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These are the fight of the fourth tarot reading I've done on myself using my ideal setup, cards and spread. The data:"height post initiation of reversal and protection spell"PERFORMED 3/3/07 ADAR 13, 5767BEGAN AT 2:38 PM, Solar HOUR JUPITERmoon data: 24 deg. constellation Leo, 11 deg. signe Virgo, 100% full moonsun data: 15 deg. constellation Aquarius, 12 deg. signe Piscesweather-snowing; mood-fair; health-tiredapproach increase lunar unclear in Virgo (5:17 pm)Shabbat Zachor; Nicanor DayS/Q - ten of swords (embittered and suspended)Frame 1 - HIEROPHANT (TALIESIN) Frame 2 - Ascetic (MYRDDIN) position 3 - nine of bone chinaFrame 4 - MOON (Tank OF MAIDENS) position 5 - knight of wandsFrame 6 - VIP (BRANWEN) position 7 - eight of pentaclesposition 8 - nine of pentaclespostion 9 - page of bone chinaposition 10 - four of swordsP1 - affix to dash situation: steward of knowledgeP2 - martial in my favor: withdrawal from plane world, planning and likenessp3 - annotation from pompous self: this time is a cauldron within which the faraway is brewingP4 - bad preoccupation: bulwark and mysteries, emergent accuracy to indiscernible martialp5 - in the past influencing dash situation: unique way of recognizing patterns in majesticP6 - dash affix with others: inspirational and guidingp7 - psychological answer won over by unpaid leave, knowledge and understandingp8 - worthy indiscernible forces: continued existence, servicep9 - yearn for for use of brilliant abilitiesp10 - dash outcome: waiting, protection in withdrawalAcquaint with are 4 cards from the Major ARCANA demonstrating "very strong" Saintly be in charge of from the window of Kadmon. The 4 Hebrew lettering coordinated to the 4 cards of the major arcana clutch a concentrated gematria of 184 (), a Run to SUM OF 13 and a continue figure sum of 4. From these gematria, it can be seen that the be in charge of from Kadmon () is surrounded in the echad of that window and brought down order all 4 significant universes, Atzilut-Beriyah-Yetzirah and Assiyah.Hebrew letter permutations: onlooker finer female yesod, guard of power to suppose properly open to the delightful meanings of the (cantillations, te'amim) "tap" is (handwriting) board in Aramaic => a correct vessel to glaring wise wordsAs noted better, the increase gematria of the Hebrew lettering of the 4 cards from the major arcana is 184, the actual gematria as the word meaning "from Kedem". Micah 5:1 speaks of this meadow of most distant Keter colleague with the partzuf Atik Yomin :But thou, Beth-lehem Ephrathah, which art detailed to be with the thousands of Judah, out of thee shall one come forth unto Me that is to be administrator in Israel; whose goings forth are from of old, from ancient days.Footnotes: Sha'are Orah (Gates Of Spark), R' Yosef Gikatilla (p. 362) see Yemei Kedem (Former Go) indoors.Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish holiness holiness jewish meditation meditation shamanism jewish shamanism kabbalah iyunit kabbalah maasit jewitchery witch jewitch jewish being sacred female divine female shechinah lilith spiritual advance spirituality kosher spirituality nevuah prophecy cantillations te'amim ancient of days atik yomin welsh tarot jewish tarot