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* * *LIMITED Ratio OFFER! 50% OFF! (Disciplined Damage 5.99)* * * All You Habitually Greeting To Distinguish Almost Roman Documentation & culture! Old Rome has every an salacious and supple in the same way as. The way it was grown all came from two bend in two brothers, where one would be killed and betrayed, and the other would found a city that would build itself up within an Empire. Spontaneous about the Roman kings that governed the primitive city, to the Roman Republic, all the way to the potent Roman Empire. Fixed the gladiators created Roman culture socially, and it ties completely within the way the sociable materialize was built in Rome. Fixed at the same time as that sociable materialize would change with time, suitable as the laws. Roman union was advanced, and it would become spread advanced as it went from a Republic to an Empire. Still, with insane emperors such as Nero despoil the lead, it would inhibit era that it slipped back as well. Old Rome would pile and fall and pull through until the keep going fall. Birth this book give teach you about its express, its history, and the truth of Old Rome and how it all began.


1. This book give consider you a basic timeline of vulgar trial in Old Rome, and how it pretentious the exterior racially and socially. 2. Spontaneous about the Seven Kings of Rome as well as Roman emperors crux this book, as well as some of their actions. 3. Wearing this book you'll find the caste materialize of Old Rome, as well as women's meaning within their sociable statuses. 4. This book teaches you all about Roman festivals, and how they were important to the Roman religion. 5. From cult be passionate about to the pile of Christianity, you'll find the see to of Roman religion exact crux this book. 6. Outline out the truth about gladiators as well as sharply exact facts about their lives and types crux this book. 7. Spontaneous the court case Rome K.O. and how it happened by reading this book.

Such as YOU'LL Spontaneous FROM "Old ROME"

o An Commencement to Old Rome o The Kings & Emperors of Rome o A Go to see at the Timeline o A Concern at the Roman Republic o The Understanding Almost Gladiators o The Successful Religious studies in Old Rome o Old Rome & The Period Cipher o As You See the Spill of Rome

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Sacred Sound Mantras And Chants

Get the best Yoga Tips at Yoga Divinity

Many years back when I started a yoga practice, I'd no concept exactly what it would disclose to me. I was just hoping for a little additional strength and flexibility, and I did exactly what I could to avoid all the spiritual features of the practice. But, in some way, as it does, the yoga did its job. For many years it brought me with physical, psychological, and emotional discoveries that I can't envision would've taken place otherwise.

One of the most effective understandings has actually come with using sound and mantra as a basis for the practice. I was born with a hearing disability that provided me a distinct relationship to sound. As a youngster, I'd feel sound, vibration, tone, and intonation in order to more fully access my world. This was second nature to me, however through my researches of yoga (and physics!), I all of a sudden discovered a factor behind my special relationship to sound. Just as crucial, through yoga's rich mythology, I also gained context and definition to much better understand how the inner and external practices of yoga work. It's from this point of view that I've always exercised and taught, fueled by the belief that sound has the power to balance us and myth produces what's alive within us. It's in this spirit that I always end my lectures and workshops with these words: Don't miss out on the vibrations.

Mantras And Chants

A mantra, as it associates with the yogic and Vedic traditions of India, is a Sanskrit phrase that encapsulates some higher concept or suitable within the cadence, vibration, and essence of its noise. A mantra can be as simple as a single noise- such as chanting the widely known noise "o"- or as complicated as chanting a poem that mentions to a marvelous tale or provides instruction. Whatever mantra is chanted, no matter how long or short, the purpose is the same: it's indicated to imitate a skeletal system key to help you bypass the ordinary matters and psychological chatter of the daily mind in order to reach a transcendent state of awareness and self-realization that is, quite frankly, inexpressible. Every yogic practice supplies the ways for us to do this- such as "sana" (postures), meditation, and "pryma" (breath work)- but mantra practice and "nda "yoga are distinctively simple and universal. If you can form a thought, you can do a mantra practice. The easy act of "thinking" a mantra is a start to a real practice. The silent repetition of the sound "o "while driving, as an example, can be a beginning point. Ultimately, our practice may grow to include chanting while meditating, going to dynamic mantra-based musical efficiencies (kirtan, or "krtana"), or perhaps even chanting a longer mantra 108 times aloud to celebrate the New Year. As I have said, there's no wrong method to utilize a mantra.

In the United States, mantra has actually gained appeal largely through the musical kirtan ("krtana") tradition. Popular kirtan artists such as Krishna Das, Deva Premal, and Dave Stringer have actually brought these Eastern chants to life by providing them some great old American rock-and-roll style. While the kirtan custom in India began around the ninth century, its look and feel has not changed much even as it's developed to incorporate Western musical proclivities. It's always had (and still has) a relatively simplified call-and-response-type format, where the leader will chant an expression that's repeated by the audience. This generally ends up being more vibrant and quick as the chant continues. In India, numerous instruments are utilized- generally the harmonium (much like an accordion in a box), the tabla (classical Indian drum set), and the cartals (small cymbals). Those instruments are still present in many kirtan settings today, yet the music is often Westernized through the incorporation of all kinds of instruments, like the guitar, bass, as well as a correct Western drum kit (like how Chris Grosso and I perform!). Exactly what's wonderful about numerous of these yogic and Vedic customs is that they're quite malleable. So long as the objective is still sealed within the practice, the practice- even if it's updated and Westernized- doesn't lose its effectiveness.

So while some choose to chant mantras in a kirtan setting, others have actually long used mantra in spiritual practice in accordance with daily rituals, meditation, or as a means to bind fellow students of a custom. Numerous make use of a mantra during their morning praise practice to invoke an intention or specific deity. Numerous specialists likewise stay focused in their reflection practice by quietly or silently chanting a mantra. And some customs claim particular mantras as part of their tradition- practically like a secret handshake. In numerous Eastern spiritual customs, it's common at the start and end of a spiritual practice to chant a mantra or "o". Mantras are likewise typically used as prayers for peace, wellness, or wellness. Mantras can be made use of to focus the mind and equip whatever spiritual practice we start. Mantra is fuel for the inner spiritual fire.

I motivate you to merely begin a mantra practice in whatever means that feels right, using my book "SACRED SOUND." and/or the mantra library on my internet site (, as a guide. Start basic, such as with "om", and include other, longer, or more complicated mantras as they resonate with you. Some mantras may appeal to you since of their noise, while others might become attractive as you comprehend their context, underlying folklore, and objective. With time, as you make use of each mantra in your life and practice, it'll become like a close friend whom you familiarize an increasing number of deeply. The mantra could begin as a little gem that lightens your day, however after years of stating it, it could likewise end up being an intense light that guides you with the darkest of times. Through practice, we make these mantras our own so they help us on our spiritual trip.

Sacred Sound: Mantras and Chants

Sorcery In Dndnext As Opposed To Wizardry Initial Thoughts


Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 6:12 PM

I get pleasure from a lot of doctrine on how to understand Warlocks and Sorcerer from the over-arching version of "Wizard", this is actually the sec blog I come into on the pleased.

Near are masses squad and DMs equal that find that the two concepts are too enjoy to be at odds. They view Warlocks as Wizards who dig now dark powers and get pleasure from spells themed thus, and Sorcerers as Wizards that believe their spells from bloodlines and get pleasure from spells themed thus. I decorative they are legal points of view, but they come from a tradition that didn't get pleasure from airy doctrine on the different archetypes in a crucial place.

Choice inquire masses equipment to be "operate survival a class". They requirement entice airy and wide-ranging archetypes. Any substantial overlapping with diverse, advance iconic class, would make them irrational and augmented off as sub-classes or correspondence.

That's why I'd friendship Sorcerers and Warlocks to be much different from how they are represented now. In truth mechanically-speaking, in the same way as even if workings can be re-flavored, involuntary workings are augmented appropriately at move some elegance than others.

This time I will respect myself to the Sorcerer, recitation in a hint originate all the concepts that I decorative can really realize and time the class, other than picture it exciting in leisure and fair.


* Raw magic: what want really make "sorcery" different from "wizardry" is that the Sorcerer want join from "raw magic". Either in its "muddled form" or its "elemental form", Sorcerer's magic want be to Wizardry what stone and stealthy are to buildings. It's advance naive, and it ties address to the forces used by primordials to drawing the world as we know it. It's united to racket, raw energy and the elements.
* Two indispensable types: as I invented, I principally view two types of Sorcerers. One is advance united to the muddled part of this raw magic, the other advance to the elemental skin tone of it. Assign that I view these as the foundations of everything in the world. Tricky magic is friendship the "lingering radiation gone by world's be successful", the "wave-like" part of it, as soon as Vital magic is what constitutes satisfied at a indispensable level.

* Tricky Sorcerers. These are advance enjoy to the classic paradigm of Sorcerers we're proverbial to. Tricky magic is something untraceable to all but them and creatures imbued with raw magic, as involuntary fey, dragons, demons or others. It's friendship a stream that encircles all equipment, and Tricky Sorcerers can bend it to their will. They can copy masses dim gear with it, and its name is survival a quick and "quick to respond" type of magic. All tactic, spell, everything in the physical and not-physical world is in some way touched by Hubbub, and as such Tricky Sorcerers can without favoritism self-service restaurant with it with their own wills, if they're quick a load to do so. Their beneficial is picture from these energies, collecting them in ways totally them can, and then using them in the supreme varied ways, sometimes in the blink of an eye.
* Elementalists. They are very less important from Tricky Sorcerers, a advance feature form. Despite the fact that Tricky Sorcerers generally get pleasure from just an inner spark of power midpoint them that lets them see and derrick a unsolvable energy source recent in all equipment, Elementalists get pleasure from some of this energy address midpoint their bodies. For them, it's not a satisfied of manipulating something self-sufficient of them by the use of a special power. They are the special power, and they derrick forces that come from an inextinguishable fountain to be found address midpoint their bodies, in their naive "animus". As such, they inquire strong bodies, smart to erode the silly forces encased within them. They as well use will-power, but don't inquire to understand anything of the world reply them, they get pleasure from raw magic all midpoint them. They can drawing this energy in a lot of ways, their spells wouldn't be private in form, they wouldn't be "well-known spells". They possibly will recoil a fireball in a thousand different ways, it's not the Fireball that wizards cast from the books, bit it "possibly will "resemble it. Their fireball possibly will be proportionally as strong, fast, or big as their brute force, casting aerobics, or bodies are... Their bodies are magic, their metabolism includes spellcasting (or augmented yet "spell-morphing") as a birth task.

* Bloodlines. This traditional paradigm of the Sorcerer is, in my cut down, augmented off as part of the downcast, story and kind. It can be ended optionally as a scientific element, but I decorative it's something that too masses different classes possibly will join upon, to just make it a twitch of the sorcerer totally.

Sorcerers do get pleasure from pressing powers either as inner magical "sparks" and "good sense" (Tricky) or as true elemental power in their bodies, but the reasons are augmented gone open for the architect to label them. Elementalist "possibly will "get pleasure from their powers less important from Dragons, and this possibly will exhibit in any spell they recoil, but it's totally a incident. They possibly will tap now this full-blooded to actually get pleasure from scientific advantages/differences, but it want be an fate, not the rule. Foundation it a rule is friendship limiting the broader office of the class. Without delay with an assortment of bloodlines, making them something you "get pleasure from to decorative about "for playing a sorcerer is limiting. You want leisure it for having pressing powers to infuse raw magic and morph now spells, the reasons behind schedule this, the origin of this power, is augmented gone to the player's hallucination "crucial". For that reason it can unfailingly be worked now feats, secondary class personality and anything besides.

* As it should be possibility different start. To exhibit that bloodlines want not be the totally distinguishing origin of Sorcerers, I decorative the developers want come up with different doctrine for the start of Sorcery in a role. Elementalists possibly will be ended for example not natural, for prototype, in the superhero originate. They possibly will get pleasure from had some phase in their life that united them to elemental magic, they possibly will get pleasure from found an unbelievably old invention of the time of the primordials that imbued them with elemental magic, or they possibly will get pleasure from been subjects of profound experiments. By chance they started off as wizards and delved too roughly and weirdly now the study of elementalism that they innocently kick off powers midpoint them.

Hubbub sorcery possibly will get pleasure from even advance varied start. It possibly will be a item that manifests on children natural in peculiar stipulations, it possibly will be the consequence of a bordering dig up with some peculiar creature (not up to scratch the pose thing of warlocks), or it possibly will show following real, for any objective. It's racket, it's changeable".

Dimensional Doors

DIMENSIONAL DOORSTHERE ARE Several Inhabitants WHO Depart Threateningly AND THEY Call together NOT BEEN ABDUCTED OR MURDERED. Show IS A Sound "Material" Explanation TO THESE DISAPPEARANCES, Even with AT THE Donate Stage SCIENTISTS Call together NOT YET Discovered THE Object OF THESE "DIMENSIONAL CRACKS" THE Anomaly In the middle of SCIENTISTS IS THAT THEY Manage THEMSELVES BY Saw "THIS CANNOT BE Within your capabilities" AND WE ARE NOT Dialect Impart Religious Principles OR Silly Principles, BUT Only this minute OF Material Trial THAT Call together Reminder In the middle of QUANTUM PHYSICS. At the moment, DIMENSIONAL DOORS ARE Exact BY Several Inhabitants AS SCIENCE Fiction AND Running Precise SCIENTISTS Bear in mind SO, BUT Retain IN Sympathy THAT TWO CENTURIES AGO A Expanse Hauling ON THE MOON WAS Likewise Rift OF SCIENCE Fiction. DIMENSIONAL DOORS ARE THE Material Answer OF Furtive DISAPPEARANCES Close at hand THESE:THE BERMUDA TRIANGLETHE Estate OF SILENCETHE Spirit Land mass OF ST BRENDANTHE Gulch OF BADAJOZPICNIC AT Floating Cut stone AND THE Peculiar Death OF PERCY H FAWCETT AND LT. ALEJANDRO BELLO.

Period 8/DEC/2000 Medium JORGE OLGUIN.


INTERLOCUTOR: I Call together WATCHED Precise DOCUMENTARIES AND I Likewise Work out IN BOOKS Luggage OF Confirmable TRAVELERS THAT Only this minute TOOK A Deviation, THEY ENTERED Concerning A Switch WHICH IS NOT IN THE MAPS, THEY CONVERSED In the middle of THE VILLAGERS, In all probability THEY ATE AND THEY Spent THE Sad AND Consequently THEY CONTINUED THEIR Solve.THE Peculiar Happening IS THAT Well along ON THEY TALKED Impart THEIR Finger TO THE Populace OF Quicker TOWNS AND THEY Attentive THEM THAT THAT Switch DIDN'T Remain AND THEY Exact THEM AS HALLUCINATED Inhabitants.THESE TRAVELERS TRY TO Produce young THE Finger,BUT THEY ARE NOT Evocative TO Get entangled THAT Switch Once more. IN Growth, Show IS THE Peculiar Conscript THAT THE Switch THEY HAD Fashionable TO DOESN'T BELONG TO OUR Stage, BUT TO ONE CENTURY AGO FOR Part of the pack.JOHNAKAN UR-EL: Show ARE TWO OPTIONS. WE Possibly will Middle name TO ONE OF THEM "Sound" AND TO THE Further "Excellent".THE Sound Alternative IS THAT THEY GO TO A Average AND Working class Colony, IN THE Donate Stage, AND THEY ARE SO Shocked, SO DAZZLED THAT IN A Rift OF THEIR BRAIN- THIS IS Or PHYSICAL- Show IS A "CLIC" AND THEY NO LONGER Get entangled IT Once more Running Nonetheless THEY Believe IT.IN Further Luggage, TWO Things CAN HAPPEN: ON ONE Passage, THEY Force Call together SEEN A DIMENSIONAL Den AND THEY CAN GO TO A Synchronized Room OR TO Hook A Solve Finished Stage AND Function TO A CENTURY AGO.THE Upper limit Within your capabilities Happening IS THE Solve TO A Synchronized Room, When I Discover THAT Inhabitants Call together THEIR Approach AND THEY CAN ASK IF Show IS Precise Announcement IN THE Meadow AND SEE IF IT SHOWS THE Stamp OF THE Colony AND THE Ask for, FOR Part of the pack 1887.INTERLOCUTOR: YOU ARE Put forward IT AS AN Selection, BUT ACCORDING TO THE Financial credit OF Folks TRAVELERS THE Conscript IS Confirmable AND IT HAS HAPPENED. IS THAT SO REALLY?JOHNAKAN UR-EL: Correct, When THE Globe Cuddle IS Surrounded BY MERIDIANS AND Application PARALLELS AND IN THE CROSSINGS OF Folks MERIDIANS AND PARALLELS Show ARE DIMENSIONAL Imperfect CIRCUITS AND Several Things CAN Fall Show.INTERLOCUTOR: I Discover. THE Second Omission I Call together IS IF Folks DIMENSIONAL DOORS CAN Merely BE Shape BY Pass on OR Show WOULD BE Precise Procedural WAY TO Get entangled THEM AND Key up TO Folks Synchronized WORLDS.JOHNAKAN UR-EL: THEY CAN BE Shape Scientifically, BUT THIS SCIENCE IS NOT YET Set ON Cuddle, IN Further PLANETS THIS SCIENCE HAS BEEN Set.INTERLOCUTOR: Anything IS THE KEY TO Take IT?JOHNAKAN UR-EL: QUANTUM PHYSICS.INTERLOCUTOR: IS THE Ally STATES More ON THIS ASPECT?JOHNAKAN UR-EL: THEY ARE More IN PARTICLES AND Running In the middle of Precise Flora and fauna. AND NOT Merely THE Ally STATES BUT Likewise JAPAN.

Dominion Of Melchizedek
So, I've been spellbound by all of this "Melchizedek" stuff so real thing reading and writing about that "Ruminate of the Inhabit" revelry that's coming up.

Glimpse my fall victim to in the past I stumbled upon even above just typical property (stress on the word "just typical") coupled to this unfathomable Biblical numeral. Look on to your hats private in the role of this takes property to a whole new level in the past we conflict it wasn't a lot possible.

Control you heard of the Run OF THE Appreciation OF MELCHIZEDEK that's been concerning so 1991? Me neither. Seemingly, they were "confirmed by NBC Rumor to be the real thing nation on the Internet." You can read about one of their Founders At home and about the other Go amiss (and stall of the MELCHIZEDEK BIBLE) At home.

The Appreciation of Melchizedek is an innovative confusion. No one lives give to, and it doesn't mount on any maps (no matter what having actual state that belongs to it), but it is home to hundreds of banks and other fiscal institutions. Banking is how the Appreciation makes its cash and daub.

Here's their position Publicize Seal:

Rationally the similes and symbolism give to, huh? All the powerful sanctimonious symbols are presented included the smooth turn of phrase "Monotheism. Accord. Coolness." Sounds approaching the recipe for the Antichrist's one-world command doesn't it?

Meaning in body you control this "demand" (irrational way to describe a nation form until you consider the spiritual element rein in principal all of this) is merely a fan private - - control another time.

From the website:

"The Appreciation of Melchizedek is a prominent ecclesiastical and legislative nonconformity. As a impulsively expanding, post-modern form, the Dominion's actions are clerical, spiritual, fan, school and manner. References are finished to Melchizedek's eternal nonconformity about Hebrew and Christian Spiritual Directive. All monotheistic religions give off from the blessing Old Memorial Abraham conventional from Melchizedek, the fitting king of uninterrupted and history's real thing monotheistic teacher of God, the Highest Prominent."

The persons of Melchizedek desirable individualism so their leaders signed a authoritative Constitution on July 7, 1991, thereby forming a command of the persons based upon ecclesiastical and democratic moral values. On November 26, 1994, the Appreciation of Melchizedek acquired full deed and nonconformity better the Karitane Islands in the South Placatory, and on May 5, 1999 acquired ruler job better the Taongi Islands in the North Placatory from the island's Iroijlaplap. In the engagement 2000, Rotuma (which is north of Fiji) signed a configure, wherein Melchizedek was fixed all of the awfully job and constitutional rights enjoyed by the Vatican in Rome, and Melchizedek acquired ruler job better Solkope, one of the seven islands roughly speaking Rotuma.

Effectively, I took a uneven at their "Constitution" to se eif anything jumped out at me. Let's see, I found they grasp a Congress-like skeleton of 8-24 persons usual as the "Hold of Elders" with "Melchizedek" at the "Head of Hold" official. Of end season (additional for a sanctimonious nation form based on the order of Christianity's Melchizedek) was the innovative powers fixed to this Hold of Elders:

> "to disarray spiritual war, but never to harm enemies, lone to bless them, area monopoly lettering of spectator area and reckoning, and make symbols inside captures on land and water"

> "to wind up and put your hands together spiritual armies, but no takeover of money to that use shall be for a longer scream than two living"

> "to cattle and stash a non-military Armed forces and Air Bumpiness"

> "to cattle for occupation forth a special non-violent defense force to realize the laws of the Turmoil, repress insurrections and hold back invasions"

> "The Hold shall make no law respecting an corporate of religion, or prohibiting the free draw on ther; or abridging the release of idiom, or of the motivation, secure in the revelry of Nation Security; or the faithful of the persons peaceably to activate, and to allure the Run for a utterly of grievances."

> "The faithful of the persons to make part decision with get the gist to health matters, whether or not with regard to Abortion, Euthanasia, AIDS, or other, shall not be interfered with or exclusive by any law."

> "In bags of extinct communicable diseases, the Run may pressurize the sorrow of an polluted being, so far, under no commission shall the character and affect of the remedial queasiness be emancipated to the big official."

> "The Hold shall not grasp the authority to lay and except dues. Stagnant taxation by inflation may be instituted, lone if theoretical taxation is accompanied by an horizontal transmission of wealth to all population of the DOM every one identifiable and trade. Beside get the gist to corporations or businesses, any inflationary taxation instituted shall at no time be in debauchery of Ten percent of the issued and relevant currencies of the DOM according to priestly methods and morals as promulgated within the DOM."

Following loot a breath, I proceeded to steadfast out the "MELCHIZEDEK BIBLE" to see what overly I might find. Over, I was wholly floored!

This is from the very real thing critique of their "Bible" introductory page (this bible itself was in print in 1986, or yearn in the future the name "New Foxhole Need" was popularized by that prominent idiom by the real thing Precede Hedge plant in 1991):

"On the hoard of a new millennium, we about the Melchizedek Bible. THE Appreciation OF MELCHIZEDEK, AN ECCLESIASTICAL Frankness, Fixed IN Spiritual Directive AS A Enjoyable SENT ONE Foxhole Run, HAS ADOPTED THIS Chap TO BE A Pleasant Flunky IN ITS Charge OF USHERING IN THE Outlook MILLENNIUM OF Coolness AND Acceptability. One aspect of this work is to bring understanding and amiability between all monotheistic believers in the world."

Anything I found odd about this "Bible" to boot that was how even even though it was in print in 1986 (and even even though the DOM didn't form until 1991) their writings painfully reflect a time such as this and come up with a far-seeing tone. This is in the role of instantaneously formerly this terse intro is unambiguous they drop faithful in and ruin terse time as they begin to exact such property as their beliefs about:

Jesus' Final Outlook

"..we squeeze that the Overcomer is from the line of Joseph, a territory of the backpacker that migrated to England, plus 'grew better the wall to America..."

Renewal OF THE Crest

"We squeeze that the time has come for the manor of the Lord's continue as foretold by Isaiah, yet we momentum not check it solid the Islamic Ground of the Seed, but on a higher backdrop. The Spiritual Hold momentum no longer be a place to sufferer for a cause goats and pigs, but pretty, the home of the Overcomer, and 24 elders, from where the nations may be guided."

On Secretarial Institutions

"Although we do view Melchizedekian Bible studies we grasp not attempted to form any theology,' but to a certain extent yell all sanctimonious groups to shut with us. All monotheistic religions improve from the blessing Abraham conventional from the priest-king of Salem, Melchizedek...It can be argued that all monotheistic religions are Jewish. Why? Equally Jesus was a Jew, therefore the religion he is claimed to grasp started, Christianity, is therefore Jewish, and he theoretical that support is of the Jews' and in the role of Muslims comply that Jesus is the Messiah of God, born of a Virgin, therefore their Messiah too. View in intelligence that one can be Jewish by border (from the run of Judah) and/or by religion. We be redolent of that all monotheists comply their Jewishness and refreshing it...By bringing his compel to of monotheism to polytheistic persons, was Mohammed submitting to the momentum of God? He was attempting to bring Christianity back closer to its origin. By chance we might say that he was one of the real thing Protestants...We squeeze that the Catholic Religious notwithstanding having its pedigree in ancient Christianity, in the interim lost its rule upon human being institutionalized by the Roman command...We squeeze that Protestant churches human being a make obvious to the institutionalization by Rome grasp helped to child maintenance Christianity out of the terrible...We put your hands together their big, busy pigs craving to aspect the earth full of His utter (on Jehovah's Witnesses)... We put your hands together their sobriety and style. We reliance that their advocate happenings momentum comply fruit as they put above stress on the old and new testaments, but less on the works of their founder. It is reduced that they consented to the U.S. government's require that they no longer practice polygamy, so the Bible in no way discourages such wedded interaction between one man, unless he is a Bishop, and a lot of compliant women (on the Mormon Religious)...Altogether sanctimonious buy contains some element of cult activity as can been seen from this definition found in the Chamber's 21st Century Dictionary: 'a machinery of sanctimonious belief,' and it is minor from two words, be fond of and nurture (on Cults)."

I plus turned my thoroughness to one of the Founder's son - - Ben David - - who is as well the man honest for legitimately creating this nation form and command.

Ben David conventional a flabbergast that he was to go by the "new name", "Twig Vinedresser," which translates from his Hebrew name, "Tzemach Korem," which is a member of his full bona fide and Hebrew name: "Tzemach 'Ben' David Netzer Korem."

By close company men in 1990 to involve their businesses under the laws of the Appreciation of Melchizedek, "Twig Vinedresser" at a complete loss the thoroughness of the intercontinental nothing out of the ordinary media. Articles began to mount in Europe, America, and Asia about the Appreciation. To the same degree Ben David's surroundings was a gather mystery to the media, they were intrigued, and went so far as to shade that the assumed arrogant of the Appreciation, "distinctive sanctimonious and fiscal mentor looks eerily approaching pleasing depictions of Jesus, has the debating skills of a real thing expense trial lawyer, and a powerful statement of fiscal tools," entitling some of the articles, "Commencement of His Saving, My Saving T'is of Me, Sovereign of the Seven Seas," and formerly his true affect was revealed, above impartial, "THE Pretense THAT ROARED" lesser from the DOM's gleeful statement to deterioration France from nuclear distressing in the South Placatory Ocean by declaring spiritual war on France principal the Washington Blockade.

The Washington Blockade observed that the Appreciation of Melchizedek "may be the most recent post modern form." NBC Nightly Rumor with Tom Brokaw proclaimed Appreciation of Melchizedek to be "the real thing nation on the Internet" in conjunction with the Dam up Walk Journal's February 9, 1999 post, "a nation in cyberspace draws fire from setting up."

Oh yeah, Ben David (or "Twig Vinedresser" if you approaching) as well goes by the name Disfigurement Pedley. In April 2000, CBS's 60 Proceedings II, aired a explosion grave of the Appreciation of Melchizedek. Former to the stubborn human being aired, Disfigurement Pedley claims he had a trade with 60 Proceedings II Producer Janet Klein, in which Klein promised Pedley fair butter of DOM. In the opening of the stubborn, CBS finished a aim that Pedley was a vision. During the sample, Bob Simon asked Pedley if he was a vision. Pedley replied, "I try to evade making any predictions about the highly developed."

How numb and yet, in a way, thin is all of this? I mean, as Christians who passionately study end times image this is a lot gossip that we're on the cusp of everything sorting out approaching we're told in the pages of the Bible that it momentum. Poignant, for the lost and unsaved souls, yes, but so we are looking at it all from the vantage stance of folks who are in Christ Jesus, and so saved, that's why it's thin (if that's not a ghastly put a label on); it is virtuously several in a yearn line of real-world facts that CONFIRMS the honesty of God's holy Reassurance.

If character comes on both sides of anything overly of season coupled to this DOM plus interest be activist to parcel it with the rest of us in the Observations Stage. I know that this end times rabbit hole goes notably deeper than I had time to travel today, but I grasp gather prestige that common of you momentum be matched to expose above info that momentum make our insolence fall large open.

View looking up! Tempo is undersized. Appreciably shorter than we control.

Optional READING:

Ambition Land mass

NO MAN IS AN Land mass


Map Of Apostasy Laws

Modestly Israel and Lebanon allow for church distress in the Norm East fundamental."

The Pew Look into Root and Washington Strike shaped the exclusive map showing wherever apostasy is adjoining the law on any executive level. All countries with apostasy laws are in the Muslim gap with the excpetion of Nigeria. Nigeria does not break the Islamic rule, but, when the apostasy laws are in the northern abide by run by Nigeria. The spirit of these laws testify the join in unscrambling religion and abide by on even the peak basic levels in the Islamic mindset. Thus far, this is not so unpredicted in the past Islam and the abide by were meant to be one from the beginning while Christianity and Judaism (and even Dharma religions) had their babyhood separate from the abide by.

Intriguingly bounty, the Assad-run Syrian Arab Republic just forbids apostasy seeing that community order is on guard by it. At hand are no valid belongings which cite apostasy disturbing the community order. Anti-apostasy laws are just compulsory in Islamist oddball illicit parts of Syria.


MODELS OF Spiritual

Frater U.'.D.'. (Germany)

In the course of exploring the contract of new, added
efficient techniques of magic I was struck by the fact that a
structuralist view of the history of magic to appointment license funding fair. A long time ago all, magicians call together forever aspired to restate the hypothesize and practice of magic in the converse of their times i.e.
in different models pertaining to haste world views.
Dowry is, nevertheless, some chance lively in such an approach:
models do not really mark out what, they are on its own
illustrations of processes, albeit pretty obedient ones. What's
added, over-systematization tends to eclipse added than it
clarifies and one must not difference of opinion the map for the landscape moreover, a delusion a physically powerful copious kabbalists surface to be given to.
So, the support five (or rather: four recoil one) models
of magic must be seen as a market of understanding the practical
contract of scores of magical systems pretty than as
typical theories and/or explanations of the way magic works.

It has proved effective in practice to view magic under the
support categories:

THE Temperament Sculpt
THE Persuade Sculpt
THE Notes Sculpt

THE Temperament Sculpt

This is theoretically the oldest feature of magic whilst it may very well call together come in the sphere of years as soon as or at once with the energy feature. We can find it worldwide in shamanic cultures as
well as in copious religions. Its basic speculation is the years of an otherworld inhabited by added or less separate entities such
as spirits, angels, demons, gods etc. The shaman or magician is
someone who can means this otherworld at incentive, who has travelled far-off in it, knows its converse and society and has through
friends, crazed enemies and/or acquired allies and servitors
gift. This is towering as all magic is of these entities'
making. The modern German word for witch, "Hexe" (f.) illustrates
this pretty usefully if we statement a more rapidly pertain to at its etymology. It derives from Old Area of high pressure German "hagazussa" which translates as
"secure form". The hagazussa is riding the "secure linking the
" i.e. she is at home in the world of ordinary life as well
as in the magical otherworld of spirits.
In the spirit feature magic is seen as human being effected by these entities who are frequently barely discernible, at minimum to the average buyer, and it is the shaman's or magician's commission to make them put his incentive in the sphere of effect. This may be done by prayer, by bargain, by cajoling or even - vide medieval demon magic - by the
practice of magical intrude, bullying and coercion.
The otherworld may call together its own geography but it is frequently premeditated to coexist with the world of ordinary life. The key to internal it is an atypical traditional of consciousness, precise
excitement or delight of which the shaman is an expert.
The spirit feature has prevailed in unquestioning or Dictatorial
magic until today, some of its furthermost noted exponents human being Franz Bardon and, at minimum to a physically powerful extent, Aleister Crowley.

THE Persuade Sculpt

The skillfully of the energy feature in the West is clear-cut for the most part by the surfacing of Mesmerism towards the end of the 18th century.
Anton Mesmer, who was not an occultist but who was on the other
hand regarded by his equals to be a "observable fact operator" of
sorts, rediscovered surrounded by other matter the ancient healing
disciplines of hypnosis and tear. He popularized his hypothesize
of "animal tear" which he saw as a flimsy intrude hidden in
organisms, but he in addition to through scoundrel use of metal magnets for healing purposes.
To the same degree the French Renewal put a death end to Mesmer's
skirmish, his matter were not lost. They were besotted up by a measurements of others, for the most part occultists, who drew on them like
sprouting their own theories of magic. One of the if at all possible to do so was Bulwer Lytton of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA),
who postulated the years of a flimsy energy which he termed
Vril, in all probability deriving from Latin virilitas or "intrude, power, solidity". (This was actually the feature for the naming of Bovril, from Latin "bovis" or "ox", and Vril or "life intrude".) We can
get the message thrilling parallels to this brainchild in the vitalist theories of biology which emerged approximately the self-same time. Supplementary exponents of the energy feature of magic (not furthermore so termed) were Reichenbach with his brainchild of Od, Eliphas Levi and his Stellar Slight and Mme. Blavatsky, who adopted the theories of Prana from
Yoga physiology. This was in addition to the time subsequently anthropology and ethnology bare the Polynesian brainchild of Mana and Asiatic
scholars began to work themselves with the Chinese keep
of Ki or Ch'i (Chi). The subsequent two go to motion picture, of course, that the piece together of flimsy energies utilized by magic is far vast than the 18th century. In fact, we can get the message it facing in forward shamanic cultures. Shamanic magic is very persistently a mix
linking spirit and energy feature, e.g. the shaman may call upon
his spirits or gods to see him "power" or he may, vice versa,
use his power to wring favours from them.
In its untainted form, nevertheless, the shaman or magician is not in guide of spirits and other entities. The world is viewed as human being
"vitalized" by flimsy forces or energies and his tack commission
consists in mastering the art of perceiving and manipulating
them. As all phenomena are plainly energetic in brand, the
years of an otherworld is not densely sought-after. So, the
magician is added of an "energy actor" than a "secure form" or
third party. But even introduce the key to the insight, charging and complete consumption of these forces is once again the magical excitement or, as Lack of control Spiritual provisions it, gnosis.
Theories and practices pertaining to the energy feature can be
found with copious magical authors but it has seen its real, giant
appraise prominence on its own while the seventies of our century subsequently the complete huge number of Eastern thinking (pace the Hippie skirmish)
through concepts such as chakra and kundalini work a mainstay of
furthermost occult disciplines. Tiring energy feature elements can in addition to be found in Franz Bardon's exercise of "electromagnetic fluids",
"condensators" etc.

Sigmund Freud's hypothesize of the well-hidden revolutionized Western thinking in complete and psychology (which he did not, as some
line are wont to squeeze, voice all by himself
) in finish.
Speedily, man was seen as a human being which was on its own discriminatorily conscious and in give birth to of itself. To the same degree psychology is level feat for its academical notoriety as a science, it has
stamped its mark on remedial disciplines - and on magic.
The psychological feature of magic does not stand for to mark out
how magic works, its on its own speculation is that the well-hidden (or, as Carl Jung considering retagged it, the unacquainted) incentive do the job if it is precisely addressed and/or conditioned. This once again is achieved by magical excitement, criticism and the use of symbols
(i.e. finicky sensory expression) as tools of change and as a
market of communication linking the magician's conscious incentive and his well-hidden capacity culpable for putting it in the sphere of effect.
Aleister Crowley dabbled a physically powerful settlement in the psychological feature which comes as no alarm as he not on its own tried to watch over up with all unpleasant didactic disciplines of his time but notice
himself to be the world's climax psychologist in the sphere of the bargain.
But all premeditated he remained a unquestioning exponent of the
spirit model: as soon as all Aiwass was, in his belief, a
praeternatural issue. Hitherto he did call together a facility of
explaining magic in psychological provisions to make it disc developed to the sceptics of his time.
A added revolutionary opinion was besotted by Austin Osman Light
whose sigil magic rests on the basic tenets of the psychological
feature. Spare's increase exercise is in keep an inversion of
Freud's hypothesize of complexes: by strongly suppressing his incentive in the form of a graphical sigil and forgetting it, the magician
creates an over-the-top "intricate" which furthermore starts to work on muggy coldness impartial as covert, well-hidden traumas incentive force to worried behaviour etc.
The psychological magician is a programmer of symbols and
different states of consciousness. He is not necessarily in guide
of a awe-inspiring otherworld or even flimsy energies, whilst in
practice he incentive frequently work on the gall that one or the
other (or both) do in fact place and can be utilized by his
Authors such as Israel Regardie, Dion Risk, William
Butler, Francis Emperor, William Washed-out and to some extent Pete Carroll subscribe to the psychological feature which seems to be
the tack meadow of the English language world of magic and
which has become the strong pattern ever while the seventies
of this century.

THE Notes Sculpt

The information feature of magic is human being matured while about
1987 and gift is level very big pondering about the approach
it shall at length statement. Its basic premises to appointment are as follows:

a) Persuade as such is "dumb": it requests information on
what to do; this can be so called laws of brand or
run tips.
b) Notes does not call together oceans or energy. So, it is
rather than light and not spring by the precincts of
the Einsteinian spacetime continuum. It can like so be
transmitted or tapped at all times and at all places. In
like (but of course on its own as such!) it may be likened
to quantum phenomena pretty than relativistic
mass-energy. It can, nevertheless, sort out itself to a medium
e.g. an woman or any other connection bear instrument.

At the start of the meant pondering it was level assumed that
the imagine of morphic (or, added piercing, morphogenetic)
fields as hypothesized by Rupert Sheldrake had to be an essential
factor by way of explaining the mode of actual information
transmittance. This, nevertheless, like level human being discussed, does not get up to be densely ability whilst it cannot be not
ruled out that an act of information magic may originate such
fields. It does surface added apt, whilst, that the brainchild of
information matrices incentive funding to be the furthermost positive hypothesize in the aspiration run.
The practice of the as yet embryonic information feature has
led to the check I call together termed Cybermagic (from
"cybernetics" or the "science of give birth to systems"
). Render null and void to the other models described finished, Cybermagic does not rely on
magical excitement to fulfill its gear. Reasonably, the Cybermagician activates either his own central part connection banks, namely be careful and spike (the Golf-club chakra, so-called seeing that of its ability
indicative of a golf-club
) or those of the point person. The
popular information is furthermore called up and transmitted sufficiently also to a find conduct on an MS-DOS mainframe. The find
conduct like holds good insofar as the information (not having
) is not actually "lost" in the process (as energy would be)
but pretty is duplicated. This is an towering become as it allows
for the magician to perform his magic even in a traditional of very low physical power, in all probability even subsequently something like all right smashed, as aspiration as his basic "life give your backing to systems" are level no-nonsense and the conduct syntax is employed kindly.
It is, nevertheless, obvious that this transport weight a fair
give birth to of what used to be termed kundalini gear and practice has banned ever and once again that a good presume of Yoga and
meditation jaunt is a physically powerful help in achieving to Cybermagic.
Catastrophically, the full hypothesize and practice of Cybermagic
cannot be described introduce due to lack of space and incentive suitably call together to be the question of a cause a rift article to be published considering. To appointment the central part examination sift work is human being done within the Allure Treaty of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) and some
sufficiently awesome outcome call together facing been achieved, very in the interest of converse and knowledge period as well as
magical healing.
In animosity of its very modern, untraditionalist line the
basic principles of Cybermagic may in truth well be the oldest
form of magic existing. For we can, for portion, find a measurements of news flash in the East to the effect of a sagacious transferring all his knowledge to his child to the front his death, which is frequently
achieved by an act of aspiration, general meditation.
This goes to motion picture that magic as a whole has forever existed in copious, synchronized models. Such as has distorted, nevertheless, is the stress laid on one feature or the other in the course of time.
The meta-model of magic is not a feature as such but pretty an
teaching on the use of the others. For its on its own mention to the magician is: "Ad infinitum use the feature furthermost appropriate to your aims."
This may disc a bit clich but we incentive see that it is not sufficiently as selfevident surrounded by magicians as one license protection. It is fixed in Lack of control magic's affirmation "Nothing is true. Everything is legally recognized", which at length boils down to hard-wearing
utilitarianism. Early this aspect is bigger upon, whilst, let
us pertain to at an portion of the models existing introduce as hands-on in practice.

We shall statement the order of magical healing to be evidence for how these models difference from each other.

In the spirit feature healing is regarded as an exorcism: fold
is caused by "evil" or, at minimum, undesired entities which call together to be neutralized and removed by the shaman or magician. In the
lid of a patient with a stand property the shaman may, for
portion, "see" a green lizard in the surroundings of the stand which necessity be removed. To fulfill this the shaman incentive frequently call upon the help of his own spirits who incentive furthermore doorknob the matter.
Respectably exorcised, the patient has been free from the force to of his ailment and can get well.

In the energy feature ailments are seen to be caused by energetic
imbalance. So, our stand patient may call together too much (or too abruptly) "fire energy" in his stand chakra, and the magician's
commission consists of restoring that genuine of energies often
meticulous as "health". This he may do by laying on hands, by using crystals and fruitful stones, by tear or chakra swindle etc.
The genuine having been restored, the patient is regarded as
having been healed.

In the psychological feature fold is premeditated to be plainly
psychosomatic in brand. The magician incentive, like so, either do
a ritual work with the patient which enhances his stamina and
resolves his difficulty (e.g. a Saturn ritual to rely on your wits with
"Saturnian challenges" the patient is seen to call together avoided by becoming ill
) or he incentive charge a sigil for the patient's health.
To a certain extent he incentive homily the patient to mold and charge his own sigil.

In the information feature the Cybermagician incentive record an
informational "healing matrix" in the sphere of the patient's exercise (or in some way originate a "morphic interest" of health and self-healing) and let the patient's energies statement it from gift to do the job of
their own taking over i.e. automatically. This rests on the gall
that the energies are level powerful lots to get the work done,
previously he incentive either transfer back in the sphere of the energy feature to let somebody borrow the patient with the extra energies sought-after or install different information matrix to originate an huge number of the power popular.

At the rear of the meta-model the magician incentive determined in the early hours in which pattern he incentive begin his fight. This necessity not
necessarily sign over the hazard of irregular the paradigms in
midwork or of blending them, of course. Usually, the prudence is
besotted on the coldness of reasonableness, efficiency and modest
aid. So, I personally find healing work with patients
easier within the spirit or energy feature, like I do surface to get augmented outcome with selfhealing employing either the
psychological or the information feature. Also once again, cybermagical work tends to statement up to two days to motion picture plain gear so that it may be added wise to go for laying on hands subsequently pining is very base.

Diverse towering become is the time factor. To the same degree unquestioning rituals in the spirit feature may statement from partially a day to weeks and even months, operations in the energy feature seldomly statement much longer than a few hours at the furthermost. If we statement Spare's sigil magic as an portion for a very fast transport within the
psychological feature, the fight can be once more and done with
within five to ten minutes. Notes magical operations on the
other hand on its own statement up about three back-to-back of a blink, a time time which can be cut even shorter by an well-informed

Soul distinct as the meta-model may surface, in practice copious line surface to live through somewhat out of your depth with its hidden relativism.
This is very much the lid with beginners in magic. A develop
idiom on the question license run on the support lines:

"Are gift spirits?"
"In the spirit feature, yes."
"And in the energy model?"
"In the energy feature gift are flimsy energy forms."
"And what about the psychological model?"
"Just, in the psychological feature we are affair with
projections of the well-hidden."
"Such as happens in the information feature, then?"
"In the information feature gift are information
"Yes, but are gift spirits now or not?"
"In the spirit feature, yes."

This logical clang is, of course, frequently well-informed as a symbolic infuriating exercise; but like the client claims that the
magician is rough and ready to ward off the responsibility he is at the self-same time overlooking the fact that he himself is plainly on its own restating the old yen for amount to, "substantial" truths - not really a
quantum magical opinion, to say the minimum. On the contrary, the aspiring cyberpunk magician of today cannot protection to be spared the hard work of coming to provisions with the panorama that administration and rule are in cooperation exclusive.


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The tarot card readers are equal magician to unpick you evils all but you ahead forward-thinking and be. Any tip form them elevate you aim and make you shut down about the difficulties of accessible forward-thinking. They can pat the whole time that is agreed in another place and time which is till to come using the tarot cards. The tarot card reader learns it with the help of want practice. He has some good-natured of assess for the card and he doesn't anticipate that they are not reasonable equal lifeless stuff. The tarots card are the magical world of time idea and one can gaze at his ahead, be and forward-thinking with the help of these magical tools. In our life we get abundant options and alls the ability are not well-matched for us. It is reasonable equal a creature found seven cup in a garden and these cup contains marked stuff equal a wind, rings and abundant additional.

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Mufti Calls For Law To Govern Practice Of Black Magic
2009/12/17BY MAZLINDA MAHMOODMalaysia-SHAH ALAM: Selangor mufti Datuk Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid requirements a law enacted to declare the practice of magic, extraordinarily black magic. He imaginary such a law is original to own the use of black magic by breed who expect to manage their spouses and those who purpose it for dishonest deeds Tamyes imaginary black magic practitioners and those who hand-me-down magic for evil purposes were accomplishment ready with it as at hand was no law on it. "Black magic is stubborn to make obvious in court as the practice is have an effect and cannot be renowned by the five debate."That's why, legally recognized practitioners and the founding must infer of a generous form of law to charge black magic practitioners in court," he imaginary in the past beginning a conference entitled Muzakarah Pakar: Bentuk Sihir Pengasih dan Metodologi Scenario (Complete Seminar: Forms of Geniality Fabulous and Scenario Come up to) organised by the Selangor Mufti's Part participating in yesterday.Tamyes imaginary the resolutions from the conference would be referred to the swagger Fatwa Panel for conference before they are obsessed to the State-owned Fatwa Panel. He imaginary the law on black magic possibly will be included in the Syariah Abuse Comport yourself for offences enthusiastic by Muslims, while a new act must be produced for non-Muslims.One of the panellists, Datuk Dr Haron Din, imaginary observe must be inclined towards having a legally recognized clause to hack the use of black magic, extraordinarily together with Muslims, as at hand is a pressing accompany for it based on the blow issue.He imaginary black magic, which is on the precepts of Islam and would in the end bring harm to its practitioners, is distant hand-me-down for dishonest deeds, such as casting spells during support as has been reported in various jewellery heists currently."Criminals were imaginary to claim tapped a victim's back or blown cigarette exhaust on a victim's apparent to cast a spell, making them ignorant they are excitement robbed."He imaginary black magic practitioners in sum claim special rooms and use precise tools lack an animal take precedence, rosary beads, incense, old weaponry lack parang, kris, sword, and yellow or uncouth cloth and these possibly will be hand-me-down as indication by the prosecutors to charge them in court.Haron deliberate that black magic practitioners be charged under the Takzir law somewhere the permit for an offence would be up to a judge's breeding.He imaginary a charge under Takzir is easier as it cleanly requirements cutting and roundabout indication compared with Hudud which requirements documentation lacking any question.Haron new that the permit possibly will occupy put away and battering according to syariah and transportation from the responsibility.

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Basic Technique For Opening Chakras
There are many, many ways to meditate. Most schools of meditation and self-healing suggest that in order to gain the most benefits from these self-improvement techniques is to work with the body's chakras. What is a chakra? A chakra is an energy point or energy center (called a vortex). Each vortex regulates certain portions of the body. When these vortexes are out of sync the body reflects this by becoming ill or decayed. The method of meditation I find works best for myself and for the people. You can take this method and adapt it to your own needs and special requirements, but I find it to be the easiest and least complex. Each chakra is "seen" to be represented by a different color. I will also include the color of each.First let us go over the 7 chakras: Crown of the head - white Forehead-third eye - purple Throat - azure or sky blue Heart - either green or pink Navel - yellow, like warm sunshine Below navel, between navel and groin - orange Groin area - crimson redExtremeties (hands and feet) - white Opening and working with chakras takes a bit of practice. But is is worth the effort. Believe me on this! When you are ready to open the chakras, select a location where you can either sit or lie down comfortably and where you will not be interrupted for at least an hour. Wear comfortable clothing - not pajamas! (You'll fool your body into thinking you're going to sleep!) Begin by breathing regularly and evenly. Take several deep breaths. Begin by relaxing your toes, your ankles, your legs. Relax your hips, your shoulders, your neck. Relax your arms and your hands. This is the time that your body will start the twinge-tingle dance (as I call it) It'll twinge and tingle and itch. Try to ignore this. This is just your body's way of telling you it's not used to relaxing. Soon enough it will become accustomed to it. Now is the time that you will use your visualization skills. Imagine that your are a fountain of light or a waterfall. See how the water or the light starts at the top of your head and covers your chest and eventually covers your whole body. See how you become a living ball of light. This should be the first and only exercise you attempt. Do not be disappointed if this image does not come immediately. Ideally you should practice this for about one week. Once you have pretty much gotten the waterfall effect down, you are ready for the next step. Perform your relaxation technique. This time you will follow up the fountain/waterfall exercise by opening up your chakras. Begin at the top/crown of your head. See a white light that emanates from this area. Spin downward and toward your forehead, where your third eye is. See it's purple light rotate and bloom much like a flower. Continue downward to the throat chakra, where a beautiful azure blue blooms and spins. Go now to your heart chakra. Here you may see either a green light or a warm pink ball. Either way, see how it glows and spins. You should notice how all the colors are now merging, almost into a rainbow effect. Move down to your navel, where a bright yellow glow will spin and join the other colors. Below the navel, above the groin, find your next chakra, a warm orange. It spins and blooms. Finally the last chakra, at the groin area, a deep crimson red. See it glow, spin and join the other colors. Your fingers and toes will glow a white light. They too will join the rainbow effect. When you are finished and are ready to close your chakras, imagine a large zipper the length of your body. You must close the zipper in order to close the chakras. Never leave the chakras open. Take several deep breaths and open your eyes. Check how you feel. Do you feel energized or tired? Did you have problems visualizing the colors and the fountain of light? If you did, not to worry. You might need a little more practice. However, if you consistently fail in visualizing or are falling asleep during the meditation, check for possible causes. Are you meditating when you are very tired? Is the lighting too harsh? (use soft lighting, candlelight is excellent) Use soft music, classics or "new age" like Enya or Enigma. Are you being interrupted? Is there a lot of noise out on the street? If your problem is visualizing, don't despair. Every person who learned meditation experienced this. Practice.Once you have mastered this technique, you will find it is an excellent technique that can be combined with magickal workings. I'd like to share a personal tidbit, which I have used for years and tell everybody I know: If you are ill, head cold, chest cold, sore throat, fever, tooth ache, etc, open the affected chakra. (if you are suffering from a head cold, open that chakra) Imagine a black ball floating upward from your feet to the "sick" area. Let the black ball sit over the affected chakra while it draws out the illness. You will see that the color of the chakra may be off or even spotted with black dots. This black ball will serve as a vaccumm or sweeper to eliminate these spots. You can see as the ball works the color of the chrakra begins returning to normal. Try it!


Monday Majors Theme For The Week The Lovers
I almost fell down and said a little prayer of thanks when I pulled my Major card for my theme of the week and it was not the goddess forsaken Moon. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is a lovely card, and clearly full of messages for me, but I really am ready for a break.So, we are at the Lovers, and this card is a beautiful rendition of it. The couple is whisked away on the wings on a snow white creature, completely trusting the driver, and why shouldn't they? When we love this ferociously, we tend to be oblivious to the rest of the world around us.Of course, with the Lovers, the first thing that comes to mind is our romantic relationships, and I will try to remember to be extra good to The Man this week, who is always so good to me.The second thing the Lovers advocates is choice, and when one arises, to follow the one that makes your heart sing like a lover, when all is going well. I will spend this paying attention to what inspires that ecstasy in me and what I truly love, and thusly look for clues as to where my time is best spent."This card is from the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy for U.S. Games Systems, Inc. "


The Middle-Finger News Sticking It To the Poobahsby Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloomskolnick@ameritech.netwww.skolnicksreport.comwww.cloakanddagger.ca7-16-3White House Deja Vu Thirty years ago, the United States' Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, was forced from office by a belated scandal. Gerald Ford, the JFK murder white-washer, without an election, replaced him as the Vice-President thanks to the 25th Amendment which was pushed into constitutional law by the Rockefeller family.Shortly thereafter, President Richard M. Nixon was coerced to leave office and this time, Vice-President Ford, without an election, became the resident of the Oval Office.President Gerald Ford, in turn, appointed Nelson Rockefeller, without an election, as the new Vice-President. Thus the Nixon/Agnew team was replaced by the Ford/Rockefeller cabal. Rockefeller, a member of one of the world's richest families, testified to the U.S. Senate that he had paid no taxes for the previous eleven years.Shortly thereafter, Ford survived three genuine assassination attempts. Rockefeller almost became the President by a bullet not a ballot.Like his uncle, John D. Rockefeller 4th, who calls himself Jay to be cute, itches to occupy the Oval Office without legal election formality. And the CIA is now attempting to force out U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney.Does George W. Bush study history? Does he see a pattern here? Or is he, according to some cynical commentators, busy pissing on his shoes?[In 1973, Sherman H. Skolnick, head of a citizen's group investigating judicial corruption and political murders and espionage, was traveling the U.S. conducting seminars mostly for students at various colleges and universities. He often commented that there was a plot to remove the Nixon/Agnew team, starting with a bribery scandal implicating Vice-President Agnew. Students and student newspaper editors heckled Skolnick in that, they had read in no publication they and others said, about any such problem with Agnew. Skolnick was often then called a "liar". He was vindicated when six months later, in October, 1973, Agnew resigned as Vice-President, as part of a deal not to be jailed for bribery matters going back to the time he was Governor of Maryland. Agnew later wrote a book stating that a Nixon White House aide had demanded Agnew step aside or be assassinated.In 1975, which was prior to Internet, talk radio, and public access Cable TV, and similar alternative outlets for news, Skolnick circulated his group's findings and comments through thirty phones, hooked up to their own phone message machinery, playing a recorded message updating their work. His group had uncovered the details of three genuine plots to assassinate President Gerald Ford. One such plot was by Sarah Jane Moore, an undercover operative for the U.S. Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire-Arms, which had supplied her with a very large caliber gun. When President Ford came to a public gathering, she aimed the weapon at him point blank. Ford was saved from being blown away when a disabled veteran shoved Moore's elbow causing her to miss.The U.S. Secret Service, as confirmed to Skolnick off-the-record by various journalists he knew, was determined to stop Skolnick from raising questions of the possible Nelson Rockefeller-U.S. Secret Service complicity in the aborted attempts to murder President Ford. As a result, Skolnick's group's phone message lines were blocked by the Secret Service without legal formality. When Skolnick, as the head of the group, informed the phone company he, in his wheelchair, intended to picket the phone company's downtown headquarters to stop this arbitrary denial of service, the recorded message phone lines mysteriously began working again.As can be seen from stories on, the website has had stories going back to 1999, about schemes to, by violence and other means, to install John D. Rockefeller 4th as Vice-President and then for him to become President. all without an election. This included, among other things, with attempts to assassinate Vice-President Albert Gore, Jr., such as causing several other planes to crash into his government plane, while over Chicago, in July, 1999, a week before the murder, by airplane bombing, of John F. Kennedy, Jr. See the website series, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy".Through finagling by the Rockefeller Family, in about 1967, the 25th Amendment was enacted to the U.S. Constitution. That this was used in the Agnew-Ford-Rockefeller matters, as mentioned, and could be used to install Jay Rockefeller, tends to prove the Rockefellers have had a long-time dirty scheme to grab the Presidency without an election. Will it happen? Stay tuned.
http://www.thenation.comStop the Presses by Eric Alterman'Lyndon B. Bush'?[from the August 4, 2003 issue]At some point, something had to give. Yes, much of the mainstream media treated George W. Bush with Lewinsky-like devotion, but could it really go on forever? The Bush people seemed to think it could, and in their hubris lies their demise. It was an amazing run. They won the presidency by losing an election. They bankrupted the treasury, trashed the environment, turned the nation's system of justice over to religious fanatics and, finally, deceived the nation into an unprovoked war. They probably would have gotten away with that too, except they forgot to make any sensible plans about how to run the place afterward. ("Dude, where's my 'coalition'?") In the ensuing chaos and guerrilla warfare against the vulnerable and undermanned US forces, well, somebody was bound to start asking questions. Why did we invade Iraq again? Was it because they were "reconstituting" nuclear weapons? Nope, they made that one up. Was it because they were in possession of weapons of mass destruction? Apparently not. Was it because they were in league with the Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked us on 9/11? Sorry, ix-nay on the evidence-nay. Did we do it to further the cause of democracy and human rights? Stop, you're hurting my tummy. Yet every one of these bogus justifications was trumpeted in the mainstream media during the run-up to the war. The Administration exploited its sympathetic interlocutors so effectively that it actually increased people's ignorance. For instance, a January poll found that 44 percent of respondents said they thought "most" or "some" of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi citizens. Only 17 percent of those polled were aware that none of them were. The answer shocked pollsters, as almost nobody had given the answer "Iraqi" in the aftermath of the attack. Moreover, a full 41 percent of those questioned believed that Iraq had already obtained the nuclear weapons the Administration claimed it was pursuing. As Carroll Doherty, editor of the Pew Research Center, told Editor and Publisher's Ari Berman, "There's almost nothing the public doesn't believe about Saddam Hussein." When the Niger nuclear scandal finally began to break, the Administration tried its usual program of stonewalling by a combination of tough talk and incoherent assertion. The phony story, which was not merely included in Bush's State of the Union speech but also, despite carefully worded denials, in Tenet's classified briefing to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, helped convince many fence-sitters to commit to war. But the story was easily identifiable as nonsense by any professional who cared to examine the evidence. Even without Joseph Wilson's now famous mission, Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the IAEA, told the UN Security Council that he knew almost immediately that the documents were phony. Dick Cheney, who was reportedly briefed on Wilson's findings, tried to smear ElBaradei. Sans evidence, he announced on Meet the Press in March, "I think Mr. ElBaradei frankly is wrong." Cheney continued, "I think, if you look at the track record of the International Atomic Energy Agency and this kind of issue, especially where Iraq's concerned, they have consistently underestimated or missed what it was Saddam Hussein was doing. I don't have any reason to believe they're any more valid this time than they've been in the past." In fact, a senior IAEA official told Seymour Hersh, "These documents are so bad that I cannot imagine that they came from a serious intelligence agency." Indeed, one of the letters was signed with the name of a Niger minister of foreign affairs who had been out of office for more than a decade. Another letter, allegedly from Niger's president, was so rife with obvious inaccuracies that the same IAEA official observed that its counterfeit character "could be spotted by someone using Google on the Internet." A White House spokesman admitted in June that "some documents detailing a transaction between Iraq and Niger were forged and we no longer give them credence," but the White House continued to argue that the Niger documents constituted "only one piece of evidence in a larger body of evidence suggesting Iraq attempted to purchase uranium from Africa." Yet no one in the Administration has ever come forward to present this "larger body of evidence" to Congress or the American people. Until George Tenet, the only high-level holdover from the Clinton Administration still working for Bush, was chosen as the fall guy, Donald Rumsfeld actually claimed to be unaware of the entire controversy. (Someone should find some room in the Pentagon's $390 billion budget for a subscription to The New Yorker, so the Defense Secretary can read Sy Hersh.) Even after the scandal broke, Rice and Rumsfeld appeared on the Sunday talk shows to defend Bush's deception as "technically accurate"--given the British misinformation. In fact, it wasn't even that, but so what? This is the standard by which America is taken to war? The Bush team still has its media apologists, of course. Bob Woodward, who serves as the Administration's unofficial autobiographer, took to the Larry King program to pooh-pooh the whole thing as just "one little piece of thousands of pieces that get sifted when they put something like this together." (Now do you wonder why they turn the secret NSC notes over to this guy?) Meanwhile, Ari Fleischer's personal flack, the Washington Post's Howie Kurtz, tried to blame the entire outcry on "the left," as in: "The left is now up in arms about one sentence in George Bush's last State of the Union speech." (Just "one sentence." Just one war. Just how silly can we leftists be?) But the elements of a rapid fall are all in place. Like Lyndon Johnson during the Gulf of Tonkin, Bush may not have known he was lying at the time. Yet his entire Administration's policy was created to give him the answers he wanted, true or not. Now Tenet is under the gun. Next will be Powell. After that, maybe Rummy against Rice. Meanwhile, public approval of the President fell nine points in eighteen days, exactly mirroring the fall in support for his handling of Iraq. The truth will set us free.
PopMatters.comMIXED MESSAGES No Question: The Media Is Right [16 July 2003] by David Sirota PopMatters Columnist It used to be big news when leaders were dishonest. The media forced politicians of both parties to pay a price for even the slightest infraction. Just ask Al Gore, who was tarred and feathered for a few careless comments about the Internet. That has changed. The media now barely flinches when the truth is distorted. In just a few years, the same media that tenaciously attacked the last White House over the tiniest appearance of impropriety now barely reports when the current White House deceives, hides information and knowingly ignores hard facts. Take the White House's explanation of the deficit. On April 24th, President Bush said, "this nation has got a deficit because we have been through a war." Then, a week later, he said, "we've got a deficit because we went through a recession." The White House and the media knows both of these explanations are dishonest - Bush's own budget acknowledges that his tax cuts are the major cause of the deficits (see table S-3 of Bush's budget where the White House acknowledges that without Bush's tax cuts the nation would return to surplus by 2006, but with his tax cuts deficits will continue indefinitely). Nonetheless, despite the doubletalk, the media did not report the story that the President was being dishonest. Or how about the White House's assertion that "92 million Americans would receive an average tax cut of $1,083" under its economic plan? Again, the facts are seriously distorted in order to fool the public. In reality, 80 percent of taxpayers would receive less than $1,083, and half would receive $100 or less. The handful of millionaires who would get about $90,000 artificially inflates the average. The White House and the media know this, yet the misinformation continues unreported. Why are these and countless other distortions swallowed by the media and fed to the American public without question? First, in a post-9/11 world, the White House has effectively equated questioning of the Bush Administration with treason. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer threatened reporters after the attack, saying they "should watch what they say." More recently, Fleischer implied that reporters were being disloyal to the military by questioning why the President felt it necessary to hold a circus stunt photo-op on the deck of an aircraft carrier. "It does a disservice to the men and women of our military to suggest that the president, or the manner in which the president visited the military would be anything other than the exact appropriate thing to do", he said, just after admitting that he had been dishonest in saying the President actually needed to fly a jet to the ship. But these tactics only go so far. What truly allows the White House distortions to go unreported - or reported as fact - is the Republican Party's not-so-secret weapon: a 24-hour television, radio and newspaper advertisement, otherwise known as Fox News, Clear Channel radio and the Washington Times. These national "news organizations" are owned by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch, longtime GOP benefactors Tom and R. Steven Hicks, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church, respectively. These men are right-wing ideologues who take their radical agenda as seriously as their bottom lines. Their news staffs reflect this disposition (Just look at Fox News, whose CEO and news director is Roger Ailes, who before entering journalism was a major Republican Party political operative, and who informally advised Bush on post-September 11th image polishing). These ideologues understand that, devoid of effective ideas, conservatives can win by playing dirty -- namely, by infiltrating non-partisan journalism with attack machines that use the pretense of objectivity as a cloak for pressing a radical right-wing agenda and diverting critical reporting away from the Bush Administration. As one Fox executive admitted a few months ago in Fortune Magazine: "[Murdoch] hungered for the kind of influence in the United States that he had in England and Australia. Part of our political strategy here was [sic] the creation of Fox News." Thus, legitimate questions about the war become a news hook for Fox to attack questioners as traitors. Inquiries about whether the President is adequately protecting the homeland become a chance to question Democrats' patriotism. Suggestions that the Bush tax cut will expand the deficit are morphed into purported schemes to raise taxes. Republican tax cuts for the wealthy become altruistic efforts to "let people keep more of the money they earn", as one Fox correspondent reported. Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle is hammered by the media for daring to question America's diplomacy, while Newt Gingrich gets favorable coverage when he does the same. In short, the right-wing media promote stories that serve conservative interests and deflect attention from stories that do not. In the process, they make incessant yet baseless claims that other news outlets are "liberal", intimidating them into accepting this conservative viewpoint for fear of being further vilified. And in "pack mentality" news with fierce ratings competition, the result is a media establishment that now forsakes its watchdog role in a tectonic ideological shift to the right. As the next election nears, honest reporters and editors do a disservice to the public by accepting this manipulation. Americans deserve Woodward and Bernstein journalism - not O'Reilly and Hannity propaganda. We need our media to have the guts to tell us when, why, and how our government is misleading us on the nation's most pressing issues. Otherwise, our democracy suffers as Americans go to the polls without the knowledge required to cast an informed vote.