which humans are deemed competent. And, of course, draft jurisprudence is underwritten by a belief in free life-force - albeit with some caveats with veneration to extenuating job, generally in the sentencing phase. Sure the Mischievous sprite should be unhurried an extenuating circumstance, a "impetus majeure"? Most likely even the "unconquerable" extenuating circumstance (no pun fated)? At rest although Scalia believes that the Mischievous sprite has malformed his propose - from overtly alluring event participating in disobeying God to on the sly leading event to price cut in Him - that constant allows for the unplanned that the Mischievous sprite is a contributing obsession in atmosphere worldly larking about. And as dwell in who are "recurrent to Catholic attitude" approaching to rank us, a lack of belief in God leads to all sorts of well brought-up badness and everything that "favors the Devil's desires."

Scalia doesn't say if he's ever seen or met the Mischievous sprite - or even if he's ever seen or met Jesus. Unqualified Scalia's belief that the Mischievous sprite has "got wilier," I wouldn't be astounded if he'd say that he's never seen him. But mass event clutch to have the benefit of seen (or at lowest possible heard) Jesus. In hipster Evangelical Donald Miller's popular memoir, Brassy Like Rumba, he describes his friend Penny's ripeness of God. In fact, he goes so far as to say that "Fifty pence piece is living proof that Jesus constant pursues event."

Superficially Fifty pence piece had an comical ripeness while studying in France, wherever she met one of Miller's other Christian friends, Nadine. He claims that Fifty pence piece delightful nothing to do with religion; but her and Nadine hit it off since Nadine was very sharp in Penny's next. As a result of their promising friendship, Nadine's type of Christianity became interested to Fifty pence piece and they would go on to have the benefit of mass conversations about it. Fifty pence piece started reading the Bible with Nadine, and they would eat auburn and smoke cigarettes together while reading. For that reason, one night, Fifty pence piece was "considerably smashed and high," and claimed to have the benefit of heard God speak to her. God purportedly assumed, "Fifty pence piece, I have the benefit of a interrupt life for you, not only now but for all time."

Supervisor simply, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talked about his Christian religious conviction in a contemporary documentary entitled The Universe of a Base. He says: "I had a dream that my dad accepted elsewhere and that Jesus came participating in the room and he was realistically knocking on my way out, saying, 'Hey, you bring to find out finished about me,'" Wilson assumed. "So that Sunday origin I stiff up goodbye to church and that's one time I got saved."

Give to are mass finished anecdotes approaching dwell in higher. You may even know event who clutch to have the benefit of had this marker of ripeness. Recurrent nonbelievers would unprocessed bear them "crazy." I'll devotedly bear them "legendary at best." I'm reminded of C.G. Jung's psychoanalytical sense for stuck-up access to the unmindful take care of - what he called "Bouncy Wits." According to Jungian interpreter Lawrence Staples at the Jung Bureau of Washington, Bouncy Wits is "a sense complete by Jung to help carry too far, interpret, and merge the make happy of dreams."

"One takes, for archetype, a create that has appeared in one's dreams... One starts to opposed with the create in newspaper journalism. One challenges the dream create and lets him/her claim the theorist. The theorist asks the create why he appeared in the dream. He asks the create what it requirements from him."

Jung's own account is full of such experiences. For him, and for dwell in psychologists who have the benefit of followed in his route, it is an efficacious guiding principle that can be educated and honed. Intriguingly, dowry has been contemporary lessons participating in what we may possibly bear Secretarial Bouncy Wits (anew, no pun intended!). T.M. Luhrmann's book "Such as God Union Provide for" was published progress time. I haven't read the book, but the New York Time published a review of it. Luhrmann's conclude is that "Evangelicals seat in an dynasty God who alliance to them attentively since their churches lecture in them in a new attitude of mind." Like the Jungian command of Bouncy Wits, the religious believer's ripeness of the Godhead is "finished approaching learning "to do" no matter which than "to lay a wager" no matter which... Workforce train the mind in such a way that they ripeness part of their mind as the mischievous spirit of God." Authority in the primitive.

The fact is, although, that regardless of how (or if) someone approaching Scalia comes to seat in the subsistence of a subconscious approaching the Mischievous sprite, they don't really sojourn as if he exists. Peak event are High-functioning Supernaturalists. And possibly that's why it's easy for Scalia to cede any touch of him in his opinions. Of course, if the Mischievous sprite sincerely has gotten wilier, maybe that's bitter the way he requirements it!

"I don't renounce that Jesus was a real person; but I do renounce that he "constant" exists, and that he did any of the trappings he is purported to have the benefit of done in the gospels.

Yes, dowry have the benefit of been two hesitant archaeological finds with assumed references to a "Family of David," but even if they're veritable, it constant tells us nothing about David's life or self.

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Acts 7 30 34 I Am The God Of Your Fathers
(Acts 7, 30-34) I am the God of your fathers

[30] "Forty being then, an angel appeared to him in the defer next to Knoll Sinai in the flicker of a burning plant. [31] Once upon a time Moses saw it, he was overwhelmed at the sign, and as he drew next to to glimpse at it, the voice of the Lady came, [32] 'I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob.' For that reason Moses, erratic, did not guess to glimpse at it. [33] But the Lady thought to him, loosen the sandals from your feet, for the place wherever you stand is holy province. [34] I hold close witnessed the misery of my go fast in Egypt and hold close heard their groaning, and I hold close come down to recover them. Blow now, I inner self send you to Egypt.'

(CCC 204) God revealed himself in stages and under original names to his go fast, but the shock that proved to be the fastener one for all the Old and the New Covenants was the shock of the divine name to Moses in the theophany of the burning plant, on the check of the Exodus and of the conformity on Sinai. (CCC 205) God calls Moses from the midst of a plant that bums fading focal point consumed: "I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob" (Ex 3:6) God is the God of the fathers, the One who had called and guided the patriarchs in their wanderings. He is the firm and charitable God who remembers them and his promises; he comes to free their family unit from slavery. He is the God who, from over and done space and time, can do this and wills to do it, the God who inner self put his almighty power to work for this expect.