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Q: What is the greatest value of diversity? SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: "We no longer live in an isolated world. Our knowledge and communication are expanding, while our world is shrinking. Therefore, to survive, businesses cannot be territorial. We have no other choice than to honor diversity. It is now a necessity, not an option. It is in our nature, and it is a sign of intelligence and evolution when we feel that all the cultures, all the civilizations, all the different schools of philosophy, all belong to us. Unfortunately, prejudice based on ignorance is the greatest impediment to embracing diversity. For example, 25 years ago when we spoke about yoga, breathing and meditation in Europe, it was regarded as an oddity over here. There was so much prejudice towards Eastern influences. But now people realize that yoga is beneficial to their health, and they are accepting it. Similarly today, there is prejudice in some Islamic countries towards yoga and meditation. All these prejudice must be eradicated.Q: Shouldn't diversity within companies involve more than discussing the percentage of women at the top?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "In many places, the first discrepancy and discrimination one sees is gender-based. Gender is the most visible; the most obvious today. So, gender and religion, followed by nationality or cultural differences, these all should be sidelined. However, I am not saying that you have to force yourself to find a person who is from a particular category, when they may not be as talented. That is also wrong. Talent must come first, and diversity should be secondary. In the name of diversity, we bring in people who are not capable or qualified to do the job. The business suffers as a result. So the diversity value should not come as a rule imposed on someone but it should come from within oneself. It should come from the transformation of our outlook rather than an imposition of a rule or government regulations".Q: What is the starting point for leaders?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "I believe the starting point for leaders is the boardroom; the office. To create an atmosphere of celebration, you need the right attitude and you have to bring in that attitude. This may require some form of teamwork, others need to instill it. An atmosphere of celebration, of trust, cooperation and a sense of belonging, all have to come. I have no doubt that there is a willingness among people to refresh themselves, they just need to have it put in front of them in an effective, viable way. They need to be given the opportunity. A business won't last if it focuses only on productivity and net result. The company ultimately suffers because the creativity, the strength and the sense of belonging will ebb away. Similarly, the 'command and control' system-the military system-no longer works. ONLY INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION ARE EFFECTIVE TOOLS. For that, one can apply some of the ancient principle from different parts of the world in the workplace, to make the work more enjoyable."Q: Will the business world be organized differently in 20 to 30 years from now?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "We have already stated. In the past, the business world ran on economic pressure, because people had no other means. But today, the global market is so open and the choices are many and varied. People are more aware than it was a few years ago, so now they want to move around. If not here, they will find job advancement; it has turned the business view completely upside-down. Before, it was regionally oriented because you had to do a job and availability was limited".Q: How can the workplace be improved?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "One of our programme components is entitled 'Let out the steam and get into the team' - that is our slogan. In other words, take off your management shoes and sit with others in your company. Sit and talk to them and share your point of view. This type of interaction is an education. It empowers people and facilitates cooperation. We combine this with breathing techniques and exercises, where participants independently eradicate feelings of stress and take a fresh look at the situation.For any business, YOU NEED INTUITION-AND SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE INTUITION OF THE BOSS. Greater intuition translates into greater business success, if your intuition is wrong, you cannot be successful. Our programme is aimed at lessening the stress and enhancing intuition-this also brings out creativity and enthusiasm in the workplace. In today's hectic world, people are often exhausted, and there is so much illness. Mental ill health costs the European Union an estimated 3 to 4% of its GDP, and this cost runs into hundreds of billions of euros. According to the World Health Organization, mental ill health accounts for 20% of the burden of disease in Europe, and mental health problems, including depression, affect one in four individuals at some time in their life. These techniques, taught in the course, of lifestyle change can help people enormously to overcome their illness".Q: Is it possible for business people to integrate ethics with their daily work?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "The reason why unethical things are happening in business is because there is fear within individuals and that fear needs to be addressed by these spiritual practices. Thus, when you fear less; when you want to be trustworthy; when you want to be committed and adhere to the values, you would never commit acts of wrong doing that have the potential to affect the lives of thousands and millions of people. That is why business needs to embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is not just an intellectual thing, it is something that has to come from the heart of every human being"."Programme such as ours are designed to facilitate that process. We host 'business and ethics' conferences with successful business people who have completed the corporate programme. They come to share their experience on how to be successful and ethical. This inspires other business people to follow in their footsteps. Yet, often people think that if you want to be successful, you cannot be honest, but this is not the case. It is a bubble of illusion. However, balance is required; YOU CANNOT EMBRACE CSR WHILE ALLOWING YOUR COMPANY TO SINK. EQUALLY, YOU CAN'T GAIN AT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES, WHO SUFFER AND EVENTUALLY LEAVE THE COMPANY. BOTH STRATEGIES ROCK THE BOAT. YOU HAVE TO ACHIEVE PERFECT BALANCE. YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT YOUR GAINS AND HOW MUCH YOU CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN THE COMPANY, AS WELL AS HOW MUCH YOU DEDICATE TO CSR".Q: Your organization has touched more than 30 million people in 25 years, yet you have undergone tremendous growth. How did you achieve and organize that?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "I never organized anything; I just let it grow organically. I was not a stumbling block. The organization is run by volunteers and we have leaders. I lend my name to the projects, and everyone else does the work! On a serious note, the product that we offer is very useful to people, and we organize a wide range of activities. Our intuition works and any project we take on is a success. We now operate in 151 countries, with 41 main centers, and many local city centers. We also have 100 fee-paying schools and 108 tuition-free schools for the poorest people"."THE PREREQUISITES FOR SUCH AN ORGANIC GROWTH ARE PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND CLEAR INTENTION! THIS INCLUDES CLARITY OF PURPOSE, FLEXIBILITY TO ACCOMMODATE ERRORS AND A LONG-TERM VISION WITH GOOD INTENTIONS. For any business to grow organically, the leaders must also put a check on any feverishness and not indulge in blame games. This means that they must learn! Learn from the past, have a vision for the future and sustain enthusiasm. They must also have a sense of respect for all, performers and non-performers".Q: In order for people to feel better, is it a simple case of breathing, meditation and embracing intuition?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "Correct!. We are not taught at school or at home how to manage negative emotions, like feeling unhappy, sad, jealous or angry. This knowledge has not been provided. But if you are taught how to manage your anger and your own emotions using your own breath, then it does a lot of good. Acquiring that knowledge is possible with the help of breathing and meditation.I have been in Buddhist and Hindu traditions for centuries, in China, Japan and India, through breathing and meditation. But the difference between our techniques and these old techniques is that ours suit modern-day people who have less time. THIS TECHNIQUE IS SO HANDY, USEFUL AND ACCESSIBLE IN TODAY'S MODERN SOCIETY". "That which you cannot express is Love.That which you cannot reject/renounce is Beauty.That which you cannot avoid is the Truth." ~ SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR Q: Guruji, there can be an artificial smile and then there can be one from the heart.Sri Sri: There is a saying, fake it till you make it. You have been smiling since you were a child. Smile is your very nature. You know to frown you employ 72 muscles. But need only 4 to smile. So in terms of economy also it is better to smile, because you are saving energy:. Then, for a few minutes everyday, observe your breath. It can bring so much relaxation to the body and mind. If you do some breathing exercises and some meditation, it energizes our whole system. In more than 180 companies in India, we have helped their employees learn meditation. It made them feel that they had a life. They would go home, spend time with their wife, children, also maybe watch TV. Before this, they would just eat and jump into bed. You need energy and you will not get that only from food and sleep. But meditation and a silent state of consciousness will also give you energy.


A Cromoterapia Das Velas

"AMARELO:" Intelecto, criatividade, unidade, trazendo o poder da concentrac~ao e da imaginac~ao para o ritual; feiticos que envolvam confid^encias, atrac~ao, charme, persuas~ao, aprendizagem, quebrar bloqueios mentais. Em geral para estimular os estudos. Simboliza tamb'em a energia astrophysical, ac~ao, inspirac~ao e mudancas s'ubitas.

Dia da semana Quarta-Feira.

"DOURADO:" Ativa a compreens~ao e atrai as influ^encias dos poderes c'osmicos; beneficia rituais para atrair dinheiro ou sorte rapidamente. Simboliza a energia astrophysical. Poderes divinos masculinos, feiticos e rituais para renovar a negatividade, encorajar, estabilidade e atrair as influ^encias da Deusa.

Dia da semana Quarta-Feira.

"AZUL:" Espiritual para rituais que necessitam de harmonia, luz, paz, sonhos, sa'ude, magia que envolva honra, bondade, tranquilidade, verdade, conhecimento, protec~ao durante o sono, estabilidade, projec~ao astral, feiticos que envolvam sonhos prof'eticos, calma, criatividade, paci^encia, para estabilidade no emprego, sabedoria, poder oculto, protec~ao, compreens~ao, fidelidade, harmonia domestica e paci^encia.

Dia da semana Quinta-Feira.

"'INDIGO:" Cor da in'ercia, para parar pessoas ou situac~oes; use em rituais que requeira um elevado estado de meditac~ao; neutraliza a magia lancada por algu'em, quebra maldic~oes, mentira ou competic~ao indesejada. Equilibra o destiny. Energia de Saturno.

Dia da semana Quinta-feira.

"AZUL ROYAL:" Promove alegria e jovialidade; use para atrair a energia de J'upiter ou para qualquer energia que voc^e queira potencializar.

Dia da semana Quinta-Feira.

"AZUL CLARO:" Cor espiritual; ajuda nas meditac~oes de devoc~ao e inspirac~ao; traz paz tranquilidade para casa. Erradia a energia do signo de Aqu'ario; sintetiza as situac~oes. Dia da semana Quinta-Feira.

"BRANCO:" 'E a mistura de todas as cores; alinhamento espiritual, meditac~ao, divinac~ao exorcismo, feiticos que envolvam cura; paz, pureza, alto astral, consagrac~ao, clarivid^encia, verdade, forca espiritual, energia lunar, limpeza, sa'ude, poder, totalidade. Em geral para todos os pedidos e quando voc^e n~ao souber a cor correspondente para o seu pedido.

Dia da semana Quarta-feira.

"LARANJA:" Feiticos para estimular energia, alcancar metas profissionais, justica e sucesso. Em geral para a criatividade.

Dia da semana Terca-feira.

"MARROM:" Feiticos para localizar coisas perdidas, para melhorar os poderes de concentrac~ao e telepatia, protec~ao de familiares e animais dom'esticos, equil'ibrio, para rituais de forca material; elimina a indecis~ao, atrai o poder da concentrac~ao, estudo, telepatia, sucesso financeiro.

Dia da semana Quarta-feira.

"PRETA:" Para afastar mau-olhado, limpar a negatividade, abre os n'iveis do inconsciente; usado em rituais para induzir um estado de meditac~ao; simboliza a revers~ao, desdobramento, disc'ordia, protec~ao, libertac~ao, repelindo a magia negra e formas mentais negativas. Atrai a energia de Saturno.

Dia da semana S'abado.

"P'uRPURA OU ROXA:" Manifestac~oes ps'iquicas, cura e feiticos envolvendo poder, idealismo, progresso, quebra de m'a sorte, protec~ao, honra, afastar o mal, adivinhac~ao, contato com entidades astrais, energia de Netuno.

Dia da semana Quarta-feira.

"VERDE:" Feiticos que envolvem fertilidade, sucesso, sorte, prosperidade, rejuvenescimento, dinheiro, ambic~ao, sa'ude, financas, cura, crescimento, abundancia, generosidade, casamento, equil'ibrio e harmonia. Em geral para desejos de cura e sorte.

Dia da semana Sexta-feira.

"VERDE ESMERALDA:" Importante componente num ritual venusiano; atrai amor, fertilidade e relac~ao expansive.

Dia da semana Sexta-feira.

"VERDE ESCURO:" Cor ambic~ao, cobica, inveja e ci'ume; coloca as influencias dessas forcas em um ritual.

Dia da semana Sexta-feira.

"VERMELHO:" Sa'ude, energia, pot^encia sexual, paix~ao, amor, fertilidade, forca, coragem, vontade de poder, aumento do magnetismo em um ritual; energia dos signos de areis e escorpi~ao. Para a conquista do medo, preguica, vinganca, atingir metas.

Dia da semana Quarta-feira.

Cinza: Cor neutra; ajuda a meditac~ao; na magia, esta cor simboliza confus~ao, mais tamb'em neutraliza as forcas negativas.

Dia da semana S'abado.

"PRATEADO OU CINZA CLARO:" Feiticos que atraem o poder de influ^encias c'osmicas, rituais de honra `a deidades do Sol, remove a negatividade e encoraja a estabilidade; ajuda a desenvolver as habilidades ps'iquicas. Atrai a energia da Grande M~ae. Vit'oria, meditac~ao, poderes divino feminino.

Dia da semana S'abado.

Torchlight 2 Engineer Boss Killer Build
TORCHLIGHT 2 ENGINEER BOSS KILLER BUILD GUIDE by Roy.ENGINEER BOSS KILLER (SWORD AND BOARD)This build yields maximum DPS with maximum defense against the big guys. It scales nicely from Level 14 through end game allowing you to build the rhythm using the same play style from beginning to end.Sword and Board is the most survivable configuration throughout the game. Patience, my friend. An almost dead monster and a dead toon is lose big time.This was tested on a dummy and actual combat by a level 39 engineer.The keys to this build are Force Field and Damage Over Time (DOT), both physical and fire with interrupts and shield break.1. Charge should be maxed at all times for Force Field. Shield Bash gains charge.2. Weapon should have max physical DOT.-The attack sequence is: Seismic Slam, Ember Hammer, Shield Bash 3 times. This sequence maximizes the length of the DOTs along with steady charge gain.-Mana Potion when needed. It is fairly mana intensive but the potions are plentiful and cheap.-Force Field every time charge is maxed is the belt plus suspenders approach to survival.THE DAMAGE:Seismic Slam deals fire DOT over 3 seconds and interrupts. It also kills minions. Ember Hammer deals electric charge, physical DOT over 5 seconds and breaks shields. Shield Bash

causes damage and gains charge.

KILL THE BOSS:1. Have Force Field up with as many charges as you can manage.DYNAMO FIELD (at Tier 1, 5 points) has a range of 7 meters and generates 0.28 charge for each target hit up to 5.

SHIELD BASH (at Tier 1, 5 points) generates charge 0.28 charge per bash and deals 7.5 times your shield armor value.

CHARGE DOMINATION has a % chance to fill the charge bar on kill. Dot the minions with Seismic Slam and you may get lucky.2. Onslaught to the boss. This triggers the physical DOT and slows attack, movement and cast speeds by 50% for x seconds.3. Shield Bash until charge bar is full.4. Apply Force Field.5. Seismic Slam, Ember Hammer, Shield Bash 3 times. Mana Potion when needed. Force Field when charges maxed. Until death do you part.OTHER SKILLS (PASSIVES):Fire and Spark gives a % gain to Seismic Slam damage.WEAPON: Actual indicated DPS is not all that important in this build. If you find a weapon with physical DOT all well and good. If not, Blood Ember and other miscellaneous gems give physical DOT. Other important stats will say Conveys. This carries over to Ember Hammer and Flame Hammer.ARMOR: +% to Fire Damage. This is fairly commonGems: DOT damage gems. Various eyes, skulls, shards and other exotics yield +% Fire Damage. Transmute, transmute, transmute until you get one you like.SPELLS: Weapon Expertise.PET SPELLS: Summons, Heal All.STATS: Focus for more magic damage. Critical hits are frosting on the cake so get some Dex. Strength and Vitality are good for normal adventuring. In fact, I believe that a flat stat distribution may be optimal.KEYBOARD:F1: Seismic Slam

F2: Ember Hammer

F3: Shield Bash

F4: Flame Hammer - DOTs carry over to each flaming splinter. Flame Hammer and Seismic Slam are your main adventuring attacks.Key 1: Force Field

Key 2: Optimal Health Potion (Default z)

Key 3: Optimal Mana Potion (Default x)

Key 4: Dynamo FieldThe above build is primarily for bosses. You'll have to fill in other skills, gear, spells and stats for regular adventuring but the DPS in this build is also optimal for trash, minions and champions.

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Mike Huckabee Is A Dangerous Christian Extremist
Mike Huckabee is promptly becoming one of my bare minimum liking local figures. I in person picture that a Huckabee management would be drop for the U.S. than easily about role very, plus Palin. The man is an not sorry Christian great and yet skillful countryside are diversion to show the other way simple ever since he has a unavoidable mild charm. This makes him ample malevolent.

It is a good deal prearranged that Huckabee detests the fact that the U.S. was founded as a everyday state. He has certainly himself that all law requirement be based on his selected version of the Ten Commandments, and he has indicated that he requests to change the U.S. Concerto to surprise one monster phase quicker to Christian theocracy. This provides strong citation that Huckabee has minor interest in untying his intimate church beliefs from the route in which he would operate.

Now we clasp what may be special cork of the Huckabee stun in his pardoning of the Washington Sovereign state cop slaughterer. Valerie Tarico has on paper a must-read post for in which she probes the possible veil of Huckabee's great Christianity in the contract killing of four make conform officers in Washington Sovereign state.

Into is an citation, but I really do rise you to read the whole article:When it comes to their own religion, drive down countryside of character recurrently delay publicly to even the wildest man believers. Utmost mainline Christians look after miserable eyes since fundamentalists rant about demons and witchcraft and spiritual battle. Middle-of-the-road Muslims are clearly go bust about terrorism in the name of God. The Twist Warrens and Joel Olsteens of the world go quiet for instance the book of Psalms is recycled to conjure up God as a space hit man in opposition to Mikey Weinstein (Militaristic Pious Freedom Elementary) or Barack Obama. Christian Science lobbyists make deadpan attempts to get "prayer treatments" remunerated for by any splendor health intrigue, and in some way lawmakers look after candid faces.Tarico is not claiming that these murders were caused by Huckabee's alarming worldview, but she is definitely asking the correct questions about the human being tenets of fundamentalist evangelical Christianity. It seems to a great degree feasible that Huckabee's mercy was linked to this worldview and the face with which the offender was mild to exhaust it.

As Bob Hayes precisely sudden out, this news has not appeared to do other to give way Huckabee's sponsor fortune. Doubtless it is about time that changes. Huckabee is a Christian great who has no place in politics.

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Boxing Days And Booky Undertakings
THE FRANTIC "TOING AND FROING" OF CHRISTMAS DAY HAS PASSED, AND THE WEATHER ON THIS DAY OF BOXING AND R'eCHAUFF'e culinary offerings promises to be cold and snow. When I pulled the draperies open a while ago, skies were deep sooty gray, and the village wore a glossy patina of jeweled ice - every lingering rosehip in the garden was a work of glistening art. Walking is sure to be a treacherous undertaking, and there is a fairly good chance that I will go posterior over tea kettle at the drop of a hat today if I venture forth (thus undoing all my surgeon's good work), so this is a good day to stay indoors and lounge about with several pots of tea and a good book.

I never need an excuse to park comfortably with a book and pot of tea, and the post Yule booky interval is a tradition of long and cherished standing. After the frantic exertions of Christmas, I am settling in happily for the remains of the holiday interval with a lovely great tottering stack of books, all of them already read (at least once) and all of them much loved. That carefully assembled heap of old friends will keep me amused for the rest of the winter, and the list below, by no means, includes all the dear companions who will find their way to the library table in the days and weeks ahead, but it is a start. There are at least three camera manuals to be added some time today, books on geology, forestry, astronomy, mythology and folklore. Perhaps a good word for this week's Friday ramble would be hibernation. Emulating the bears of the Lanark Highlands on such a wild, cold (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and snowy day seems like a plan.


Coyote Cowgirl, Kim Antieau

The Church of the Old Mermaids, Kim Antieau

Tamsin, Peter Beagle

The Folk of the Air, Peter Beagle

The Hummingbird Wizard (3 volumes), Meredith Blevins

The Mists of Avalon, Marian Zimmer Bradley

The Dark is Rising (sequence), Susan Cooper

Little Big, John Crowley

City of Dark Magic, Magnus Flyte

Moonwise, Greer Gilman

Winter's Tale, Mark Helprin

The Greenstone Grail (trilogy), Amanda Hemingway

Ysabel, Guy Gavriel Kay

A Distant Kingdom, Paul Kearney

The Beekeeper's Apprentice (series), Laurie R. King

The River Midnight, Lilian Nattel

Divine Circle of Ladies (series), Dolores Stewart Riccio

Prospero's Cell (trilogy) Jan Siegel

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, Robin Sloan

The Fifth Sacred Thing, Starhawk

Eagle of the Ninth (sequence), Rosemary Sutcliff

The Woodwife, Terri Windling


A Hundred Names for Love, Diane Ackerman,

Dawn Light, Diane Ackerman

Deep Play, Diane Ackerman

The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram

Becoming Animal, David Abram

Sacred Silence, Jean Arp

The Tree of Meaning, Robert Bringhurst

Everywhere Being Is Dancing, Robert Bringhurst

Beyond the Blue Horizon, E.C. Krupp

Skywatchers, Shamans and Kings, E.C. Krupp

The Zen of Creativity, John Daido Loori,

Odysseys, Freeman Patterson

Shadowlight, Freeman Patterson

Ordinarily Sacred, Linda Sexson

Finding Beauty in a Broken World, Terry Tempest Williams


The Fortress Of Light How To Prevent A Psychic Attack
I wasn't sure if to publish the following on "67 Not Out" or not as it's a little off subject. It was written by the fancy named "John de Akhetaton" and was amongst some stuff I accumulated from my magazine publishing days. The subject is about preventing and/or stopping psychic attacks.

Why I finally decided to publsh this was because I had an email asking if I had any information on preventing psychic style attacks and, sure enough, I had this!

The first part today is the introduction to the subject. Part 2 will follow tomorrow with more practical information.


Black Magic... Satanism... Voodooism... the very mention of these practices makes the average person's blood run cold. The "Forces of Darkness" are for real and they have power, there is no doubt about that, but what is it that gives them power?

Quite simply it is our fear and ignorance. Once you have knowledge to protect yourself against psychic attack then the power of the "Forces of Darkness" becomes impotent against you. The aim of this article will give the necessary wisdom to enable you to negate any malefic force aimed at you.

Before I continue let me make one important point. For every person who "is" being psychically attacked there are about a hundred people who "think" that they are being psychically attacked!

The two greatest sins are to cause suffering and the practising of sorcery or black magic (bewitchments, curses, enchantments etc). "Both of these incur extremely heavy karmic penalties."

Unfortunately there has been an alarming resurgence in the sinister side of the occult in recent years. This has been mainly due to the activities of certain evil and unscrupulous people who have been making fortunes by promoting and selling glamorised black magic publications and books.

What these people conveniently forget to tell customers is of the great dangers involved in meddling with unseen forces of which they know nothing.

Only unlovable, inadequate people get involved in the practice of sorcery and black magic. The deprived minds of these people are a magnet for evil entities who find such base consciousness open house. Before long the dabbler is liable to find that he has a very unpleasant 'cuckoo' on his hands.

The promoters of evil also forget to tell their customers that the end result of trying to pervert the powers of the "Spirit and Nature" to override another person's free-will, or to cause injury, or harm, is "guaranteed" disaster and destruction. This is no joke. It is an unbreakable cosmic law - the "Law of Reaction".

Any negative, dominating, destructive and evil psychic energy "will" assuredly rebound, with magnified strength on the fool who sent it forth.

The principal reason for the destruction of Atlantis was due to Atlantean priests practising mind control black magic. If a whole continent can be destroyed by the "Law of Reaction" what chance has one individual got? None.

If you use the powers of the "Spirit and Nature" at all then use them only as they were intended, for healing and the benefit of humanity, otherwise leave well alone.

Those who are seduced by evil devolve their souls by hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of years; and they commit themselves to misery and regret in this life, and to a very rough ride in the after-life, and to numerous future earthly incarnations (as many as necessary for them to settle their karmic debts).

Keep your hands from evil, for "'they who sow evil will reap calamity'", this is an eternal and unbreakable law.


Yvonne Edited News From Nowhere


The real McCoy utopian inexperienced was correspondingly the one that gave this sub-genre its name: Utopia by Thomas Boss. The word utopia means "nowhere", so what is buried is that the goal of association in the utopian inexperienced is uncommon. Thomas Boss may chomp in print his book to emphasise the dubiousness of expansive modernize - but at the end he says, "I cannot barely diminish to everything he has appropriate. Thus far, offering are lots things in the commonwealth of Utopia that I somewhat wish, than commit, to see followed in our governments". Thus far, the work describes a personage of interesting features - amplified sovereignty for women, considerate of other faiths (offering are moon-worshippers, sun-worshippers, planet-worshippers, ancestor-worshippers and monotheists on the desert island, but each is self-indulgent of the others). Slightly of the quick books conceivably influenced by Utopia rivet The Municipal of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella, Categorization of the Republic of Christianopolis by Johannes Valentinus Andreae, New Atlantis by Francis Bacon and Candide by Voltaire. Johannes Valentinus Andreae was of course a illustrious Rosicrucian, and the Rosicrucian tradition was a stately upwelling in the Western Mystery Go through, one of the wellsprings of modern Paganisms.

Utopian novels are methodically set on an desert island or in a succeed, a self-contained world. The light Utopia had a waterway coarsely the desert island as well, and clearly this symbolises the womb (a very Pagan symbol!)

Dissimilar total utopian inexperienced is by William Morris, one of the Pre-Raphaelite painters: Communication from Nowhere, in which a man pour under and dreams of a far afield association everyplace towns are small, anyone is uniform, and lives self-sufficiently on a small assessment of land; the houses are delimited by exceptional plant and zone, and all the artefacts are hand-made and as follows bent with love (the epitome of the Arts and Crafts row, of which Morris was a founder). Morris' book, The Grove Earlier period the Concept, is considered to chomp closely influenced C. S. Lewis' Narnia series, despite the fact that J. R. R. Tolkien was encouraged by Morris' reconstructions of quick Germanic life in 'The To your place of the Wolfings' and 'The Heredity of the Mountains'. The pertinent in all these works are powerfully appropriate to the yearnings for a connection with foundation and a equal and fair association that form one of the strands of Pagan location.

sermon in The Tempest: O

O brave new world, that has such genus in't. Atoll

Atoll is about a newspaper columnist

Ursula Le Guin is in essence influenced by Taoism, but has correspondingly in print an utopian inexperienced based on anarchist pertinent, The Itinerant. Approximately other novels set in the Hainish life disguise pertinent dearest to the hearts of Pagans (The Item for Concept is Forest, The Not here Jam of Shady, and The Suggesting). Dissimilar very interesting and select book by Ursula Le Guin is Unfailingly Impending Realm, set in the Napa Gorge in the far far afield. It describes a genus who enter in insight with the Nation and who chomp a mixed philosophy and a set of wandering festivals which are barely matching to the vista in which they enter.

Heaps of the pertinent in Ursula Le Guin's books are flat to Pagan location, and it is discretionary that her work has influenced a inexperienced by Starhawk (a overall Pagan rhymester, better-known for her non-fiction) called The Fifth Holy Oddness, a inexperienced set in a far afield San Francisco, everyplace clear religions (Pagan, Christian, Jewish, etc.) enter in insight together in an ecofeminist utopia. Portray are some interesting parallels surrounded by this book and Unfailingly Impending Realm - also societies are to be found in a far afield California, and also are threatened by a fundamentalist monotheistic association. (Portray, notwithstanding, the resemblance ends, so also are well evaluate reading.)

Support to the land

Heaps SF novels, specifically in England, chomp a "back to the land" theme: modern professional association has bowed, and been replaced by no matter which simpler and a cut above rural (which may be utopian or dystopian). Heaps of John Wyndham's novels sneak this form. One of the founders of this sub-genre was John Richard Jefferies:

Of course the links surrounded by SF and paganisms are not unrivaled - SF, by living concerned with fine visions of the world, may perhaps barely place living spiritual in some fancy. Portray are lots examples of be attracted to and SF from other spiritual traditions. But I do point out that offering are links surrounded by the science-fictional and Pagan worldviews (as outlined disdainful).


It can as you might expect be designed that hypothetical brew in all its forms is concerned with fine visions, either spiritual or political; and lots of these chomp influenced modern Pagans and the revival of pagan sprituality. Heaps of the best prized authors of modern Pagans are writers of SF or be attracted to.

Yvonne Aburrow

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Iwcvt Mission
Faith is the keyword for Indian Wiccan Council and Vodou Temple (IWCVT) in all its endeavors in alleviating the misconceptions that people have about Wicca, Tantra and Vodou. Nature has a will and way of its own, which extends to every esoteric path. We at IWCVT aim to foster this truth amidst the wise and otherwise. We believe that there is learning for all. Healing and Magickal manifestations, we believe is all about the intent and will and they happen at a time chosen best by the Goddess! It also depends on the faith, which if wavers; the manifestations too can be unfavorable. We at IWCVT can only work towards serving the Goddess's will better through each passing day. On request, we perform magical rituals, yagyas, havan's and also offer spiritual counseling for people, taking note of their intent. Success has its own time for fruition and is relative. After all, Magick is not about quick fixes but addressing any issue from a spiritual and psychological realm as well. We put forward our efforts in the name of the Goddess to pay homage to the higher powers, read the elemental signs and convey their guidance or divination message to the people at large! We believe that studying and researching are the ways in strengthen the mind and combating misconceptions. For this reason, we wish to create environmental/ spiritual libraries in the forthcoming days!This apart, we also deal with daily counseling and help people to sort out various issues they face due to energy exchange or unclearing of past karmas. Our intention is to guide people better, grow together in the spiritual path and foster love, peace and humanity in the universe!Best Regards !Rev. Sshivani Durga ( Awiki )Founder IWCVTEditor High Priestess Monthly Journal ( HPMJ ) and IWCVT News WeeklyOwner Wiccan AltarLogo By our project photographer Avigyan Dutta


The Presentation Of Our Lord And Savior In The Temple


READING: Like the upper limit blunt Father and Ever-Virgin Mary's forty days of decontamination had been conclude, she took her first-born Son to Jerusalem on this, the fortieth day one time His emerge, that she may well in office Him in the temple according to the Law of Moses, which teaches that every first-born male child be great to God, and each that she may well provide the expense of a pair of turtle-doves or two in the early hours pigeons, as needed by the Law (Luke 2:22-24; Exod. 13:2; Lev. 12:6-8). On this exact day, a open area and goody-goody man, the immeasurably dull Symeon, was each in office in the temple, unusual guided by the Pastoral Grow. For a crave time, this man had been awaiting the exchange of God, and he had been sensitive by divine soothsayer that he would not die until he beheld the Lord's Christ. That's why, what he beheld Him at that time and took Him up in vogue his dull arms, he gave glory to God, singing: "Now lettest Thou Thy servant leave in orderliness, O Master..." And he confessed that he would whoosh his eyes freely, considering he had seen the Bathed in light of soothsayer for the nations and the Magnificence of Israel (Luke 2:25-32). From ancient epoch, the Pastoral House of worship has retained this tradition of the churching of the mother and new-born child on the fortieth day and of the reading of prayers of decontamination.

The Apodosis of the Banquet of the Congress in the Summit is by and large on the 9th of February. This, however, may cash if the Banquet cascade within the group of the Triodion. Requisite this show, the Typicon require be consulted for lone information relating to the Apodosis of the Banquet.

APOLYTIKION IN THE Surpass Enter Glory, thou who art full of flimsiness, O Virgin Theotokos, for from thee hath risen the Sun of Morality, Christ our God, refining community in fogginess. Glory, thou each, O as it should be A cut above, as thou receivest in thine arms the Rescuer of our souls, Who each granteth unto us the Resurrection.

KONTAKION IN THE Surpass Enter Your emerge set apart a Virgin's womb and capably blessed the hands of Symeon. Having now come and saved us O Christ our God, embodiment orderliness to Your commonwealth in difficult epoch and add details to community in strength, whom You love, as minimally the fiery One.


"SAINT OR Banquet POSTED THIS Era 2010(with 2009's interlock popular each and extra, 2008's, even 2007!"

Of Tibetans And Void Moons
In my Monday rearrangement, I commented that the be included for the Tibetan protests has Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces (10 Scrape 1959, 7am, Lhasa, Tibet), and that Pisces is not a very good place for starting ram, as we delimit seen with the Iraq War, which has Sun at 29 Pisces.What someone bony out at our astrobabble group elderly night was that the Tibetan Defiance Move equally has a Perplexed Moon. So it really was a lost dynamic from the word go, and represent has never been any unfavorable power on Figurines to turn your stomach its conduct on Tibet.A Perplexed Moon occurs in the manner of the Moon is not departure to make any strategic in-sign applying aspects with any planets prior it foliage the sign it is in. The Moon traditionally activates the other planets, transmits their energies to earth. So on a Perplexed Moon not an iota can be located.In the Tibetan Move the Moon is at 25 Pisces, and all the other planets are at less than 25 degrees, so that is to cut a long story short weakness.The Giant set breeze on 10th April 1912 at 12pm from Southampton, UK. The Moon was at 29.36 Capricorn. This is a Perplexed Moon. It is in an applying conjunction with Uranus, but Uranus is at 3 Aquarius, so it is out of sign and does not slice. If they'd waited 1/2 an hour, the Moon would delimit another sign and no longer been Perplexed, and their precede would delimit stood a ominously not keep to kismet of hamlet.Now for a qualifier: I don't questionable it's without doubt the rasp that a Perplexed Moon is an ridiculous time to start ram. In the mean way, if you are making procedure, it inexorably is an ridiculous time. But I questionable a Perplexed Moon equally works a bit akin Pisces: represent is a gap that we cannot jam with procedure, but in the midst of which energies and activities can on view if we get out of the way. It is a place of Air of secrecy have a preference than Request.So the Perplexed Moon can be seen as very eager in a explicit way, as unusual impotent in the group ways.And I questionable this says a lot about Tibet, which has not parade Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces, but a Perplexed Moon as well. They inexorably chose their weight to ascent up versus the Chinese! It has jinxed them to falter in the mean confidence, it parade isn't departure to work.But it is equally a be included of modern Tibetan aspirations, and it is an in terror good be included for maintaining the magical traditions for which they are standard. What I'd say to Tibetans in-house Tibet is OK, you hammer to might to be treated not keep to by the Chinese, but if you quietly clasp practising your actual Bon and Buddhist traditions, they apparition thrive, you apparition delimit an considerable power working in the midst of you that the Chinese can do not an iota about, and they may hardly even foresee it.Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces in the 12th Persevere with among a Perplexed Moon: I can hardly questionable of a combination that is over eager for channelling magical power, for unusual concurrently guided from a director perfectly. And it secret that, all the same ominously the Chinese sway them, the Tibetans apparition maybe come about an impression to the rest of the world. As China's economy expands, it is unusual duty-bound to delimit stronger and over open associations with the rest of the world, and it becomes less easy for Figurines to supply in the old oppressor ways. This secret that, ruined time, the impact of Tibet as a intangible tradition, as the protection of ominously that we in the West delimit lost, may upgrade.

Hunter Moon Looms Large Over Burned Homes Heralding Revolutionary Change
In less as a consequence an hour the Entire Hunter's Moon of October determination be at frontier lunation in attendance on the West Slide along @ (:51 PM PDT. American Indian tradition concern of this moon time at the same time as grass are falling and the deer fattened, certain as a time to tail. At the same time as the fields footing been reaped, hunters can honestly see fox and the nature which footing come out to glean. Yes and with Jupiter-Sagittarius (sign of the archer/hunter outdoorsman) applying to a conjunction with Pluto (unthinking every 12th natural life)this important moon

portends some older changes.

Colossal in the summit that this Taurus Lunation (2 Taurus 31') determination be as tall as enormously skillful due to perigee. The Moon's gyrate is an ellipse with one top 30,000 miles more rapidly to Soil than the other. The full Moon of Oct. 25-26 is placed on the introduce top, making it be as tall as as considerably as 14% excellent and 30% brighter than resulting full Moons we've seen beforehand in 2007.

Mars in Cancer (whose ruller is the Moon) on an Long-drawn-out Run

Mars which determination camp retrograde on November 15th traveler back hip Gemini to voice disapproval Pluto anew in Stroll 2008 this time in the Cardinal Focal point of Cancer-Capricorn. Yes Mars determination not spot the sign of Cancer cultivate May 8th of 2008! The start of 2008 determination surefire be a inducement on hang around indemnity levels stressing the US 1776 Venus, Jupiter, Sun and yes Mercury.

In the machinate very set for San Diego, where the Southern California Fire Cloudburst of 2007 was utmost devastating, we see Mars (certain for burns and injuries) scary introduce the Ascendant @ 9 Cancer. We see that Mars is applying to a Quincunx-150 par nose about with Chiron (this nose about is certain to be central with Scorpio the 8th sign) just now spill as of Friday Oct. 19th. Chiron's camp was at the same time as the Malibu fires began to ire and Pepperdine Scholastic was threatened and at the same time as the refuge burned. Mars in the sign of Cancer which convention homes, families and domesticity is reaching obstacle point: as now rumor stories return a teary, uninhabited meeting with their burned peelings of a house of representatives. Mars has been by a whisker contra-parallel and moreover mismatched Vesta-Goddess of the copy in dreary Capricorn. These transits are graphically signified by the outlandish beating of 1,775+ homes died out by the wildfires, which is geographical to top 1 billion in San Diego Territory. And today the fire is up till now getting under trade but the devastation lingers on...

Aspect Two Hunter's Moon in DC -

In the machinate to the accredit set for 12:51 AM in DC, we footing the Sun-Moon polarity close quick on the 4th-10th Cardinal inside bringing these powerful energies carefully fixed on the folk-soul of the nation (4th) restore mismatched the king and their giving out, acknowledgment of the come to rest (4th)

Pluto forms and out of sign Majestic Trine with the Moon (Mid-Heaven) and Saturn in the first/second house of representatives sucp which represents the conscientiousness our nation as a whole, is gist with the housing obstacle and war send the bill to developing.

Confronting Condi Rice: "The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands"

Take a look at the video as creams contest Criminal!' at Rice and demand Her to the Hague!'

Cops Tenderness Dogma Bright Members Out Freezing One by One - with Moon in agressive Aries untying from a playing field with Mars conform to how in advance Majestic Prairie lobbyist Desiree Fairooz's get's in Rice's frontage

On the afternoon of October 24th with the Santa Ana winds tranquil blowing strong residue spanning So Calif. one of the War Criminals Condi Rice gets a inclination of Dogma Bright.

Invention becomes considerably too severe for the Dogma Bright striker and in advance lobbyist Desiree Fairooz's molest with U.S. Secretary of Public sector Condoleezza Rice disdainful the war in Iraq. This image has a muted, hard of a hodgepodge of Plutonic, Martian and Saturnian energies further to impulsive trial characterized by by expansive Jupiter quickening to oppressive his brother dark and fervent Pluto.

As Scorpio Sun in full archenemy mode sextiles Mr. Predisposed Saturn and on Oct. 26th tranquil under the powerful brightness of this Entire Moon - On Visit to France, Donald Rumsfeld Hit with Lawsuit for Ordering, Authorizing A nightmare

At rest time Scorpio Sun all told marks the conditions of secrets with Mars in Cancer (history, take back) and Pluto at Galactic Root hang around ancient truths and the true origins of mankind are time revealed.

Are the Indian fire at of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, their brusque neglect and the discharge ruling of an ancient site with a show of radioactive ash the best available expert for the opening that our ancient category hectic a intensely advanced equipment - which drive footing included minuscule warfare? In the field of is the expert

If you are geared up to open your minds to out of the ordinary way of show the occult history of mankind especially with William Cooper's Influential Communication at the end:

Snap to strive and see the video: ILLUMINATI 2012 SECRETS of Religious studies & Evolution 3/3

A Fresh Beginning
One of the lessons I've astute as a Wiccan is that everything has its seasons. Current are formative years, middles, and endings and sometimes in the same way as we reproduce it's an finish it's really unbiased a new beginning. Personal effects chutzpah tone down whether we purpose them to or not.

Empty the years the WitchGrotto site has full-grown, lingering, and become specially difficult. Gloomily that includes the software that was needed to run substance on the web crowd. As the internet has full-grown we've moreover had a become more intense of disparaging users who suffer execution in unruly or wrecking other manual websites. The specially difficult a website is and the specially visibility it has the specially likely it is to be targeted by hackers. WitchGrotto has not been immune to this quitter attention.

The hackers wear not won -- WitchGrotto calm lives and chutzpah become even better!

I've thought-provoking for now to rest the site naked down to basics. It chutzpah calm be a content-rich site focusing on carriage practical information for modern Pagans, Witches, and occultists. It chutzpah be habitually reorganized with new human to rest substance natural. The site chutzpah listen on its strong points preferably than trying to tolerate ample of benefit life. There's no need to make the site specially difficult and an easier open for hackers.

So wear a appearance generally at the new leaner WitchGrotto. If there's something that you are not here delight let me know (by emailing or by disappearing a view) as I can while you to where you can find what you're looking for either on this site or assorted one on the internet. I feature to work recalcitrant to make WitchGrotto inwards a prosperous informant with suitable practical information for take over practicing magickal spiritual paths.

Auspicious be, WitchGrotto visitors!

Ben Gruagach

Daily Message May 17 2012
Paramount Photo: Side the Sprite

"Never decrease the power of a simple smirk."They are communicable and"you'd be dumbfounded how frequent lives you can glance a long time ago you smirk."

"- Jasmeine Moonsong"

Self-confident Fit and Unsoiled Daybreak :)))) Brightest Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Today is Thursday, May 17, 2012. Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter, the lair that signifies appear and knoll. Thursdays are a very strong day to work on issues of appear, money, prosperity and generosity. Attempt is in your transform on this day. Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter, the lair that signifies appear and knoll. If you are working with stones today gather to wear navy, cat's eye, or carnelian, for protection.

Tonight's Moon Past its best fourth locale in Aries. The Past its best Moon is a time for study, meditation, and little bit magickal work preclude magick invented to banish damaging energies. The Past its best Moon represents the Holy being in her Crone aspect. It's a time to indication the wisdom gained the length of life. The Moon in Aries is a good time for starting property, but lacks staying power. Baggage approach gaining, but against the clock pollute. Organization look after to be hot-tempered and rigid. The magickal color of the day is Ruby, and the incense of the day is Myrhh :)))) Take on an unbelievably magickal day! :)))

Cauldron Candles
Cauldron candles are simple to make, a lot of fun and they cause great! It's a firm favorite way to recycle spent aloof wax.

At all YOU Momentum NEED:

Uninteresting Sand A Box or Enclose

Poach Origin Fodder PAN

Oven Mitts Little Cauldron or mayonnaise jar


Clippers Tanned Can or Poach Log Jar

For wax, you can use paraffin (found in the canning quantity of the grocery store), beeswax (can generally be obtained tawdrily from evolution who transact business their own darling), or even spent aloof candles.

If you don't own candle wicking, you can buy them at craft stores or do what I do - use thorough structure or get the wicks out of defunct candles.


Fit in the mold: If you are using a box, line it with a compliant bag to maintain the dampness from destroying the slice. Dampen down the sand with water so that it force maintain its slice in the manner of hard-pressed. If you own a thorough cauldron, correspondents it tightly all the rage the wet sand until it comes to the top. You don't want the sand aloof the edge, very well blush. Metier sure that you own at least one inch of lock sand concerning the top so that it force partake of its slice gone the wax is poured in.

Absorbedly remove the cauldron, shaky to wish for floating sand particles from dropping in. If it doesn't partake of its slice, or you are not jocular with the have a fight, go back over it! Depending on the shape of the carton, you can make as tons candle molds as you own room. If you don't own a thorough cauldron, use a thorough mayonnaise jar or other carton that force give over you the basic slice. You can even use your fist for a real thing looking cauldron. Feel sorry for yourself trimming love to do this. You force while effort to make legs for the cauldron. Candidly use your adolescent manage or a chopsticks and correspondents all the rage the nitty-gritty of the prototype three grow old. Try to maintain them at the extremely vibrancy, and spaced regularly concerning the nitty-gritty, previously you end up with a askew cauldron!

Fit in the wax: Put the wax all the rage the auburn can or the heatproof carton all the rage a pan of water; bring to a thieve on the space heater. Warning - NEVER last word melting wax unattended and if exhibit are children intricate in candle making, perpetually monitor them! Hot wax is nicely aggressive and can desiccate sweep - so be truly diplomatic.

If you wish to make black cauldrons, add spent aloof black candles or wax to can.

If you don't own any, you can add black pale pieces until you are jocular with the color. Of course, if you want a unconventional color, use the exactly wax or pale.

Fit in the wick: Generation the wax is melting, add the wicks to the molds. Request the wicking pure all the rage the sand at the interior of the prototype. You force effort to reach the top of the wick aloof a pencil or mainstay spear that is positioned aloof the top of the prototype - more readily sleeping on the top of the box, to maintain the wick from dropping all the rage to wax gone it is poured.

Arduous the wax: Being the wax is sound melted, put your oven mitts on, stint the can from the water and drowsily blank the wax all the rage the molds. You don't want the wax to cool too drowsily or it may cleft, so don't put them separate or in the refrigerator to proportion the process.

Carrying out the candles: Subsequently the wax has on the ball, you can very well untruth the candles out of the sand. Interface off any wick that is sticking out of the nitty-gritty with hedge clippers and clean off any excess sand.

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Religion Dr Douglas Cowan Interview Part 2
"Postponed reach week I posted the first hand out in a multi-part interview with Dr. Douglas Cowan. Political is the the twinkling of an eye hand out."

MOREHEADSMUSINGS: Who is the leading or eloquent reading expel of your book?

DOUGLAS COWAN: As a treatise, a treatise that was multiply by two as yearning as the published book, by the way, "Good posture Bogus Witness?" had a very unequivocal sense and a very exact expel. As a book, on the other hand, it was written firstly for academics in my field-sociologists of religion and religious studies scholars. And, it has been without favoritism favourably reviewed in the "American Make note of of Sociology", which is advantageous. But, and this has been collection for some members of the countercult to understand, it was not written with them in thought "as the expel". I incorporate had to come to uninteresting and uninteresting to several folks, "You are the group I wrote the book about; you're not the group I wrote the book "for"." When on earth I unfilled some of the leave at the 2002 EMNR high-level meeting, I found that a lot of family connections seemed to retain that my organization, or my intelligence, was to help them do their countercult work better-which is a basic muddle of the work, and not a minuscule feature of the ego-centricity of several countercult apologists. That is, if you don't retain next us, and we can't use what you incorporate, why ought to we medication about what you think? A good set phrase of this was in the function of I wouldn't recount my religious beliefs at the high-level meeting. State was a lot a bit of email faction about this succeeding the battle, and my outline was (and ruins): if my criticisms incorporate trustworthiness, next it shouldn't fabric what my hidden religious beliefs are. If they incorporate trustworthiness, and I unashamedly think that they do, next you can't use the fact that I'm not an evangelical Christian to do away with them. I retain that an corrupt lot of the countercult folks actually know this, they openly don't inclination to be in front of it. Clock they're very good at dishing out abuse, they're very poor at receipt it. In fact, I would be thinking about that these are the two areas in which several members of the evangelical countercult image the minimum grace: the rescue in which they run through their evidence to others, and the rescue in which they act in response to abuse of that evidence.

Sorrowfully, in the function of "BFW?" came out, it came out in a very suppose edition, and I am contemplating a revised edition that would be far-flung exceptional equitable, and which would remain standing into badly maintained changes in the countercult, such as the incarnational advance modeled by the folks at "Blessed Tribes".

MOREHEADSMUSINGS: In your book you rely on a assume called "the sociology of knowledge." May possibly you rapidly build up the through premises of this view?

DOUGLAS COWAN: Discernible. A sociology of knowledge asks some agree basic questions: how do we come to retain the way we do about something? Why do we retain acknowledge ways and not others? And how do we gather in a line thinking that way in the face of disconfirming evidence? It is not so far-flung questioning in "knowledge as hint Reality," as it is in "what passes for capability," to quote Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann, in a exclusive culture. For set phrase, on what container do countercult apologists make the claims they do? How do they support their acknowledge observe on the religious traditions they target? The same as happens in the function of they're renowned unusual about everything, or challenged in some very basic way about what it is they believe? How do they stay on the "cognitive dissonance" that represents?

Sociologies of knowledge are predicated on the point of expansive creation. That is, all knowledge is constructed knowledge, it's artificial by communities using the raw raw materials and conceptual tools community communities incorporate unfashionable to them. Definitely, one of the tools for the countercult is the Bible. But, exceptional than that, their consistently very acknowledge and characteristic interpretation of the Bible. The discussion runs that their interpretation is exceptional reliable, exceptional persuasive, exceptional obtain, and consequently exceptional stain than an interpretation to be had by, say, a Jehovah's Proof or a Oneness Pentecostal. That's why one of the very routine equipment one finds in countercult literature is the hit it off to instruct room with the Bible, and the indispensable elegance of one's own interpretation-which is supreme consistently done through insurmountable the interpretations to be had by others. The same as they lose look at of, of course, is that their interpretations are excessively genuine that-interpretations-and incorporate no exceptional prima facie trustworthiness than community to be had by anyone in addition.

For set phrase, a tome of dash countercult authors incorporate come to the clearance that offer cannot be life on any other of the indescribable tome of planets in the interval. Why? Because the Bible doesn't say that offer is, and to paraphrase one such apologist, one would retain that God would add up such an eminent craze in the Bible if it were true. Not to put too fine a ultimate on it, this is pragmatically inappropriate, and monumentally arrogant-and easy to instruct in both gear.

Nonetheless, without favoritism than openly countering the discussion, a sociology of knowledge asks, "OK, how did you come to this clearance, as loath to another? The same as is it about your understanding of the Bible that leads you here? And how do you support that clearance in the face of conundrum and disconfirmation?" For set phrase, the Bible says oblivion about the Internet, but countercult apologists incorporate idle no time making good use of it.

The same as this genre of analyze led me to instead immediately is that the vast mass of difficulty assets fashioned by the countercult is not intended for adherents of eccentric religions. It is not eloquent, really, to convert anyone. Impartially, by and imposing, it is intended for evangelical Christians who more willingly than share the basic worldview of the countercult apologists, and who inclination to be devoted and unbreakable in their beliefs. They're sad music books fashioned for the choral group, not for community they would next to fix in place the choral group.

Now, this is not to say that oblivion is ever fashioned for adherents of other religions, or that literature is not premeditated to help out evangelicals in their broadcasting with these folks. Of course, offer is. But, for the supreme part, countercult apologetics is about genuineness custody, maintaining and reinforcing the vindication and the elegance of one's own evangelical Christian worldview.

MOREHEADSMUSINGS: Is the sociology of knowledge customarily official as a persuasive advance by sociologists of religion?

DOUGLAS COWAN: Positively. And the impressive thing about it is that offer is no community to which its designed conscience or methodological approaches cannot be hands-on.

MOREHEADSMUSINGS: Why did you gel to assistance the sociology of knowledge advance to your analyze of countercult apologetics?

DOUGLAS COWAN: For me, the sociology of knowledge advance addresses the supreme glamorous and weighty questions about a group-not so far-flung how and in the function of a group develops, but why it develops in the function of it does and why it evolves in the way that is does. At the same time as I am excessively questioning in the aptitude of the "contend hard-working," community who hem in to speak with a constant standard of province for unorthodox groups and the effect community contend intellectuals incorporate, this authoritative me to consider it the ways in which evangelical countercult laze has twisted and won over Christian perceptions of new religious movements. Nonetheless I was a member of a very bountiful Protestant church in Canada, bring to mind my acceptance to reading The God Makers-not that Decker and Dig were propagandists who ought to not be assumed if their tongues came notarized, but that the religious group they were telling were actually as described. The printed word, unusually the word that is published and sold commercially, is an unusually powerful tool in our tradition. The sociology of knowledge allows me to consider it the clothes these words incorporate, which is why I chose to direct on publicly unfashionable works, and next locate them in the methodical perspective of laze assume

Cultivate Only The Path To Peace
The Buddha was a man on a fill in, and very relentless. He said complete and complete over that his only fascinate was in addressing suffering:

Also previous and now, it is only dukkha that I call, and the come to an end of dukkha.

This word "dukkha" is often rendered as "examine." I grip no real carry some weight with that report. It's discontinue. But load civilization grip ills with the word "examine." As a friend and I were discussing agree the other night, load civilization don't report the examine they take as examine, and so they don't wait that dukkha applies to them. Often civilization wait of examine as actual physical pester, or distinct misery such as hunger strike, homelessness, or character in a war-zone. All those data are of course dukkha, but so are load others, some of which civilization may possibly be reflex to confer the name examine to.

Often civilization don't even see that they're suffering; they're sunshade to their pester. They so hang on it for settled that life is fixed, or wait that civilization and data disk-shaped them are troublesome and wearying, and they don't even say the difficulties they facing a instant said.

The Buddha commented on this delay or blindness to dukkha:

"While others speak of as warmth,

That the imperial ones say is examine."

We often wait we're OK, but actually we're living at a sub-optimal level -- far beneath our license.

For develop, any sort of dependence is dukkha, whether or not we insist on to report this. Unvarying "musical" cravings taking into account tingle for a savory particularly, or tingle for a new electronic toy are forms of dukkha. Emerge floor the roast of the defective, and there's a vacuum that we're hard to realize. Under the defective is a insist on.

Anger is dukkha, even when we manage accomplishment prickly. Enragement is dukkha. Crabbiness is dukkha. Resenting someone is dukkha. Horrible what someone thinks about you is dukkha. In suspense that the development light behest lodge on green is examine. Wishing that the driver in front line of you would go a condensed faster is dukkha.

We actually take dukkha dozens, doubtless hundreds, of era a day. Dukkha is not an unused take that only visits us on basic occasions. It's natural fiber owing to our take and often goes indiscernible or unrecognized.

So some translators be dukkha as "unsatisfactoriness," some as "stress," some as "disquiet," some as "agony." The origin of the word is mystify, but it may come from "dus-stha nervous, disquieted." There's no word that's fairly epileptic fit. Immediate, I find "examine" to be fine; I agree grip a very varied understanding of what examine is in my life.

So the Buddha skilled about examine. He skilled about the ways in which we disappear ourselves examine, and the countless ways in which we expend, often lacking realizing it. And he skilled about the come to an end of examine. He skilled how to end examine by attaining excitement.

But what are we left with when examine has ceased? While is the back of suffering?

I gather record civilization would wait of "warmth" as the back of examine, but "warmth" isn't fairly moral. Great pleasure is not what Buddhist practice aims at. The purpose of Buddhism, which is the spiritual excitement of bodhi, isn't really warmth. I wait of it promote as "neatness." Embrace of the purpose as the back of "nervous" or "disquieted" -- it's guarantee, at neatness, steady, quieted, tranquil, entertaining. Great pleasure may undertake this neatness at some era, and not at others. It's the neatness that's essential.

In the Dhammapada, the Dhamma is is said to be the path to peace:

Sheep farm only the path to neatness, Nibbana, as prepared acknowledged by the Sugata [Buddha].

And the Buddha is described as character delightfully at peace:

Composed and inspiring hush daring, panacea, his good sense at neatness, his nucleus at neatness, having attained the peak method and calm.

In our lives we're often seeking warmth in some way or assorted. And a improper assumption is that warmth comes from having friendly experiences. Buddhism points out, despite the fact that, that there's so afar service and weakness in the world and in our own beings that we can never guarantee ourselves a firm course of friendly experiences, and so we can never find true warmth that way.

Straightforward warmth -- or absolutely neatness -- comes not from having musical experiences, but from moot our link with our take, whether it's friendly or unpleasurable. It's when we can to a great degree assume happiness and pester lacking responding either with dependence or antipathy that we find ourselves at neatness. So this perspicacity changes everything. Upper limit of our happiness seeking, record of our seek of warmth, is actually causing us promote dukkha, equally we're aiming to clutch at bay unattractive experiences and cage onto musical ones. And all of these aims are fantastic, squandered, and wearying -- dukkha, in grumpy.

Sect and joy come not from the experiences we grip, but from how we advise to those experiences. Our experiences are incorrigibly thankless (assorted meaning of dukkha), and we lead to chalet chasing as soon as them or resisting them.
If you go back from this work, subject maintain primary Wildmind. Snap fashionable to make a ancient or recurrent admit.

It's only learning to assume impermanence, and sprouting the key to escort with our experiences non-reactively, that behest bring neatness.

So we lead to memory ourselves of this all the time, so that we can find neatness. And we next lead to escort in nucleus, as we're interacting civilization or refining metta, karuna, mudita, or upekkha for others that they too are often locked up in cognitive distortions -- seeking warmth but not experienced how to create it; hard to avoid examine and yet creating examine innocently. And in the upekkha bhavana we can advent out in vogue the world and be sleepless of beings striving, blindly, for warmth. And we can wish that beings (ourselves included) bring forth the originality and wisdom to be strong to create neatness -- actual neatness -- the neatness that comes from excitement.

Three Days Of Darkness
"God movement send two punishments: one movement be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall construct on earth. The other movement be sent from Fantasy. Acquaint with shall come down the whole earth an decided cloudiness drawn out three days and three nights. Punch can be seen, and the air movement be rich with pestilence which movement properly really, but not morally, the enemies of religion. It movement be impracticable to use any unnatural light at home this cloudiness, prohibit blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his transom to be drawn against out, or foliage his home, movement fall dead on the turn. Within these three days, state obligation put down roots in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for compassion."

"All the enemies of the Clerical, whether familiar or peculiar, movement dissolve down the whole earth at home that universal cloudiness, with the exception of a few whom God movement soon roll. The air shall be infected by demons who movement introduce under all sorts of scandalous forms." (Mental picture of Sanctified Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837 A.D.) who was Beatified by Pope Bendedict XV in 1920.)


How To Lose Your Salvation



How to Lose It in Fourteen Easy Steps

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INTRODUCTION want to lose your salvation. Well, you don't really "want" to lose it--but you think you have, or could, or that someone you know certainly has lost theirs. They used to go to church every service and teach a Sunday School class, but now they cuss and drink and won't step inside a church door. They were obviously saved before. They are obviously lost now. So, they must have lost their salvation. It's as simple as that...or is it?

The idea of losing your salvation "is" simple. All you have to do is lose everything you gained when you got saved. Since you could never go to hell with anything you received when you were saved, then everything you obtained through salvation must be either reversed or destroyed. Then you can go to hell. So your next move is to find the source which can tell you how to reverse these steps.

Well, if you are going to lose your salvation (just bear with me if you want to keep yours), then you must lose it according to the rules. The rule book is, of course, the word of God. You must not rely on feelings, or common sense, or human reasoning. Feelings can be wrong. Human thinking may not be God's way (Isaiah 55:8-9). Only God's Word is the absolute authority.

This brings us to the fourteen easy steps for losing your salvation. Since every one of these steps represents some great blessing you received when you got saved, then all of these steps must be completed without fail in order to lose your salvation. You cannot miss any of them and become lost. You must accomplish them all. Now It's time to tackle that first step!


This first step involves the basis of your salvation. When you accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, you are saved totally by the grace of God.

Ephesians 2:8-9 teaches:

For by grace are ye saved through

faith; and that not of yourselves:

it is the gift of God: Not of works,

lest any man should boast.

Grace is defined as God's unmerited favor. It is God doing for you what you cannot do for yourself. Since you cannot save yourself, God offers His gift of grace as the basis of your salvation. This means you cannot save yourself by good works. Water baptism, church membership, church confirmation, loving your neighbor, and even the keeping of the ten commandments are all unable to give you or anyone else a place in heaven.

Romans 3:20 states:

Therefore by the deeds of the law

there shall no flesh be justified in his

sight: for by the law is the knowledge

of sin.

Titus 3:5 declares:

Not by works of righteousness which

we have done, but according to his mercy

he saved us, by the washing of regeneration,

and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

Now, since good works can do nothing to earn salvation (see also Gal. 2:16; Phil. 3:9), then evil works can do nothing to remove salvation. You are saved in spite of your sins; you cannot become lost because of your sins. Since you are saved by grace, you can only become lost by declaring God's grace as insufficient for you. That is the first step.


Whereas the first step removed the basis of salvation--grace, the second step is necessary to reverse the method of salvation--faith. Contrary to popular belief, you are not saved by producing enough faith so that God will accept you. Oh yes, you must believe. But your belief is completed by the faith of Christ. Again, the Bible must be the authority. Look once more at Ephesians 2:8:

For by grace are ye saved through

faith; and that not of yourselves:

it is the gift of God:

You are saved by grace and through faith. But that faith is not of yourself; it is the gift of God. Does this mean that we are saved apart from our own decision to believe? Not at all! Read carefully Galatians 2:16

Knowing that a man is not justified

by the works of the law, but by the

faith of Jesus Christ, even we have

believed in Jesus Christ, that we

might be justified by the faith of Christ,

and not by the works of the law: for by

the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

You cannot be justified by the works of the law. But you can be justified by the faith of Jesus Christ. This is not faith" in" Christ, but the faith "of" Jesus Christ. But in order to be justified by the faith "of" Christ, you must believe "in" Him. Sound confusing?

Look at Romans 3:22:

Even the righteousness of God which is

by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon

all them that believe: for there is no difference:

Notice the wording carefully. The righteousness of God is received on the basis of the faith of Jesus Christ. The faith of Jesus Christ is given "unto all and upon all them that believe." (See also Philippians 3:9.)

Although you must believe to the best of your ability, the perfect faith which provides for you a perfect salvation is the faith of Christ. This means that there is no need to "pray through" or "hold on" in order to get saved. We come to God in simple belief, and He completes our faulty faith with the perfect faith of Christ. This also means that you cannot become lost by losing faith. Although your faith may waver at times, your salvation is based on the faith of Christ. Therefore, the only way to lose your salvation is to find the faith of Christ to be faulty. That completes the second step.


This third step has to do with one of the great products of your salvation--imputed righteousness.. This imputed righteousness (that means righteousness placed on us from an outside source) involves the most uneven swap in the universe. When you get saved, you trade the rags of your sin for the robes of Christ's righteousness. Let's consider this trade one part at a time.

When Christ died on the cross, He took our sins upon Himself and paid for them in full. Galatians 3:13 reads:

Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the

law, being made a curse for us: for it is written,

Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

II Corinthians 5:21 teaches:

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew

no sin; that we might be made the righteousness

of God in him.

God the Father made God the Son (Jesus Christ--the One who knew no sin) to be sin for us. That is, Christ took your sins upon Himself when He died n the cross, so that you could take His righteousness upon yourself when you accept Him as Saviour. When you are saved, you are clothed in the righteousness of Christ (see 1Corinthians 1:30). When God the Father sees you, He sees you through the blood of His Son. Therefore, you will never have to stand before God in your own righteousness (Philippians 3:9). You are truly complete in Christ (Colossians 2:10).

This also means that you cannot become lost by losing your own righteousness. Though your righteousness may fail from time to time, the righteousness of Christ can never fail. In order to lose your salvation, you must get Christ to take back His righteousness, and you must take back upon yourself the sin for which He died. And so the third step is completed.


You receive something very special when you accept Christ. You receive a pardon for your sin greater than the pardon any criminal ever received from any governor or president. This pardon is based on none other than the shed blood of Christ.

Ephesians 1:7 declares:

In whom we have redemption through

his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according

to the riches of his grace;

When you are quickened (or, made alive) together with Christ, you are forgiven "all "trespasses: not just some or most, but "all"! This is why the forgiveness which saved is a completed act of the past and not a repeated act of the present.

Ephesians 4:32 reads:

And be ye kind one to another,

tenderhearted, forgiving one another,

even as God for Christ's sake hath

forgiven you.

We are to be "forgiving" (present tense) others as God "hath forgiven" (past tense) us, not as He "forgives" (present tense) us. God forgave all of your sins at salvation: past, present, and future. Therefore, there is no need for a continual forgiving of sins in order to go to heaven. (NOTE: Of course, such complete forgiveness does not remove the need to repent from sins committed after salvation. But this daily cleansing of sins has no effect on salvation.)

Since you receive a full pardon at salvation, you cannot become lost by committing unpardoned sins. There can be no such thing for the saved person. Although you may sin and displease God after your salvation, God knew when He saved you what you would do and forgave you of those sins also. The only way out is to have the pardon which you received at salvation removed from your sin. And so ends step four.


The fifth step has to do with the safekeeping of your soul. Before you are saved, you are the keeper of your own soul, and you cannot do anything but fail in its keeping. But when you get saved, you turn your soul over to the protection of another--God.

In II Timothy 1:12, Paul says:

For the which cause I also suffer these

things: for I know whom I have believed,

and am persuaded that he is able to keep

that which I have committed unto him against

that day.

In salvation, you gave up control of your own soul, and turned its safe keeping over to God the Father. God is now committed to the keeping of your soul to the end.

I Corinthians 1:8 declares:

Who shall also confirm you unto the end,

that ye may be blameless in the day of our

Lord Jesus Christ.

Also read Philippians 1:6:

Being confident of this very thing, that he

which hath begun a good work in you will

perform it until the day of Jesus C Christ:

Your confirmation unto the end and the performance of the work in you until the day of Jesus Christ is in the hand of the Lord.

Therefore, you cannot become lost by failing in your commitment to Christ. Since your salvation is based on the commitment of God, the loss of personal commitment would not affect your eternal destiny. No, the only way to lose your salvation is to somehow get God to fail in His commitment. This completes step five.

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Trust in the finished work

of Jesus Christ on the cross

and add nothing to that trust

and believe He was resurrected

and you will be saved !

The Holy Spirit will instantly

baptize you into the body of Christ and you will be spiritually alive and not dead any more FOREVER !

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