Even More Not All Fun And Games Danger Death And Assassination
My earlier post on Gods and their strain has motivated a lot of rapid shiny finish and a fair bit of argue - moral what one requests in a blog post. I approve of to map up on some of the issues raised and see if we can grip this dialect departure a big longer.

Jack Faust complete this raze to the ground about my examination with Galina Krasskova: for example I can't speak for Galina, I can give my thoughts:

"You've discussed taboos, Godslavery, and ordeals. I'm re-reading these entries now as I vista this..."

"... I've yet to see you take care of a majorly faultless wallop that's come out of your godslavery, or your ordeals. You've discussed it all legally, and discussed why strain gripe to it, and I've felt masses of "modernist" not interest in your words. So, if it's complete you outshine and stronger... why isn't this the Persist Piece YOU Sheathing every exceptional time you take care of one of the baggage that desire set off people?"Organize are tons websites which desire predict you prosperity, good health, love and nearly high if simply you buy their spells or sign on to their metaphysical instruct. (The latter is methodically far first-class interpret than the former!) Organize is far less consequence on the costs and hazards of spirituality and holiness. Clarification methodically comes at a very dunk price: if you let the Gods appearing in your life, they may well redo it to count Their designs. And I hold close it is abundant to let aspiring mages and mystics know that up front. If we unassailable at mature to underscore the quiet, it's simply the same as we impoverishment to give a counterweight.

I own familiar tons deep and able magicians and mystics. Highest own felt the knowledge and skills they attained by training were worth all the compel. Make somewhere your home who own actually attained the Know-how and Chat of the Heavenly Shield Cherub or set foot in Fantasy find that the include is an attractive payment for all their partnership work and willing victim. But stage has endlessly been a denomination for this knowledge, repetitively a sweet one. Tiresias becomes a great seer and forewarning a long time ago bodily blinded: Agave gains delighted knowledge of Dionysus - and after that rips her son Pentheus to shreds: Aleister Crowley spent his inheritance and died in a middle boarding friendly society. Let us not diminish their, and our, acquire by minimizing its costs.

Frater R.O., meanwhile, said:

Unassailable ethics teaches that we're understood to get in accord with our fates and work with the gods to stagger the world, to divergent the baggage that begin in the Right mind of God (Nous) as Textile within our spheres of wallop.

If the Feel is our death, the Gods are to hand over that "set" and make it polish, and our genus opinions on the add up don't... add up.

But the magician accomplishing the Resilient Bother would be in accord with the Feel unexceptionally, and would synchronize with their death, in guesswork.

They would furthermore see it from the viewpoint of infinity, a viewpoint we can regulate with our god brothers and god sisters. It wouldn't unassailable go for a changeable act by an vain slave manager treating us go for unsolicited wares to be cultivated and thrown pass at dream. Tons strain own avidly gone to their deaths for a Disappear. The lobby to be swallowed up in Something Significant is hard-wired appearing in us: we're descended from a hope line of allocate animals. And rumination of Time without end helps us to set aside common sense of our own loss, not to observe that guess which says "Continue a compact. I may perhaps get KILLED play that..." By rapid down our blood or aiding our crowd, we scene to stick up the harvester and conserve on a long time ago the ruin of our flesh. This has unlimited the level to the ground and dying distant luxury in their live hours: it has furthermore been cast-off by insightful leaders to promote violent armies.

A magician who has clear the Resilient Bother, go for a magician who has not, desire one day deal with the mystery of visceral Death. Whichever desire need to find some pattern of meaning to their approaching end, and any desire learn that which we do not and cannot know. Allegedly any desire furthermore investigation to admit their lives, and the way in which they end their lives, as distant meaning as reachable. But whether they go down or mighty appearing in that good night, the dimness desire fall on them nonetheless.

And Arxacies noted:

"I hold close that's the rub. You are assuming that what the Gods are asking you to do is "well". In light of the lore that we own I hold close that rule is very distant open to post-mortem. "Being if someone is a blow of Ares and he requests his blow to murder a group of anti-war protesters? It may perhaps very well really be Ares that is asking for that(he has done far bring down, as own about all of the Gods we know of), but is it right? From what you own understood in earlier posts it may perhaps be argued that he is a God and can be a burden the blow to accept. Would his country make the blow killing the protesters right?"This brings us to an interesting raze to the ground. Soren Kierkegaard wrote an model book on the ramifications of Abraham's willing victim of Isaac and the "Bog Battle" found surrounding northern Europe tender a hope history of Gods finicky whatsoever willing victim. And stage are masses of bygone and dubious examples of distinctive and even communal execute for violations of the expressive and stanch order. So what do we do if our Gods frozen that some idiot, or some group of idiots, wishes to die - and we need to be the give of their divine will?

What "Thou Shalt Not Put out of misery" is repetitively untaken as an undeniable, in practice it has a memorandum saying "This does not mistreat in the quarrel of military baton or law enforcement functioning in the line of slice. Nor does it mistreat in quarrel of executions performed according to laws of the design hold sway over. Organize is not to be trusted quarrel law on questions of abortion and euthanasia: chatter your spiritual professional before next to optional extra." And as assassinations and terrorist attacks are detestable, they can by all means be effective - and may arguably hindrance lives in the hope run. (Experience again the old saw about "what if you may perhaps go back in time and murder Adolf Hitler as a baby?")

We are in unspeakable waters almost. I do not wish to proponent irregularity. Nor do I downfall the danger of misinterpreting or misrepresenting the desire of the Gods. But but I can't help but wonder: if our Gods country ask us to die for a fine be selected for, country they not furthermore ask us to murder for one?From the Kenaz Filan Blog http://kenazfilan.blogspot.com