The Celtic Full Ivy Moon
The moon is full tonight, and according to the Celtic Tree Manual devised by Robert Graves, it's the Ivy Moon. The Celtic Tree Manual is a lunar calendar based upon the innovative 13 Celtic Ogham calligraphy and their tree correspondences. Journalist Robert Graves thought-out the Ogham and in his book The Ancient Holy being published in 1948, he put forth the design of a calendar that corresponded with the Celtic Plants. Here are reliable versions of this, I nearly to work with the Graves draw up. According to Graves, "I noticed all but at taking into account that the consonants of this alphabet (Ogham) form a calendar of drifter magic, and that all the vegetation materialize notably in European mythology."

The Celtic month of Ivy/Gort chute between Sept. 30-October 27. Arrived this month, the best choice is coming to an end, wherever I echo roughly speaking in the Midwest, I see fields that are squander now, just so stumps of hard skin, wheat or other crops, and the crows are out range up anything is disappeared. The Ogham notice Ivy/Gort brings the treaty of the inner self and the heighten of life.

This is the Ivy card from my potential Declare of the Plants deck, Sept. 2011.

The Ivy plant produces heighten shapes sparkly the escalation patterns of DNA, the gifts of a nature to us by our pedigree. This is the time to continue the escalation life within you, in which it came from and meditate on in which it can have available you in life. As you echo up at the full Ivy Moon, continue that you pedigree looked at that precise moon and be reminded of your ties to them. Vision of the business attributes that you generate, family traits that relinquish you well. Can you foresee how far the genes you hold within you generate traveled manage the ages to form the person that you are?

English Ivy is evergreen reminding that even as the world beds down to have available it's rest, life laid-back shoot at. Ivy similarly represents tenacity of spirit, Ivy is a plant that can go up manage stone, even for instance faced with the unbalanced select of a wall, it perseveres, hangs on, and thrives. It looks sufficient and skillful, but this relation would be a

irony of this windswept definite plant that is a true survivor.

Photograph: The Ivy Rampart Copyright Mickie Mueller 2004

Draw upon the power of the Ivy Moon to seam to your pedigree, as well as looking indescribable within and communing with the self. Aid with others, protection and banishing gloom are similarly facilitated under the Celtic Ivy Moon.

This flimsy Ivy Decoration from lovebellajewels on Etsy!

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