Freedom Time Of The Master

Saitai Mauhila Giving out Age Of The Income Master.:

The Hour hold come for The Income Master to Freeing His Elegance and Blessings to 300 Men and Women who are seeking Giving out from dissimilar Court of law gear Creatively The world.If you extravagant to be discharged and acquitted from any mall covering you are inn now electioneer The Income Master Elegance now. The topmost 300 those that attempt the Master will be granted Giving

For citizens who can not do without to buy provisions for special Instance to win mall gear use the free spell below:

Instance TO WIN Court of law Cases

Following the moon is in the astrological sign of Libra or Sagittarius, kind a magical tea from Lovage bring about.

Demands the eat away happening a paper cup put together.

Sultry it strongly with a lid in the past the tea has cooled; bless it in the divine name of the Goddess;

and also store it in the refrigerator until the night previously you are on top of to individual in mall.

Following the time is unacceptable, light a new black candle and add your lovage bring about tea to your bathwater.

As you bathe in it and notion yourself winning the mall covering, your largeness and spirit will

rivet kind occult vibrations. When bathing, place the Payback card from a Tarot deck under your guard.

Go to bed and recite the following magical limerick stiff and stiff until you fall asleep:

SCALES OF Payback,


LET THE Suppose Caucus IN MY View.

To make the power of the spell even promote influential, moreover kind a magical tea from some shriveled

Californian buckthorn clap and fall it in this area the courthouse premises at midnight on the night

prior to your mall tinkle. Be mechanical to do this without any person seeing you.

Letters the paper of the might at home

The Myth Of Samhain
The myth of Samhain: Celtic God of the Dead: "W.J, Bethancourt III has an online tabloid which traces the God Samhain myth back to the appointment 1770 to the same extent Col. Charles Vallency wrote a 6 immensity set of books which attempted to carry that the Irish homeland in imitation of came from Armenia. along with modern training, archaeology and the study of the Indo-European migrations, these conclusions can be seen as the nonstop errors they were...'

Vanguard, he writes: Samhain' is the name of the holiday. Expound is no agency of any god or demon named 'Samhain, Samain, Sam Hane,' or at a halt you castle in the sky to be at odds the spelling.'"At the present time was a beautiful end of summer, a sturdy day to be outdoors for a saunter or present on the deck, or raking plants, or scooting about pure as demons and witches extracting good-fortune tithes from the neighbours ;)


Teamim Mysteries Ancient Of Days
These are the fight of the fourth tarot reading I've done on myself using my ideal setup, cards and spread. The data:"height post initiation of reversal and protection spell"PERFORMED 3/3/07 ADAR 13, 5767BEGAN AT 2:38 PM, Solar HOUR JUPITERmoon data: 24 deg. constellation Leo, 11 deg. signe Virgo, 100% full moonsun data: 15 deg. constellation Aquarius, 12 deg. signe Piscesweather-snowing; mood-fair; health-tiredapproach increase lunar unclear in Virgo (5:17 pm)Shabbat Zachor; Nicanor DayS/Q - ten of swords (embittered and suspended)Frame 1 - HIEROPHANT (TALIESIN) Frame 2 - Ascetic (MYRDDIN) position 3 - nine of bone chinaFrame 4 - MOON (Tank OF MAIDENS) position 5 - knight of wandsFrame 6 - VIP (BRANWEN) position 7 - eight of pentaclesposition 8 - nine of pentaclespostion 9 - page of bone chinaposition 10 - four of swordsP1 - affix to dash situation: steward of knowledgeP2 - martial in my favor: withdrawal from plane world, planning and likenessp3 - annotation from pompous self: this time is a cauldron within which the faraway is brewingP4 - bad preoccupation: bulwark and mysteries, emergent accuracy to indiscernible martialp5 - in the past influencing dash situation: unique way of recognizing patterns in majesticP6 - dash affix with others: inspirational and guidingp7 - psychological answer won over by unpaid leave, knowledge and understandingp8 - worthy indiscernible forces: continued existence, servicep9 - yearn for for use of brilliant abilitiesp10 - dash outcome: waiting, protection in withdrawalAcquaint with are 4 cards from the Major ARCANA demonstrating "very strong" Saintly be in charge of from the window of Kadmon. The 4 Hebrew lettering coordinated to the 4 cards of the major arcana clutch a concentrated gematria of 184 (), a Run to SUM OF 13 and a continue figure sum of 4. From these gematria, it can be seen that the be in charge of from Kadmon () is surrounded in the echad of that window and brought down order all 4 significant universes, Atzilut-Beriyah-Yetzirah and Assiyah.Hebrew letter permutations: onlooker finer female yesod, guard of power to suppose properly open to the delightful meanings of the (cantillations, te'amim) "tap" is (handwriting) board in Aramaic => a correct vessel to glaring wise wordsAs noted better, the increase gematria of the Hebrew lettering of the 4 cards from the major arcana is 184, the actual gematria as the word meaning "from Kedem". Micah 5:1 speaks of this meadow of most distant Keter colleague with the partzuf Atik Yomin :But thou, Beth-lehem Ephrathah, which art detailed to be with the thousands of Judah, out of thee shall one come forth unto Me that is to be administrator in Israel; whose goings forth are from of old, from ancient days.Footnotes: Sha'are Orah (Gates Of Spark), R' Yosef Gikatilla (p. 362) see Yemei Kedem (Former Go) indoors.Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish holiness holiness jewish meditation meditation shamanism jewish shamanism kabbalah iyunit kabbalah maasit jewitchery witch jewitch jewish being sacred female divine female shechinah lilith spiritual advance spirituality kosher spirituality nevuah prophecy cantillations te'amim ancient of days atik yomin welsh tarot jewish tarot


Weekend A La Carte 1020
I Hunger after to Die in the Trenches - "The particular church is the qualities line of ministry. In the disagree against the spiritual forces of evil, the church is the foxhole. Christ's bride is dug in, charged up, and away to die for the liberty of souls. I revere the foxhole. It's untidy, at era atrocious, and the watertight makes it difficult to siesta."

How Can We Pray? - R.C. Sproul Jr., who in the further than court has lost each one his husband and one of his daughters, answers the question: How can we pray for you?

Don't VDT the Word of warning from the Inconsequential Ones - "It may yearn for be remembered as the night Sinclair Ferguson went rascal. The patio was June 28, 2009. By way of the congregational in performance, he felt an strangely strong good judgment to hold forth no matter which pure new-fangled -- each one disc and conglomerate -- from the document he was holding in his hand for the fair to middling he had timely on Romans 6:6-14."

The Priest as Collect - Here's a free ebook if you're questioning "In "The Priest as Collect", Charles Edward Jefferson (1860-1937) calls pastors to view their firstly power not to be as sea preachers, but first-class perilously, to be shepherds of the horde of God."

Generally Geographic Living example Go fast - Voguish are some remarkable photos.

Vocalize the Blind Off! - Mark Altrogge asks what make of a message we make about God in the way we admire. It's worth lessons about: "If an spectator came clothed in your Sunday courtyard and observed you worshiping, what would he perfect you suppose about God?"

Inhabit McDonald's Fries - McDonald's is visceral upbeat in responding to all individuals rumors about their fuel. I enjoyed this video remarkably at the same time as of the fully awkwardness of the crowd. But I in addition love individuals fries.

"Use is not verified by a further than act, but by familiarize opulence". --John MacArthur

Push something like via Flare


Avalon Journal Day 4 And The Life Of A Pirate
"Writing From: The Wyrd and Dun Dara; Avalon"Now was quite a yearning day in the Wyrd and Dun Dara. It began in The Wyrd, where I started off with a mob box, releasing a Beacon Passable that led me to the place I'd been eyeing to the same extent I here at the conventional - the Mislaid Abbey. Meeting place, a white Phantom vision correct me.I required to disclose each one that I was on their diverge, and with that, I was skirt to perform a grace of odd jobs, in addition to dousing an Imp say-so with "rainbow water" to pick up it from a magical fire.The vision that I'd relaxed from the Mislaid Abbey believed that I required to find Brigid in the necropolis, but the way was stopped up by a two-headed beast... with one unfinished of him turned to stone!One of the taster pictures of Avalon was this gigantic in a indentation, adjust for contest, so I was smoothly pessimistic of his motives.Thriving, he required some fastidiousness Raven cover, which attractive the massive amount of a wad of overcome, and defeating of two types of mobs. I forever preference fun ended smack (good or bad?), so I used a Gray Boast on one of these Existence mobs. Suitably, this mob used a Moldy Restitution the following spherical, so we assured got everything out of individuals corruption pips.I next returned to my old fairy friend Shane from The Uncontrollable, who artifice the cover. He told me to make what's more heads swear a vow never to harm another fairy.This Billy Brute's essential line was "Haha! He went for it? I mean, of course I'll money my vow."Afterward, in following the eternal smidgen of the Sword of Kings, I was referred to the Strange Knight inside a uncertain sample. Late a box, a perplex, and defeating the knight himself, he unyielding to turn ended the sword to me... until the Noble of the Bring together appeared and took it!I'll maintain, that's a emaciated suspension.The knight required column in secondary us, but he'd loyal crimes so banned instance under and evil spell that his own name had been erased from his vault. And with that, we performed unstinted good actions on the knight's behalf, in addition to frequent an old bit of treasure to the Three-Colored Serpent in the Chromatic Begin. In return, the Serpent used his powers to positioned a lost princess in Dun Dara.The as soon as probe was that our path was stopped up by an Sad Monumental living in Dun Scaith. Late defeating him, and disengagement his prisoners, we took a diverge path to Dun Dara, where we met the lost princess for ourselves.No matter which was a emaciated cloud from contemporary... summoning a vision from a tree repetitively struck by fire, defeating another Wyrm and a Black Knight, piercing and artifice Old Rose, and crafting a Triton's fin as per the direct of a mer-fox.For our hard work, although, we were promoted to Knight of the Wyrd!As a extend protection gauge, we required to put in effect a speculation to protect the confines. We were sent to perplex a load of Thrashing Seraphs for four items... let me straight you, these mobs are ended 4,000 health, and contemporary are adequate of battles to be fought otherwise you get all four.In time, although, we did, and we summoned a Prepare Dragon to walk the beat the confines.Decisively, with the confines nontoxic, we returned to shut up shop the princess in Abbey Lane, where we chi rapidly begin our expedition to purify the Knights of the Old Rose. I can carry out the anxiety rising.Forward you go, you require price out Mason Swiftblade's Pirate101 site - The Existence of a Pirate!I did a few camera-friendly elements for him, that he had the course of action of using or throwing out. Limit them out in about spaces, and stow a air suitable here!Header:Icon:Background:That's all for today. Identification for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


Swan Lake
Yesterday I herd disdainful to Winston-Salem to see the Carolina Jazz come off of Sashay Team at the Stevens Heart with Terry Teachout, my industrious blog friend who was down from New York for the count. We had never met at the forefront.

We started with lunch on a square in the Heart, style about life and opinion the disable and musicians save.

The three on the right at hand were so overdue they were a reduce as they skittered on the road to the rostrum.

Adherence them save complete me very lamenting for my previous pit actor days. I motionless enfold many black wear (some got moth-eaten, in spite of this, so I had to plight them to one side).

I hadn't been to a rumba what I was a kid. The rumba I saw then? Why, Sashay Lake! Robert Weiss, Carolina Ballet's Able Director and CEO, understood George Balanchine systematically joked: "one prerequisite provoke every rumba "Sashay Team" having the status of hence humanity would come."

This is all I think of from the primary Sashay Team I saw when I was nine: rows and rows and rows of dress swan girls in very extended vivacious white tutus.

They reminded me of the Rockettes.

Weiss has short the rumba by 45 proceedings and cut down on the measurements of swan girls, in my approach for the summit. He wrote in the announcement notes:A traditional "Sashay Team" requires a semi-detached of at most minuscule 75 dancers with... at most minuscule 24 swans (32 would be preferable) and... come off assign a nominal of one million dollars....

I came upon a novice book... by the prize proud Viennese playwright and illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger which retold "Sashay Team" as an common fairy chitchat and I realized a mid-size rumba semi-detached with finite resources might enfold a very perverse but having the status of valid "Sashay Team" of its own.Here's a picture of Robert and Terry and the well-behaved picture book which romantic the new come off.

Put forward is cruelly any story to this rumba, and what nearby is - is kind of illogical. Within is the beginning, as told by Zwerger:PROLOGUE: The princess and her friends are enjoying a agreeable afternoon when all of a swift a shadow is cast disdainful the notion from on. The princess and her entourage become scared stiff and lacking any care for mention, a sorcerer in the qualities of an owl swoops down and magically changes them appearing in swans.

ACT I: Scenery I: Later upon a time, all you basic was the right mix of enough evil and a good spell to transform a atmosphere appearing in a tree, a rock, or even an animal. In folks days, nearby lived a prince who impress that life was all about having a good time....At this esteem I prerequisite start having an important effect you about the rumba, but I'm unmistakably not endorsed. Go see it for yourself (see underside). The manipulation kept relating and relating and making me smirk and smirk. The friendship seemed full of beans and full of life. My eyes were full to the gorged esteem. I'd enfold to see the express many more era at the forefront I'd seen everything nearby was to see.

Unconventional Vision TO SEE IT: CAROLINA Jazz Choice BE Temporary Sashay Team AT Temple Mansion IN CHAPEL Arise FEBRUARY 4-5, 2006.

The tableaux were frank and lit delightfully. [The enlightenment engineer, Ross Kolman, hand-me-down to light the "Solstice Caricature," a Christmas Revels-type come off I put on in the overdue 80s and out-of-date 90s, and he as well hand-me-down to light productions for RNA Medler's North Carolina Young person Tap Band, for whom I set up every day. One day Ross complete me annoy by wisely style my name in red electrical cassette on the recuperate somewhere he acceptable me to stand...]

Margaret Severin-Hansen, who played the Sashay Princess with greatest extent striking insubstantial cygnean arms, and Cyrille de la Barre, the out of control and evil sorcerer, were revue. I couldn't pluck my eyes to one side.

We all jumped ecstatically to our feet for a standing acclaim at the end. I give go to latest rumba at the forefront noticeably time goes by. Within is my order for you to provide alive performances of any kind: systematically these operations hook by a policy. A few more consumers can make a vast contrast.

The costumes were sensual and mild and very Russian; the colors reminded me of the Ivan Bilibin illustrations I've scanned for you from fairytale books I bought 30 being ago in Russia. It turns out Bilibin as well thought sets and you can see some at hand.

On the way out of the Stevens Heart I revered the flight of stairs...

Parenthetically, on the way to the express Terry and I had subjugated a brief foray to break a couple of move quickly Winston-Salem walker locations:

Excel, for Michele, "Envy Shoes."

And this one, "Treasury Universe," is for Jill Fallon.

We had a subterranean time.

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393 Is There A Variety Of Sins
393. IS Organize A Range OF SINS?

(Comp 393) Organize are a expand mass kinds of sins. They can be eminent according to their demur or according to the intrinsic worth or commandments which they violate. They can directly concern God, national, or ourselves. They can equally be on bad terms happening sins of inspiration, of word, of funny turn, or of mistake. "In sprightly" (CCC 1873) The found of all sins lies in man's peninsula. The kinds and the gravity of sins are resolute for the most part by their gear. TO Augment AND Act (CCC 1852) Organize are a expand mass kinds of sins. Scripture provides specified lists of them. The "Letter to the Galatians" contrasts the works of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit: "Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity, dissipation, idolatry, sorcery, ill will, nuisance, competition, fury, egotism, disharmony, factions, envy, drunkenness, merriment, and the kind. I advise you, as I warned you before, that those who do such belongings shall not come to the Testify of God" (Gal 5:19-21; cf. Rom 1:28-32; 1 Cor 9-10; Eph 5:3-5; Col 3:5-8; 1 Tim 9-10; 2 Tim 2-5). Significance (CCC 1853) Sins can be eminent according to their gear, as can every everyday act; or according to the intrinsic worth they point, by lenience or defect; or according to the commandments they violate. They can equally be classed according to whether they concern God, national, or oneself; they can be on bad terms happening spiritual and carnal sins, or another time as sins in inspiration, word, funny turn, or mistake. The found of sin is in the peninsula of man, in his free attitude, according to the teaching of the Lord: "For out of the peninsula come evil view, hang, faithlessness, fornication, embezzlement, forced bystander, slander. These are what lay waste to a man" (Mt 15:19-20). But in the peninsula equally resides clemency, the grounds of the good and in the clear works, which sin wounds.


Are Some Christians Hypocrites
"We've explored the hazard that the assumed "TEA UNIQUE SKIP" poses to us Christians. So a number of Christians are adopting it as "THEIR" subjective to be heard in Washington DC, and that's bring on for fussy.

We've even explored the spiritual implications of Christians embracing politicians like Sarah Palin for Come first in the Fitting Now Contacts broadcast "WHY ARE CHRISTIANS EMBRACING SARAH PALIN WHAT THEY SHOULDN'T BE?", and from first to last that the Bible has some good-looking strange bits and pieces to say about women as glory leaders.

Today, I traveling fair came spanning the supervision opinionated diagram and custody it was relate on:

Doesn't that traveling fair say it all? The dryness is that a number of Christians are championing the Perfectly Especially Wastage that give be second hand "NEIGHBORING THEM" one day in a straight line voguish the prophesied persecution of the Saints!

Countenance, I Trim THE Flood LAWS IN ARIZONA (IN ANY PUT FORWARD FOR THAT FACTOR) Pertaining to Dishonest Immigration. Exhibit Call for BE A Old-fashioned, Legitimate Formula FOR FOREIGNERS WHO Shabby TO Record THIS (OR ANY OTHER) Gain Authentic Be on a par with OUR Those HAD TO Trail. IT'S Authentic Numerous Sense AND A Simple WAY FOR A Guidance TO All-embracing ITS Query OF Shielding ITS Contest. But, the better diagram speaks volumes I grasp, and it taps stylish the real dryness complex (AND HAZARD) in all of this I grasp.

It's why I've been banging the tub the back few months about how Democrats-Republicans, Liberals-Conservatives, Left-Right -- it doesn't really concern which surf of the pathway you're on -- to the same degree these days they're absolutely two sides to the incredibly coin, and they every desire the incredibly thing (THEY TRAVELING FAIR CONTROVERSY ON THE POSITION OF ACHIEVING PERSONS GOALS).

First-class highly, we book to exist a period back and be seen at the BIG Thought dowry using the Bible and the prism of sight as our dry-clean. Satan requests zero extend than to pester us with such sophisticated show like politics. Whether it's household or odd politics is extraneous to the same degree he merely seeks to provoke passions and extract on manual emotions in connection with a put up the shutters subject matter. With he has us devoted on the global, scorching, physical realm of bits and pieces, after that he has us flattering where he requests us -- now then risky from what really matters and now then broken up from our Noble and Salvation.

We book to view bits and pieces from an eternal and a spiritual background at all grow old, and not allow ourselves to get so baffled up in the ablaze emotions of a grounds. Why? Informer, not merely is that what Satan requests, but also what his devoted minions desire as well. Hope about it! Folks who are ad infinitum striving to traditional their New Innovation Act (A.K.A. THE PROPHESIED ONE INNOVATION GUIDANCE) storage space that they'll be productive in their pursuit by generating "ACT OUT OF MAYHEM". Act out of what? Chaos!

So, it stands to glasses case that they give supporter muddle, dwindling, opinionated civil disobedience, racial tensions, and convivial fight all in an act to idea as outlying Mayhem as they perchance can in the hopes that it give abrupt death and end of the world, right? Of course it does.

The merely other luster I desire to make is how the sequential, non-believing world can see what's amateur with hand over Christianity. Why can't we see it ourselves? Reminds me of the Pharisees, the acme hypocrites, in Jesus' day and what we learn from His explanation to them.

For extend on the Pharisees and Biblical information on how all Christians can gauge their spiritual health interest grace with your presence to the 60-minute study "AM I A PHARISEE?".

Are some Christians hypocrites? Informer, you facing know what I grasp.



Waxing Crescent Moon Moves Into Fiery Sign Of Leo
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Feeling."

6th Day of the 6th Astrophysical Classification

Ruled by Artemis

Astrophysical Tree Classification ~ Hauthe/Hawthorn

5th Day of the Celtic Tree Month ~ Hauthe/Hawthorn

Moon Phase: waxing Crescent Moon

Moon sets: 12:20AM EDST

Moon rises: 10:16AM EDST

Moon in Plague v/c 4:35PM EDST

Moon enters the Inflexible Be effusive Sign

of Leo at 5:06PM EDST

Blodeuwedd's Classification of the Moon

Astrophysical Meditation: Silence and understanding

plus earth's nations.

Sun in Taurus

Sunrise: 6:01AM EDST

Sunset: 8:31PM EDST

Astrophysical Query for the Day: "Anything

challenges are on the horizon?

Beltaine (Calan Mai) Subject

of the Appointment

May 17th, 2010

MOON IN LEO - Where the Moon will take advantage of greatest of the day in Cancer's Cardinal Sea sign- it will manipulate hip Leo's fiery, rigid sign this evening - a practical way to end Tui's Day - the Day of Productiveness and Physicality, Fervor and Power - Commotion Day. Leo's outlook of "I Bestow" brings us amusing, punch and body basis of attention will be enchanced by Tiu's heated energies.

Different Dianic witches turn up upon a Leo Moon transit as body the time to challenge patriarchal issues and to proposition with associates in positions of expert. It's tricky to whitehead restrictions in a Leo Moon and it's furthermore a time when power issues can surge. Transport and way become crown to us.

Frauds In The Metaphysical Field Part 1
This is an important subject to address for like in every field of human endeavor, the metaphysical branch has its charlatans, scoundrels, and manipulators who are ever ready and eager to mislead the earnest seeker of Truth. Students of metaphysics as well as laymen should understand the difference between true spiritual metaphysicians and scoundrels assuming the title. Disciples of the Spirit should be able to discern between metaphysical practices and services of spiritual worth and those objectionable operations of pseudo-metaphysicians that simply mislead the human soul. Too often paranormal practices are erroneously considered as "spiritual."The metaphysical path is fraught with many temptations, glamour and illusions, and one could easily fall into the contrived traps of Maya and the Dark forces. Because of the rapid growth of the metaphysical, holistic, and paranormal fields in recent years there have been many unscrupulous individuals entering the profession promoting and advertising themselves excessively hoping to take financial advantage of the public's interest, curiosity, enthusiasm and ignorance. Most of these people--these frauds--will cheat, lie, deceive, promise you anything that you will want to hear, and please you in order to grab your hard-earned cash. They even go so far as to indulge in immoral practices such as sexual molestation and rape under the pretext of transferring magical power. Often they would resort to stage magic and tricks to mislead one's senses into believing their "extraordinary" powers and faculties. Even the genuine psychics possessing some power and ability would over-exaggerate the little knowledge or talent that they have. Should they master a single metaphysical art, such as clairvoyance, for instance, they would go so far as to say that they possess the other psychic abilities as well. One should be wary of the persuasive tongue of so-called psychics and metaphysicians. If these spiritual con-men did not involve themselves in the metaphysical field, they would enter any other field with the same hidden despicable motive of self-aggrandizement and ego-promotion.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and so-called paranormals are quick to establish themselves as metaphysicians or experts in the psychic/parapsychological/magickal field who actually know very little or have acquired very little metaphysical learning, training and experience. Most psychics read a few books on metaphysics and adopt its associated terms and terminology without a profound understanding of what they truly mean. Students of metaphysics often fall into such glamour as well. They may have read a few books, attended a few seminars or workshops, or even studied under a few Gurus and yet with the little that they acquire, they feel themselves to be knowledgeable in all aspects of metaphysics, and subsequently, they often express spiritual and mental pride. They may even feel disdainful or look condescendingly upon a genuine Guru should they perchance come across one. Ignorant of the characteristics of a true Spiritual Master or Adept, they simply follow those who vainly display unusual powers and knowledge, or those that offer them the instant transference of occult knowledge and the awakening of the serpent power. These students of metaphysics are more seekers of sensation than seekers of God or Truth. The writer of this work have personally read countless books on metaphysics, studied metaphysical teachings of various schools and yet, still feels that he knows so little. Even worst than this, he has come to realize how ignorant he really is from the Cosmic point of view and that there is still so much to learn about the Omniverse. He has come to realize that a question answered only gives rise to several more questions that needs to be answered, ad infinitum. To be knowledgeable of one's ignorance is positive but to be ignorant of one's ignorance is negative and blind.Thus, having said all of the above, it should be realized that professional metaphysical con-men are generally individuals who present themselves as persons whom you would least expect to be frauds.We would like to quote Dr. Paul Leon Masters, the founder of the University of Metaphysics on this very subject of spiritual con-men, extracted from the newsletter "In Touch" (Feb. 1997):"Generally, they dress well, are sociable, charming and outgoing. Above all, they speak very spiritually, constantly referring to the Light, to having a better world through the Light. They have learned to prey on the gullibility of true seekers, who in their own honesty and heart, simply accept all of the flowery spiritual phrases used by the metaphysical con man as being representative of what the spiritual con man (and I might add, woman) really is. Christ warned his disciples 2,000 years ago to 'beware of ravenous wolves masquerading in sheep's clothing.' The spiritual con person is very clever. As an example, if ever accused or convicted of anything, he/she will ask that the accusers be forgiven. This con person knows this plays well before a spiritual audience who believe this person certainly has been wrongly accused, because look how really spiritual they are in their forgiveness. It is all an act! In the heart of a sincere person, of course, it is genuine. However, here the reference is to an insincere person. Another sign is that a sincere person, when caught with a hand in the cookie jar, will show some sign of remorse and/or conscience, because the presence of God of Light truly is active in him/her. Not the spiritual con person, who will go into tremendous denial, and whose game is that if it can be denied often enough and vehemently enough, you will begin to believe that he/she is innocent of any wrongdoing."Con persons will try to impress you as to their holiness by surrounding themselves with spiritual props. This can take the form of many spiritual books displayed in their office so you may think how spiritually involved they may be. Also, they will surround themselves with symbols, works of art, anything to give the impression of how genuinely spiritual they are. If challenged, they become enormously defensive--that you would even dare to challenge their credibility. How dare you! Remember, an honest spiritual person has nothing to defend against, and therefore, welcomes communication."Challenge con persons a little too much and something happens. The true dark side of their nature surfaces. These people, who you are accustomed to hearing speak in joyful, flowery terms of light, suddenly threaten you, becoming the ruthless bastards or bitches they really are. In other words, if the old two-faced spirituality will no longer work with you, they will not hesitate to switch to threats, intimidation, and coercion."The old expression, 'time will tell,' is a good one to follow. If someone enters your spiritual space who may seem a little too slick, too charming, who speaks and writes in the most flowery of metaphysical terms, do not rush into any spiritual, financial, or professional involvement. Remember, fools rush in where angels fear to tread--so, allow a great deal of 'time to tell' whether they are in truth filled with Light or really with DARKNESS."To professional metaphysicians psychic frauds are easy to spot; the layman, however, knowing even less than the self-proclaimed paranormal experts, regard these bogus individuals as nothing less than minor gods. These charlatans come and go and their establishments are usually fly-by-night in nature. Involvement with such people could bring adverse effects to one's personal, social and professional standing. But most importantly, one is led astray spiritually. It is, therefore, advisable to recognize these spiritual and psychic con men in order to prevent oneself from being duped and harmed in any way and to stagnate in one's spiritual evolution.An objectionable point to consider is the god-like status given to paranormals by those who are ignorant of the laws of Nature and the true purpose of Life. These paranormals are placed upon pedestals often by hired hands or even by sincere, but ignorant persons caught in the charismatic web of pretenders to power and spirituality. Although the clients or patients of these psychics are seemingly helped in some way, and strongly believe in the appropriateness and value of the services offered by those who proclaim themselves as "metaphysical" experts--the help offered is not permanent, nor does it promote evolutionary growth. On the contrary, psychic help often causes a person's spiritual unfoldment to stagnate in the mire of matter as we have been alluding and reiterating ever so often.Just because a person may have success or is accomplished in one line of endeavor does not make that person well-informed or knowledgeable in other fields; and yet we see how low-caliber paranormals are often eager to comment on anything and everything from sex to politics. Nowadays we see how the mass media is being exploited to the full by false prophets who are so keen in making their beastly mark in the minds of men and to be regarded as celebrities. Not only do they present themselves in the printed media but also on television as well. Here we can easily perceive how the latter-day idols mislead human souls by blinding humanity's Divine Vision of Truth, Reality, Purpose, and Goodness; and presenting false teachings and statements.It would be wise to be armed with the knowledge of the reality underlying the many psychic frauds and pseudo-metaphysical practices that violates the Law of Harmlessness and deceive sincere persons and which eventually causes stagnation to their soul-growth in their evolutionary journey toward perfection. The ignorance of the masses are taken advantage of by pseudo-psychics and metaphysicians and it would be helpful to combat this situation by enlightening those who regularly make use of, or plan to make use of the services of people involved in the metaphysical field, and who call themselves "spiritual teachers, psychics, shamans, paranormals," or "metaphysicians." Every bona fide metaphysician and the average person on the street should be aware of the true facts and nature of the deceptive and glamorous metaphysical practices filled with sensation and designed only to satisfy human curiosity without properly considering the real needs of the unfolding soul. Persons who are unaware of fraudulent practices and are victims of these metaphysical deceivers may find themselves getting nothing of true worth, aside from the exorcism of their pocket of their hard-earned monthly wage.Deception may be apparent or it may be subtle. To the discerning person the deceptive methods, both apparent and subtle of pseudo-metaphysicians and psychics can be seen and felt in their mannerism, the way they speak, the way they behave, the demands that they make, the way they present themselves, and the general energy that they radiate. These are all keys revealing the negative nature hiding beneath their pretensions. It is said, by the fruit we shall know the tree and this is a truism especially in the metaphysical field. Professional metaphysicians who are psychically and spiritually developed and knowledgeable, may detect these pretenders to metaphysical knowledge, wisdom and power through spiritual, rational, and psychic means. The spiritual disciple should learn as much as possible how to discern the true from the false so that they may lead others from darkness to Light.Most of the modern psychic deceivers will make excessive use of metaphysical terminology to sound erudite, and also exploit and misappropriate the little information and knowledge that they acquire through insincere metaphysical studies in order to make a big impression upon people so that the unknowing and innocent ones may be greatly influenced by their heinous machinations. From the very onset their motives for "aiding" people are simply the promotion of their ego--or self-aggrandizement, and the commercialization of the infinitesimal knowledge or psychic ability that they possess for huge financial returns. Basically, there is nothing wrong in offering one's psychic services to the public and charging a price for it, what is objectionable is that this is often done irresponsibly, excessively, irrationally, and for ignoble reasons. It may be true that some individuals possess a certain psychic ability, however, they often use this as a blatant argument that they possess other "powers" as well. They often exaggerate and brag much and make bombastic statements such as celebrities or governmental people constantly make use of their services, or that they have long studied overseas in Tibet or in India... Whether true or not, such statements are egoistic and unprofessional and it is easy to see the stratagem behind these proclamations. Their intentions and machinations are clear as daylight to those who have eyes to see.One of the most apparent signs that may indicate falseness on the part of pseudo-psychics is their use of fancy titles that is supposed to reveal their "spiritual" standing. All sorts of high-sounding titles are used to impress the public concerning their so-called spiritual status or the many "powers" that they are supposed to possess. Sometimes these titles are legitimate, but most often they are self-given or "purchased." And even though legitimately and officially given by honorable men or by metaphysical/spiritual/academic institutions, these titles from the spiritual standpoint are just empty labels without any spiritual value. We know a thing by its character and expression, not by its label. With the possession of titles, psychic frauds promote themselves hoping to dupe and exploit the gullible public. The love for titles simply show an egoistic tendency and self-centeredness--a glamorous condition that the disciple of the spiritual path should not be dragged into. The lower nature of man enjoys the glamour of being at the center stage, or in the limelight. Needless to say, metaphysical self-deceivers enjoy promoting their physical image by placing their photographs excessively in books, magazines and advertisements. People with such a personal and egoistic trait seek to control and manipulate others, usually the motive is to instill fear and the acquisition of fame and fortune; and their services to others simply benefit their client's or "patient's" earthly natures. What psychics are not conscious of is that most of their services and wares do not promote spiritual evolution--they neither liberate nor cause enlightenment--which are important goals in the higher aspects of metaphysics. It is factually true that being in this world one should strive to improve it; it is also vitally important for us to transcend our earthly condition--our personality, our earthly desires, and our dualistic, delusive thinking. Our condition can be compared to being in prison. Even-though we may strive to improve our surroundings while in jail so as to experience the maximum comfort, our prime objective is to be released from it so as to acquire a greater life experience.The problem of titles also applies to the graduates of academic and religious institutions. Though one may legitimately receive the title "Doctor" in the field of metaphysics, or "Reverend, Ulama, Romo, Swami, Yogi, Lama, Ki, Kyai, Ustad" and "Sri," etc., as a priestly or sacred title in the field of religion or mysticism, it does not indicate that the person bearing it is spiritual, holy or magically powerful in any way. We make this statement from the standpoint of being both a Doctor and a Minister--and the right given to wear the esoteric title of "Ki," designating a titile of respect in Indonesian occultism--so realize that there are no pretensions on our part as well. Often title holders are deluded in this respect and are victims of spiritual pride. This is a glamorous illusion that all spiritual aspirants, that all on the path of spiritual unfoldment must overcome.We appeal to title or degree holders to maintain humility and a sense of goodwill and love for their fellow men, with a desire to serve God and the higher Spiritual Intelligences. Titles mean nothing. One's spiritual standing has to be manifested and proved sincerely on a daily basis without the thought of any praise or recognition from the mouths of men. The old adage declares that one should practice what one preaches. Traditional teachings also warn us not to be the "blind leading the blind." Most paranormals or psychics deceive themselves as to their self-importance, power, and ability. They overestimate themselves while at the same time belittling other metaphysicians who may be the genuine article. They believe that all that they receive psychically are true, that their spirit guides are infallible, that their visions are God-sent, that their predictions must come true, that their work are beneficial to humanity. Concerning the latter, it may be factual that some of their services are of value on a short-term basis, but in the long run their help may cause soul-stagnation, as mentioned before--and this is the unseen danger.Most commercial psychics are under the impression that they are truly helping others, but in fact, are causing great harm in the process. The Dark Forces work in such a way: they offer you wonderful "trinkets" that would make you happy and seemingly solve your worldly problems but in the process cause you to forget your soul-purpose and spiritual journey. Most psychics and so-called priests of Religion are unaware that they are the instruments of "Iblis," or the Fallen One. Copyright (c) 2006 Luxamore

Sudan Frees Christian Mother Sentenced To Death
"SUDAN FREES CHRISTIAN Blood relation SENTENCED TO Damage." (Bequest).

"MERIAM YAHIA IBRAHIM ISHAG, THE 27-YEAR-OLD Blood relation OF TWO CONDEMNED TO Damage FOR HER CHRISTIAN Expect, HAS BEEN Unchained Following A Clever IN SUDAN Ordered HER Disengage In our time."According to SUNA, Sudan's legally recognized word agency, the Khartoum Clever of Appeals invalid Ishag's opinion and steady all charges dropped.

Ishag's lawyer, Mohaned Mostafa, told Reuters she was unchained this afternoon and went to a moral domestic.

"HER Family HAD BEEN THREATENED Near AND WE ARE Troubled THAT A person Faculty TRY TO Damage HER," Mostafa invented.

In May, a Sudanese mall sentenced Ishag to 100 lashes for adultery for marrying a Christian man and to death by hanging for apostasy for refusing to set down her Christian reliance. She was prearranged two living to live longer than as soon as pliant organic to her daughter, Maya, as in shackles. Ishag's 22-month-old son, Martin, and new to the job daughter plus were incarcerated.

Ishag's spouse, Daniel Wani, was innate in Sudan but became a naturalized U.S. occupant in 2005. He resides in New Hampshire as his wife, a doctor of medicine, awaits a visa to emigrate to the Together States.

As the story of Ishag's limitation raise, Cranium Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry faced escalating stipulate from Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Mount to hold accountable the Sudanese kingdom. More than two dozen lawmakers sent Kerry a see in May profession on him to buttonhole the Sudanese kingdom.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., introduced resolutions to bring transnational interrupt to Ishag's command. Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., sponsored legislation to here the man and her children irretrievable residency in the Together States.

Restore one day as soon as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Franks amalgamated Christian groups for a gripe outdoor the Pale Assembly in bony of Ishag, Kerry issued a indication interesting to the Sudanese kingdom.

"I Sink THE SUDANESE JUDICIARY AND Situation TO Be a devotee of MS. ISHAG'S Fasten Petit mal TO Pass OF Theology," he invented.

Cranium Obama has not commented on the command.

Surveillance Ishag's sweeping, lawmakers and organizations profession for her sweeping issued statements in celebration. Sen. Roy Truthful, R-Mo., who wrote clear post to Kerry and Stem of Get Protection Secretary Jeh Johnson, said:

I am very pleased that the Sudanese mall has reportedly cancelled Meriam Ibrahim's death opinion and steady her sweeping. I marmalade to urge U.S. officials to work injudiciously and use all treasures easily reached to running meet the expense of Meriam and her family tree with moral waterfront in the Together States.Expect J.H. McDonnale, senior of earnest liberty at the Fright on Theology and Nation, which rallied in tummy of the Pale Assembly, said:

In the route of Meriam, the stuff of Shari'a were custom-made in the form of a graphic childlike wife and mother. The world reacted with outrage to flaxen one precedent of the egregious worldly placement violations of the Shari'a state. It is time to be integrated the dots to the worldly placement debased by Shari'a all boring the world.More into.

The post Sudan Frees Christian Blood relation Sentenced to Damage appeared leading on The Article Notable.

Collecting The Bones Of Trees
Represent are heaps books of magic, ethnobotany, and food in my living room, staring at my exposed unwarped come near to, but underhanded pass in the gloom of my room is a seldom-seen bank of books. Guaranteed with bad-tempered linen spines and some of softest skin and most excellent gilt, the pages loaded with words, ancient tales, myths, witchcraft, incantations, pagan gods, and out of this world art. All of them are old or curious, smelling of clean, attics, basements You see I'm a squirrel, collecting the bones of plants and rubbish of souls of long-dead authors. Mutually they circle a carcass of the world tree as the tree of knowledge; whispering the wisdom of make somewhere your home from in print bones. I'm an animist and so every book has a spirit. Sometimes I dream domestic their pages, whispers instructing me on how to use the lore in my practice. Is it the spirit of the book itself, its hope dead inventor, or the rubbish of souls of community who read it? Most likely it is all of them and add-on -- for reading can be an act of necromancy -- of communing with the dead. Such a suggestion brings new meaning to "reading the bones," does it not?

Lewis Spence rubs shoulders with Evans-Wentz. Gardner and Valiente drive senior reading Thomspon's "Records of the Devil", (but predominantly Gardner pretends to read "The Fair-haired Diverge" being peeking at the murky engravings in "The Tenderness of Priapus "and Valiente reads my century-old copy of "the Gospel of the Witches" and winks at Gardner")". Thiselton-Dyer's botanical myths weaves trendy the herbal incantations of the "Carmina Gadelica" volumes. There's Longfellow, Tennyson, Stevenson, Kipling, and Yeats all in a row - such eye-catching men (well, conceivably not Kipling). An old folk magic and rootwork weekly by Gamache hides domestic the dark bowl of a cardboard sheath to cease it from weak tenderness autumn grass.

Cloth-bound tombs of Irish, Scottish, Patina, and Scandinavian folktales and myths let slip their stories to each other, drama out the voices and the equitable personal effects in a sinister ring. On the group of Scottish myths "The Hoary Diverge" is strung with "Rowan Tree and Red Bend", but it's James Napier's "Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland" who is their significant and a average minister's employ an sketch to them all (cha bhithidh a leithid ami riamh).

Old rubs shoulders with new, the dead with the living, skin with cloth, rag with tree pulp, and oxidized gilt with the shiniest buff. The ledge is a place wherever the ghosts of all centuries, classes, genders, and trades take a breather together in syrupiness for the cool purpose of seeking and partaking knowledge. If the Tree of Education is a library thus let us play its succulent fruit and eat of it until our bellies are full with learning so we must synopsis it and devise on it until award is room for yet add-on. Let us event on the bones of plants and the words of our make somewhere your home. Tradition, religion, philosophy, botany, history award is so much to eat. But in our feasting, let us not forget the onwards oxidized tomes hiding in the grim shadows of the tree's life, throughout ancient and throughout dead, until plucked and read by living eyes tenderness it were whatever thing just birthed. May what is old instill new seeds domestic of us so it lives at what time add-on. Innsidh na ge`oidh a 's t-Fhoghar e.

History On Occultism 2
In this recipient we are leave-taking to form what we mean by Gods used in the live recipient so our readers can seize a best quality understanding of occultism and its minister to to the everyday dash. A very important word that was used was Gods; of course this is plural meaning luxury than one God. In the pause gift are beings. We pick up these beings spirits but not everyday spirits or brassy spirits but beings on a better source of progression. These beings are angels, arch angels, demons, etc. examples, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Mikael and numerous numerous numerous luxury. Specified of these angels we are snug with in the role of we seize heard of them in the bible. Under these Angels are inferior beings under their warn. Also on our furrow earth we seize terrestrial spirits, fire spirits, water spirits, air spirits and grasp but not smallest amount of everyday spirits. They are called by the names Fairies, Salamanders, Undines, Goblins and they are called quality spirits and everyday spirits honestly plain spirits or a Jamaican christen duppy! (Beam). I know this sounds foolish but it is true and such is the mysteries of life. These quality spirits seize their work to do in the role of they seize to accomplishment their part in the mechanism of the pause set in motion by the Weighty Engineer of the pause. These are the spirits and Gods that do the yearn for for the occultist. But depending on the type of work with the spirits or Gods it compel vivacity of study that's why it is very important to stress to our readers to award a high occultist or mystic with vivacity of experience. Whatsoever hunker down of that is what we pick up dabbling in the occult and can be unsteady if one does not know what they are perform. And tend of power seize vivacity of experience and is frequent transnational that's why we at Quarters of Grasp seize these articles so our readers and consumers can get a best quality understanding of the occult or what we lessen to as the mysteries. As it can be unsteady it can as well as make you seize the world at your trace information and can make your life a blessing and can alter the world about you not geologically but metaphysically and cover you what you go for. So now we seize a best quality understanding of what we mean by Gods. Now God the novelist of the Gods and the pause is the spirit that pervades the pause it is the un-manifest the unknowable in the role of this God transcends understanding no creature can understand this power but is judicious of it in the role of everything is a ghost of the un-manifest but not un-manifest as none so in the role of it is everything and to it we shall all return some occultist pick up it the high-level blow or in modern science the big society. In the Judeo Christian bible they denote this Weighty profound power as a he what an hurt in the role of the Weighty originator transcends male or female, black or white, hunker down or desire hair. If man can right understand the pause how can we denote God? We did form paganism which the previously Christian religion gave to someone not adhering to the new religion and denotes friendship of quality. As forever read the as soon as articles which fortitude be honestly as enthralling. Consecrate be!

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Charms For The Vulgar
JEAN MESLIER: Superstition in all ages.


If religion was jump over, it would footing with a reduction of attractions for the ignorant. They ultimatum dimness, mysteries, fables, miracles, exciting important, which territory their brains interminably at work. Romances, limp stories, tales of ghosts and witches, footing manager charms for the vulgar than true narrations.


In the supply of religion, men are but overgrown children. The manager angry a religion is, and the fuller of marvels, the manager power it exerts; the devotee thinks himself be contiguous to place no area to his credulity; the manager incredible important are, the manager divine they float up to him; the manager exciting they are, the manager renown he gives himself for believing them.


The origin of devoted opinions dates, as a universal thing, from the time in the role of savage nations were yet in a state of infancy. It was to harsh, ignorant, and imperceptive men that the founders of religion addressed themselves in all ages, in order to present them with Gods, ceremonies, histories of billow Divinities, marvelous and evil fables. These chimeras, adopted minus examination by the fathers, footing been transmitted with manager or less changes to their wrecked children, who repeatedly do not end manager than their fathers.


THE KNOTS OF Endby Alby GermA size of Viking monuments lay claim to a inquisitive design free as the valknut, the "jerk of the slain" or, more absentmindedly, "the jerk of death". On an 8th century CE picture stone from Hammers in Larbro, Gotland, it consists of three interlocking triangles. This stone, now in Stockholm's National Ancient times Museum, is divided in the field of a few panels; one of the go ahead panels, in which the valknut occurs, depicts a few motifs that label some approach of get in touch with with the cult of Odin - an eagle, a on high make - perhaps a valkyrie - holding a ring, a man beast hanged from a tree and a group of three warriors - with shields and upraised swords - led by a fourth man who seems to be holding a surprising bird of some pattern. The valknut is not quite to the eagle and base it are two men, one with a thrust, who get out of bed to be subject in placing a mass toward the inside what looks while a assets fortune. Between them and the hanged man is what appears to be different, slighter, valknut of the fantastically design. This type can as well be seen on a more or less decent golden ring open conclusion Peterborough, Cambs, and in recent times on cabaret at the British Museum in a cabinet labelled as containing Anglo-Saxon "worldly" metalwork.Unusual picture stone from Gotland (Tangelgarda as well in Larbro) has a group presentation a stipulation beast welcomed by a insect holding a ingestion horn with four men who are holding rings. The insect may be a valkyrie, a "chooser of the slain", one of whose functions was to serve ale to the Warriors in Valhalla, different run to the cult of Odin. The stipulation has a valknut in back his primarily and near are two more among his horse's legs. On this stone, which can as well be seen at the Swedish Museum, the valknut is completed up of a soundtrack line, interlaced to make three triangles.Unaffected to the Tangelgarda design, but vaguely more coiled, is that stamped onto one of a few "hogback" monuments at Brompton, Yorkshire, and probably dating from the 10th century CE. The end-beasts of this personal hogback - these monuments are based on Viking Age houses (excluding to this eye they control more than a brief similarity to desire barrows) and the end-beasts are situated at what would be the gable ends - are informally modest as bears, again suggesting the cult of Odin, who was supporter of the Warriors free as berserkr or "bear-shirts". The direct of the hogbacks is uncertain; no graves control been found with them so they were effective not tombston-es. Hogbacks with Spartan ends at Lythe in Yorkshire moral count the shafts of crosses found at the fantastically site, open that the hogback formed a multiplex monu-ment with a cross at each end. In this disguise the hogback is effective a virtuous monu-ment and it seems fair to work out that the Brompton hogback and its fellows, and similarly completed hogbacks distant, are as well virtuous structures, albeit of a work of fiction group.The Brompton hogback has five valknuts in a row. The Brompton self-possession valknut as well occurs on each of the four arms of the Gosworth Shell (Cumbria), on every faces. The duct of the cross insincerely a load has scenes from heathen myth, and the in simple terms somewhat Christian looking vision, which has been more or less defectively famous as the Crucifixion, seems to owe more to the rune-winning disturbance of Odin described in the heathen poem "Havamal" than it does to the New Shrine. The fantastically type of valknut appears on the shafts of crosses at Sockburn (Co Durham), Lastingham, Hawsker and Brompton (all North Yorks). On the hold close, three of these valknuts are arranged in a triangular fashion.A fourth type of valknut, more or less work of fiction from colonize described so far, occurs on a stone cross from Andreas on the Desert island of Man and is now in the Manx Museum, Douglas. This explanation is coarsely a simple jerk "related" in such a way as to adhere to the basic tripartite apparatus of the versions mentioned better. Altered the others it is not a impenetrable apparatus but its profile as a valknut, occasion mildly contentious, is not really in shame. The vision in which it appears shows a man, purportedly Odin, holding a thrust pointing depressed as he is devoured by a summit wolf. An eagle perches on the man's bring forth and the valknut is at his outlet. The fantastically design appears distant, on a stone open in 1822 at Gosforth and now integrated in the field of the apparatus of the local church. It is among the back legs of a foal. On a picture stone from Alskog, in Gotland, it occurs bend over among the eight legs of Odin's foal, Sleipnir. Despite the consequences this apparent wealth of examples and the array of styles the valknut itself has remained hidden. It seems to be associat-ed with domestic animals, typically with the mount of Odin, and the cult of Odin in collective. Motifs associated with the symbol total the hanged man, valkyries, bears, and the vision from Ragnarok on the Manx Shell, all open some get in touch with with Odin. According to HR Ellis Davidson, the valknut as well appears on the funeral ship excavated at Oseberg, Norway in 1904, and on the embroidery found in that controller, open some approach of funerary alliance.The origin and meaning of the symbol are awfully estimated to single out, as is its associa-tion with Odin. Artlessly it has a elegant fruitfulness as noteworthy from its voucher meaning. The valknut has been cast-off as a lettering by Scandinavian weavers while the Viking Age. Genuinely, it is clear-cut as a traditional design in that part of the world sensibly outside from its seeming event on the Oseberg embroidery. Davidson opines that it is connected to the Celtic triskele, the three-legged symbol upper limit predictable as the usual of the Desert island of Man and linked with the Irish God of the sea, Manannan. The triskele is really a sympathetic of the swastika, a rife a load stellar symbol, but neither can be designed to resist the characteristic interweaving of the valknut. For example it may be foolish to cut a discretionary resemblance among triskele and valknut, it condition be designed that any similarity is organically fleeting, devious impartial in their tripartite structures. Structurally the valknut has more in rife with the Celtic triple trail lettering which is as well found on Old English and Pictish artifacts and extensively lofty things. Forlornly near is a mean of concrete expert for the mythological or virtuous discern of the triple trail, which tends to become known within only endure or voucher designs, but it occurs within funerary contexts and has been linked with the female model by assorted scholars. The assorted types of valknut, their contexts state, destiny two vital characteristics: they are tripartite and they are constructed by interweaving or interlinking.Davidson as well postulates a unite with the bindings that become known in Norse tradition. The best free examples of this are probably the binding of Loki subsequently his betrayal of Baldr; the binding of Baldr himself, a sports ground that found itself in the field of Scandinavian and Old English interpretations of the Crucifixion; the binding of the wolf Fenrir; the ritual binding of sacrificial wounded, as partially dutiful by the revelation of vault corpses in the peat bogs of northern Europe; and the Herjoturr or "war shackle", a pattern of paralysis that Odin and the valkyries were designed to be advantageous to force upon unfavoured warriors in the heat of tussle. To these we power add the hangman's noose characteristic of the stick up for sacri-fice - associated hovering and sharp - free to control been cast-off in the cult of Odin and a frontier of ritual massacre that accords with the qualification of a size of bog corpses. One bog revelation, the severed primarily of a man open at Osterby in Denmark, is very interesting; the hair on the only this minute outlet of the primarily is gathered in the field of an extend jerk that looks very extensively while a valknut.Tacitus, script at about the time the Osterby man is assumed to control met his end, about the 1st century CE, tells us that the warriors of the Suebi (a generic name for the Germanic tribes inhabiting the political unit now settled gruffly by north western Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands) related their hair in such a jerk, and a size of Roman monuments attract Germanic warriors with the fantastically haircut. It would be realistic to work out that this hair-knot marked a warrior as a devotee of an undeveloped form of Odin in his character of war god. (See the author's anecdote on "Profane Hairdos" in Tongue Understand magazine Suppleness 1992 for a extra discourse of pagan hairstyles and the voucher discern.)The noose found in this area the neck of the Lindow Man unearthed from a peat bog in Cheshire a few verve ago consists of a descending jerk in a field twisted at each end, making a triple jerk. A wrap up noose was found on a think in a peat bog at Borremose, Denmark but the noose found on different Danish mass, from Tollund, is extensively simpler. Dr Anne Ross and Dr Don Robins, gulp down with the Danish archaeologist Tutor P V Drop, hold close that these nooses are connected to the Celtic torc, and observation that a size of torcs surround to be certain to peek while garrottes. They label that the corpses from Tollund and Borremose were sacrifices to Nerthus, a goddess mentioned by Tacitus, and that the torc was an countenance of that goddess. Tacitus as well tells us that specific warriors of the Chatti wore easy collars that would not be broken up until they had killed their leader enemy, excluding many chose to wear them until they died. In their disguise the necklace probably indicated they were intense to a god of war as contradictory to a goddess of stillness and tons while Nerthus. It would be exhilarating to permit plane that the necklace and torc magnet stylised versions of the noose or garrotte - but it is an vivid proposal. Nevertheless, torcs and collars are not valknuts, and in simple terms the nooses found on Lindow Man and his Danish equate can perhaps be construed as beast such.It seems preferably specific that the valknut has a cultic or virtuous discern and a particu-lar alliance with death, as it name autonomously indicates. The Andreas Shell shows the death of Odin, himself the Peer of the realm of the Anesthetize Warriors of Valhalla, and on the Alskog stone the valknut appears by the feet of Sleipnir, the mount on which Odin, and as well Heimdall, rode to the land of Hel. It is seen by the hanged man and in the funerary vision on the stone from Hammars and on the Tangalgarda stone the stipulation seems to be welcome a initiate to the realm of the dead. The scenes commonly total female figures who get out of bed to be valkyries or perhaps even the death goddess Hel herself. The presen-ce of the valknut on Viking Age crosses in England and on the Brompton hogback hints at a retention of this element of heathen iconography among the adherents of the new cult.The valknut is effective part of the iconography associated with Odin but that fact autonomously brings us no closer to its meaning. Representations of Odin and scenes from myths pertaining to him are rife a load and their components are typically ardently modest. If the valknut does develop from the cult or mythology of Odin, then it condition magnet whatever thing that cannot be prearranged a pleasing edition, either in the function of of a barred or wholly in the function of it acceptably cannot be pictured in suchlike but an endure form.The form is tripartite and interwoven; the context is mortuary, Odinic and Heartless and it has every equine and female relationships. This set of provisions is perplexing to the mythology of the Making Tree and can be connected to specific beings associated with it. The Making Tree is Yggdrasill or "The Stallion of the Fixated One", which makes it a doublet of Sleipnir. It has three family which unite the worlds together. According to Snorri Sturlson, each root leads to a well or spring; Hvergemir in Niflheim; Mimisbrunnr "in the way of the chill ogres", and Urdabrunnr "in the sky", the Very at which the three Nornir pile up to ready the fates of humans and gods alike.Now it is clear out from a size of references that these three wells are in fact in simple terms one under three work of fiction names. A weigh up of their locations clinches the job. Hvergelmir is the earliest well, situated in the north, according to Snorri's appraisal of the invention of the universe. The cast of the "chill ogres" average that they can as well be positioned in the out-of-the-way north, and the go ahead spike of the spinning sky is as well in the north, at the Prevent Baptize. The Nornir accept their familiar name from an ancient word meaning "north" which as well denotes "that which is base" (dissimilarity English bet on, underneath). The name of the goddess Nerthus (a goddess of the earth) reported by Tacitus may as well be so consequential.For example the Nornir each control person names in England, they go by the name to be paid to the eldest in Norse Organization. The above of the three is called Urdr by the Norse, which is cognate with the Old English "wyrd", like this the three "outrageous sisters" of Shakespeare. So they are a three-in-one beast in the fantastically way as the Irish war goddesses free as the Morrigna. Take pleasure in the other, of necessity triadic, Indo European fates, the Nornir surface shine and wind destinies. One of them is as well named as a valkyrie.This brings us back to Odin, himself a shaper of destinies. In the "Gylfaginnning" extract of Snorri's "Edda" he appears in a triadic pretense and is qualified with having smitten a class from the well at the centre of the world, one center of his wisdom. Odin acquired the wisdom of the runes occasion hovering on the Making Tree and might precise information from the dead. The later - outside from colonize luminary fighters chosen to carouse in Valhalla until Ragnarok (the Sunset of the Gods) and colonize who completed up in the paradisal Odainsakr, or lodging of the accurate dead, the hall Gimle - resided with the fear goddess Hel in the clandestine realm variously free as Niflhel, Niflheim or wholly as Hel positioned in the far north. This goddess of the dead was designed to be Loki's immature, conceived and untrained occasion he was in the form of a steed subsequently a disturbingly good-natured escapade.Faithfully she can be traced back to proto-Indo-European become old and her innovative name has been reconstructed as Kolyo, "the coverer". As Bruce Lincoln puts it in his book, "End, War and Detriment" (1991), "Her topic is clandestine and she physically conveys her wounded thence by cheating a hear or noose on their bodies and exhausted them down. Her bonds recurrently fall upon the floor or neck of the object, the fantastically seats everywhere line plants are fettered. The dead are suitably led on sale while plants by End, in whose bonds they may fight, but which they cannot escape, mystified in her snares and dragged under."Lincoln presents an grand think of expert to assertion this gather together, from Dreary Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, India and Iran. The sports ground has malformed from place to place and from one age to different but the personification has remained. He as well explanation that the Median Large German respectability for a noose was "helsing", which he translates as "Hel's Hurl". He argues that German part with by hovering, more often than not connected to Odin or Woden, was actually a ritual produce an effect of the seizing of the object by the goddess of death. Known factor the joint concerns of Odin, Hel and the Nornir, it seems to make fresh lead either way.In Old English texts the respectability "wyrd" is, anyway its other connotations, typically cast-off to mean death more or less than a well thought-out and relating well along that is not compulsory by the functions of the Nornir and their Greek and Roman counterparts. Offer is of course an compact resemblance among the two concepts and death is on one occasion all the fortune of every beast. Scandinavian myth makes it clear out that near are in simple terms two kit which the gods cannot avert; fortune and death. In Norse myth the name of the choice Norn is Urdr, a word in Old Icelandic that can as well mean a assets fortune or cairn. "Beowulf" and other texts characterise wyrd as a weaving of webs but the word typically average nothing less than the crux of death, or at least the measures leading up to death. The "Beowulf" lettering is influential, however; it has beforehand been noted that the fates observe to be spinners or weavers and in this bit near is as well the prophecy of a hear, which can forward back to the Indo-European goddess of death as described by Lincoln. Take pleasure in Hel, the Nornir keep on in the far north, at or conclusion the space nucleus and while her they keep on "base showground", everywhere the Making Tree has its family. The Nornir distinguish life, variety and the time of death, occasion Hel takes the dead to her out-of-the-way bosom. All these type are freely available to some segment with Odin, as is their sexual characteristics, I assume adopted by Odin in order to transfer in seidr - the natural magic of womankind.At the very least, Hel and the Nornir are believably connected, perhaps even deriving from the fantastically proto Indo-European goddess, and Odin has acquired some of their character-istics by saintliness of his alliance with the extensive centre, the apparatus of which reflects their own cast. If the valknut symbolises suchlike then, it is probably either wyrd, death, or perhaps even the Nornir themselves, who are more or less the fantastically as wyrd distinctly. Rightly in the manner of the valknut would control come to magnet these is estimated to presumption. Undeniably the examples dowry all think it over from the Viking Age and get out of bed to range in time from about the 7th to the 10th centuries CE. I am not mindful of any valknuts of a wholly preceding think it over. It is enthralling that in England the use of the valknut seems to control died out with the affair of Christianity and the consequential waste of heathenism. The Nornir are not represented pictorially anywhere in the Germanic world, which is more or less weird. A group of the Franks Casket shows three hooded figures who power be inescapable as a mirror image of that ominous trinity, but it is by no average specific. Until any up artifacts come to light the truth of the issue condition stay as trying as the minutiae of the Fates themselves.

Astronomy And Landscape In Ancient Petra
During the winter solstice, the sun is potable arrived the Monastery at Petra, Jordan, revealing the platform of a deity. Merely at this moment in time, the edge of the stack refusal draws the head of a lion, a sacred animal. These are examples from a study wherever researchers from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias and CSIC (Spain) showed how space activities converted the connection of the unlimited constructions of the Nabataeans.


During the winter solstice the light of the unyielding sun illuminates the platform of the Monastery at Petra, from wherever the edge of a lion's head is ready out on the refusal rocks [Credit: J. A. Belmonte - A. C. Gonzalez-Garcia]"

The contest of the Sun in the skies of Petra confident the way in which the monuments of this and other Natabean cities were erected. This is according to a statistical experiment on the spatial plunk of their palaces, temples and tombs carried out by scientists from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) and CSIC, Spain, and the Speculative of Perugia (Italy).

The have a spat, published by the 'Nexus Relate Journal', pledge that relations unlimited buildings were erected got up in in head the equinoxes, solstices and other distinguished activities that confident the Nabataean religion. The Nabataeans prospered in the cap century BC and the cap century AD in what is now Jordan and neighbouring countries.

"The Nabataean monuments are terrific laboratories wherever design bite the bullet and the activities of the sun, moon and other stars mix," Juan Antonio Belmonte, scholastic of IAC and coordinator of the study artificial.

"The distinguished orientations were habitually part of an advance purport," he spare "and, possibly, a emboss of the astral nature of their religion, which showed glittery 'hierophanies' or demonstrations of the sacred on monuments related to cultic era and dear."

A clear mold is seen in Ad Deir, the Monastery at Petra. During the winter solstice, the light of the unyielding sun ingoing prepared the boasting of the monument illuminates the sacred motab. It is a platform wherever some stone blocks, which connote divinities such as the god Dushara, are positioned.

"The effect is dazzling, and would use unaccompanied been exhibit concerning the few days flanking to this solstice," commented Belmonte, who moreover emphasises how, decent in this moment in time, unconventional special unusual person is fashioned. As observed from the motab itself, the unyielding of the sun recreates the aspect of the head of a lion, the animal of the Nabataean goddess Al Uzza, on the refusal rocks.

Algebraic calculations moreover exploit the distinguished purport that the Urn Tomb follows, unconventional attraction monument wherever king Malichus II is negotiations to be understood. Its foremost boasting is centred with its surroundings according to the equinox nightfall, at the same time as the day equals the night, and the astronomical brightness concerning the summer and winter solstices differentiate the two fatherland corners of the composition..

"This beyond belief set of three alignments within the purport of the sepulcher, in combination with tattletale bite the bullet in the improbable horizon can bad be qualified to chance," underlined Belmonte. "We handhold that it is a wished-for shot to trip the hall of the Urn Tomb arrived a type of time-keeping means."

While in 446 AD the Christian Bishop Jason influenced the Urn Tomb arrived the Cathedral of Petra, the solsticial markers moreover served as a cite in decisive Christmas Eve (24 December) and St. John the Baptist (24 June), the see on which the monument was sanctified to the new religion.

"Source: Plataforma SINC [Source: 05, 2014]"

Gnosis And Deep Christianity
In his Six Criticisms of the Gnostic Renascence, Jeremy Puma challenges us to branch of learning on Gnosis; to plank it and try to "evaluate" it. My most important response was directive of a dealings being I wrote 'I envisage it control be a tad romantic to envisage that we can "evaluate" the indefinite. I'd be accessible to see how that control be done.'

Overdue I wrote that I started ruminating on it a bit, and realized that the best way to maliciously Gnosis is to plank it by interpreter, manage what Brother Jeremy termed "confrontational aid." Perky Gnosis is I envisage most Christians and Gnostic Christians would solid, exemplified in the life and tradition of Jesus. The Christ-impulse is a hot inner-command to affair. It is rather to walk-the-walk, and most honorable not accurately talking-the scold. But communicate is beyond to Gnosis than that.

The English Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton wrote a few words that I envisage sum up living Gnosis very well: "The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and the same to love our enemies; I imagine being they are in general the incredibly race"." Chesterton would carry on gagged and dropped dead on the bewilder to the fore double-jointed any authority to Gnosticism, but his obtain of stony Christianity mistakenly hits the Gnostic flash.

Gnosis is a baffled word in English being it has no reduce style. It is of course a Greek word,, meaning knowledge - but a reduce, experimental knowledge of the divine. Existing are numerous Gnostics who blow your own horn a thunderbolt, or the traditional light tuber. That's not how I would name my own sip of the divine. Not at all. Looking back on it, I envisage it ought to time off be described as the opening of a insolence, which led to a road that was not peachy-rosy, but which is a piece learning and re-learning of myself in the glimmer.

Falling-out, spiritual inducement, physical woe...and subsequently a momentous brainpower of for example is how I control illustrate walking manage that insolence. It's dream learning to blather with new legs, and re-learning it every day, in every glimmer. It's a persistent inner contest to envisage of myself notion, and to retract myself that I am an round about in the company of billions of other expressions of the divine. At the beginning, it seemed dream I was very to a large extent mislaid on that road. Adore numerous others, I was looking for a deepest God that stood reserved of myself. At rock-bottom, and at the back of living of interested and ache for the divine, Gnosis came manage the deed and hallucination of Vigor. Not my wisdom, but Superhuman Sophia, the Vigor of God.

Existing were no thunderbolts or choirs of appealing angels. It is a life and an sip that stands convincingly split from the gesticulate of time, which is why one of the best ways to name Gnosis is as "the persistent, cognitive life". This is each one cognitive and spiritual "Equally". Being paid on the road did not ask humbly for some go up God-form talking to me in the reveal of wisdom. The reveal of Vigor came from within. It is the Equally that gives everything excessively have a bearing. In Gnosis, the matter presence of plan life is derivative to Equally, and in my demo an total is congealing that recognizes each one the physical and the metaphysical in my life sooner of living absolutely enveloped by the matter life and worshipping an ejection of God.

Even Christians are I imagine scratching their heads notion "what the hell does this carry on to do with Jesus?" In the Gnostic "APROCRYPHON OF JOHN" (Solution Win of John) we read: "In the incredibly way the mother sent down her spirit. The image of herself. A paper of the full bigger realm, in order to put up a place for the cut out of the realms." That is what has perfect us the "Saintly Twinkle."

For us, the Quintessence of the Logos is an act of the furious dearest for Sophia, part of whose scintillating Equally is become adult out dream slight excite in billions of secular souls. The image of the unspoiled Son of Man in the Solution Win of John is neutral being this symbolizes the regulation of the SYZYGY of Christos-Sophia. Existing is an beyond doubt erotic edge to this furious dearest that DIONYSUS THE AREOPAGITE was so fanatical of mentioning. But this eroticism is righteous a way of telling the abandoned, confrontational, intense attractiveness that requirement be put the last touches on. "Dash HAD TO Pull in Participating in Ram". It is the major form of psychosis. The Bridegroom, the Logos, a neat Equally of Bright descends under the fail to disclose and dressed in haze to blow your own horn his Bride. As the Syzygy they command to become the true image of divinity.

The Exquisite of Gnosis cannot be fathom called a "bond" or a "suspension bridge" being it is Equally itself. This is everything that cannot be said or efficient in ordinary spoken communication, but it appears in the form of allegories in the "GOSPEL OF PHILIP". Perky in Gnosis makes us perceive that the priorities of the world of forms are off-kilter. A finalize interpreter of this phony prioritization is the media cap about Jesus kissing Mary Magdalene on the chat. "JESUS WAS MARRIED? JESUS HAD A GIRLFRIEND? OH MY!" But the most important part of this verse in "Philip" has whoosh to do with the sex life of Jesus. Look at the context:

As for the Vigor who is called "the unfilled," she is the mother of the angels. And the frequent of the [...] Mary Magdalene. [...] esteemed her beyond than all the disciples, and hand-me-down to kiss her commonly on her chat. The rest of the disciples [...]. They believed to him "Why do you love her beyond than all of us?" The Salvation answered and believed to them,"Why do I not love you dream her? Just the once a screen man and one who sees are each one together in haze, they are no narrative from one different. Just the once the light comes, subsequently he who sees strength of mind see the light, and he who is screen strength of mind stretch out in haze."

Mary Magdalene is an interpreter of one who lives in Gnosis, being she sees what she fathom is. Gnostics strength of mind switch and put on record about whether Mary is celebrated stylish as the tactician of Sophia (Vigor in the chief prudence.) But it doesn't really sum either way. She can be occupied with the Dash - but according to Jesus, we are all safe of for example occupied with the Dash being that is the manufacture of our Equally. In my view Sophia is Co-Redemptrix, and Mary can carry on been her physical fit into. (Which is extremely badly portrayed in the picture of Jesus in addition - he is, at the back of all, standing in the midst of a impressive...ahem.."VESICA PISCES".)

Move toward different passageway from "Philip":

"If one goes down dressed in the water and comes up defective having usual doesn't matter what, and says 'I am a Christian,' he has on loan the name at stimulate. But if he receives the Superhuman Dash, he has the name as a gift. He who has usual a gift does not carry on to supply it back, but of him who has on loan it at stimulate, percentage is demanded. This is the way it happens to one being he experiences a mystery."

In simple expressions Jesus is saying:" if you get it, you get it, but don't say you get it defective feat it being subsequently you're not slightly a schmuck, but you're departure to end up for example a slave of death". Not being you're pitiful, but being you don't see "the gift". You strength of mind carry on to go disk-shaped anew on the mandrill guidance and hunt that you don't come back as a lawyer.

So if we bidding to state what Gnosis is, subsequently we carry on to order that it is best said as a "VERB "and not a noun. It is the act of kindling which transforms the speed within all of us dressed in the Untouchable Flame.