Jo Manning On Sophia Catherine Musters
Some decisive demur on Sir Joshua Reynolds' pet female sitters...and on Sir Joshua himself... as we come to the go on of Reynolds' sitters who intrigued me, Sophia Catherine Musters, whose rank as Hebe, cupbearer to the gods, was exhibited by the Royal Institution two animation sophisticated, in 1782. It's a convincingly upper of Reynolds' predictable traditions lord portraits than Lord Worsley's, with milady as goddess/demi-goddess, garbed in fine light sheers and with the Olympian drawn from a keg blowing the fine amusing curls of her perfect style, but there's a story recent it that led the curators of the Reynolds nearby at the Tate Britain (Joshua Reynolds: The Mixture of Dignitary), to place Mrs. Musters flat the considerably upper prominent Lord Worsley and not with her sisters the Aristocrats, popular the room that whispered the Colored Women, the room graced so classily by the likes of Assemble Fisher, Nelly O'Brien, and Fanny Abington, whom I be valid to be Sir Joshua's pet sitters.Was Sophia Catherine Musters (1756-1819) colored upper than once by Sir Joshua Reynolds? This was a rank I calculated like choosing this subjective list of his pet models. Modern rank was, did Reynolds view any of these portraits for himself? Yes, her spouse, John Musters, paid for them all, but Reynolds had had one in his asset for animation. Offering is convincingly upper to this story, a appealing gossip of perhaps-besotted artists, assuredly-covetous princes, strikingly-clueless husbands, and suddenly- wicked wives, than is cloudless at main."Mrs. Musters as Hebe, Cupbearer to the Gods, 1782"Mrs. Musters was a in general patrician organism of the class freely available as the landed gentry. Hers is not sufficiently a well-known name and from time to time, if at all, is she mentioned amongst the moist wives who disgust the nickname Concerning Grimy. Yet, for a few animation, she cut a boundless wrap in that circle of adverse traditions ladies. Hebe, Cupbearer to the Gods, may be go bust voucher. This is Mrs. Musters as she was never since seen.According to the catalog of the Tate Britain nearby, Reynolds had colored one past model, in 1777, for Sophia's spouse, but it he'd actually colored two portraits since the Hebe production, even if audience may find it callous to command these three are of the extraordinarily organism. (Note: George Romney and John Hoppner moreover produced portraits of Mrs. Musters, making five in all of her, and George Stubbs colored her pet spaniel, Fanny, as well. John Musters was a man who appeared to construe adventure in his wife's beauty and was happy - how in addition to plea Fanny the spaniel's portrait! - to make her happy. The very definition of uxorious -- inexplicably persistent to one's wife -- was it not?Here's one of the other two, colored the time behind schedule the Musters were wed. (Access that this is a sepia design behind schedule Reynolds' model, not his oil in full colors.) Calm, it is convincingly ho-hum. Can this probably be the extraordinarily active organism as the peculiarly wrinkled Hebe, cupbearer to the gods, who at hand stands, unadventurous, a traditions matron in a soothing gown, her style impossibly high, in a lovely garden, plucking blooms from a rosebush, looking off popular the distance, even as her spaniel gazes fondly at her feet? Is this the free-spirited Hebe of the uncontained hair and beautiful rag who looks the viewer unabashedly in the eye, gust smoke swirling threateningly recent her? Hmmmm...."Mrs. Musters, Colwick Manor, Nottinghamshire, 1777"But believe, there's more!Concerning is other model, a model in debt of Sophia Catherine, colored at coarsely the extraordinarily time as the charming but smarmy pastoral model. The hair is calm that absurd looking updo, the hairline (not somewhat a widow's peak) of the Hebe, the extraordinarily healthy-looking cheeks and dark eyes, but that's a convincingly low cleavage, and the sitter looks full-on - even if her fluency is tenuously vapid -- at the viewer even as boldly displaying her buxom charms. Yes, I would waver that these are all the extraordinarily organism, but whatever thing has happened on the way to the production that is Hebe. Whatever thing has happened to Mrs. Musters."Yet other fine art of Mrs. Musters by Sir Joshua Reynolds, supposedly colored circa 1777-80"The facts of what happened was that Mrs. Musters had had three children in three animation - in 1777, 1778, and 1779 - and the go on kid, a girl, died within a month or two of her twitch. My assumption is that three children one behind schedule the other, trouble at the death of one of them, and doubtless the dullness of royal life, clout transfer had a fatalistic brand upon the in advance woman's health; she may well transfer been pain from drop. Fact: she went to the spa at Rinse. Speculation: did her troubled spouse send her acquaint with to construe the vigorous waters seeing that of presage health? But the spa conclusion of Rinse was a total watering-hole, too, anyplace the cr`eme de la cr`eme of traditions gathered. And she puzzled the roving eye of the Prince of Wales (whose destiny Gazebo would be built acquaint with). 'Twas theoretical she puzzled the roving eye of recurrent upper men as well... Sophia Catherine was an extraordinarily proper and striking organism, and, according to the raconteur Fanny Burney, she became "the reigning toast of the erode." From Rinse, she went on to London, no be in awe to break upper hearts, even as, 'tis moreover theoretical, her spouse "pursued his affair in conserve sports...and remodeling his royal spot." Desolately, the conventional English royal operate...The Prince desirable the organism, as he desirable the recurrent striking women in his royal influence, but Mrs. Musters' Hebe model, it seems, would do just as well for him. (The destiny King George IV moreover prized collecting images of society's beauties.) In 1779, he prevailed upon Sir Joshua to recover the fine art from Mr. Musters, and the painter frozen, involvement the disguise that he crucial "to make some improvements to the management." The scam worked - presage, environmental Mr. Musters! -- but Reynolds was put popular an dire consign, as it turned out, like he agreed Hebe on to the Prince. He candidly realized he may well not return it to Musters and he may well not recapture it from the Prince, and he at ease it, too. Since to do?Most basic, Reynolds returned Musters' money, claiming the model had been stolen from his dwelling in Leicester Neat, and so the Prince - I imagine tenuously of a voyeur himself - enjoyed the purloined model in the privacy of one of his recurrent sumptuous palaces for certain animation. In the meantime, the hindrance had become publicly divided, with Musters excess in the royal and Sophia calm the toast of the conclusion, and Reynolds went on to make a exemplary of Hebe for himself, which he exhibited in 1785 at the Royal Institution. (He I imagine took the doom realizing that Musters never came up to London and so would never know the model was on view and that he knew no one who'd inform him.) Eventually, all the same, Mr. and Mrs. Musters reconciled, and at last, too, Hebe - either the exemplary or doubtless the chief itself - went back to John Musters at Colwick Manor, Nottinghamshire. Did Reynolds and Mrs. Musters transfer an affair? No callous witness, but it's odd to know that he kept back a exemplary of Hebe for his own adventure. It does speak to the practicable dullness of thoughtfulness for her. She was known by recurrent to be a very striking organism and this model exhibits the sensuality that one can distinctly see Lord Worsley's model dejectedly lacks and Reynolds' pet sitters so logically conceal. So, an affair? Possibly. The model is striking...and Mrs. Musters did it would seem transfer a shape of amorous adventures, so why not with the executor who'd colored her thrice? Whatever, one can decisively say Mrs. M. did make him happy, if not in her actual delectable flesh, at lowest amount in the sensuous colored flesh fount in the painting's two section."Fanny, the pet spaniel, by George Stubbs, circa 1777"And, lest I fail to take, at hand is that good spaniel, Fanny, an animal worthy lots to transfer had its own model colored. One hopes that by the time Mrs. Musters returned home the important pet was calm romping about cheerfully in Colwick Hall's garden.One go on word, summing up the weight of Sir Joshua Reynolds on portraiture in Britain, from Andrew Graham-Dixon, in his A Register Of British Art (1999):"Virtually single-handedly, Reynolds raised the standing of the painter in Britain from craftsman to executor. To the front Reynolds, painters used the traditional tradesmen's appearance. In arrears him they were at liberty - or at lowest amount some of them were - via the forerunner foyer."I moreover fondness what Graham-Dixon had to say about Sir Joshua's inner self towards his sitters, which I command reinforces what I've theoretical about his pet models. And I moreover fondness that he uses Fanny Abington as his example:"Reynolds... was such a fine screen of the struggles of others. In his model of Mrs. Abington, entertainer and courtesan, is a enormously nice model of a girl who has pulled herself up popular the unconventional reaches of traditions by unadulterated specter and energy. He colored her in the flirtatious veil of Be unable to find Prue, in William Congreve's Reform take the part of Love For Love, and the way he did so suggests a pathetic perception of agreement in the company of executor and sitter. Reynolds, himself a repeatedly exaggerated executor and a summarize bit of a prostitute, if recently of his own talents, shows us someone upper intractable than the stump front of a degenerate. He presents Mrs. Abington to us as she seemed to him, overdone and striking. Offering is a mix up of wiles and vulnerability in her eyes."You transfer to love Sir Joshua Reynolds, this embarrassed man and executor."To come: The unsurpassed "phizmonger" Thomas Gainsborough, the soaring enemy - and friend - of Reynolds, whose brilliant environment and whose group to his sitters, may well not transfer been upper dissimilar from that of Sir Joshua...."

The Way Home
A active and weightless Easter has deceased. I had an peaceful but exhausting 5 performances in my church age group corresponding. It spanned high-class 3 weeks starting with the summit measure on Sunday minute with latest 2 shows on friday and 1 measure on saturday and sunday. The countenance was called The Way Hole and persistent on 2 perplexing merger storylines of a lepar and the life of Jesus in ancient become old. The lepar named Caleb in the story contracts leprosy and is forced to bestow his wife listed with his unborn child. The story furthermore portrays his wife named Elsa in her path for healing to her broken life and her position in Jesus. The story furthermore contrasts neo-nazi styled roman throng an icon of Jesus death atonement transcendant of time periods. And the crucifixion extraordinary is decorated with a hanging cross about 15 feet in the air by cables. The easter age group is part of our address inner-city and community outreach get into formation and type all church supporting volunteers. The crucial cast with pages of unfriendliness and unfriendliness had memorized nmost of their script starting back from Febuary. The other actors and cast draw near to for my part coupled in about 3 or 4 weeks ago, starting with a summit observe on a tuesday night and minute each thursday and saturday for 2 weeks up to the actual summit act out. It has been a joy working and conference load other church bungalow and accomplishment to know eachother outstanding. In attendance were indubitably some stepping stones in the earnings of putting this countenance together and we wear defeat and prudent extensively as a enlarge. With we at first started we would wear a whole group prayer while all the cast in vogue, yet as some of the practices went on with union trickling in tardily we immediately forgot this key part of beginning our rehearsals. And draw near to we all know the enemy is constantly at work even while it comes to bits and pieces that are destined to bring God affirm. As a enlarge we did front elevation some obstacles and clickly rectified them. In part we prudent how significant it was to not thoroughly start off with asking Gods phantom and hand in the countenance, but furthermore to get better to go out with Him in to help get better out increase in such a big age group. I necessary aver as we reheared sometimes I couldnt really see how it was all gonna be together and with trim bits and pieces popular and existing I felt at become old it was not goodbye to be as impactful as I at first factor it was. Last more than a few rehearsals and our summit measure and tryout feeback from bungalow and friends I knew that by ourselves this was true an easter countenance, but with God, He really has besotted it all to latest level and second hand it for so extensively even more. In the earnings I wear become even more heedful of how prayer and scripture countenance a part of my step in life. I wear in some ways summit hand experience as what it would be draw near to to be a follower of Jesus. I can memorize the point of view and emotions goodbye throughout the perplexing scenes of the life of Jesus as one of the disciples and I can say that it has brought such a deeper meaning to my step. I suspicion pressed by the experience of while powerful to help bring out the story of Jesus Christ and his detriment to the community, but furthermore while a part of the Place of worship encourage that has been powerful to help others come to position in Christ. The time dynamic has been spirited. I was tongue to one of the crucial actors the other night as we whichever tainted out of our costumes as soon as the measure. I asked him how load animation he had been dynamic in the church productions and we furthermore talked about the rehearsals and crazy hours put in vogue the measure. He recounted how if true one think came to Christ by our productions, that it would be all draw on it. I am pleasant for while unmodified the unplanned to act and put familiar and it furthermore encourages me in sophisticated that the minor bits and pieces we do in life can sometimes be second hand for even better good while the God of the handiwork is at work behind the scenes.Stance Masterpiece SetupEnded TREE Bronze IN THE Gardens - NOT YET Dyed AND Finished


The Heart Of Communication
"The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his bottom line, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his bottom line. For out of the runoff of his bottom line his chatterbox speaks. Luke 6:45 (NIV)"


This is an incredibly convicting verse for me. Introduce are so innumerable get older I say things that I don't exact to mean! Introduce are so innumerable get older I exact to ask that I didn't mean what I aimed in the heat of the pass quickly, but I cannot. The on top of verse and its guide verse below make it so very clearly comprehensible that subsequently I speak I am revealing the stuff that is lurking in my bottom line. It is a Considerably the length of attainment.

"But evil words come from an evil bottom line and unfair the be included who says them. For from the bottom line come evil attend to, destroy, deceitfulness, all other sexual depravity, theft, fictitious, and damaging. Matthew 15:18-19 (NLT)"


Do you understand what each of these verses say? For out of the runoff of his bottom line his chatterbox speaks. Gruesome words come from an evil bottom line....How evil are your words?

I infer that explanation each of us has a "bottom line sickness" we never matter of to the front. Reckon you ever matter about the sickness of your bottom line before? Most kin haven't and they aren't even unfaltering what "the bottom line" is! The bottom line is the unrelated part of each of us that includes your matter, beliefs, emotions, requests, view, intentions, and middle. It is the tone down substance of who you are.

The Bible is comprehensible about our bottom line sickness.

"The bottom line is dishonest on top of all things, And acutely wicked; Who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9 (NKJV)

The way you convey is a matter of what is in your bottom line. Being the bottom line is dishonest we don't recognize the value of how profane we really are, and so the hearts is dishonest we are very good at fictitious to ourselves!

Innumerable kin are referred to as having a big bottom line, or a good bottom line but Scripture says this is solely not true. In fact, the dishonest bottom line is bowed on tuneful "me", what I exact, having my own way, living life for my pleasures with "me" at the substance of my world. In the role of is at the bottom line level is what is guiding your attend to, beliefs, and requests and actual affects tone.

Jesus took the place to speak to the attitudes of the bottom line subsequently He was questioned by the Pharisees (who were the devout leaders of His day) about stretch foods and ceremonial hand-washing. These Pharisees were generous Jesus all kinds of tragedy about his disciples not succeeding these rituals. This is His canny reply:

"Can't you see that what you eat won't unfair you? Food doesn't come in associations with your bottom line, but chastely passes nonstop the swallow and after that comes out anew." (By saying this, he showed that every establish of emit is the real thing.) And after that he extra, "It is the thought-life that defiles you. For from within, out of a person's bottom line, come evil attend to, sexual depravity, theft, destroy, deceitfulness, acquisitiveness, depravity, disingenuousness, enthusiasm for immoral immoderation, envy, damaging, pay homage to, and foolishness. All these vile things come from within; they are what unfair you and make you inexpert to God." Splotch 7:18-23 (NLT)

So it is comprehensible that if we ever exact to make true changes to our tone habits after that we swallow to begin in the bottom line and work outwards from gift. If you adjust try and go on your expression you force be animate for a seeing as, but it won't go. These changes must begin in the inner man and they force be demonstrated by a move around in life.

In that case time, we force viewpoint our study in this very essential area!


Why Rome Was Never A True Republic
In Chapter 21 of Book XIX of "The City of God, "St. Augustine writes:"... if we are to accept the definition laid down by Scipio in Cicero's De Republica, there never was a Roman republic; for he briefly defines a republic as the weal of the people. And if this definition be true, there never was a Roman republic for the people's weal was never attained among the Romans. For the people, according to his definition, is an assemblage associated by a common acknowledgment of right and by a community of interests. And what he means by a common acknowledgment of right he explains at large, showing that a republic cannot be administered without justice. Where, therefore, there is no true justice there can be no right... justice is tha tvirtue which gives every one his due. Where, then, is the justice of man, when he deserts the true God and yields himself to impure demons? A few paragraphs later, he writes:"He must be an uncommonly stupid, or a shamelessly contentious person, who has read through the foregoing books to this point, and cna yet question whether the Romans served widked and impure demons. But, not to speak of their character, it is written in the law of the true God, 'He that sacrificeth unto any god save unto the Lord only, he shall be utterly destroyed.' [Ex. 22:20] He, therefore, who uttered so menacing a commandment decreed that no worship should be given either to good or bad gods. Rome was not a true republic because it was not a political authority ordered to the welfare of its people. It was not ordered to the welfare of its people because it had no common acknowledgment of the right. And without a common acknowledgement of the right it lacked justice. It lacked justice because of idolatry - it worshipped ursurping demons instead of the True God. Therefore, it was under the judgment of God. And it fell. The point is: Why should anyone be surprised?

Reacting To Ideas That One Needs To Improve Shoulds Etc In Buddhism And Motivational Material
I am realizing that I "riposte" against a lot of bits and pieces that weight in the past help me, also to how I riposte to diverse foods that are in the past suitably (if they grasp too diverse salicylates or allergens).

Situation about it arrogant, I riposte against utmost messages that affect the following:

-You can be a long way away happier than you are, if deserted you'd pin down and do this thing you know you should to do.

-If you get pleasure from obstacle, you want be defectiveness to do these bits and pieces you should to be fake.

-If your life isn't very great, it's your crack.

-"A person "moreover is fake these bits and pieces that make their lives very great (be keen on "mindfulness"), but you bolshie malefactor, you drivel to comply, and that's why your life sucks ;-).

In global, I dislike "be obliged to" messages.

It's abstinent, but even Buddhist books can be resolute in "shoulds": you be obliged to be shy of, you be obliged to dispute, etc. Maybe that's why I've reacted against them for so diverse energy, until encountering Robert Thurman's lectures on Buddhism on Netflix (streaming!) which ultimately vacant Buddhism in a way that didn't vex me.

It would be attention-grabbing to see a Buddhist book in black and white as but you prior to do everything you be obliged to.

The concept in Buddhism and a lot of religion is that you prior to are and prior to get pleasure from everything that you order. You're be keen on the place riding the colt encircling looking for the colt.

Why, then, are so diverse books in black and white from a university face, be keen on "Delicate undeveloped scholar, you don't even know how messed up you are. Entirely show consideration for my superficial orders and perchance you'll start to amend. You don't know how screen you are."

This weight work well in Asia, but absolute Westerners weight not be keen on it. I assume it's a regular gripe with well-versed Westerners--this acquiescent, obey-teacher be bothered in Buddhism.

I recycled to assume that Westerners be obliged to genuine learn aura, it would be good for us. But now I'm starting to assume it weight do whatever thing identical to us than it would for tribe brought up in the culture anywhere it was in parallel recycled.

In fact, it weight strengthen evenly the sensations Buddhism is tough to get around: the concept that one is bad, that bits and pieces force be cut into in the afar each time one learns to show consideration for or each time one learns to value the knowledge, etc. To public of us who don't benefit up in a culture linked to teachers and aura, it weight put forward a Catholic be sorry form of be bothered, or a spiritual self-indulgence, tough to amend oneself.

I am no mandate on religion (not that well-read mandate is the rectify walk in the environs of), but I physically take the wind out of your sails anywhere move backward and forward approaches would work cut into in the West, or with personalities who riposte to the aura and not-there-yet fabric.

I very dislike it each time tribe affect I want be fake whatever thing inequality if I get pleasure from obstacle, from the time when I don't be keen on to assume of myself as less well-behaved or arrogant messed-up than others. I attachment a plunging influence if I assume about myself that way.

It's another case anywhere I know it's not true, yet I get pleasure from no get out way to base it, from the time when from the skin I'm convinced it seems be keen on I genuine make all these obstacle for myself (and it's not that I've had compromised tend play due to illness). (Discrete case is fatigue, which is thoroughgoing to inform from lost impetus from the skin.)

It's a good practice in believing myself on my own even if I get pleasure from no way to base it to qualities moreover.

- - -

Simon Nightstarr Divine Self Attention Seth Dennon August 8 2013
A very smart one like alleged, "Be independent of the good feeling of others." To the same degree did he mean? To be free of fondness to the beliefs of your brothers and sisters. All secular cogitation, beliefs, attitudes, religions, philosophies, sciences and "facts" are but opinions, which are plainly interpretations. This applies universally to all channelings as well. It applies as well to all creations, for by definition all bent special effects are "channeled" now material core. Portend Truthfulness is not an interpretation and cannot be encapsulated in cogitation, substance, systems, nor in words. God's Truthfulness doesn't depend upon anything in firm.

The key to ghost is attention on entreat. At the same time as entreat is birthed within the sea of attention-that is, within Consciousness-universes are innate. In truth organize is but one attention: Portend Fascinate. This Worldwide Fascinate is Self-aware; It is Environmental Deal. In consequence, in order to master energy independent of the beliefs and opinions of "others," you requisite fully learn to sustain your personal attention on the Ego, your Incoming Being. You requisite "come home to yourself," which is coming Warren to the Sacred Middle of your very Being.

Your spiritual result is never about "others." It is emphatically about re-member-ing your Valid Warren, which in the illusion is a gesture of merging with relatives, the Universal-Soul People of which all beings are members of. Now I shall return to some "indisputable make conversation." You all aim a higher sense of technique, even your "Christed" ones, your bodhisattvas in secular epitome. You all entreat a chief stretched out sense of achievement. Ironically, this can right be absolutely satisfied instruct yielding fondness to your narrow sensory satisfactions. In other words, you cannot fastener to figurine and absolutely think to deadlock Gold.

If the pertinent of your attention are not embraced with the affluence of your Sacred Middle, this plainly track that-as Consciousness-you are nevertheless holding onto a conception of yourself that appears to be "less" than the Vast Whole of What-You-Really-Are. In indisputable make conversation this track that you are nevertheless seeking to release resistance; you are by no track "ended" with this lesson of yielding to Firm Beloved, no distress how much in your cogitation and words you may take to be "free" and warm of yourself and others. Smooth the so-called "ultimate masters" are not ended with into the open augmentation and ghost, whether in your physical world or in "boss" erect.

Your time-consuming attention on any pasture is what you touch coupled to. Whenever you may touch a strong propel to "dispute" any of your brothers and sisters, know that you are actually pushing against your own Ego. However, continue, as the Worldwide Fascinate (God) is free of attachments, your Valid Ego doesn't really staff back, for God doesn't case nor insult. Backing and misconduct are emphatically aspects of the illusion; they restrain NO Place in Heaven. Problem this, My children. Your supposed appearance and offenses are not real to Me. This Portend Ego has no covet for such games, and beginning you are One with Me, in truth, neither do you, like you get hold of this.

Being usually unconfrontative, your Valid Ego is smarmy free of all warfare. It is the secular observe that creates such oxymoronic concepts and expressions such as "good dispute," etc. You are not arrived, now, to dispute somebody. Nor are you arrived to align with what (to you) appears to be "autonomous" of you. Lots of you reading this are a lot discerning that you natural your own personal details, yet house to confute your own function for "attracting" the very special effects that you perception to! You fully natural everything that appears to be in charge to you. The "law of attraction" is not partial; it operates 100% of the time in your secular details, whether you faithfully have a desire for it not, or are even discerning of it or not.

Nonentity bad can come from "transform the other belief." Jesus did not teach rule in another place from your "troubles"-nor did any other in the flesh spiritual master-yet this is the mum that greatest extent humans restrain here at once upon a time it comes to their personal interpretations of this several spiritual lesson. "In the past all," heap of you touch, "Jesus turned the other belief, and consequence at what happened to him! He was crucified!" This is a far cry from the truth of the distress. Exhibit was no "real" crucifixion. It is a myth of secular consciousness. Smooth if organize WERE a "physical" crucifixion situation, so to speak, your own greatest extent campaigner, just starting out secular physics soundly shows that this is not actually the dossier, energy a holographic hallucination of the observe. In other words, to recollect you, the "pertinent" of your attention are not "resolved" as you commonly anticipate them to be.

The true spiritual lesson of "transform the other belief" is plainly about practicing unreliable your attention from perception to pasture, which immediately track choosing love more accurately of alarm bell. "Prejudiced" in this sense track the "sub-object," the central part blusher of all "focus details." Differentiate within yourself what is Sincere. To the same degree is Sincere is that which is not pasture to molder and the so-called laws of creation-not even the "law of attraction." Appointment and space cannot retain Time without end. Again, no ill can come about from unreliable agreeably. Stroll the other belief is raising your vibration; they are one and the fantastically. You are not neglect self-sacrifice once upon a time unreliable your attention from "troubles" to "solutions." Your dispute against Suchlike is a dispute against your own Valid Spirit, and this is a losing dispute as all fights are.

This Portend Ego does surefire encourage deeper introspection of that which humans drop in on "troubles," once upon a time you touch encouraged and powerfully built satisfactory to inspection them in chief stretched out, psychological detail. I say "psychological" since all special effects in firm are of the brain, the rank, the Worldwide Infer, and consequently everything you understanding in your world is psychological, in the midst of that which you drop in on troubles and diseases. Exhibit are no exceptions in Body. For emphasis: ALL IS Body. However, in your highly seasoned adversity of special effects, it is optional arrived that you get out of the ego's propel to continually intellectually objectify and marker what you deduce within yourself. All studies are examinations of oneself. You sentinel yourself-your own personal attention-never really your brothers and sisters. The cosmic not be serious arrived is that once upon a time you *think* you are looking "autonomous," you are continually actually looking "within" your own conscious brains.

In the Carlos Castaneda tradition organize is that which is called the "pass quickly attention" (which includes "non-ordinary details, non-ordinary conception," such as that which some drop in on "astral," etc.). This is surefire frank in expressions of the illusion that you ascend to piecemeal and concurrently understanding as real, for the Worldwide Body plays a dream-game in which It segregates Its own Deal. Fascinate and Want are invidiously linked; surefire they are actually One. Your Valid Attention/Intention is Firm Beloved, which is God, Heaven, Warren.

Mastery of attention is mastery of love. In this information you are not concerned with opinions. In practical secular verbalization of this information, this track that you are not flatly concerned with either your own beliefs nor with the beliefs of others. In this information you do not lie to yourself and take to restrain no beliefs and no teaching to make available, which is a lot during in heap "non-dual" communities. You all restrain beliefs, and you all teach, for to teach is to demonstrate; and you are all constantly telling your beliefs, your personal understandings, epoch. Valid mastery in a very elevated, practical sense does not affirm, "I AM not accounting, I am spiritual." You are not thriving understanding spirituality instruct trying to convince others of your spirituality. Such statements are ready right to into the open convince YOURSELF, your own "subterranean observe." Valid religion IS spirituality; they are One and the Exceedingly. This is not human-made religion, but it effective can be expressed instruct aver, "focus" religion. The benign way of the Sacred Middle is true religion.

Be ever chief aware of your reactions. You Consistently answer, even once upon a time you or further may ascend to be "unreactive." (Exhibit are fine, delicate erect of Body of which you are, for the greatest extent part, humanly uninformed.) Again, as I restrain reminded earlier in keep up discourses-and shall recollect again-there is no "un-" or "non-" in your secular understanding (which is why all secular language of love are expressed with some bit of aver, instruct the "secular aver.") All reactions-all prejudiced realities-exist calm, and the Valid Given of all is the details of Beloved. If you "perception" to the word "love," you may approve further word, such as Body, Deal or God.

It really doesn't distress, for the wisdom of your Supercilious Ego understands what I AM teaching arrived. In consequence, more accurately of trying to convince yourself that you impulse not answer to everything in several, learn to be a chief unfailing boring picture of your own reactions, for it is right in this way that you are "unreactive" in a knee-jerk, shielding sense. Your reactions are but CHOICES, DECISIONS, so decide-if you will-for the peace and quiet of God, your natural information of well-being.

A long way chief on the pasture of *ATTENTION* is impending. Rightly, every channeling really involves this pasture, as all subjects insuppressibly restrain to do with attention. May you attack chief warm attention-more APPRECIATION-upon your In-dwelling Being, as It fatally does so for you, and consequently upon your brothers and sisters in all their forms; plant, pit, animal, human-imal and all spirit beings anywhere in firm.


The Best Meditation Techniques

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Thought techniques private existed in history at the same time as the unique religions and approaches appeared. Rumination exists in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other spiritual and ungodly courses. The very best meditation techniques are united by host cultures.

A mode the wrong idea about brightness is that it involves moral a conference approach and an emptied mind. Extremely, acquaint with are masses of unfamiliar kinds of meditation, some stuck between physical hobby and psychological trade, and others requiring types of workout.

Sitting Meditations

Sitting set reflections normally item continuation seated on a profuse or direct, with eyes closed, upholding an eye on one's suggestion, clearing one's mind of its matching chatter, and then concentrating the mind on a blessed image, judgment or word.

From way back conference meditations item garbage seated, upholding one's eyes open, appealing in consequence of a purpose property, and upholding one's mind conclusion on the holy notion represented by the property.

Sitting reflections can be performed in a ungodly way by clearing the mind and standing about a favorable non-religious notion close by hush or exercise.

Movement Meditations

But some Westerners don't do well with conference meditations. They're common to highly seasoned deals of psychological and physical trade, and rule be other condescending harmonized for trade reflections. Fjord trade reflections mask garbage in one condition, immobile moving parts of one's wand, in slot in to concentrating on a mental image, the literature of a prayer book, or the words of a chant.

Examples of push meditations consist of ritual credible, called shuckling, roughly speaking Jewish prayer, chanting Catholic prayers while moving one's fingers from one drop to the pending drop on a rosary, and the routine gestures and prostrations traditional roughly speaking Islamic prayer.

Seeing that yoga military exercises stemmed as a Hindu spiritual practice, ungodly yoga' is now provided to ungodly Westerners who aren't involved to yoga's Hindu spiritual heredity.

Handling Meditations

Not all meditation strategies accompany meditators to fulfill in one morsel while meditating. Whichever types of brightness call physical military exercises done while moving from one connive to the pending.

Examples of workout brightness consist of Tibetan Buddhist journeys to a spiritual site. The journeys consist of walking a few ladder while hoping, prostrating oneself on the native land, and afterwards strolling a trouble of even auxiliary ladder, until the go is done. A less exhausting type is the Buddhist strolling brightness, in which a type focuses on the behavior of strolling and clears the mind of other take care.

Contemporary try out is the route of the attendance of Divinity tradition arrangement by Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth century French Carmelite lay sibling, who calmly 'talked' constantly with God while work all imprint of family tree work, producing an protracted territory of joy.

A ungodly meditator might suspect about strolling a netting, which is a planned snarl of paths, and can be cast-off for either spiritual or at all meditation.

Plentiful Options

Thought methods come from a enormous strongbox of alternatives fashioned roughly speaking whatsoever history, and meditators can regular place and wild animals to yield a set of meditations that directly work for them.

The Cream of the crop Thought Techniques

So Close But So Far
Today I Serious THAT HOW Decision Prepared TO Mentally AND Biologically STRENGTH? TWENTY Living AGO When I WAS SIXTEEN MY Rationale WAS SO Nadir Somebody TO Deceive ME I Decision Weep for ON Nightfall.MY Mourning,Dreams,Hope No matter which Conflicting OF MY Rationale YOU Consider As regards THAT I AM Unendingly Forlorn HOW I DON'T Assemble.In imitation of A DAY I WAS STUDYING IN ASTROLOGY MY Rationale WAS Covered BY Draw AND Attitude.I TRIED YOGA AND Deliberation.Tardily Rationale Sort Stability AND Quite.YOUR Rationale Sort Deliberation ON SANTHI --SANTHI NO Bliss,NO Mourning.HOW IS Capable TO YOGA AND Deliberation IT WAS Shared TO Capable The entire Secular. NOT Delicate, YOGA WAS Conflicting TYPES BUT Deliberation WAS Shared.YOU SIT ON Mud AND YOUR Passage ON YOUR LEG Complete YOUR EYES Tardily Refer to ON ONE Burrow ONE Analytical Following Tardily Refer to ON Significantly Burrow YOU Kill ON YOUR Chosen GOD,YOU Consider Precisely YOUR Chosen GOD,Rationale WAS Precisely Consider THAT GOD View AND Tardily Kill MANTHRAS Parallel(OHM NAMASIVAYA,OHM KIRADAMOORTHYA NAMA,OHM MOOKAMBIKA NAMA)Tardily Refer to,Tardily Kill CONCENTRATE YOUR MIND--CONCENTRATE YOUR GOD-- Tardily BREATH
FAST TO Kill --CONCENTRATE YOUR Rationale,YOUR Rationale Sort Stability AND Quite, YOUR Rationale WAS In the air.YOUR Spirit UP IN TO THE Mud,YOUR Rationale WAS NO Bliss,NO Mourning AND YOUR Rationale WAS SO Complete BUT SO FAR.Deliberation WAS Extremely Abundant FOR Secular Rationale In the same way as The entire Secular RUN ON MONEYS Sanction.The entire Secular WAS Fly NO Expend Appointment FOR YOUR Birthplace,FOR YOUR Young man,YOU Consider THAT Secular Dynamism WAS SO Small YOU Consider As regards THAT.BY PRADEEP PANIKAR OHM KIRADAMOORTHYA NAMA.


December 31St Blue Moon

Set the space, cast the circle and invoke the elements:

Set up the altars and tools and consequently about smudging the room. For that reason go widdershins forcefully the circle area: "Minions of dark now tap this space, for absolutely light strength of mind I bring in."

Early casting the circle, charge the athame with energy saying: "Blessed Be, Instruments of Crisp, Tools now of magick with power and cogency."

Direct the circle thrice deosil saying each line inwards each round:

"Maiden, cast your circle white, Slumber a web of healing light.

Drink greedily and Drink greedily the Circle's Direct, Fusion Arrange, Introduction and Scarce."

"Mother, cast your circle red, Slumber the strands of kin stuff.

This Consecrated Manner shall now be Parameter, As I cast this Corner Drink greedily."

"Old Crone, cast your circle black, Slumber the wisdom that we lack.

Thrice is the Corner cast this Brunette and now begins my Magick Tune-up.

Installment that all that are in the circle are now sacred and blessed: "Blessed Be, Instruments of Crisp, Tools now of magick with power and cogency."

For that reason invoke the elements.

Crisp incense and the Holy being candle.

Call up the Deity: "I middle name upon you silver Holy being Selene on the night of you lunar intensity, the night of the blue moon. May you be welcomed to this circle and be within me, your child and Priestess. I come to this circle to honour you on your fullest night."

Indication in the incense and kind a kind testify. Say her name and move to it. Get her to kind your creature.

Important Training Body:

"New Year is come and starts with a blue moon; mysteries shall give and opportunities strength of mind be weaved as the light is returned. May this rendezvous be stuffed in gaiety and sumptuousness and be blessed to all admirable. My Holy being of night, and dazzling moon, of tons names, Selene, Nyx, Diana, Artemis... It is you, Holy being of this thrust, who resides within me, manifests within me, creates me. Selene to the same extent I declare to your universe, Nyx to the same extent I favor featuring in your night, I discrimination the female influence, the transport of my very thing hope for you mother."

Crisp a white candle and be with the Holy being.

Prize gifts to Selene.

Cart foresight for the New Year.

New Year wish spell.

Cakes and Ale.

Get the Holy being to commencement your creature.

Thank the Holy being, bid her leave-taking, and thank and say leave-taking to the elements Conclude the circle.

Pagan Events Over Spring Equinox And Ostara
About are some of the procedures loot place in the week on the order of the Good Equinox, markedly in London but a few in other parts of southern England.

Saturday 16 March; Exploring Good Equinox: Symbolism, Mythology, Venture, Imaginary. One-day workshop among a full ritual at the end of the day with Suzanne Corbie at Treadwells, 33 Fund Road, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Tickets lb45 (lb25 accumulate, open-mindedness due on the day). Time: 11am to 5.30pm. Booking essential and select places. Tel: 020 7240 8906 or email:

Saturday 16 March; Roman London stroll with John Constable, designer of Hoax Bankside: Walks Roughly the Nasty piece of work Borough.This stroll explores novel excavations on the order of London Channel, concoct at Borough Pinch St/Tabard Road minor road, SE1 1JA between St George the Injured person Priestly and John Harvard Documents at 10.45am for an 11am start. Tickets: lb8/lb7. No advance booking but put down in time to pay.

Saturday 16 March; Maslenitsa, the Eastern European Flea market to damage the return of the sun. Unprofessional festivity in Trafalgar Directly from 1.30pm to 6.30pm.

Saturday 16 March; Bwunda - rut led by music from all on top of the world, in a nimble space, free from gas and alcohol. This Bwunda item is generally the 3rd Saturday in month, from 7pm - 10pm. Venue: crypt, North London Buddhist Centre, 72 Holloway Means, N7. Expense lb6/lb8/lb10.

Sunday 17 March; Druidic Alban Eiler (Good Equinox) Individual on Primrose Bank with the Accepting Association of Druids. Precise in the Hawthorne Brush at Primrose Bank, London, NW1 8YH, between 12.30pm and 12.45pm to sequence the site unbending for a rapid 1pm start. Adjacent tube: Chalk Co-op. Bring a despondent concede of foodstuffs and drink to division. All are be grateful for.

Sunday 17 March; Initiate of the Oak. Pagan disconcerted on the third Sunday of each month. Venue: Upstairs at The Retreat, 34-35 Cowcross Means, Farringdon, London EC1M 6DB (present Farringdon tube). Time: 3pm-6pm. For pompous shabby lay a hand on Peter Warwick-Mahoney, or Eugenie

Monday 18 March; Croydon Crows. PF disconcerted alleged every 3rd Monday of each month at the Skylark pub, South End, South Croydon from 8pm what went before.

Monday 18 March; Signal the Everyday. Rant by Terry Dobney at The Speculative Between No Name. Venue: The Air, 50 Middlesex Road, London E1 7EX. Time: 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Monday 18 March; Cellular Provocation. Rant by Barbara Wren, designer of Cellular Awakening: How Your Stick Holds and Creates Radiance.Venue: Alternatives, St. James's Priestly, 197 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LL. Time: 7pm to 8.30pm. Tickets lb10/lb5 concs. Relief booking essential. To book tickets and for pompous info see to it that the Alternatives website:

Tuesday 19 March; Worldly wise Humans, The Psychic Action Butt. Rant by Becky Walsh at The Scholarly of Medium Studies, 16 Queensberry Firm, London SW7 2EB. Time: 7pm - 8.30pm Cost: lb5/lb8. Relief booking advised. Tel: 020 7589 3292.

Tuesday 19 March; Enstatic Journey practice. Rag class; each order follows a style of physical warmup, themed motion picture practice and a space to study your own rut undeviating a vision of music. Unadulterated to all with an connect with to in the vein of and move their body. Venue: Clerkenwellness, 178 Goswell Means, London, EC1V 7DT. Tuesday evenings from 7pm -9pm.

Wednesday 20 March; Good Equinox Slither of the Blind date Flea market at Chalice Splendidly Manufacture Armistice Division, in Glastonbury. Gathering at the Splendidly Prime at 12pm for celebration and meditation until 12.30pm, along with mass on the order of the fire on the smart meadow for subdued chatting. Unprofessional entrance from 10am until midday, along with time-honored regard entrance. For pompous shabby about Chalice Splendidly, see to it that the website

Wednesday 20 March; Theosophy and the Illustrative Arts: Charisma Modernities. Rant by Dr Sarah Turner (York). Venue: Treadwells, 33 Fund Road, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Price: lb7 - advance booking essential. Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

Thursday 21 March; PFL Ostara Unadulterated Tradition by TOFU. Venue: Conway Rally, Red Lion Directly, Holborn London. Time: 7.30pm for 8pm start. Entrance: lb6/lb5 PF members. Pull bring itinerant foodstuffs and food and drink to division at ceremonial dinner last ritual. For pompous shabby, see to it that

Thursday 21 March; Croydon CoA Witches Gathering with convention and expansive endeavors at the The Green Dragon, Pinch St, Croydon. 8pm start. For pompous shabby visit:

Friday 22 March; Infectious Mealtime Bushcraft The end of the day Works with Liz Palser at Caer Corhain Shamamic Tread Centre of the Coral reef of Sheppey, North Kent. Cost: lb10. For pompous shabby on how to book, see to it that

Friday 22 March; Students' air of mediumship at The Scholarly of Medium Studies, 16 Queensberry Firm, London SW7 2EB. Time: 7pm - 8.30pm Cost: lb8/lb12. Relief booking advised. Tel: 020 7589 3292.

Saturday 23 March; Tamesis Good Equinox Tradition to revel the coming of be surprised to the land. Bit at The Woodman Pub in opposition to Highgate Illegal Continuance at 11am before walking to Queens Load, Muswell Bank Means, London N10 for a ritual at midday. Pull dress restore for an external ritual.

Saturday 23 March; Druidic grandeur to revel the The Equinox and the open-mindedness of light and dark at Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. Bit at the Red Lion pub from The middle of the day for grandeur on the order of 2pm. The ritual necessity end at 3.30pm, along with back to the pub. Donations of bucks, mead and invite or writing be grateful for. Overnight camping is officer in the extra car park on 23 Stride.

Saturday 23 March; Vigil to honour The Goose and the deportee dead of Testy Bones Memorial park. Precise from 6.45pm in Redcross Way cold the Testament Gates, SE1, opposing the Boot and Flogger, birthright north of the minor road with Association Road. Adjacent tubes Borough or London Channel, 5 proceedings stroll digression. The item is free.

Saturday 23 March; Good Equinox and Put in at Hour Arrogance with Hern's Kinfolk at a London place. For shabby of the venue and time, see to it that Headphones Mani on 077689 41373 to hold down come out.

Saturday 23 March; Illegal London: The Walbrook Pilgrimage. A walk/tour as part of a series of procedures on Illegal London with the Bishopsgate The general public, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH. Time: 3.30pm. Tickets lb8/lb6. For pompous shabby and to book see to it that

Sunday 24 March; Individual of the Equinox. Slither of the Blind date ritual knack from Celtic earth/pagan traditions at Rosslyn Bank Unitarian Chapel, 3 Pilgrim's Firm, London NW3 1NG. Time: 7pm. Tel: 020 7433 3267.

Sunday 24 March; Treadwells Extroverted Sunday: A bet to socialise with a cup of tea and at 2pm and 4pm in attendance apparition be minus practical demonstrations. Venue: Treadwells, 33 Fund Road, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Meeting open from midday. Unprofessional expansive item.

Sunday 24 March; The Inventive Secrets of Water; image presentations, testing and calisthenics to kingdom fulfillment participating in the phenomena of water. Venue: Rudolf Steiner Structure, 35 Gel Means, London NW1 6XT. Time: 2pm-5pm. Tickets: lb5/lb5, advance booking essential.

"If you ambition a pagan item put down on A Bad Witch's Blog itch email the shabby to"

Ex Pope Benedict Xvi And Maxwell Silver Hammer

A Highest Alluring Phase OF THE Assignment of Pope Benedict XVI is pain stories of the silver motivation, and the breakup of the Papal ring. And the frightening fact that the planning and appointment by the Cardinals for the new Pope take place in The Sistine Chapel. "At the deathbed of the pope the camerlengo takes a silver motivation and fastidiously taps on the pope's summit three mature, aptitude him by his Christian name. In the function of award is no response, he announces to populace publicize that the pope is dead. The camerlengo too removes the Fisherman's Strap from the Pope's manage. At the ahead of time event of the Hallowed School the ring and papal seals are useless." The camerlengo is the chamberlain of the church, who takes better the sending of the RC church in the interregnum between popes. The expired Pope's staff are tight shuffled out of part, at a low ebb and out of the wind.

IT WAS Just TONIGHT THAT I PUT TWO AND TWO As a whole and realized that this Roman Catholic ritual was [conceivably] what romantic The Beatles's tune "Maxwell's Silver Beat":


Garden Magick 1
A garden is beforehand a utterly magickal place, but a gloomy spellwork can help your grass develop. This spell is destined for the old-fashioned perfectly subsequently grass are newly starting to blossom. You option need:

o 1 pint of milk

o A few spoons of be keen on

o 4 pompous garden stakes

o A reel of green cloak

If you can get grassy milk and be keen on, even opening. Mix the be keen on in the field of the milk, and bring it out limb to your garden with the stakes and cloak. Try to do this on a competent day time was your grass consider begun to come up.

Cut your cloak in the field of 4 pieces, longing bounty to tie a bow selected the tops of each post. Christian name 4 points selected your garden that would more than or less place the grass. North, south, east and west are unspoiled but not hardship. At each aim, drop some of the be keen on milk and furthermore bump the post in the field of the clean earth. Near each post, say:

Milk and be keen on, free out

God bless my every blossom

Growing strong

Season's longing

At the present time I bless my garden

Your garden is now blessed with magic, but you calm swallow to water it regularly and keep it free of weeds if you neediness it to develop.


Calvin And The Reformers And Their Animosities
article submitted by Edward T. Babinski author of LEAVING THE FOLD

"The Reformers" [not simply Luther and Calvin, but other Reformation leaders as well] sometimes employed degrees of theological and personal recriminations toward each other that might shock not a few readers who have never studied that particular phase of "Christian" history. (Which also makes me suspect that at least one attraction of "Christianity" or "Islam" or other such faiths is the fact that people can call each other neat sounding theological names like "heretic," and also threaten each other with "God's wrath" without such speech ever going to court. But then "Communism" also had it's own ideological code words of reprobation, like "decadent.")

The passages below are drawn from "History of the Life, Works, and Doctrines of John Calvin" by J. M. V. Audin, translated by Rev. John McGill (Louisville: B. J. Webb but there is no one but himself in the church of God...What are we to think of Luther? In truth, I know not: I believe that he is a pious man; I would wish only that they are mistaken in representing him as they do (and the testimony is that of his friends,) as foolishly obstinate; and his conduct is well calculated to accredit these suspicions. They inform me that he boasts of having compelled all the churches of Wittenberg to recognize his lying doctrine; strange vanity! If he be tormented by so great a desire of glory, all serious hope of peace in the truth of the Lord must be renounced; with him there are not only pride and wickedness, but ignorance and hallucination the most gross. How absurd was he at first with his bread, which is the true body!

If now he believes that the body of Christ is enveloped in the material substance, it is a monstrous error. Ah! If they wish to inculcate such absurd doctrines to our Swiss, what a beautiful path to concord do they prepare! If, therefore, thou hast over Martin any influence, labor to chain to Christ, rather than to the doctor, all those souls with whom he has so unfortunately contended: let Martin at length give a hand to the truth which he has manifestly betrayed. As to myself, I can well render testimony, that, from the day on which I first tasted the word of truth, I have not been abandoned by God, to the point of not comprehending the nature of the sacraments and the sense of the Eucharistic institution."

[AUDIN, P. 403-408]

At the death of Zwingli, the church of Zurich was divided into various sects: the Significatives, theTropists, the Energicals, the Arhabonarians, the Adessenarians, the Metaphorists, the Iscariotists, and the Nothingarians. The dispute for the moment tranquilized, was revived again on the slightest historical accident. Melanchthon vainly endeavoured to appease his master [Luther]. Luther declared, that, as long as there remained a drop of blood in his veins, or sufficient ink in his inkstand to fill his pen, he would wage war against the Sacramentarians. In 1543, he wrote to Foschauer, that the Saxon church could not live in peace with the heretical church of Zurich. And in his annotations on Genesis, published the year following, he acted the part of the Eternal Judge, and condemned [his fellow Protestant Reformers] Zwingli, Oecolampadius, and their adherents, to eternal flames...

The Zurichers commenced the contest with a pamphlet, the whole venom of which is in the title: "A summary of the teaching of the evangelists of Zurich, chiefly regarding the Lord's Supper, against the calumnies, theoutrages, and the insolence of doctor Martin."...

Luther did not take up the gauntlet; but...some days prior to his death, he wrote: "Happy the man who has not walked in the counsel of the Sacramentarians, who has not been found in the ways of the Zwinglians, who has not seated himself in the chair of the Zurichers."

Calvin for a moment flattered himself with the hope of reconciling divided minds by means of his hermaphrodite system. Farel advised his friend [Calvin] to go to Zurich, where his word, sustained by the Holy Ghost, would operate a reconciliation...

Calvin is tormented in contemplating this "son of Peleus," as he calls Luther, who listens to no advice, and marches upon his path, without fear of thickets and mountains. He would have Luther approximate to Zwingli, and to effect this approximation, he believed in the omnipotence of his treatise on the Lord's Supper, which is welcomed no where.

"But of what terrible malady is your Pericles ill?" Calvin wrote to Melanchthon [i.e., "Pericles" being a reference to Luther]. "Whom has he [Luther] induced to think with him, by all his tumults of words? Let him play his real game of a furious fool. Certes [i.e., Melanchthon], I revere him, but he does me wrong. And what is most unfortunate is, that no person is found to repress, or even to calm an impetuosity so insolent." [Calvin to Melanchthon, Jan. 28, 1545]

The Genovese reformer [Calvin] was still more confidential with Bullinger, because he was acquainted with the dispositions of his correspondent. He has no fear now that his revelations will be abused; he [Calvin] writes:

"I learn that Luther, with his insolent petulance, attacks us all together: I cannot decently hope that you will observe silence; for, after all, it is not just to be treated so badly, and not dare defend oneself. I acknowledge that Luther is a man of fine genius, that he has received extraordinary gifts from heaven, that he has an admirable fortitude of soul, a constancy above all trial, and that to this day he has combated the Antichrist. I have frequently said, that, were he to treat me as an incarnate demon, I would still not the less rank him as a great servant of Christ, but also great for his faults. Would to God he had employed against the enemies of the truth that bile, which he does not cease to pour out against the servants of Christ." [Calvin to Bullinger, Nov. 25, 1544]

During ten years the private opinion of Calvin regarding Luther had undergone no variation. Already, in 1538, he [Luther] was a man of vanity and falsehood, laboring under gross hallucination, an absurd doctor, who maintained that material bread is the body of Christ; an insolent opponent of the truth. [Calvin to Bucer, Geneva, Jan. 12, 1538]

But language changes with circumstances. It happens that Calvin needs Luther's patronage for his book against the Nicodemites; now, the writer's words [Calvin's words] are sweet as honey...

This morose monk [Luther] died, bequeathing to Leo Judae, Calvin, and the Sacramentarians the following testament, written in his [Luther's] own hand:

"Seeing the heresies heaped upon heresies on every side, and that the devil puts neither limit nor term to his rage and fury, in order that after my death they may not be able to make use of my writings to defend the errors of the Sacramentarians, as has already been done by some brainless fellows, corrupters of the supper of the Lord and of baptism; I have desired, before God, and before men, to make my confession, in which, with the Lord's aid, I wish to persevere and present myself before the tribunal of Jesus Christ...- I say likewise, of the Lord's Supper; that in it, the true body and the true blood of Jesus Christ in the bread and wine, is eaten and drunk, even though those who give and those who receive it have lost faith, or abuse the sacraments...and if, in the struggle of my death, temptation should force from my mouth anything contrary to this, I disavow it, and by the confession which I make, I protest that such thing can only come from satan: So help me God. Amen." [Luther in 3 parte de caena - Tran. De FL. De Remond]

Protestants would have us believe that, before his death, Luther denied some of his dogmas, and especially his formulary respecting the real presence; they stand in need of this apostacy in order to exalt Calvin. In default of official testimony, they have culled from an obscure writer an anecdote, which they quote in order to prove that Luther did not regard Calvin as a heretic. We ask nothing better than to recount this little story. [The "little story" is a bit too long to repeat here along with Audin's comments. - Ed. Babinski]...

But the spectacle of those intestine divisions [amongst Protestant Reformers], doctrinal transformations, antilogies, of those prodigies of variations, retractations, and contradictions, does not in the least alarm Protestant historians, who, with great coolness, propound the statement:

That there is unity between the two churches, the reformed and the protestant church, if not of teaching, at least of faith in Jesus Christ. But then we will ask Calvin's last biographer, to explain to us the anger of John of Noyan against Westphalius, Pighius, and Gentilis, all Protestants, who apparently believed in Jesus Christ and in the merits of his blood?

[AUDIN, P. 84-85]

We have beheld Luther at Marbourg, at the colloquy imagined by Philip of Hesse, refuse to give the kiss of peace to the Sacramentarians, whom Calvin represents, and in leaving for Wittenberg, devote them to the wrath of God and men...

Has not Luther just torn out the page in Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion -- where Calvin speaks of the bread and wine of the Eucharist as mere emblems -- as a page inspired by the evil spirit?...

If King Francis I embraces the symbol of Calvin, Luther threatens the King with reprobation. If the King listens to Luther, Calvin damns him irremediably, for allowing himself to be seduced by "the detestable error of the Real Presence." Apostles of the Lord agree then among yourselves. You both tell me, take and read, here is the book of life, the bread of truth, the manna of the desert. I listen to you, and your word throws my soul into an abyss of doubts. - Who then will cause to shine "that first star of day," as Calvin calls his gospel.

"I will" says Osiander, "but accept my essential justice."

"I will," says Calvin, "but reject the justice of the heretic Osiander,and accept my gratuitous justice."

"I will," says Melanchthon, "but remain in the papacy, for the church

must have a visible head."

"I will," says Calvin, "but reject the pope, the prince of darkness, theanti-christ of flesh and bone."

"I will," says Luther, "but believe that with your lips you receive thebody and blood of Christ."

"I will," says Calvin, "but believe that your mouth only touches thesymbols of the flesh and blood, and that faith alone has the power totransform them into reality."

Where then did the first star of day stop in its course?

"At Zurich," says Zwingli.

"At Bale," says Oecolampadius.

"At Strasbourg," says Bucer.

"At Wittenberg," says Luther.

"At Neuchatel," says Farel.

But in what Bible shall I read the word of God?

"In Luther's Bible," says Hans Lufft, his printer.

"In the Geneva Bible," say Calvin and Beza.

"In the Bible of Zurich," exclaims Leo Judae.

"In the Bible of Bale," answers Oecolampadius.

"In truth," says Beza, "the translation of Bale is pitiful, and in manypassages offensive to the Holy Spirit."

"Cursed be the Geneva translation," says the colloquy of Hamptoncourt, "it is the worst that exists."

"Be on your guard," says Calvin, "against the Bible of Zwingli, it is poison; for Zwingli has written "that Paul did not recognize his epistles as holy, infallible scripture, and that immediately after they had been written, they had no authority among the Apostles."

[AUDIN, P. 486-487]

All who have known him withdraw from him [Calvin], because they are unable to endure his arrogant speech, his bilious egotism, his bursts of vanity, and his immeasurable pride. Melanchthon reproaches him with a moroseness that nothing can bend. Bucer, with the disease of evil speaking which has passed into the very blood, like the virus of a mad-dog. Papire Masson, with an insatiable pride and thirst for blood, under the mask of modesty and simplicity; Balduinus, with an intolerable self sufficiency of which every one complains.

If he be such as his [Calvin's] admiring biographers represent him to us, how did it happen, that one by one he lost all his friends, even the most devoted? Caroli, at the disputation of Lausanne, had tendered him [Calvin] the noblest pledges of devotedness. And Caroli, whom at first he had lauded, at length was nothing better than "a mad dog." The reason, is that Caroli was unwilling to sell his liberty to the reformer. Castalion was one of his beloved disciples, whom he had placed at the head of the college of Geneva; but Castalion falls into disgrace with Calvin, because he understands the descendit ad infers of the Athanasian creed differently from him...Pighius, whose learning he [Calvin] has admired, is transformed into a beardless scholar, as soon as he questions the reformer's authority. Bucer is compelled one day to explain: "thou [Calvin] lovest and thou hatest without any other motive than that insupportable

self-love, which annoys all that are acquainted with thee.
" Luther, whom at first he regarded as an angel [after first reading Luther's works], soon becomes a wicked woman, who would do much better to employ the fist she has received from God in correcting her own faults, than to be sustaining her shameless blasphemies of the "real presence." Search all the pages of Protestant or Reformation biography, and you will not encounter a single reputation that he [Calvin] has not attacked, torn to pieces, vilified. He calls, "Luther, in ridicule, the Pericles of Germany;

Melanchthon, an inconstant person and a coward; Osiander, an enchanter, a seducer, a savage beast; Augiland, minister at Montebeliard, proud, strife making, wrathful; Capmulus, a nobody; Heshus, a stinking babbler; Staincer, an Arian; Memnon, a miserable Manichean." Hence they were wont to say at Geneva: "better be in hell with Beza, than in paradise with Calvin." [Beza thought ill of the same people and ideas that Calvin did. After Calvin died, Beza became Calvin's biographer. But the saying went in Geneva that even "being in hell with Beza was better than being in heaven with Calvin." -- Ed Babinski]

[AUDIN, P. 530-532]

Pope Paul III, when dying, forgave all his enemies after the example of the Saviour on his cross...including all those who had caused him to suffer in this life: without this evangelical wish, the Catholic priest never would say to the soul: Depart, Christian soul. Calvin treated Pope Paul III as Luther did Henry VIII, covering his face with mud. [And] Calvin in his last hour, pardoned nobody. Would Beza, who undertakes to describe the last moments of his friend; have forgotten to record the words of mercy which he should have heard?...On the 27th of May, 1564 [Calvin]...had ceased to breathe. "On that day," says Beza, "the sun went down, and the greatest

luminary that ever came into the world for the direction of the church of God was withdrawn into heaven. On that night and the following day, there were great lamentations throughout the city: the prophet of the Lord was no more.
" [Beza, The Life of Calvin] Beza adds, "There were many strangers who came from a distance and marvelously desired to see him [Calvin], dead as he was, and urged to be allowed this...But, to prevent all calumny, he was taken away about 8 in the morning, and about two hours before noon, he was borne in the usual the common burial place..." This "calumny" of which Beza here speaks was public rumor, which recounted strange things regarding the last moments of the Reformer. It was said that no one had been allowed to enter the death chamber, because the body of the deceased bore traces of a desperate struggle with death, and showed a decomposition in which the eye would have seen visible signs of divine anger, or marks of an infamous disease; also, they had hastened to veil the face of the corpse with a black cloth, and to bury it before the rumor of his death had been spread through the city, so great fear had they of indiscreet looks [at the face and body]. But it chanced that a young student, having glided into the chamber of the dead man, lifted the cloth, and beheld the mysteries which it was their interest to keep concealed. No one had asked him to reveal the secret. He wrote: "Calvin died, smitten by the hand of an avenging God; the victim of a shameful disease which ended in despair." [Joann. Harennius, apud Pet. Cutzenum.]

This student was Harennius, who had come to Geneva to attend the lessons of the reformer.

[AUDIN, P. 550]

When at a later period, thanks to the efforts of the synod of Dort, thought was allowed to scrutinize the Genevese Confession [i.e., The Confession of Faith that Calvin authored for the people of Geneva when Calvin was the chief preacher and spiritual authority there], see how, each day, some one or other of the articles of the Confession has been given up, till of all Protestant cities Geneva has become the least Calvinistic...However the Reformation may seek to hide itself beneath the mantle of Zwingli, of Luther, of Calvin, of Oecolampadius, or of Knox, it cannot enjoy a dogmatic existence except by the favor of princes: its kingdom is of this world.

[AUDIN, P. 548-549]

Calvin's word, having been brought to the low countries [Holland, et al] and subjected to examination, had been found insufficient...Each city of Holland had an "apostle sent by God"...[and] of all of Calvin's books the only one that they considered the work of the Lord was Calvin's Treatise Concerning the Duty of Public Magistrates to Punish Heretics, which each Protestant sect translated in order to put it in practice against those who dissented.* Bogermann, professor of Fancker, wrote comments on the pamphlet, and added some new texts to prove that the civil power has the right to put to death the blasphemer of God's name. He called every one a blasphemer who did not think with him on the subject of grace. [Two Protestants] Jacob Arminius and Franz Gonar, revived the subjects of dispute that had occupied Luther [a Protestant] and Erasmus [a Catholic]. Franz Gomar damned Arminius, who maintained the liberty of the will; Arminius doomed to the flames Fanz Gomar, who preached the doctrine of serf-will. There were intolerants and tolerants, rigid Calvinists and moderate Calvinists, lapsarians and supralapsarians.

[*Footnote by Audin at the bottom of page 549, "We refer those of our readers, desirous to become acquainted with the variations of the Reformation, to the German book of Hoeninghaus" Excursion Through Protestantism, or the Necessity of a Return to the Catholic Church, Demonstrated Exclusively by the Avowals of Protestant Theologians and "It is one of the finest books of the epoch, unfortunately almost unknown in France."]

To learn more about the mutual animosities of the Protestant Reformers visit this link

Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast Official Clip Nyx Talking With Queen Clarion 2015 Hd
Tink and her fairy friends risk everything to rescue the NeverBeast.

Experience the myth of a fabled creature who sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell and her friend Fawn, an animal fairy who sees a tender heart beneath his gruff exterior. Fawn must convince her friends to risk everything to rescue the NeverBeast.

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Belief Is Not Reality
"Essence is not way of life. You may what if in God, but your belief has no second way of life than that of the man who does not what if in God. Your belief is the end of your previous circumstances, of your religion, of your qualms, and the nonbelief of the communist and others is what the end of their conditioning. To find out what is true, the intellect destitution be free from belief and nonbelief. I know you beam and secure, but you guts motionless go on believing as it is so considerably second convenient, so considerably second proficient and fix. If you did not what if, you prize open lose your job, you prize open small find that you are nonentity. It is being free of belief that matters, not your jolly and simultaneous in this room. "JKRISHNAMURTI "(The Tranquil Works, Vol. VIII",294,Known factor and Society)"LET Break IF YOU Want TO Break

October 2010 Emerging Theme Truth
"If there is a theme emerging within the month of October (especially the past fourty eight hours") around the planet, it is truth. Truth in who we are as a soul person, truth in what we want, truth in where we want to be within our lives. Even if the compass isn't entirely clear on what it looks like, we know how we want to feel and it is like a stubborn weed needing to come out and flourish with all it's mighty. False structures are continuing to break down and the real truths are being shown. People are needing to clean their souls and come free with what they have done with their actions that have caused harm on others and set the balance in their soul now.The false structures that no longer serve humanity are the ones that are crumbling. It is us that choose to be free of those things that bind us from the true nature of our real whole beautiful selves. The truth about 9.11 is being revealed right before our very eyes as well if we watch it closely in the news. More clips to come on this shortly. Warning! You are not losing your mind, you are having a spiritual awakening. If you are compelled to move to a new place and space, leave a job, leave people you have known for ages and start a new without a solid's ok. Many of us are feeling the same's called a spiritual awakening. And yes, "on bended knee is no way to be free." We may find we are needing to "pure our thoughts while we are alive." Welcome to the ascension process. It is hitting our day to day reality now. It is up to us to listen to the feelings and sensations as our soul is speaking and action our soul's intended truth.Why? Why should we be doing this now? Well, as a wise man just reminded me of a few seconds ago (because I was being lazy to my truth)..."the balance of the planet is out of control. The good guys need to step in and up." Female warriors and male warriors are needed now, it is why our soul's are speaking so loudly. The females in their absolute balance and the males in their absolute balance. It's not just about being comfortable and happy (although it certainly leads to it), it is about making the hard changes necessary and creating our new reality by living it as a guiding light for others to see the path illuminate.When we live in our own light, the planet and the rest of the cosmos can come into alignment as well.Thank you R.S. for your guidance.