How Do You Cast Spells Outside The Circle
Got a question here! I love questions!Hello,I was wondering if you had an answer to this question regarding the Wizard 101 game. I have noticed a couple of times wizards casting spells in common areas, outside of any fight rings. For example. I saw someone cast a spell in the circle area in front of the Library in Wizard City. Also, saw this done in circle area by fairground in Wizard City. Can you tell me please, how is this done? Thanks for your help. Sincerely, WannyGood question, Wanny! Here's the deal. Those aren't actually spells. Those are "visitations" by NPC's as people complete their spell quests. For instance, I recently posted about Bailey having an encounter with a fire snake (it's the second picture down in this post).In this ancient post, Kyle was visited by a storm bird in Krokotopia.Here's an even more ancient one where Amber was visited by a Satyr.Here's a recent one where Digby, my noob fire wizard, happened upon someone completing an early myth wizard quest where they talked with a unicorn.So, although it appears a spell is being cast, it's really just a scripted event in the world... AND, it just happens to be one of my favorite moments in the game. Whenever I run into one of these I screenshot it. Amazingly enough, I can't find anything in my picture bin of 2,000 screenshots or so unless I catalog it on my blog here right away. LOL.Hope that answers your question!