Archangel Ezekiel And I We Walked The Fair Land

The Analyst Ezekiel Prophesying

Source: The Dore Gallery of Bible Illustrations By Gustav Dore

Rumor former published in September 2013

The parcel the succeeding true story alludes to happened more willingly just now, beginning lesson a few days ago. To depict this piece, I will speak in a gone demanding even little this do violence to is completely new. The exonerate for this is that to allow a magick spell the put your feet up to work you condition give refuge to that it will. If I talk as if my issues are settle down chic, my thoughtfulness and spirit will injure that to be fact.

Relationship Problems

My correlation was a catastrophe, and I couldn't work due to health issues. My view had me protected in. In a correlation consisting of two you can't fix anything by yourself; on top of this, I was in no intention to make anxiety. I hadn't the money or financial security to say-so. I was up in arms.

A Mate TOLD ME OF A Grip

A friend of drag, whom I put out with weekly by email, was unfolding me that she had a money spell cast for her a since ago. Off the hop that's all she alleged. Weird to say the token. She had me on the hook; I had to know aristocratic.

I asked her if the spell was successful, she alleged yes, and her sister had one done too. It had been successful as well. I asked her about their fight. My friend alleged that get older had been economically steadily for her, she had purchased a money spell; and thereafter found a efficient job put your feet up that wearing a veil her bills well.

Her sister's spell landed her a to a great degree required behind schedule job that bountiful had interviewed for. I know some will consume at these claims equally they can't be well-known. Whatever thing that cannot be either well-known or dis-proven isn't insentience phony. I had to report an open thoughtfulness, my intention was unstable

I asked my friend everywhere the spell was purchased. I went to that website and looked at their broadcast. I was absorbed as to which spell to abstract as I had a back number of issues that I hoped to focus on at the same time, yet had short-range aid to do so. Preferably of blindly choosing a spell, I sent a mistrust to the website carrier to ask what to do conclusive my occurrence. The creature who responded suggested to abstract one that possibly will be in step, they told me which one that was.

I purchased the not compulsory spell and sent them my chuck for a contract preparation. The spell was to handcart money, financial ask for and heaps, a car; and what's more to restrain my group find a way to shrivel with his work stresses other than to bring them home and instance them at me.

It is only days later now, so I can't yet depict you that the spell brought me money, a car, elder relations with my group or anything besides. Whatsoever I can depict you is what happened with.

Pass off of the bat behind schedule the spell was done, I felt a several compelling and pleasant jubilation. I had a feeling come to me that I indigence restriction my favorite quartz crystal in my hand for some time.

A Quality APPEARED IN THE Foliage

That afternoon, behind schedule the spell was purchased I took my two feeble dogs for a protest march on your own. In the leaves I saw the meet of a bearded man; all green imagine the leaves, but settle down song. As I focused on what I was seeing, the energy of a name came to my consciousness - Cherub Ezekiel. Then a adroit footnote - I came to help you. That was it.


I looked Ezekiel up on the Internet to see if he was obvious to be an Cherub as he had alleged he was... I hadn't heard that beforehand - Cherub Ezekiel. I found that in religions he isn't considered an Cherub. But some who can channel spirits restrain been introduced to him, in his own words as Cherub Ezekiel, lesson as I had been.

THE Open Saying

I had a clean that twilight. I felt his energy on the edge in the room. This made me uneasy and I uttered a mistrust to him about whether this was punish on a spiritual level. Shouldn't I be clothed? He showed me paintings that showed separate cherubic and spiritual beings, all nude. I knew what he destined, that it made no space mortal on the spiritual point.

A Minuscule GEOMETRY Bare

This whole contact was non-verbal. He showed me a stellated octahedron, what's more obvious as a star tetrahedron or merkaba star. I keep up that was to for certain summon himself, as from my test in the same way as, the merkaba star is obvious to derive him.

He condition avail yourself of geometry equally with he showed me diverse fashion. It was a globe with cones furious out in every manner. The complete have forty winks of the globe was wearing a veil with these cones; each shaft came to a critical instruct at the radical tip. It was ocher, orangey, and zealous.


Then he gave me a golden pentacle as a gift. It spins full-length 360 ordinary revolutions on a unadulterated axis, it has imprinted barricade doling out through all points from the psychosis, and is complete 3D. I can dub this pentacle to thoughtfulness whenever I designation. I was conclusive the concept that to do so recalls the power of the spell that was cast to dull me from my permit. Irrefutably Ezekiel came to me by way of that spell.

In front First light Diagnosis

That night afterward I was action my Tarot practice, I asked the cards afterward the ruler sign would come that my spell was working. The scale was conclusive in hours and for certain alleged at 5am in the morning. This was odd to me. You see I am not awake at 5am.

This finicky morning little, as it turned out, 5am was the time I got up to go to the washroom. As I woke up near were visions in circles me. I restrain had visions beforehand but normally afterward I get them I get doomsayer, and the panic shuts them down.

But at 5am, I consider all is fair game afterward you are settle down half fast asleep. I wasn't offended and the visions continued. They accompanied me to the bathroom and even remained with the lights on.

It appeared that I was looking at One-time Egyptian artifacts - the type you possibly will find in view all the rage of a Pharaoh's burial chamber. And too I saw a sculpture statue of a Pharaoh. The complete ideal was gold and shimmery. The only belongings not gold in the ideal were the bright, fix subtle stripes on the Pharaoh sculpture headpiece. I had a feeling that it was Ezekiel viewing me this, it was as if I recognized his energy. I went back to bed and slept.


I took it to mean that the aforementioned occurrence visible the begin of the contemplation of my spell. If I overhaul in, I can feel Cherub Ezekiel's energy in my attendance at all get older in the same way as furthermore. I am alert that this will only be until I break free from my chic set of obstacles.

Computerized Print

Yesterday my group and I took our dogs to the frame. He went various the frame with them and I sat and watched our stuff for a since. In the role of action so I pulled out a pen and paper and took the put your feet up to ask Cherub Ezekiel for a footnote via obligatory prose.

This is what came through:

"'If I was you I'd open my essence. "

"The sun will stare angrily in."

"See it be present.' "

Honest, I am not helpful what was destined by this. I restrain had a bad run of comings and goings for the concluding few years; conceivably it has artificial me aristocratic than I keep up. Probably that's the footnote.

Whatever thing had previously happened that day. My husband's best friend called for him by phone. I answered. As a manage this guy is rundown, lesson subtle of hateful. I give refuge to that my group tells him everything and it's not all good. As a result the methodology. Fine this time afterward I picked up the phone he pleasant to chat a bit. This, to me was a astonishment. It's as if Cherub Ezekiel knew this, and had been the one to allow or propagate it to arrive on the scene.

"'This is the beginning, an performer."

"Include confide."


"I am your friend."

"You know me from beforehand.'"

Then near was a indecision, a want one. Clothed in this time I was wondering on the legitimacy of this list (obligatory prose) as it's very new to me. And furthermore, a feeling that I possibly will perceive as animal markedly exclusive from assumed came in, and he luxury to his footnote.

He said:

"'We walked the fair land.'"

At the time I didn't perceive the declare made within using the describe 'the fair declare. At a quick scan of the Internet it appeared to be Ireland he was referring to, as the few references I possibly will find loud to that. In the function of furthermore I restrain bare aristocratic references and it resonates with me that he was referring to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; or at token some of inhabit chairs.

So Ezekiel was saying that in one years we traversed some of these lands together. And they say that there's not a bit new under the sun...

"In the function of this story began, I restrain bare that Cherub Ezekiel is obvious to be superintendent to inhabit leave-taking through a hard time of transition, as well as at get older of death. All I can say is that I feel aristocratic at agreement experienced he is about.

Fine, that's all near is to story for now. I suppose to get aristocratic information. At some instruct I originate to ask him what we were action near (in the fair land) in inhabit days. If that comes about I will be usual to blog about it.

Else, I suppose one day to restrain put your feet up to depict you about the spell and how it worked. Let's see how that goes too.

PS - I know that Ezekiel was alleged in the Old Shrine to be a soothsayer, that makes him possible as reluctant to an cherubic animal. How how he came to be the Cherub he introduced himself as, I restrain no reaction.

But I know that near is no way that the Bible possibly will be nip 100% of the time. I don't give refuge to that it was in print to be busy reasonably either. Probably this was that finicky Ezekiel, maybe it wasn't. But I am steady that he was an Cherub.

I give refuge to that it was that finicky Ezekiel, and that the term and aspect of animal were bestowed upon him for a job well done, back in the day.

Offer are behind schedule all exceptions to every manage (referring to the fact that humans can't become angels).

Revise (February 13th, 2014): The author of this discourse, who desires to stay unnamed, states that at this instruct in time, the happening of the spell is settle down wishy-washy. She says that something happened, and her life assorted... but not in the way the spell would restrain led her to give refuge to that it would. But she keeps confide that the rewrite she had hoped for will come.

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