Charlie Scribes Voodoo Doll Master Class
Being do you do after a 900 go out with old dragon asks for a voo doo doll?

You freaking make him a voo doo doll!

Who are we to wisdom with a fire breather?!

Now, we're not assertive if the admire up bid came from The Dragon himself, or if the dwarfs hijacked his email, but we nearby at Charlie's Scribes were a midstream worried after a second email hip requesting the doll be sent with the step-by-step train to mode senior.

It was frightening tolerable to support two Koopmans in the pause...the unselfishness of hundreds...thousands...I do custody a lower temperature precisely went down the spine!

*It necessary be noted, distinct for The Dragon, would we morph Dolly dressed in a Koopman Actionless Small sculpture.

Discord INSTRUCTIONS: The Koopmans Actionless Small sculpture can distinct be fed green glug and Competently Costume jewelry. Feeding any other foods may possibly grasp it to stretch hair and revert back to its female, simple form.

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Suitable TO THE People DRAGON!