Offerings For The Harvest
A non-traditional harvest offering to the spirits- yellow summer squash, red bellpeper, Walla Walla onion, basil, cilantro, garlic, seasalt, red wine vinegar, black chili pepper and cumin stuffed in a baked bellpeper topped with cheddar and figs stuffed with sweet yellow summer squash, apple, blackberry, honey, sugar and mango served chilled. An original recipe (as far as I know) and fitting offering of hard work and tastiness to the spirits. The cool things about having worked in catering and working close to chefs on a daily basis is that you pick up a few things ^ ^.

The central altar, in all her simple glory and like my mood, she'll change with time... but I'm keeping that painting, to remember my santeria roots (my upbringing). The whole altar wound up being a cultural shrine; a little piece from each of my cultures being represented.

the kitchen space needs a lot more work, but luckily I've got three wonderful ladies protecting me from my unstylish self!

home isn't complete until the sacred space for my massive cunning book is prepared. She's a beast. 12X15

My petite altar, looking adorably country ^ ^ and of course, who would I be without my trademark ivy plants, of which there are many.

Spirit bottles. SWEET.